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Full text of "The Baltimore directory and register, for the year 1816 : containing the names, residence and occupation of the citizens ... also a correct list of the courts ..."

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Maryland ff ^ \^-t '>->ok room 


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Baltimore Directory 



10X m ^Mt 1816: 







DISCOUNT days; abstract of THE PRINCIPAL 

DUTIES; calendar for 1816, &C. &.C. &c. 







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Baltimore-street runs west from Jones's falls to the (lower) 

Frederick turnpike road. 
Baltimore -street continued runs east from Jones's falls to 

Exeter-street, though commonly called Great York-st. 
Barre-street runs west from Light-street to south Eutaw- 

street, between Welcome and Homespun-allejs. 
Biddle-st. runs west from Jones's falls to near the seminary. 
Bottom-street runs from Richmond -street to Jones's falls. 
Buttle-alley runs from Walnut to S- Eutaw-street. 
Busy-alleif, F. H. runs west from Light to S. Eutaw-street, 

between Hill and Lee-streets. 
Boivley\s-wuarf, the lower end of South-street, to Franklin- 

laae, and the warehouses occupied by Messrs. Payson, 

Prentiss and Carter, N. F. Williams, &c. &c. 
Bank-street runs west from Calvert toLight-street,between 

Baltimore and Water-streets. 
Bat/i-'treet runs west from the new bridge over Jones's 

falls to Cal vert-street. 
Barnet-street runs north-west from opposite St. Paul's 

church ^ ' Forrest-lane. 

Buchanan'ti-irharf ii on tlie west side of Frederick-street 

dock, south of'Pratt-street. 
Brand ij -alien runs A\est fiom ISharp-street to S. Eutaw-st. 

between Pratt and C^amdeii-streets. 
C/iatsuort/i-stvect, W. V. rims north and south, an d is 

west of Pearl-street. 
Cheapside begins from No. 2 Water-st. and runs sciutliward 

to the basin, between Calvert -st. and Fraiiklin-hme. 
Charles-street runs north from Barre-st. to I!u\\ aid's park. 
Camden-street runs west from Light to IS. vSutau-st. between 

Bottle and Brandy -alleys. 
Catherine-street^ fV! P. runsparallel with the Reisterstown 

load, on the south-west side thereof. 
Chatham-st. runs west from N. Calvert to KingTamany-st. 
Cuneica:::;o -street runs N.W. from Charles to N. Liberty -st. 

between Barnet-st. and Vulcau-alle • • 
Con waif -street runs west from S. Eutaw-street, between 

Homespun and Brandy-alleys. 
Commerce-street runs south from Nos. 71, and 6f>, Water- 
street to M'Clure*s-wii^. between Gay and S iut i-sts. 
Courlland-street runs north from New Cliurch-street to 

Howard's park. 
Concord-street runs south from Water to Pratt-st. between 

the falls and 8t. Patrick*s-iow. 
Coicpen-alleij runs west from N- Liberty to Eutaw-street, 

betaeen Baltimore and Fayette-streets. 
Climb r! n!-ron- west sitle of Market-space, betweet Wa- 
ter and Pratt-streets. 
Cider-alley luns west from S. Howard to S. Paca-street, 

between Lombard and German-streets. 
Chuppel-filiey runs north fr(mi a 20 feet alley to North-st. 
Chainherlain\s-alley runs \\ est from Strawberry -alley to N. 

Culvert-street luns noith from the basin to HoWard-street, 

passing the east end of the coiirt-lmuse. 
Bngan's-wharf. east side of Market-space continued, runs 

soutli from Pratt-street down to the water, between 

O'DonneTs and M'Eldery's whaives. 
Jhitch-alleyruuH west fro. aN. 1/ibeit^ to N- Eutaw-street, 

between Lexington and Fayette -stieets. 

Dock-alhy runs south from Water-street to Elicott's-wTif. 
between liight-street and Pablic-allej. 

Euiaw-stri'et runs north from John-street (in Ridgely^s 
addition) to the Alms-house. 

East-street runs west from N. Gay to Calvert-st. between 
Baltimore street and the meadow. 

Faijette -street runs west from N. Liberty -street, between 
Dutch and Cowpen-alleys. 

FredericL'-sf. runs southwardly from near Griffith's bridge 
to Frederick-st dock, between Gay and Harrison-sts- 

Fra.iklin-street runs west from Jones's falls to the Sfmth- 
east end of the Reisterstewn turnpike, and thence con- 
tinues to the run west until it intersects Cove-street. 

Forrest-street runs south from the south end of Lijiht-st. 
to the road leading to the lower ferry and also to fort 
M' Henry, 

Franklin-lane runs south from Water-street to Bowley's- 
wharf, between So nth -street and Cheapside. 

Forrest-lane runs N. from Baltimore-street to North-West 
street, between N. Liberty and Charles-streets. 

Frenchman^ s-alley runs west from S. Charles to Hanover- 
streets, between Pratt-street and German-lane. 

French-alley runs east from No- 21, 8. Charles to Light- 
street, between Baltimore street and Primrose-alley. 

Fish-street runs west from N. Gay to Holliday-street. 

Fish-Market runs east from Maiket-space to the falls- 

Gay-street runs soutii from GiitHth's-bridr,e to Pratt-st. 

German-:<treet runs west from Sharp to S. Paca-street, 
between Baltimore st. and Cider-alley. 

German-lane runs west from S. Charles to Sharp-st. be- 
tween Lombard and Baltimore-streets. 

Goodman-street. F. H- runs south from Barre-street to the 
commons, between Forrest and Hanover-streets. 

Green-street (sometimes called Union,,) W. P. runs south 
from Fr.nklin to Baltimore-street, between Pearl and 

Hamilton- 4rect runs fi om Jones's f:ills to N. Howard-st. 
between Ceutre and Franklia-strcets. 

Hatiovrr-street runs south from Baltimore to Hil!-strco<. 
between Goodman, Charles and Sharp-i^troets. 

HaiTison-street runs north-west from Baltimore to N. Gay- 
street, between the falls and Frederick-street. 

Hollidaii -afreet runs north from F^ast-st. to beyond the first 
mill, between N. Gay and N- Calvert-streets- 

Homespun-alleif runs west from Sharp to S. Eutaw-street, 
between Earre and Conway -streets- 

Iluney-aliey runs west from Forrest to Sharp-st- between 
Montgomery and Hill-sts. 

Hill-street runs west from Forrest to S. Howard -st between 
Honey and Busey -alleys. 

Henry-street runs north and south, between Leonard and 
Johnson-stveets, foot of Federal-hill. 

Hoicard-street runs north from Hill-street to intersect the 
falls turnpike-road. 

Hawk-street runs east from Market-space to the falls, be- 
tween the Fish-market and Water-street. 

Inloe^s-nlley runs eabt and west, between North and Mul- 

Johnson-street runs north and south, between Forrest and 

King Tammany -street runs west from Chatham to N- Li- 
berty -fet- between Coucwago-street and Wilkes-alley. 

Lee-street runs vest from the basin to S. Eutaw-st. between 
Barre and Hill-streets. 

Lemmon-street runs north from Baltimore to East -street. 

Le.rin<i;ton-street runs west fiom N- Liberty to Green-st. 
W. P. between Way,>ron and Dutch-alleys. 

Libert y-stret't luns south from Saratogo to S. Howard-st. 
betwei*n Forrest-lane. Sharp and Howard-sts- 

Li;:ht-street runs south from Baltimore to Forrest-street, 
!)o(\\een Public-alley and Charles-street. 

Lovelj-lune runs from South to Calvert-street, between 
Baltimore and Watei->treets. 

Lombard-street runs west from Hanover to S. Paca-street, 
between Whiskey and Cider-alleys. 
"^^^I^Jjong's-lane. IV. I', runs from Frankfin to Ross-st. between 
the Hookstown-road and N. Eutaw-st. 

Madison-street runs from the York-road to an intersection 
with N Howard-street, W. P. 

•Mont^mery-street, F. U. runs west from Leonard to Ha- 
nover-street, between Hughes-st. and Sug;ar-alley. 
^Morris-street, W. P- south-west from Ross-street to thf 

Ilo;)kstou n-road, and next to the seminary. 
M'Clure's-wliarf rm\6 south from the lower end of Com- 
merce-street t ■ the water- 
M' Elder ry's-wh^rrf runs south from Pratt-street to the 

water, and opposite Du<ran's-wharf. 
J^Iarket-spare runs south from Baltimore to Pratt-street, 

between S. Frederick-street and the falls. 
iJ\Iulberry -street runs vvest from North to Green-street, W. 

P. between Saratoga and Franklin-streets. 
'M- Clellan's-cdley runs from Baltimore to Chatham-street?. 
A''ew-latte, W. P. runs west from N. Eutaw-street to the 

J\i''orth-streit runs south from the Park to N. Liberty-sr. 

between Howard and N. Liberty-streets. 
JS^ew Church-street runs west from North -st. extended to 

N. Charres-street. 
O^Donnefs-ivharf, the east side of Frederick -st. dock. 
Orqnge, or Lavely^s-alley runs west from N- Gay to Hol- 

liday-street, between East and Fish-sts. 
Patterson-street runs south from Pratt-street to tide water, 

and near Spear's-wharf. 
Paca-street runs south from near the seminary to Pratt- 
street, between Eutawand Green-streets, W. P. 
Park-lane runs east atid west between Baltimore and Fav- 

ette-streets, W. P. 
Pearl-street runs south from opposite St. Mary's co eg? to 
German-st. between Green-st. and the commons, W. ^. 
Pearl-st. (meadow) runs south from Bath to New church- 
street, between N. Calvert and Holliday-streets. 
Peace-alley runs ea.^t fro)n Hanover to N- Charles-street, 

between Conway and Camden-streets- 
Pine-st. runs noi-t"h and south to the west of Pearl-st. ^\- P. 
Pleasant-street runs west from Holliday to N. Charles-at. 
E. Pratt-dreet runs east from Frankliii-lane to the lower 

bridge on Jones's falls. 
W. Pratt-street extends from Light-street west to intersect 
the lo\»er Frederick turn.oike, near Elicott's mills 
M 2 


Frimrnse-aHeii runs oast from S Charles to Light-street, 

betneeii Riixtdii-laiu' and Fi i'ik'-uIIcn. 
Pnbl'ic-aUetj runs sduth trom Baltiuioro-htroet, between 

Kllicott's an<l llolliiinsworth's-docks. 
Richmond -street runs no t'»i-\\ost, and crosses Howard-st. 

between the alms htiusc and tlie lai.ds of G. Grundy. 
Ror^ers-ulleij runs west from N.C';;ivert-strcetto St. Paul's- 

lane. between IJaltiipore and Chatham-streets. 
Rosa-street \v\i\)i north-west from the upper end of Kutaw- 
st. and north side of the scminarv to Morris-st. W. P. 
Ruxtnn-lane runs east from S. Ciiarles to Light-st. between 

Primrose-alley and Pratt-street. 
Shnrt-alleij runs noj th from Lexington to Saratogo-street, 

between Eutaw and Paca-streets. 
Saratofia-street runs west from Liberty to Green-street, 

W. P. between Midberry -street and "NVa^rffon -alley. 
Sharp-street runs south from Baltimore to Hill-street, be- 
tween Liberty, Howaid and Hanover-sts. 
South-street )uns south from Baltimore-street to Bowley's- 

wharf, between Calvert and Gay -streets. 
Second-street runs cast from South-street to Market-space, 

between Baltimore and Water-streets. 
Suutfi-lane runs south from Mr. Stump's warehouse to- 

Bane-street, between Lii;;htand Charles-sts. 
St. Fniirs-Ume runs south from Pleasant to Balthnore-st. 

between N. Calvert, Courtlaud and Charles-sts. 
St. Palrich's-row runs soutli fiom ^\ ater to Pratt-street, 
ajid opposite Cumberland-row, betv.een Concord and S. 
Fredeiick-.- t"eets. 
Shart-nlley, h'. P. runs north from Prccinct's-market to 

Smith^s-alley runs south from Water-street down to Hol- 
lingsworth'sd(;c1^,bet^\eell S. Cahert-st. &. Public-alley. 
Smith' s-ivharf runs noith and south on the east side of 

Gay-st. dock, between Spear and Buchanan's-wharves. 
Spear's-whorfh (HI tlie west side of Gay-st. dock, rui;s S. 
from ]*rati-street to the basin, between Smith *s-'.vharf 
and Pattei-son-street. 
Struh'fj ■: •y-.:/lei/ youH .-..luth from Franklin to Saratoga-st. 
between llouard and EuLaw-atreels. 

Sivan-street ^ov Morse-marlvet, runs east honi Market-space 
to the falls. 

Sugar-aliei/ runs west from Forrest to G.iiuriian-street, 
between Warren and M jnta;onierv-sts. F. H. 

Tripoht' s-alle If runs soutli from Baltimore to Second-st. 
between vSouth and Ga, -streets. 

Vine-street runs east and west between Fayette and Lex- 

Vulcan-alley runs west from Vulcan avenue tt) N. Liberty- 
street, between Kin^;Tama!!y and Conewago-sts. 

Warren-^trpRt runs west from Henry to Forrest-st. between 
Sup,ar-allev and tlie commons, F. H. 

Warden-street runs south from the Fish -market to Water- 
street, between Market-space and t'le falls. 

Washington-street, IF. P. runs south- .vest from Paca-street, 
between Pratt and Camden-sts. to the country. 

Water-street runs in a serpentine manner from Light-st. 
to Peters's bridge, between Bank -street and Lovely-lane 
on the north and Pratt-street on the south. 

Welcome-alley runs east from S. Eutaw-street to the basin, 
between Bar re and Lee-sts. 

Whiskey -alley runs west from S. Howard to Paca-street, 
between Pratt and Lombard-streets. 

Wilk''s-alley runs west from the ])ost-oiilce, St. PauPs-Iane, 
to M'-Clellan's-alley, between Baltimore & Chatha-n-sfg. 

Wood-street runs from Bowley's-wharf to Franklin-laae 

Witggm-alley runs from Liberty to Eutaw-street, between 
Lexington and Saratoga -sts. 

York-street runs west from Forrest to Goodman -st. between 
Lee and Hill-streets. 

STREETS, Lanes and alleys in old town. 

Mdison-street runs west from High-st. 

Aisquith-sireet raas south from the Haif u'd road to Pitt-st. 

between Friendship-street and Hasford run. 
Mbe I nar.le -street runs south from Plo^i,',hii>a!i to Wilk-st. 

between Granby, Still House-sti-eetand the falls. 
Briige-sireet runs aort;;-ea;t tr)m GilHt:.";- bridge to its 

intersection with North-street, and from tiience i„ called 



Brittnn-street runs nearly east from Forrest-street, ncir 
the hav scales, to Gallows hill, between Bridge-stieet 
extended aiid tlie Yoik-roail. 

Cdmel-strfet ninsfroni Aisquith-street westerly, between 
Pitt and M-Elderry's-streets. 

J)iikf-s(rc('t runs west from Harford run to the falls, be- 
tween Queen and King George's-sts. 

Dulany-street^ commonly called Plrladelphia road, be.!j,ins' 
at the new stone bridge, Harford run, and extends east- 
wardly between Hampstead hill and Sniitli-street. 

East-street runs north and south between Liberty and Ais- 

E.veter-street runs south from Great York to W. Wilk-st. 
between Lloyd and Granby-streets. 

Friejid ship-lit rect runs north and south between Liberty 
a5;d Aisquith-streets. 

Forrest -street runs eastwardly from the penitentiary to 
Haiford road, between East-street and tlie Joppa road. 

Front-street runs nearly in a serpentine manner from Low- 
street to Ploughman-st. between the falls and High-st. 

French-street runs north-east from the new bridge to For- 
rest-street, near the hay scales, between the falls and 
North -street. 

Gough-street, or road, see Harford. 

(iranbij-street runs south from Baltimore -street continued 
to its intersection with W. AVilk-street, between Albe- 
marle and Exeter-sts. 

Green-street luns nearly south from French to Pitt-street, 
between High and Potter-streets. 

Great Vork-st. runs north-east from Exeter to Harford-st. 

Hiivfird-street runs north and south along Harford -run, 
intersecting W. AVilk-street. 

Jlimp^tead llill-sireet runs east from Bond-street, and is 
north of Dulany-street. 

High-street runs nearly south from Fiench to Baltimore- 
st. continued, where it comnmnicates with Granby-st. 

Jones-street runs nearly soutli from French to Bridge-st. 
between the falls and Higli-st. 

ICiiiL'- (it'or^e-street runs east fiiim Peter's-biidie to* the' 
Harford run, betw een Duke, Ploughman 8c 8alisbury-sts. 


Little Fork-street runs west from Harford run to the falls, 

between W. Wilk and Prince-streets, back of Trinity 

Lloyd-street runs soutli from Great York to King George- 
street, between Exeter and Harford -sts- 
Low-street runs east from Front to Union-street, between 

Bridge and Pitt-sts. 
Liberty -street runs north from Pitt-st. to Gough's road, 

between Potter and Aisquith-streets. 
M^Elderry-s-street runs west from Aisquith to Green-st. 

between Pitt and Low-sts. 
Milk-lane runs north from Great York to Pitt-street. 
JVorth-street runs east from High-street to its intersection 

witli Bridge-st. 
Potter-street runs north from Pitt to Gough-street, between 

Green and Liberty -sts. 
Prince -street rm\i west from Harford run to the fails, be- 
tween Little York and Queen-sts. 
President-street runs south from Queen-st. near the lower 

bridge, to the basin, between the falls and Albeiiiarle-st. 
Pitt-street runs east and west from the falls to Market-st. 

between Great York and Low-sts. 
Ploughman-street runs east from the falls to Gi-anby -street, 

between Great York and King George-street. 
^txeen-street rui.s east from the lower bridge to Harford- 

street, between Duke and Prince-sts- 
Salisbury -street runs west from Harford run to Granby- 

street, between Great York and King George-sts. 
Straight-lane runs west to Milk-lane, between Pitt and 

Great York-sts. 
Still House-street runs nearly south from Ploughman to 

King George-street, between the falls and Albemarle-st. 
Temple-allpy runs south from Pitt to Great York-street. 

between Hight-street and Harford run. 
Union-street runs nearly south from French to Potter-st. 

between Green and East-street. 
Wi)'f-street runs south from Duke to Prince-street, between 

Exeter and Harford-sts. 
Vork-road begius at \:\\^ intersection of Britton, Forrest 

iiiid French-sts. near the hay scales. 



Jiliisana-street runs west from Wasliington-street to the 
water, between Lancaster and Fleet-sts. 

*9nn-st)-eet runs north from Me/.ick's-wharf to Hampstead 
Hill-street, between IIapj)y and Ar;iYle-alleys. 

^pph'-ulk'u lU'is north from Shakespeare to Hampstead 
Hill-street, between Market and Bond-Streets. 

Argijle-aUeij runs north from K. Lancaster-st. to Sligh's- 
lanc, between Market and Ann-sts- 

Boiid-strpet runs north from Fell's to Pitt-st. (near Hamp- 
stead hill,) between Strawberry and Apple-alleys. 

Burke-slreft runs south-v/est from Patterson's rope-walk 
to the Avater, between Harris's creek and F. Point, E.P. 

Bunk-street runs east from Harford run to Burke-street, 
between Gough and Wilk-sts. 

Caroline-street runs south from Sligh's lane to the water, 
between Petticoat and Straw berry -alleys. 

Eden-street runs south from Pitt-street (near Hampstead 
hill to the water, between Haiford run and Petticoat- 

Flee} -street runs east from the water to the commons, be- 
tween Allisana and Wilk-sts. 

FeWs-streetv\xn%\\c%i from Market to Bond-street, between 
Sl!akos])eare-street and the water. 

Fountaln-st. runs east from Washiqgton-st. between Fleet- 
street and the water. 

German-st. runs east from Harford run, between Gough 

Geor^-e-st. runs nearly west from De Rochbrune's-wharf 
to Market-st. between E. Lancaster-st. and the water. 

Goiigtt-st. runs east from Harford run between German 
and Bank-'streets. 

Jlitppil-itlhtj iuns north froniE. Lancaster to Hamstead 
l!lll-»trect, between Wolfe and Ann-sts. 

Z.(ini-a><ier-st. luns ea;.t and west from water to w;iiter, be- 
tween S!uikes])eare ajid Allisana-sts- 

JMiirliPt-street runs south from Ilauipstead HiH-street to 
County-wharf, F- P. between Apple-uUey and Argyle- 
iilley. ' 


Fetticoat-alley runs north from the water to Sligh's-lane. 

bet^veeii Fden and Caroline-sts. 
Pitt-st. runs nearly north-^^ est from Georj^e -street to Wa- 
ters 's -wharf. 
Philpot-st. runs west from Thames to Point-st. between 

Queen-street and the water. 
Point-st. runs nortii from Isaac Sutton's to Queen-street, 

near Patterson's wharf. 
^iieen-st. runs east and west, parallel with Philpot-street, 

from Thames to Point-st. 
Sliakespeore-st. runs west from Market to Bond-st. between 

Lanca-^tei aad FeiPs-sts. 
Straubervy-alky L'mio north from AUisana-st. to Slig 's- 

iane, between Bond and Caroline-sts. 
Star-aUey runs north from E. Fleet-st. between Wolfe and 

Smitli-st. r. us cast from Harford run, between German 

and l)aia.uj'-st&. 
Thames-st- runs west from Bond to Philpot-st. 
Washlngtun-street luns nortii from the lower end of E- Al- 

lisaua-st between Wolfe and Fouiitain-sts. 
JFolfe-st. runs nearly north f:om its inte.-ecsion with Pitt- 
street, (at the lower end of the Point) beyond the Phila- 

Wilk-st. runs east from Granby -street, between Fleet and 

Bank-streets. That part west of Harford run is called 

W\ Wilk-street. 
JVells-st. runs north from Philpot to Queen-street, between 

Point and Thames-streets. 

Dopy of the Ordinance which provides for the mote equal 
division of the city of Baltimore into wards. Approved 
March 29, 1812. 

"an ordinance for the more equal division of the 
city of baltimore into wards. 

"5g it enacted and ordained by the mayor and city couiv- 
cil of Baltimore, That the city of Baltimore be divided 
iato the following eight wards, to wit : The first ward to 
comprise all that part of the city west^^ard of Forrest- 
street and Sharp-street, to the limits of the city. 

Second ward — " The second ward to comprise all that 
part of the city from the limits aforesaid, eastward to 
Charles-street, till it intersects Pratt-street ; thence down 
Pratt-street to the basin, thence with the meanders of 
the basin, southwardly and westwardly with the limits 
of the city to .Sharp-street. 

Third ward — "The third ward to comprise all that 
part of the city from the limits la^t aforesaid, as follows, 
to wit : To commence at the intersection of Charles-street 
and Pratt-street, and thence down Pratt-street to the 
basin ; thence with the meanders of the basin to Calvert- 
street; thence with Calvert-street to Lovely-lane ; thence 
with Lovely -lane to South-street; thence with South-street 
to Baltiniore-street ; tlience across Baltimore-street to 
North-lane ; tlience with North-lane to the limits of the 
city, to Charles-street. 

Fourth ward — " Tlie fourth ward to comprise all that 
part of the city from the limits last aforesaid, beginning 
at Calvert-street dock; thence with the meanders of the 
basin toSmith's-dock; thence across Pratt-street to Spear'sr 
alley ; thence with Spear's-alley to Water-street ; thence 
along Water-street westward to Exchange-alley; thence 
with Exchange-alley to Second-street ; thence across Se- 
cond-street to Tripolet'S-alley ; thence with Tripolet's- 
alley to Baltimore-street ; thence with Baltimore-street to 
Gay-street ; thence with Gay-street to Jones's-falls : and 
thence with Jones's falls andthe limits of the city to iNorth- 


f'ift/i u-arJ^—^' The fifth ward to comprise all that pjirt 
ijf the city from the limits last jiforesaitl, beginning at 
Smith's clock, and running thence with the meanders of 
the basin to M'Elderry's-dock ; thence with M'Elderry's- 
dock, and the centre Market-space to Baltimore-street; 
thence crossing Baltimore-street to Ilarrison-street; thence 
uith Harrison-street to Gay-street, where it intersects 

Sixth ivard — i" The sixth ward to comprise all that part 
of the city from the limits last aforesaid, beginning at 
M'Elderry's-dock, and running thence with the meanders 
of the basin to Jones's-falls ; thence with Jones's-falls to 
Philpot's-bridjje ; thence crossing Jones's-falls and run- 
ning along Baltimore -street extended, and York -street to 
Harford-street ; thence crossing Harford-street and con- 
tinuing along Dulany-street eastward to tiie limits of tlie 
city : and thence with the limits of the city to Jones's-falls; 
thence with the said falls to Gay -street. 

Seventh ward — "The seventh ward to comprise all that 
part of the city from the limits aforesaid, beginning at Phil- 
pot's-bridge, and running tlience witli the falls to the basin ; 
thence with the meandeis of the basin to Allisanna-stieet: 
thence with AUisanna-streetto the limits of tlie city ; and 
thence with the limits of the city to Dulany-street. 

Eighth uard — " The eighth ward to comprise all the 
rest of the city to the south of AUisanna-street, to the 
limits thereof." 

Eastern precincts contain all the built parts of Balti- 
more, east and north of the city boundaries «aBt of Jones's- 

Western precincts occupy all the built parts of Balti- 
more without thecitybounuaries west and north of Jones's- 





Abbott James, sea captain, Eden, near German street — f.f. 
Abbott Michael, coidwainer, Caroline, near Fleet street—rr 

F. p. 
Abbott Lambert H, house joiner, 56 Market street — f. p. 
Abell John S. justice of the peace, office 9 Pratt street-— 

dwelling S. Eutaw, near Camden street — w. p. 
Abraham Daniel, rigger, 37 Wilk street — f. p. 
Abrahams Woodward, sea captain, 74 Marketstreet — f.p. 
Abrahams Jacob, baker. King George street — o. t. 
Abrams Abram, turner, Frederick near Second street 
Ackworth Stephen, teacher, dwelling Bond near Gough 

street — f. p. 
Adams Alexander, sea captain, 96 Market street — f. p. 
Adams John, merchant, dwelling 114 Sharp street 
Adams Lyman, woolen manufacturer, North st. between 

East and Union streets — o. t. 
Adams Barbara, widow, grocer, 71 Harrison-street 
Adams Mary, widow, Strawberry alley — f. #. 
Adams George, merchant. County wharf, S. Calvert street 
Adams and Swift, merchants, 11 Bowley's wharf 
Adams E. merchant, dwelling St. Paul's lane extended 
Adams and Jonas, merchants, 260 Baltimore street, corner 

of Howard street 
Adamsou John, 8 Shakspeare street — f. p. 
Addison Anna, teacher. New Church street, 3 doors from 

St. PauFs lane 
Adlen John, labourer, Bottle alley, near Eutaw street 


Adreon Christian, merchant tailor, lOOi Baltimore-street 
Afrnew Andrew, merchant, SO N. Howard street 
Aiken George, jeweller, 118 Baltimore street 
Aiscjuith Jdhn, justice of the peaceand one of the coroners, 

13 Bank street 
Aitken R(,liert, drug^st, 44 Bridge street — o. t. 
Aislabie 'U'illiam, grocer, N. Howard street, two doors 

from Saratoga street 
Albers Soloman G. grocer, 9 M'Elderry's-wharf— dwelling 

Dulany street, near Columbia garden 
Albert Jacob, dwelling 37 Fayette street 
Alcock Miss Elizabeth, 34 Chatham street 
Alcock William J. grocer, 60 I-exington street 
Alcock Sarah, w idow, 33 Bank street — f. p. 
Alden Benjamin, sea captain, S Lancaster street — f. p. 
Aldri;5e and Higdon, wholesale dry goods merchants, 182 

Baltimore street 
Alexander Ashton, physician, East st. near Washington 

Alexander Henry, merchant, dwelling St. Paul's lane, 

near Chatham street 
Alexander Thomas, dry goods and grocery store, 10 Mar- 
ket space 
Alexander Adam, carpenter, 11 Green street — o. t. 
Alford Jacob, plaisterer, 55 Green street — o. r. 
Alfoid John, ])iaisterer, 4 Union street — o. r. 
Alfathor Henry, brew er, 44 Waggon alley 
All John, waggoner, Forrest stieet o. t. 
AUegre J. B. A. next door to the corner of Water street 

and Market space 
Allen Isaac, cotton mannfacturer,Little York street — o.t. 
Allen and Hill, printers and publishers of the "Telegraph" 

37 Water street 
Allen Hugh, coppersmith, 42 S. Calvert street — dwelling 

Granby street — o. t. 
Allen ()wen,dwellin}' 92 N- Liberty street 
Allen Robert I), bricklayer, Granby street — o. t. 
Allen wSaniuel, painter, 213 Bond stieet— f. p. 
Allen John, mathematical instrument maker, 94 Fell'* 

street — r- p. 


Allen Mary, widow, Bond near Smith street— f. p, 
Allen Clother, sea captain, 8 Philpot street— f. p. 
Allender Joseph, physician, 29 Fell's street — f. p. 
Allender John, collector, 11 Potter street — o. T. 
Alley Micajah, dwelling 41 East street 
Allison Ann, widow, 76 Pratt-street 
Allison John, pilot, 62 Fleet street — f. p. 
Allison Robert, printer, 15 Comet street — o. t. 
Ahneda Joseph, sea captain, Duke street— o. x. 
Alnut James, carpenter, &8 Sharp street 
Alter Adam, carpenter, 41 North street 
Alvvard Sarah, widow, 108 Wolfe street— >f. p. 
Alricks Hermanns, dwelling, Aisquith street — o. t. 
Ambers John, plaisterer. Mulberry near Howard street 
Amey George, cooper, Lexington near Howard street— 

clwelling 37 North street 
Ames Stitman, sawyer, Cowpen alley near Sharp street 
America John, cordwainer, 53 Green street— -o. x. 
Jlmerican Sf Commercial Daihj Advertiser office 4 Har_ 

rison street 
Amey Henry, blacksmith, Baltimoi-e near Paca St.— w. p. 
Amick Jacob, labourer, .S. Eutaw, near Conway st. — w. p. 
Amos John, hatter, 39Bridge street— o. x. — dwelling High 

street — o. t. 
Anderson Joseph, hair dresser, 52 S. Charles street 
Anderson Hugh, grocer, 31 S. Charles street 
Anderson Henry, drayman, 116 Green street — o. t. 
Anderson Andrew L. grocer, 61 Bridge street — o. T. 
Anderson John, grocer, 41 Green street — 'O. x. 
Anderson Nicholas, 8 Bond street- — f. p. 
Anderson William J. china store, Franklin, near Eutaw 

street — w. p. 
Anderson W"m. H. carpenter, Green street — -yr. p. 
Anderson Mary, fancy dry goods and millinery store, 9 

Conewago street 
Anderson John, rigger, Washington, near Fleet-st.— f. p. 
Andrews Henry, sea captain. North, near Forrest st.— o t 
Anthony Daniel, ship carpenter, 63 Ann street — f. p. 
Appleby Mrs. boarding house, 74 Baltimore-street 
Appleby Thos. cordwainer, hea4 of HoUingsworth'g dock 
^B 2 


Apflebee John, rorrlv ainer, 5 Fricntlship sircet — o. t. 
Aj jleman ('(iniad, wlip ir.akcr, 04 N. Howard street 
Appleton Richard, w i*; and urnamental hair worker, S. 

Frederick street 
Appleton N. AV. & C. H. commission mercliants, next 

door to Gadsby"'s Indian Queen tavern, Hanover st. 
Appleton and Poor, auctioneers, next door but one to do. 
Ardry WiJiiam, blacksmith, 59 Wolfe street — f. p. 
Arniau Joseph, l)air dresser. 34 Market space 
Arinat Christopher, dry goods store, 1 11 Baltimore street 
Ar:nita;ie Benjamin, j^rocer, 33 Lexington street 
Armans James, currier, 5 Cheapside 
Armstrong Thomas, dry goods store, 12 Market space 
Armstrong Rf>bcrt, grocer, J^ight, near Pratt street 
Armstrong R. W. physician and druggist, 12 Baltimore, 

corner of Harrison street — 'dwelling 2 Harrison street 
Armstrong James and Son, grocers, 43 Market space 
Armstrong James, jun. 24Cheapside — dwelling ^i. Calvert 

st;-eet, near the city spring 
Armstrong James C. High street — o. t. 
Armstrong John, cordwainer, 58 Gough street — f. p. 
Armstrong John, painter, 51 Market street 
Armstrong John, shoe store, 133 Baltimore street 
Armstrong James, cordwainer, Aisquith street— o. t- 
Ainest John, pliysician, 18 N, Frederick street 
Arnold John, rope maker, 122 Ann stieet-— f. p. 
Arrjuit Elias, ship carpenter, G9 AUisanna street — f. p. 
Arthur Damaris, widow, 72 N. Charl-es street 
Arthur Mary, widow, 30 Pitt-stiect — o. t. 
Ash John, carpenter, Dulany street, near Columbia garden 
Ashcraft Thomas, ship carpenter, corner of VVilk and 

Washington streets — * f 
Ashman William, justice of the peace, office and dwelling 

N. Eutaw near Saratoga st. 
Ashrnore John, boot and shoe maker, G2 N. Gay st. 
,\shwelJ Mary, widow, grocery and comb manufactory, 

.8 N. Gay st. 
^ssemblj roomsj corner oT Fast and HolTiday street 
Askey William, shjp carjjrenter. 130 Wolfe street— ;/"/> 
Agkcj John, jpilot, 28 Argyk-alley — r. y. 



Aftioe Dorotliy L. widow, 3t) Ann st. — p. p. 
Athenian Society's warehouse, 80 Baltimore st. 
Atkinson Isaac, flour merchant, 12 County wharf, dwel- 

ling 45 N. Gav street 
Atkinson Angello, boot and shoe maker, 67 Pratt street 
Atkinson Ann Mary, watch and clock maker, 33 Mar- 
ket space 
Atkinson Isaac, carpenter. 20 Alisanna street — f- p. 
Atkinson Joshua, carpenter, 75 Fleet street- — .f. p. 
Atkinson Joshua, cordwainer, 74 Happy alley — f. p. 
Atkinson William, sea captain, T«mple alley, near Great 

York street— o t 
Atwell John, sliip carpeni^er, 44 Allisanna street — f p 
Atwell Nathan, ship carpenter, Washington street — -f p 
Atwood Catharine, dry goods store, corner of Market and 

x\llisanna streets — f p 
Auckenbauglv Groft, carter, S. JEutaw, near Conewag* 

Auld William,, sea captain, 50 E. Allisanna street — f p 
Augustine Henry, letter carrier, Lombard, between Eu- 

taw and Paca streets — w p 
Austin Pernel, sea captain, 77 Granby street— o t 
Austin Martlia, grocer, 94 N.. Howard street 
Avisse Charles mercnant, 39 N. Howard street 
Avers Samuel, Waterman, 101 Ann street — f p 
Aywalt Catherine, seamstress, Barre street 

Baarscheer AVilliam, rigger, 107 Bond street — f p 
Baconais Louis, young ladies academy, 11 S. Charles st. 
Bachelor Joshua, blacksmith, shop ICJO S. Charles street 
Baer and Baiiy, dry goods merchants, 223i Baltimore st. 
Baer Joiin, merchant, dwelling corner of Lombard and 

Eutaw streets 
Baer William, blacksmith, 26 Pratt street 
Bagwell Thomas, sail maker, Bank street — f p 
Baider Dominique, grocer, Baltimore, near Eutaw st 
Bailer Mrs, 22 S. Howard street 

Bain Andrew, coi<!\vainer, Mulberry, near Enlawst. w p 
Bailov Evan, grocer, corner of S. Cliarle* street and Peace 

Bailey George and James, dru^2;ists, 224 Baltimore street 
Bailey Thomas, assessor (if the United States for the 4th 

collection district of Maryland, Pitt street extended 
Bailey Georji^e — dwelling Kutaw, above Lexington street 
Bailey John, sadler, 105 High street — o t 
Bayley "NA illiam, accountant 167 High street — o t 
Biiiley Elijah, brick maker, goodman, between Lee and 

York streets 
Bayley Elisha T. paver, N. Eutaw street — w p 
Bailey George M'. Paver, N. Eutaw street — -w p 
Baker Jacob, constable, Paca, near Lexington st. — -w- v. 
Baker James, surveyor, 49 Jones street — o t 
Baker John, ship carpenter, 84 Wilk street — f r 
Baker Jolin, drayman, 31 S. Frederick street 
Baker Samuel, physician, 30 Liglit street 
Baker Sarah, widow, 9 Thames street — f p 
Baker William and Son, merchants, 99 Baltimore street 
Baker William, carter, 109 Green street — o t 
Baker Thomas B. dry goods store, 2 N. Howaid street 

dwelling German street, house formerly occupied by 

doctor Du Butts. 
Baker George S, dry goods merchant, 227 Baltimore st. 

dwelling Tammany street^ next door to the rev. Mr. 

Duncan's Church 
Baker Charles, waterman, 21 Philpotstreet — f p 
Baker James, blacksmith, 53 High street-— dwelling North 

street— o t 
Baker John, 30 Sharp street 
Baker Peter, Tailor, Straight lane — o t 
Baker Benjamin, ship joiner, 47 Wolfe street— /• /» 
Balderston Ely, mercliant, 61 Smith's wharf— dwelling 51 

Front street-— o t 
Balderston Hugh, wheat fan maker and wire worker, 9 

Hanover street— dwellinj^ Ijombard, near Hanover st. 
Balderston Jonothan, wheat fan and wire factory, 12 S- 

Charles gtreet— dwelling 64 Lombard street betwejen 

Hanover and Sharp streets 


Baldeiston Isaiah, wheat fan and wire manufactory, 52 

Front street— o t 
Balderston Isaiah, jr. carpenter, Whiskey alley — iv p 
Baldin George, tailor, waggon alley 
Baldwin Abraham, cordwainer, corner of Lancaster street 

and Argyle alley— f p 
Ball Walter, painter and glazier, 18 Pratt street 
Ball William, rope maker, Dulany street, near Columbia 

Ball Elizabeth, widow, King George near Albemarle 

street— o t 
Ballard and Hall, merchants, 84 Bowly's wharf 
Ballard William, dwelling 111 Hanover street 
Ballina Joseph, tobacconist, 53 St. Patrick's row 
Baltimore Circulating Library 63 N. Howard street 
Baltimore Insurance company'' s office, Water street, cor- 
ner of South street 
Baltimore Bank of, 154 Baltimore street 
Baltimore and Fredericktown turnjiike office 39 South st. 
Baltimore and Yorktoivn Turnpike office, 16 Harrison st. 
Baltimore General Dispensary, 5 Conewago street 
Baltimore Equitable Society for insuring houses, office 18 

Baltimore street 
Baltzell William, dry goods merchant, 1 Sharp street 
dwelling German lane, between Hanover & Sharp sts. 
Baltzell Jacob and Charles, dry goods merchants, 101 

Baltimore street 
Bandell George, superintendent of chimney sweeps, Pet- 
ticoat alley— F p 
Bandell John, block and pump maker, dwelling Petticoat 

alley— F p 
Bandle Michael, Liberty, near Pitt street — o T 
Bandle William, cordwainer, do do 

Banks Jesse, blacksmith. Bond street — f p 
Banks George, sea captain, 36 Granby street — o t 
Banksou Sarah, widow, SO Front street — o r 
Bankson, widow, of John, 51 S. Charles street 
Bangs John, shoe store, 27 Baltimore street 
Banzett Christian, grocer, corner of Eutaw and Mulber- 
ry streets 


Banting John, carpenter, Harford street— o t 

TJa(jue iSliss Mary, Jones street, near the foot bridge-— o t 

IJarbine Mary, uidow, Lee, near Forest street 

Bargar John, harness maker, 1 North street 

Bar;:;e Anc're •. , 54 Pratt street 

Barae AViiliani. labourer, N. Eutaw street— w r 

Barker William and Son, iron founders, N. Calvert near 

Mulberry street 
"Barkei William, ship carpenter, 101 Allisanna street—F p 
Barker "William, ship carpenter, 89 Allisanna street— f i^ 
Barker Michael, drayman, Holliday street near Finn's 

Barklie Thomas, broker and commission merchant, 69 

Water, corner of Commerce street 
Barkley John M. plane maker, 3 Light street 
Barkley J. and S. watch makers and jewellers, 46 J Balti- 
more street— dwelling King Tamanny street 
Barkman Margaret, widow, S. Liberty street, near How- 
ard street 
"Barkman John, Plumber and tin-man, 32 Market st.--/^/' 
Barkman Catherine, widow, 52 Camden street 
Barling Sarah, widow, Queen street— o r 
Barling Joseph, merchant — dwelling Queen street near 

the green tree punjp— o r 
Barlow John, rigger, 9 Lancaster street — f p 
Barnard John, ship joiner, 17 Shakspeare street—F r 
Barnard Priscilla, widow, 24 Fell's street— a p 
Barnard Jaiues, feed store, 81 Harford street— o r 
Barnes James, sea captain, 15 Ann street— / j9 
>3arnes I^evin P. tailor, 48 South street 
Barnes AVilliam, seacaptain, 45 Fell's street---//> 
Barnes W illiani, sign and ornameutai painter, 8 Bridge 

fctreet — o t 
Barney John H- Fountain Inn, 5 Light street — Stage 

office ditto 
Barney J. & W. dry goods merchants, 82 Baltimore st. 
Barney Louis is, Johiubiscuit contractors, G4 South street, 

and Price's wharf—//? 
Barney Louis, dwelling. East, near Lemmon street 
Barney John, dwelling 13 New Church street 


Barrett, John ^I. new theatre tavern, next door to the the- 
atre, H(jiliday street 
Barrett Patrick, cooper, 25 North street 
Barrett Mary, widow, Conway, near Eutaw street 
Barrett Tho)nas, printer, 54 Harrison street" 
Barrett Thomas, mariner, Happy alley—/ p 
Barvickman Hannah, hardware store, 3 Bridge street — ot 
Barriere Joseph, sea captain, 76 E. Allisanna street — f p 
Barrol James, merchant, 1 Bowley's wharf — dwelling 68 

N. Charles street 
Barrows Elijah P. provision store. Market street extended 
w p — dwelling corner of Lexington & Eutaw streets 
Barry Lavallan, clerk, 21 Bridge street — o t 
Barry Robert, merchant, 12 Spear's wh*drf 
Barry Staiidish, gro(!^r, 34 Baltimore street — dwelling 20 

N. Gay street 
Barry Richard, grocer, 3 County wharf— dwelling 23 W. 

IPratt street 
Barry Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, 60 Pitt street—o r 
Barry John, corw ainer. Union near Pratt street—o i" 
Barry Susannah, widow, 45 Saratoga street 
Barting Peter, painter, 31 French street—o r 
Bartlett Samuel, ship wright, Argyle alley— f p 
Barton James, cof wainer, Bank street— f p 
Barton Nicholas, carpenter, 101 Happy alley—F p 
Bartow, rev. John V. corner of King George and Albe- 
marle street—o T 
Bassfurd Thomas, teacher, 64 N. Frederick street 
Bassford Mrs. mantua maker and milliner, do 
Bassett, Ann, widow. Milk lane, near Pitt street— o i" 
Bastille John, hair dresser, 34 Market space 
Basto Elizabeth, widow, Apple alley, near Lancaster 3t-F p 
Bateman Amzi, fisherman, 38 Eden street— f p 
Bateman Artemas, tailor, 5 Bank street 
Bates ^^'illiam, attorney at law, office 3 Chatham street 
Bates Joseph, marketman, bottle alley, near Eutaw street 
Baum Christian, Green, near Sa>atoga street 
Bausman John, 16 S. Liberty street 

Batturs Richard, city auction, 229 Baltimore street— 
dwellings. Liberty street 


Buughman & Hore , Monf cutters, corner of Fraukliu and 

Charles s>treets 
Baylor John, carpenter, Whiskey alley, near Pratt 

street— w p 
Baxley George, inspector kA flour, 120 Howard, corner of 

Franklin street 
Baxley James, millwripiht, 126 Green street™o r 
Baxley John, fancy store, 36 Fell's street™F f 
Baxter Collin, rigger, 15 Fleet street— > p 
Baxter John, tailor, 21 Geor;2;e street— ^jj 
Baylis Jane, widow, 221i Coiinewago street * 
Beall John W. innkeeper, nierchants' cofTee house, 3G 

South street 
Beall Richard B. dry goods store, 8 N. Howard street 
lieall Evan, grocer, 9 High street— o r 
Beard Alexander, sea captain, 109 Bond street— /j? 
Beard Hugh, paver, Union street— o r 
Beard John, bootmaker, Goodman, near York street 
Beaves Eleanor, widow, 32 Fell's street—//; 
Beatty James, merchant and navy agent, M'Cl ure's wharf, 

corner of Pratt street — dwelling N. Calvert street 

extended, near Washington square 
Beaty Mary, widow, 12 Pitt-street—//; 
Becker rev. Christian L. pastor of the German Calvinist 

church— dwelling IT Second street 
Beckly Henry, dwelling 44 S. Howanl street 
Beemer Elizabeth, widow, 11 Water street 
Behoo John J. paint and oil store, 7 M'Elderry's wharf 
Beisher Frances, widow, corner of Green and Low 

streets— f 
Belden Amos, sail maker, dwelling 11 Potter street — o r— 

sail loft Dagan's wharf 
Bell Richard, sliip carpenter, 10 Fleet street—/ p 
Bell John portrait and landscape painter, corner of Fleet 

a;id ».aroline streets— //J 
Bell Ttiomas C. miniature painter do do 

lielt Tobias, sea captain, 97 Fleet street— / p 
Belt Jam > and riiomus VV. ship chandler, 44 Pittst.--//^ 
Belt Jauica,juu. dwelling do do 


Belton William, Boarding-house, S. Gay-street. 

Belton John, hair-dresser, 71 Bond street. 

Bender William, F. carpenter, 19 Lancaster street—/ jp. 

Benjamin Solomon, fancy store, 43 Wilk street — ■/. p. 

Benner George, porter cellar, under 36 South street- 
dwelling 72 Granby street — o. t. 

Benner John, tobacconist, Ruxton lane. 

Benner Mary C. 3 Green corner of Pitt street — o. t. 

Bennett Geoi-ge, carpenter, Vulcan alley. 

Bennett Matthew, merchant, 20 Fells street — 'f. p. 

Bennett Patrick, Paca, near Mulberry street. 

Bennett Rebecca, widow, Argyle alley — -f. j5, 

Bennett Thomas B. sea captain, 59, Green street — o. t. 

Benson James, oil and paint store, 59 St. Patrick's row. 

Benson Peter, 75 N. Liberty street. 

Benson Stephen, ship carpenter, 105, Wolfe street — -f p 

Benson Joseph, ship carpenter, 8 New Church street. 

Benson John, potter, Dulany street, near Columbia Gar- 

Benson Samuel, merchant tailor, 92 Baltimore street. 

Benton Thomas, waterman, 1 Philpot street — -f p 

Bentalou Paul, N. Eutaw N. Fayette street. 

Benteen Charles, grocer, N. Calvert street, near the city 

Eerkheyer Philip, cai-ter, 60 Bond street, fp 

Bernahrd Henry, American silk button manufactory, 9 
Second street. 

Bernabeu John J. dwelling 86 Sharp street 

Bernard Louis W. Wilk street n^'ar the bridge 

Berry John, biick-maker, S. W. corner of Lee and Sharp 
streets, head of the basin 

Berry John M. carpenter, German, near Green street — w p 

Berry Robert, pilot, 125 Wolfe street—/;; 

Berry Thomas D. grocer, Washington, near Paca 

street — it? p 
Berney Hettey, boarding house, 34 Bond street— /p 

Berry Richard, mariner, 36 Allisanna street— fp 
Berry Elizabeth, widow, Green, near Baltimore 
street — w p 


lierteau & Hanney, merchant tailors, 37 South street 
Bertcau Peter, 32 do do 

Betts Enoch, cut nail manufactory. Queen street near 

Pratt street bridp;e— o t 
Betts Solomon, mercliant, 93 Bowley's wharf — dwelling 

St. Paul'^ lane near Cliatham street 
Betts Stephen, sea captain, TO Ann street — -f p 
Bevan Ricliard, grocer, 87 Hanover street 
Beveri^e John, tailor, Potter, near Pitt street — o t 
Biays James, mercha;it, 25 Thames ^3trcet — f j) 
Biays Joseph, merchant, 31 Fells street — -fp 

Biehr , mariner, 8 W. Allisanna street/;; 

Bier Jacob, cashier of the Marine bank, 44 Market 

street — -f p 
Bigham Gordon, dry goods store, 253 Baltimore street 
Bigeo Paul, 48 S. Calvert street 
Biggart Samuel, carpenter, Pitt street, near Harford 

run — t 
liigger Gilbert, watchmaker, 115 Baltimore street 
Bigelow Henry, merchant, 77 Bowley's wharf 
Billings Samuel, cordwainer, 74 Green street — o t 
Billington James, cabinet maker. Milk lane — o t 
Billups Robert, sea captain, 17 S. Chailes street 
Bilson John, plaisterer, Pearl, near Fayette street — w p 
Billash Samuel, mariner. Petticoat alley, near Bank 

street — -f p 
Binyan Thomas, carter, 66 Happy alley—//) 
Bird William C. grocer, corner of Mulberry street and 

Larew's alley 
Birckhead Solomon, physician, 5 Chatham street 
Bishop Susannah, widow, "Wolfe, near Allisanna street//) 
Bisiiop EU/.abeth, widow, 24 Ann street — -f p 
Bishop Richard, painter, 67 Fleet street — fp 
Bitto CJiristian, ship carpenter, 54 Happy alley — fp 
Bivins Mary, Pitt street, near Harford run — u t 
Bi/.ot Henry, inn keeper, 28 Fells street — -fp 
Bixler l)a\id, tobacconist, 51, dwelling 57 N. Howard 

Biscoe James, Hardware store, 168^ Baltimore street — 

dwellinir Franklin street 


Black James, teacher of languages, Fish market 

Black Thomas, merchant, 21 N.Howard, corner of Fa 

jette street. 
Black Samuel, whip, cane and spectacle manufacturer, 

212 Baltimore street. 
Blades Edmund, ship carpenter, 78 WilTc street — fp 
Blades George, ship carpenter, 77 Fleet street — -fp 
Blades Benjamin, do do do 

Bland Theodoricka, Judge of the sixth judicial district, 
dwelling Paca, between Lexington and Saratoga 
streets — >w p 
Blair & Dall, wholesale dry goods merchants, 14 S, Cal- 
vert street 
Bh-^ir y\ illiam, merchant, dwelling 43 Front street — o t 
Bleakly Matthew, millwright. Mulberry street near Bal- 
timore college 
Blondel John M. jeweller, 10 Bond street—/^) 
Boehm Charles L. Washington square 
Boehm Charles, confectioner, 130 Baltimore street 
Boggs Alexander L. dry goods store, 19 Baltimore street 
Boggs Hermanus, dry goods store, 69 Baltimore street 
Boggus Robert S. boot maker, ITS Baltimore street- 
dwelling N. Eutaw street 
Bolgiano Francis W. baker, 69 S. Frederick street 
Bolin Roger, carpenter, corner of Wilk street and Hap- 
py alley—//? 
Bollman Thomas, baker and grocer, corner of Water 

street and Public alley 
Bolte John, broker, second, near South street — dwelling 

173 High street — o t 
Bolton Henry, sea captain, 72 Market street — -f p 
Bolten Francis, meal seller, Harford street — o t 
Bond Augustine, merchant, dwelling 47 W. Pratt street 
Bond Barnet, carter, Gough street — f p 
Bond James, corner of Bond and Thames streets — -f p 
Bond John, tailor. Potter street — o t 
Bond Peter, merchant, 9 Bridge street — o t 
Bond Eleanor, widow, 65 Pratt street 
Bond Edward F. Queen's v.are store, 44 N. Howard 


Bond "William, carpenter, 74 Front street — u i 

Bond Benjamin, clerk 84 Green street — u t 

Boneer Frederick, Lee, near Goodman street 

Bonerd John P. corner of Camden and S. Ilov.ard streets 

Bonn Philip, block and pump maker, M'Clure's vharf 

Bonnefin & vSiinpson, grocers, iGSBallimorc street 

Bonner Hugh, coppersmith, 49 south street 

Bonnet Joseph, merchant, 49 St. Patiicks'row 

Bookhuls, Eli'/.abeth, widow, Goodinan, near Montgomery 

street^-/ h 
Boon Benjamin, cordwainer, Lee, near Goodman street • 
Booth Leigh Roy, mariner, Caroline, near W'ilk 

street — -f p 
Booth Addison, drayman, 24 Green street — o t 
Booth V.'illiam, do do do 

Base John, carter. Bridge, near Forrest street — o t 
Boss Ilezekiah, pilot, 70 Wolfe street — f p 
Bosley James, mercliant, counting; house, 44 S. Gay 

Bosley Daniel, bacon store, 18 Market space — dwelling 

corner of Granby and Salisbury streets — o t 
Boston Jesse, cordwainer, German, near Bond streets — fp 
Boston Bartholomew, piaua forte maker, 35 Saratogo 

Bouchet Anthony, cutler, 70 N. Howard street 
Boughan Augustine, merchant, 99 Bowley's wharf — 

dwelling 47 Pratt street 
Bounds Joseph, sea captain, 9 Philpot street — fp 
Bouis John, tin manufactory, 18 N, Gay street 
Bouldin Je'mi, city surveyor, Wasliiiigton scjuare — dwel- 
ling Holliday street 
Bourdaon Daniel, carpenter, 10 Lancaster street — J p 
Courj.dly &, Jamet, £6 Calvert street 
Boury Lewis, sea captain, Qiieeii street— /y> 
Boury Lewis, boarding house, 42 Market space 
Bowen Elizabeth, widow, 93 High street — » t 
Bowen Pitt E. paver, N. Eutaw street — w p ^ 
Bowen Richard, cordwainer, King George street — o t 
Bowen Joshua, 80 High street — u t 
Bowers William, Fleet, near Washington street—/^ 


Bowers Henry, cooper, corner of Bridge street and the 

York turnpike road 
Bowers Martin, grocer, Bridge, near East street- — o t 
Bowersox George, Franklin street — iv p 
Bowie James, sea captain, Milk lane — -o t 
Bowyer John, fisherman, S. Eutaw, corner of Cafiide.a 

street — w p 
Boyce Hugh, mariner, 47 Fleet street — -f p 
Boyce Theodore R. S. livery stable keeper, 21 German 

Boyce Hannah, widow, 16 Pratt street 
Boyd James P. attorney and counsellor at law, office, 

Washington square 
Boyd Alexander- H: attorney at law, office Washington 

squaie— dwelling New Church street, near St. Pauls' 

Bayd Andrew, 23 Chatham street 
Boyd Ann, widow. Holiday, near East street 
Boyd Peter, soap and candle manufacturer — store 20 AI- 

bermarle street — manufactory runs back to Stillhouse 

street — o t 
Boyd Jeremiah L. carpenter, St. Paul's lane continued 
Boyd Joseph, hatter, Eutaw street — w p 
Boyd Matthew, cordwainer, 3 Thames street — -f p 
Boyd John, ship carpenter, 80 Wilk street — -f p 
Boyd Samuel, Aveaver, 25 Ruxton lane 
Boyer Jacob, clerk, 63 Albermarle street — o t 
Boyle Francis, dry goods store, 1 S. Calvert street 
Boyle George S. lottery and exchange office, 1 Soutli 

Boyle Thomas, sea captain, Queen, near Granbj 

street — o t 
Boyle Lilly, widow, Union, near North street — o t 
Brackenridge H. M. attorney and counsellor at law, St-. 

Paul's lane, next door to the post office 
Bracken John, carter, N. Eutaw street — w p 
Bradenbaugh John, soap and candle manufactory. Fish 

street near Gay 
Bradbury Stephen, rigger, 27 George street—^p 
Bradebock Jacob, cordwainer, Bauks treet— /p 

Bradchouse Conrad, locksniitli, 3i2 Sliakspeare street— /jr 

Bradlee Isaac, bricklayer, Vulcan alley 

Bradley Robert II. clothier, 50 Market space 

Bradley John, tailor, TG .S. Charles street 

Bradley Robert, ship carpenter, Happy alley, near Fleet 

Brady Sylvester, Paver, Strawberry alley, near Wilk 

Bragger Henry, sea captain, 21 Thames street—/ ja 
Branan Thomas, carpenter, Ha])py alley—//? 
Branan William, blacksmith, 86 S. Cl>arles street 
Branan John, sea captain, £2 Great York street— of 
Branan John, cordwainer, 56 Gough street--//; 
Brano Joseph, proprietor of tlie Washington museum, 48 

Market space 
Branson Owen, grocer. 111 Ilii^h street— o t 
Branson William, hatter, 131 Baltimore street 
Brant William, ship carpenter, Eden street--//! 
Brawner Daniel, turner, 3 Jones street— o t 
Bready Ann, widow, grocer, county wharf—//? 
Breitenoder Martin, baker, 33 Bond street—//? 
Brent Jacob, merchant, dwelling 12N. Liberty street 
Brevitt John, justice of the peace, 26 Cliatham street 
Brevitt Joseph, physician, 74 High street-— o t 
Brewer & Jamart, innkeepers, 5 Tish-market 
Biewer Nicholas, tailor, 27 Fells street — -fp 
Biice John, deputy collector of the port of Baltimore, 

dwelling N. Calvert street, near Ihe city spring 
Brice Nicholas, attorney and counsellor at law, New 

church street, opposite the court) ouse yard 
Brice Henrv, merchant, 12 Light street wharf — dwelling 

92 Pratt street 
Bridge Isabella, widow, French street— o t 
B; i;;igs James, mariner, Happy alley—//) 
Briggs William, carter, 56 Harrison street 
Biinkman John, stevadore, Smitli street, near Apple al- 
Brinkett William B. woolen, manufacturer, corner of 

Eden and Bank streets — fp 
Briscoe & Patrige, merchants, 12 Eowleys' wkarf 


Briscoe Samuel, laercliant, dwelling 8 Front street— o f 
Briscoe J(>i:ej)b, sawyer, 28 Granbv street — o t 
Briscoe Alexander, currier, 102 VV. Pratt street 
Briscoe Alexander, boot maker, Water, near Gay street 
Briscup Tliomas, merchant, dwelling 57 Front street— o t 
Britton John, Temple alley— oi 
Brizard Charles, cabinet maker, 33 S. Charles street 
Broadfoot Cassandra, mantua-maker, N. Charles, near 

Conewago street 
Bi*om\vell William, jr. 8c co. lumber merchants and wheat 

fan makers and wire weavers, 17 M'Elderry's 

wharf— dwelling Albemarle street— o t 
Broom Henry, mariner, Wilk, near Bond street—//? 
Broomfield Edward, nailer, Eden street—//* 
Brosius Michael, dwelling Jones street, near the foot, 

bridge— -0 t 
Brotherton Thomas, cordwainer, 79 Harrison street 
Broughton Noah, carpenter, Ross street— -?t'j9 
Brown Alexander & son, merchants, 128 Baltimore 

Brown Catherine, widow, 113 High street— o t 
Brown David, dwelling 66 Pitt street— o ^ 
Brown Dorothy, widow, straight lane— o t 
Brown Edward, tanner, Jones street— o t 
Brown George, physician, Holliday street, opposite the 

Brown George J. brewer. King George street — o t 
Brown Thomas, ship carpenter, W^olfe street—//? 
Brown Jacob, tailor, 50 Light street 
Brown Jacob, carpenter, N. Eutaw, near Franklin street 
Brown M.ary, widow, 65 North street— o t 
Brown Samuel, teacher, New church, near Charles street 
Brown Sarah, widow, Washington square 
Brown Stewart, lumber merchant, O'DonnePs wharf- — 

dwelling Holliday street 
Brown William, plaister of paris manufacturer, dwelling 

109 High street— t 
Brown & Wilson, merchants, 63 Smith's wharf 
Brown Josiah, merchant, duelling Albemarle street— ©< 
Brov/n Jesse, mariner, 43 Market street--//? 


Brown John, ship carpenter, 1 Sliak^peare street— /p 
Brown Josiah, merchant, dwelling 41 Albejnarle 

street— o f 
Brown Ann, milliner, 62 S. Charles street 
Brown John, innkeeper, Garrick hotel, 2GN. Gay street 
Brown P^liy.ab(;th, w idow, 70 Pitt street— o t 
Brown John, cordwainer. Cider alley, near Eutaw street 
Broun Hannah, 3 AUisanna street—//? 
Brown Morgan, grocer, corner of Allisanna and Wolfe 

streets— //> 
Brow n Adolphus, clerk, 66 Wilk street—/ p 
Brown John E. silversniith, Baltimore street-"dwclling 

38 Green .street— of 
Brown & Allev, wholesale shoe dealers, 177 Baltimore st. 
Brown Amos, dwelling 12 S. Howard street, two doors 

from the hank 
Brown Alexander, merchant, dwelling Chatham street, 

near St. Pauls lane 
Brow n Elizabeth, widow, 20 S. Howard street 
Brown Joseph, merchant tailor, 38 S. Calvert street 
Browne Frances, bonnet maker, 14 Fayette street 
Browne Elisha, dry goods merchant, 217 Baltimore street 
Browning Ritson, carpenter, 6^; Sharp street 
Browning John H. hardwaie merchant, 2 Fells, corner of 

Market sti eet--/ p 
Browning, P. G. constable and deputy marshal, 70 Sharp 

Bruce Robert, carpenter, 24 Welcome alley 
Brufi' William, broker, dwelling 67 Pitt street — o t 
Brune and Danneman, merchants, 63 South street 
Brune Frederick W. Danith vice consul, 22 Commerce st. 

dwelling 131 Hanover street 
Brunelot B. dancing master, 3 Commerce street 
Brunet John F. tailor and clothier, 74 Cumberland row 
Bruscup John, dry goods store, 27 Baltimore street — dwel- 
ling Front street— t 
Bruner&.Co. sugar refiners, corner S. Howard and Pratt 

Brundige Henry, physician and druggist, 202 Baltimore st. 


Brundi2;e Vose & Co. merchants, 83 Bowley's wharf 
Brundige I. dwelling 94 Sharp street 

Brundijfe William & Henry, druggists, opposite Gadsbj's 
Indian queen tavern, Baltimore street— dwelling Ha- 
nover near Barre street 
Bryson John, bricklayer, 98 Green street-^-o t 
Bryson Natlian G. corner of North and Green sts.— -o t 
Buchan Ann, milliner, 114 Baltimore street 
Buchanan James, merchant, 101 Sharp street 
Buchanan James A. dwelling Washington square 
Buclianan Miss Margaret, 21- N. Gay street 
Buchanan Edward, 19 Front street— o t 
Buchanan Jar.ies A. & Co. merchants, 9 Light st. wharf 
Buchanan William. Barnet, near Charles street 
Buchanan Robert, boot maker, 174 Baltimore st. — dwel- 
ling Calvert street 
Buck Benjamin, sail maker, dwelling Queen st.— o t 
Buck John, carpenter, Exeter street— (j t 
Buck William, millwright, Bath street — meadow 
Buck Samuel, butcher, Bank street, corner of .Strawberry 

alley — -/ p 
Buck John, butcher, 63 Caroline street—/ p 
Buck &, Hedrick, sail makers, 14 County wharf 
Buck Jacob, tailor and clothier, 60 Cumberland row 
Buckingham Levi, carpeater, Vulcan alley 
Buckler Humphrey', soap and candle manufactory, 15 

Front street — o t 
Bucklin & Oliphant, merchants, 91 Bowley's wharf 
Bucklin & Oliphant, domestic warehouse, corner of N. 

Charles and Baltimore streets 
Bucklin John (". dwelling 12j Hanover street 
Buddy Peter, boarding house, 28 Fells street—/ p 
Buel A. D. dry goods store, 70 Baltimore street 
Bull John, saddler, GO N. Frederick street 
Bull William & Jarrett, grocers, 23 N. Howard street 
Bull William, dwelling Pearl street— tt»^j 
Bull George, dwelling Bottle alley, near S. Howard st. 
Uunhury M. S. sea captain, dwelling Queen street, near 
Pi'att street bridje— a t 


Rundy James, rigger, comer of Smith and Caroline 

Buntiiio; Jamori, hatter, Tripolet's alley 
Bunyic Robert, teacher of music, IS. Calvert street ex- 
Burges John, grocer, Dulany street, near Columbia garden 
Burgcs John, rigger, 48 Apple alley— /^^ 
Burgess V'achel, wood corder, corner of Camden and 

Charles streets 
Bur'TOyne Ann, widow, 22 Lexington street 
Burk Jacob, currier, dwelling 32 Sharp street 
Burk Thomas, painter and glazier, 26 \V. Allisanna 

street—/ p 
Burk Margaret, widow, 34 North street 
Burke David, boat builder, 4 George street—/ p 
Burke Nicholas, carpenter, 75 Liberty street 
Burke William, dwelling corner of Pratt and Charles 

Burke Margaret, teacher, 46 N. Liberty street 
Burke Margaret, 15 Ann street—/ p 
Burland, Mary, widow, 29 Albemarle street— of 
Burn James, custom house officer, dwelling 9 Allisanna 

street—/ p 
Burneston Isaac, merchant, corner of S. Howard and Bal- 
timore streets— dwtUing Chatham near Liberty st. 
Burnham Samuel, cordwainer, 29 Water street 
Burnham Benjamin, rigger, Bond street—//? 
Burnett Mary, widow, inn keeper, 25 Fells street—/ p 
Burns Eli/,abeth, widow, 41 Waggon alley 
Burns Samuel, flour merchant, 11 S. Eutaw street 
Burns Samuel, sail maker, dwelling' Little York st.— of 
Burns Timothy, mill stone maker, Larew's alley 
Burns Charles, carter, Argyle alley, near Fleet st.—-f p 
Burrall Cliailes, post master, St. Paul's lane 
Burrill Tlieophalis & Co. shoe store, 103 Baltimore street 
Burroughs Hugh, J)uke street— of 
Burt Andrew, teller of the Union bank, dwelling St., 

Paul's lane 
Burton John, callico pripter, 12 LexingtoQ street 


Burton Eleanor, fancy store, 84 Bond street—/^ 
Bushey George, house carpenter, f earl, near Fayette 

street— it'/? 
Bustle Georoe, mariner, 37 Happy alley-/ p 
Buttler James, carpenter, Potter stieet— o t 
Butler John, rope maker, Smith street—-/ p 
Butler Samuel, dwelling Green street, west of new mar- 
ket IV p 

Butler Joseph, pilot, corner of Ann and Lancaster 

streets—/ p 
Butler John, blacksmith, Welcome alley, near Sharp st. 
Butt Henrietta, widow, 39 Hap;;*/ alley—/ p 
Button Elias, stevadore, 6 E. Allisanna street—//? 
Button George, tinman. Petticoat alley—/" p 
Byrne, widow of Columbus I. grocer, Pratt, next door to 

Charles street 
Byrne Terence, teacher, VVilk, near Bond street— f p 
Byrne Thomas, shoe store, 633 N. Howard street 
Byrnes Samuel, merchant, dwellings. Eutaw street 


Cain Daniel, carpenter, Petticoat alley— /"p 

Caldwell John, attorney and counsellor at law, ojEce 

Washington square 
Caldwell, merchant, dwelling S. Eutaw, near Pratt 

Caldwell Thomas & Co. merchants, 3 Spears wharf 
Caldwell Joseph, cabinetmaker, 11 South street— -dwel 

ling adjoining Mrs. Wintkle's tavern, Holliday st. 
Caldwell Mary, widow, 27 Green street— t 
Calhoun Lydia, widow, 25 East street 
Calhoun James, sen. president of the Chesapeake com- 

/ pany, 90 Baltimore street 
Calhoun James, jr. 9 Light street wharf 
Callaghan John, boarding house, 51 South street 
Callender John A. tobacconist, 40 Market space 
Callen Jane, teacher, Mulberry, near Howard street 


Callenilcr John, plaistercr, North near rnioii street— of 
Calleiuler James, buokbiinler, Dulaiiy street, near Colum- 
bia jiarden— r> t 
Callender John, plaisterer, Forrest near Bridge street — o t 
Camp William, cabinet maker, 26 Water street 
Campbell & Ritchie, merchants, l6l Baltimore street 
Campbell James, merchant, dwelling l6l Baltimore st. 
Campbell William, merchant tailor, corner of South and 

Water streets 
Campbell George, mariner, Argyle alley— //> 
Campbell Rebecca, grocery and cook shop, 64 Bridge 

street— t 
Campbell James, carter, Pitt street, near Harford run— o t 
Campbell Jane, grocer, Liberty near Pitt street— o t 
Campbell Samuel, pewterer. Potter, near Union street— of 
Campsall Michael, livery stables, 22— dwelling 24 N. Li- 
berty street 
Canby Hannah, widow, SO Fleet street— / p 
Caadolle Andrew, grocer, 17 George street—^ p 
Canne Anthony, 24 Fleet street— f p 
Cannon William, mercliant, 10 Cheapside— dwelling N^-, 

Calvert street, near the city spiing 
Capilander Nicholas, mariner, 56 Ann street—/ p 
Capito Peter, Goodman, near Hill street— //t 
Capito Christian, grocer, Baltimore, near Paca st.—w p 
Capoot Jeremiah, cooper, German street— ?r p 
Cappeau Joseph, wholesale dry goods store, 15 S. Calvert 

Capprise Joseph, ship carpenter, 85 AUisanna street—//^ 
Carey James, corner of Sharp and Lon\bard streets 
Carey Samuel, merchant, 16 Bowley's wharf 
Carrey Joseph, boarding house, 19 (ieorge street— /u 
Carman William, slate yard, lower end of M'Elderry's 

Cams Peter, merchant, dwelling 1 10 Pratt street 
Carnaham George, wood corder, Straight lane— o t 
Carnighan James, house and sign painter, 32 N. Frede- 
rick street 
Carner John F. tobacconist, Lee, near S. Charles street 


Can- Joseph, music store, 36 Baltimore street 
Carr John, ship carpenter, 8 E. Allisanna street— //> 
Carr William, blacksmith, 47 S. Frederick street 
Carr Archibald, 47 Fell's street—/;? 
Carr Jacob, superintendant of chimney sweeps, S. E. cor- 
ner of Goodman & Montgomery streets — fh 
Carr George, mariner, Argyle alley, near Allisanna 

street — -fp 
Carrere John, merchant, East, near Lemmon street 
Carrick M. & A. mantuamakers, 2 S. Calvert street 
Carrol Patrick, grocery, 4 Cheapside 
Carrol Robert, rigger, Lancaster street — -f p 
Carroll Ann, widow, corner of Hanover and Conway sts. 
Carroll John W. H. clerk, dwelling N. Charles, near Sa- 
ratoga street 
Carroll James, blacksmith, dwelling 9 Green street — o t 
Carroll John, bricklayer, Vulcan alley 
Carroll James, Green, near Saratoga street — w p 
Carroll Thomas, carpenter, 47 S. Frederick street 
Carroll Aquilla, constable, at Hart's tavern, near Bal- 
timore street bridge 
Carson Andrew, Great York street — o t 
Carson George, Green, near French street — o t 
Carson John, carpenter, Hai-ford street — o t 
Carter Clement, coach maker. King George street- — o t 
Carter John, carpenter. Union, near North street — o t 
Cartee S. milliner, 189i Baltimore street 
Carter William B. baker and grocer, corner of Pitt and 

High streets — o t 
Carty Josiah, hatter, 8 Union street — o t 
Carutliers Robert, drayman. Temple alley — o t 
Casay John, cooper, M'CIure's wharf — dwelling 3 Comet 

street — 9 t 
Casey Robert, 10 Hanover street 
Casey William, cooper, dwelling 34 High street-—© t-— 

shop 29 George street — -f p 
Cassady Daniel, labourer, Caroline, near Fleet street — -fp 
Cassard Gilbert, cooper & grocer, head of O'Donnel's 



C^athell Clement, iil Allisanna street— ^'ja 

Cathell %N'illiani, sea captain, 74 Allisanna street — f p 

Catherall ^Villianl, cooper, 14 Philpot street — -//; 

Cator John, brick maker, Barre, second door tVoni Siiarp 

Caton Richard, King George street — o t 
Causten Isaac, merchant, 27 Bridge street — o t 
Causteu James H. merchant, Pratt, corner of Frederick 

Caughy Patrick, merchant, corner of Franklin street and 

Hookstown road — -w j> 
Caughei Bernard, grocer, 122, Bond street — fp 
(.'avenaugh Peter, innkeeper, 61 S. Frederick street 
Cave &. Munroe, cabinetmakers, 31 Harrison street 
C'avey Margaret, Eden, near Bank street — -f p 
Cecil AVilliam, labourer, Happy alley — fp 
Caspari Jacob, hair dresser, 69 N. Howard street 
Chabot Gabriel H. tailor, 55 Queen street — -f p 
Chafee Nathan M. flour merchant, 85 ^ N. Howard street — 

dwelling 22 Lombard street 
Chalmers James, inspector of butter and lard, Eutaw, near 

Lombard street 
Chalmers John, dwelling opposite the court house, New 

Church street 
Chaille Peter, cordwainer, 12 Fells street — -f p 
Chalumeau Charles A. sea captain, 21 Queen street — o t 
Chambers Daniel, rope store, 65 Market space, cornc • of 

Pratt street 
Chambers Dauiel, rope store, corner of Bond and Thame.^ 

streets — -f p 
Chamberlain JSamuel, North street — w p 
(.'hamplin John, sea captain, 33 Ann street — fp 
Chapman Mary, corner of Pearl and Bath streets 
Chance Jolm, carpenter. Bond, near Smith street — f p 
Chandlee Benjamin, clock maker, 98 High street — u t 
Chapman George, dry goods store, 97 Baltimore street 
Chapman Jonathan, fancy and dry goods store, 50 Bond 

street — f p 
Chappeau Charles, dry goods merchant, 53 Baltimore st. 

41 . ' 

Chatard Peter, physician, 21 Saratoga street 
Chase Thorndick, merchant, 39 Thames street— /p 
Chase Hannah C. widow, corner of Lexington and Eutaw 

Chase Barzilla, «ea captain, 57 Ann street— /p 
Charles Christopher, rigger, Iiappy alley— /> 
Charter James, sea captain, 55 Market street— /j> 
Chariier Jaques.gun smith, 22 "^Vater street 
Chapman Christopher, rope store, 7 Fells street—/;?— 

dwelling upper end of Bond street do. 
Chapman Amos, grocer, corner of Great York and Front 

streets— t 
Chase & Tilyard, dry goods store, 4 S. Calvert street 
Chase Thomas, auctioneer, corner of vS. Frederick and 

Second stxeets 
Chappell Thomas, haker* 97 Camden streec 
Chappell John, Conway, near Hanover street 
Chappe Joseph, physician, 24 Fleet street—/;) 
Chayter Daniel, sea captiiii, 19 Fleet street— //> 
Chaney Cornelius, 57 Green street— o t 
Chapman Nathaniel^ marketman, Aisquith street-^-o f 
Chapman Josenh, grocer, 17 Market space 
Chenoweth Richard B. blacksmith. Plowman street- 
dwelling 47 Front street— o t 
Cheney Abel, grocer, Montgomery street---/ h 
Cheston Daniel, Straight lane— o t 
Cheston James, merchant, dwelling corner of Lee & Sharp 

Chevolleau Francis, Wilk street, near the bridge 
Chiappi Joseph, physician, 72 Harrison street. 
Child Williavi, mt-rchant, 88 BoAvley's wharf 
Childs Thomas, carpenter, corner of Sharp and Barre 

Childs James, otevadore, Argyle alley—/;; 
Church John, cordwainer, S^lilk lane— o> 
Churchman Mary, milliner, 31 Bridge street— o * 
Churchman Eni-ch, 23 Green street— o t 
Church Sarah, widow, Paca street, ns^ar New Market— ir« 
Church Lewis, spar maker, 21 Happy alley— /p 


Chowninft William, mariner, Dulanj street near Colum- 
bia Garden 
Churnside VV illiam, Sharn, near Lombard street 
City Baths, corner of Bath &, Hollidav streets 
City Bank, N. K. corner of Gay and Second streets 
Clackner Frederick, mariner, 112 Ann street—/;? 
Clap Enoch, merchant, Bowley's wiiaif— dwellin'- 4C 

Hanover street ° 

Clark Joseph, innkeeper. 11 ^Market space 
Clarke James, teacher, Bridge, near East street— o t 
Clark Ann, boarding house, 10 Harrison street 
Ciark Francis, labourer, N. Eutaw street— ir p 
Chuk Marv, Dutch alley 
Clark John, grocer, S Sharp street 
Clarke John & N. merchants, 206 Baltimore street 

'"' '-— 1 •' I -^. i- 

l/larke Stcpncn, lotterv uiucc^ uouuBcuer anu sutuunri, 

122 Baltimore street — dwelling 10 Harrison street 
Clarke William, boot and shoe maker, C4 Cumberland row 
Clarke Andrew, paper hanger, Bath street, near the falls 
Clark Johnson, grocery, Paca street near New Mar- 
ket — ic p 
Clar):e Alexander, sea captain, 8 Fleet street— /;> 
Clarke James, lumber merchant, dwelling Caroline, near 

German street— /ja 
Clarke John L. sea captain, 57 King George street— o t 
Clarke Mary Ann, widow, Green, near French street— o f 
Clarke Eii/.iiheth, widow, Bridge, near East street— o t 
Clarke Hannah, widow. do do 

Clarkson Richard, band box inanufactor}-, opposite the Afri- 
can Academy, Sharp street 
Classon John, porter cellar, 7 B;>nd street 
Claudis Peter, blacksmith, 52 l^exington street 
Claugherty John, labourer, S. Eutaw ;.treet-— <r /; 
Clapham Jonas, nuithant, Tn. Eutaw, near Baltimore 

Clayton Richiird, cordwa-ner, 111, Camden street 
Clackner Joseph, sea captain, 55 Allisanna street— /p 
Clackner Adam, jr. bricklayer. King George street— o t 
Clackner Adam, senr. Ho do 


Claxtou Tiiovoas W. tailor^ ~"-yette street 
Clempstead William, mariher, 72 Apple alley— //J 
Gierke James H. cordwainer, George street—^/? 
Clement Nicholas, hatter, dwelling' 7 Bank street 
Clendinen William H. physician, corner of Ann and Lau- 

caster streets—/;; 
Cleveland Seth, sea captain, 127 Wolfe street— /y 
Cline Catherine, grocer, corner of Wolfe and AUisanna 

stteets— /j3 
Clingman John, hat store and manufactory, 6 Market space 
Slondsley Thomas, grocer, 108 W. Pratt street 
Cloney James, grocer, 16 Lancaster street—//) 
Clopper Peter, sail maker, 58 Albemarle street— o t 
Clopper Andrew, merchant, 7 Bowley's wharf— dwelling 

N. Calvert street, near the city spring 
Closson John, porter cellar, 7 Bond street—//; 
Clonet John B. merchant tailor, 35 George street—//? 
Coates William, stevadore, 28 Market street— //J 
Ooates Hannah, 50 Fayette street 

Coale and Maxwell, booksellers and stationers, 204 Balti- 
more street 
Coale Edward J. dwelling Mulberry street 
Coates Daniel, nail maker, dwelling 66 High street— o t 
Cobb Lyman H. grocer. Light street whart 
Cochran William & Comegys, 153^ Baltimore street 
Cochran William, dwelling do do 

Cochran Thomas, blacksmith, 21 Philpot street— //J 
Cochran Samuel, shoemaker, 59 Harrison street 
Cochrane John T. mariner, Larew's alley 
Cockey Thomas, ship carpenter, 63 AUisanna street— //i 
Cock Matthew T. ship carpenter, 22 Ann street-'-fp 
^Cohen Philip I. dwelling 110 Baltimore street 
Cohen J. Ljunr. lottery & exchange office, 110 Baltimore 

Cole William, merchant, 25 second street— -dwelUng S. 

Gay, near Second street 
Cole William, tailor, Liberty, near Pitt street— o t 
Cole George, chair maker, 6 High street — o t 
Cole Rebecca, widow, 38 Green street — ot 


Cole Thomas, shipwright, Wolf street— o t 

Cole Thomas, merchant, 46 PitiTstreet— / j> 

Cole Frederick, ri;iiier, 23 Bond street—//; 

Cole James A. teacher, Bank, near Bond street— f p 

Cole John, bookseller, dwelling 176 Baltimore street 

Coale \Villiam II. tailor, 62 Cumberland row 

Cole Thomas, tanner & currier. Potter street^o t 

Cole Benjamin, mariner, Bank street, near Strawberry 

Cole Frederick, chair maker, 8 High street — o t 
Cole Samuel, auctioneer, dwelling Milk Lane, between 

Great York, &, Pitt streets — o t 
Coleman Joseph, ship joiner, 39 Philpot street — -fp 
Coleman John, sea captain, 14 Queen street—//? 
Coleman Fanny, 13 Wiik street—//) 
Coleman John, slater, Dulany street, near Columbia gar- 
Colmes Andrew, mariner, 19 Thames street—//? 
Collins James, grocer. Liberty, near Pitt street— o t 
Collins Edward, carter. Chamberlain's alley, near Eutaw 

Collins James W. carpenter, N. Charles, near Barnet 

Collins Benjamin, sail maker, dwelling Little York 

street— t 
Collins Thomas, cooper, M'Clure's wharf 
Collins Charles, mariner, 40 Allisanna street— f p 
Collins Joseph, cooper, Eutaw, near Franklin street 
Collins George, carpenter, Vulcan alley 
Collins John, plaisterer. North, near Union street---© t 
College >St. Mary^s^ Hookstown road— -ir p 
College Baltimore, Mulberry, near Charles street 
Calvin Samuel, 8 Bridge street — o t 
Calvin Richard, Great York str<et— o t 
Calvlu John, do do 

Commercial Insurance office, S. Gay, near Water street 
Commercial and Farmers' Bank, comer of S. Howard and 

German streets 
■C- Comcgys, Falconer & Co. merclumte, 190 Baltimore sfr. 


Comegys Jesse, baker, 79 Granby street— o t 
Comegys William, coachmaker, 32 Water street— dwel- 
ling 15 Commerce street 

Oomegys John G. merchant, dwelling 135 Baltimore street 

ComtejSIrs. B, 37 N. Charles street 

Constable Charles, lumber merchant, Light street wharf — 
dwelling comer of Lee and Goodman streets 

Constable George, lumber merchant, dwelling 96 Sharp 

Conn Daniel, carpenter, Aisquith street— o t 

C*bnnely Thomas, button mould manufactory, corner of 
Howard street and Bottle alley 

Connolj Henry, ship carpenter, H.appy alley— /^; 

Connelly Patrick, cooper. Star alley, near Wilk street—/^ 

Conley Mary, 60 Cumberlaiid row 

Conway William, grocer, 35 Market space—iron store 72 
Pratt street, near Bowleys wharf 

Connor John, cordwainer, French, near Jones street — o t 

Connor Ann, widow, 14 Union street— o t 

Connor Daniel, merchant, 14 S. Gay street 

Conrod John, chair maker, 43 N. Gay street 

Conie Madame, 84 Caroline street— ^'p 

Cook George, clothier. Public alley 

Cook Hosanna, widow, Saratoga, near Howard street 

Cook Samuel, grocer, corner of Paca and Fayette streets^ — 
dwelling Mulberry, near Howard street 

Cook Elisha, carpenter, N. Eutaw street— zr ji 

Cook John L. printer, dwelling 90 Pitt street — o t 

Dook Robert, sea captain. Little York street— o t 

Cook Samuel, merchant, Lexington street, near New 

Cook William, auction and commission store, 8 Market 

Cook Frederick, butcher, Montgomery, near Hanover 

Cook George, chip hat maker, 40 High street — o / 

Cook Isaac, clarifier of quills, 59 Front street— o< 

Cooke George, merchant, Paca street 

Cook Levin, carpenter, potter, near Pitt street— o t 


Coon Peter, mariner, Apple alley- /^ 

Cooler Edward, cabinet maker, Forrest lane, near Conewa^ 

go street 
Coonej I'atrick, cooper, 5 Ann street— //> 
Cooper riioiiuis. grocer, 21 IS. Eutau street 
Cooper Weiis, inercljant tailor, 2 N. Charles street— 

Uweiiiiig * ulcaii alley 
Cooper HeOecca, widow, 9 W. Fleet street— /|J 
Cooper Calvin, grocer, 57 Bond street— /p 
Cooper A. B. milliner, 33 i Baltimore street 
Cooper feamuel B. grocer, 79 Hanover street 
Cooper ^amuel, boot and shoemaker, 4b W. Pratt street 
Cooper Ambrose, cooper, Eutaw , near Franklin street 
Cooper John, cordwainer, 49 Fleet street—/;; 
Cooper lienjamin, ship carpenter, VVilk near Wolfe st.—/;> 
Cooper John, blacksmith, iitraiglit lane — u t 
Cooper Robert, ship carpenter, \V olfe, near Pitt street— /jJ 
Cope Harman, merchant, dwelling 97 Sharp street 
Coppuch NVilliam, bricklayer, 39 High street — o t 
Copenhaver Abraham, mason. Potter, near Pitt street— o t 
Cornthwait Grace, grocer, 53 Market street— //? 
Cornthwait William, cabinet maker, corner of Bond and 

Fleet streets— /"/y 
Cornthwait John, merchant, dwelling 41 Front street— o f 
Cornthwait Robert, merchant, dwelling 31 Great York 

street— t 
Cornelius Peter, m?.riuer, Petticoat alley—//? 
Cornelius Nicholas, merchant tailor, 21 South street 
Cornelius Ann, widow, HoUiday street 
Corner Jame!>, sailmaker, Alez-icks w^arf — dwelling 63 

Market street— //> 
Cordery James, ship carpenter, 7 Philpot street—/;* 
Cordery Henry, house joiner, 79 Allisanna street—/;? 
Corwine Jehu, blacksmith, N. Calvert street extended, 

dwelling Mulberry street— u; p 
Coskcrry Bernard, nail manufactory, Mulberry, near Eu- 
taw street — w p 
Costello Andrew, boot and shoemaker, George, near Ann 


Costello & Schoolfield, mcrchar.t tailors, (jeorge, near 

Ann street--;/';? 
Coulson Thomas, glass paper manufacturer, 32 W. Pratt 

Coulson George, carpenter, 78 Albemarle street— o t 
Courreges James, baker, 3 Conewago street 
f'oudin Robert, 107 French street— o t 
Coulter &. Page, physicians, corner of King George and 

Stillhouse streets-— o t 
Coulter Alexander, saddler, 116 Baltimore street 
Courts Searson, saddler. Bottle alley, near Eutaw st.— u; p 
Courtenay Mary, widow, 27 Albemarle street— o t 
Courtenay William, 58 Albemarle street — o t 
Courtenay &c Bier, merchants, 85 Smith's wharf 
Courtnay Henry, secretary of the Union Insurance compa- 
rt v — uweiung corner of S. Gay and Second streets 
r.oursault Madame, milliner, ION. Liberty street 
Courreges Antonie, baker, 42 North street 
Coursell Peter, sea captain, German, near Bond st. — -f p 
Covenhoven Hannah, widow. Liberty, near Pitt st. — o t 
Covenhoven Jacob, cooper, dwelling 51 Green street — o t 
Coward Thomas, sea captain, 12 W. Allisanna street — f p 
Cox Joseph, hatter, 3 Water street — dwelling 11 Bank 

street—/ p 
Cox Peter, grocer, 84 Dugans wharf 
Cox Kesiah, widow, Moore's alley — w p 
Cox John, sea captain, Ann, near Allisanna street — -f p 
Cox James, jr. dry goods merchant, 231 Baltimore street 
Cox James, cashier of the Bankof Baltimore, dwelling 154 

Baltimore street 
Cox Juhn, teacher, 165 High street— oi 
Cox Edward, carter, 23 Wilk street — -fp 
Cox Isiiac, sea captain, 84 Happy alley — -f p 
Cox Jonathan, coach maker, dwelling North, next door to 

Uiii-n street — o t 
Cox Joseph, waterman, .S. Charles, near E. Barre street 
('oxen George, engineer, North street, opposite the ca- 
Cozen Mrs. widow, 72 Sharp street 


Craggs France*, milliner, 197 Baltimore street 

Cra,^gs Robert, tailor, 10 Bond st.-— /yj 

Craig Henry, duelling Queen street — o t 

Craiji John, grocer, corner of Ann and George sts. — f p 

Craig Mrs. weaver, S. Howard, near Lombard street 

Craijj John D. teacher, corner of King Tammany street and 

M'CIellan's alley 
Craig George, grocery and china store, corner of Camden 

and Hanover streets 
Cramer and Kendall, milliners, 48 N. Gay street 
Crangle Henry, biicVmaker, corner of Lee and Sharp sts. 
Crangit Mary, uidow, 25 Welcome alley 
Cra\\ford Alice Anna, mantuamaker, 91 N. I>iberty st. 
Craycroft Sarah, widow, Holliday street 
Crca Susannah, soap and candle manufactory, George, 

near Ann street~^ p 
Crearic Madame, 73 Granby st. — o t 
Creery John, Lancastrian pay school and philosophical 

library, ITS. Howard street 
Croacher fianiel, rigger, 58 Happy alley — / p 
Cromer Daniel, cooper, S. Eutaw, near German street 
Cromwell Jacob G. baker, Ross street — iv p 
Cromwell John, physician. New Church street, near St. 

Paul's lane 
Cronmiller & Hoffman, merchants, 17 Cheapaide 
Cronmillei- Thomas, dwelling 71 Camden street 
CronHiiller Philip. blacksmith, 63 George street — -/ p 
Crook Dajiiel, butcher, North, near Union st. — o t 
Crook Walter, cabinet maker, 47 St. Patrick's row. 
Crt)'J)y Hannah, widow, New Church, near Calvert st, 
(^'rosdale &. Gibson, merchants, 188| Baltimore street 
Crosdale George, dwelling Hanover, near Pratt street 
C'oss Haniia', niilliner, 107 High street — ot 
Cross Jane, widow, 72 Hiy,h street — o t 
Cross John, bricklayer, 17 Potter street— o t 
Cross William S. carpenter, 42 High street— y / 
Crops John, lumber merchant, O'D'Minel's wharf-— dwel- 
ling High street— t 


Cross Rachel, widow of Andrew, W. Wilk street, near 

the bridge 
Cruuh Elizabeth, widow, 64 High street— of 
Cruut John, teacher, Second, near South i«treet 
Crow & Woods, wholesale dry goods merchants, 258 Bal- 
timore street 
Crow, Thomas, chair maker. Fleet, near Market st.— / p 
Crow, John, mariner, Apple alley—/ p 
Crow Sarah, widow, Bond, near Thames street— f p 
Crowl Catherine, Happy alley, near Gough street— //j 
Crowl Henry, livery stables, Commerce, near Water st. 
Crummer Mary .grocer, 59 Bridge street— o t 
Cugle & Frost, inn keepers, corner of Pacaand Baltimore 

Cullen Elizabeth, widow, Bank street, near the Catholic 

CuUoden, widow of John, inn keeper, IT Harrison street 
Culver well Richard, auctioneer. Swan street — dwelling 

Pratt, near Paca street 
Cullin Hugh, brickmaker, S.Eutaw, near Camden st.—wp 
Cunningham Daniel, carpenter, 57 Pitt street-—© t 
Cunniiigham John, 13 Albemarle street— o t 
Cunningham William, labourer, Franklin, near Howard st. 
Cunningham John, mariner, 2G Lancaster street— f p 
Cunnington Wm. T. grocer, 15 Pratt, corner of Charles st. 
Curlett James, nailer, 21 Light street 
Curlett John, coachmaker, dwelling HoUiday street, oppo- 
site M'Causland's brewery 
Curley Ann, Star alley, near Fleet street—/ p 
Curley James, carpenter, Vulcan alley 
Curran Michael, tailor, 53 S, Frederick street 
Curry James, carpenter, 29 Hanover street 
Curry Antonie, dwelling 16 Union street— o i 
Curtain James, butcher, Pitt street extended, near Ham- 
stead hill 
Curtain Thomas, butcher, Pitt street extended, near Ham- 
stead hill 
Curtis James, sea captain, corner of Wolfe and Lancaster 
streets—/ ;; 


Gushing Joseph, bookseller and stationer, 6 N. Howard 
street---d\vt'lliii<j lialtimore street extended, near 
Green street — ?r p • 

Custovi House, 46 iS. Frederick street 
Cutler Nicholas, confectioner, IG Fells street— fp 
Cutts Robert, brass fauuder, Pratt street, near the bridge 


D'Arcey & Bidier, merchants, 25 Water street 

Daiuj;irard Madame, 14 Harrison street 

Dallam Francis J. dwelling 68 High street — ot 

Dallaui AVilliain, merchant, dwelling 16 Albemarle st— o t 

Dallam & Street, dry goods store, 13 Baltimore street 

Daliguct Eii/.abeth, widow, 48 N. Liberty street 

Dalrymple John, 54 Albemarle street — o t 

Daley Jacob, chair manufactory, 1 Baltimore street— dwg. 

49 Front street— o t 
Daly James, cooper, lower end of Patterson street 
Daly William, shoemaker, 10 German street 
Dalton Thomas, mariner, 19 Tliames street— f p 
Danneman Conrad H. merchant, dwelling 47 N. Gay st. 
Danskin William, sailmaker, dwelling 6 German lane 
Daniels John, sea captain, 4 Ann street— fp 
Dane Nathaniel C. grocer, 12 Pratt street 
Dare Ephraim, tailor, 3 Light street 

Dare Nathaniel, brickmaker, Hanox or, near Barre street 
Dark Michael, cordwainer, Montgomery street— //i 
Darney Bartholomew, grocer, 27 Market street--^;; 
Darrington Sarah, mantua-maker, 30 Granby street—/'/; 
Darrington William D. boot maker, 36 Water street 
Dart John, pilot, 64 Happy alley---/"/; 
Daste John Baptist, 50 Argyle alley—/;; 
Dashiell Rev. George, pastor of St. Peter's (Episcopal) 

church. Sharp near German street 
Dastuge doctor, 3 Baltimore street 
Dashiell Mary, widow, 95 Allisanna street--/ p 
Davidson Elizabeth, N. Eutaw, near Lexington street 


Davidge John B. physician, New Church, near Charles 

Davidson Daniel, carpenter, Asquith, near M'Elderry's 

street — o t 
Davidson James, cooper, 22 Pratt street 
Davidson Robert, turner, 14 Pitt street — o t 
Davison Thomas, sea captain, 11 W. Fleet street— /p 
Davis Charles, bookbinder, 9 Comet street— o t 
Davis Elizabeth, widow, 30 Waggon Alley 
Davis James, furniture store, 14 Market space 
Davis John, manager of the water works, 74 N. Charles 

Davis John, sea captain, 10 Philpot street— jfjp 
Davis John, cordwainer, 39 Bridge street — o t 
Davis Margaret, widow, 47 Gough street—;/"^ 
Davis Robert, sea captain, 51 St. Patrick's row 
Davis Joshua, waterman, 44 Lancaster street";f ^ 
Davis John, grocer, 19 Lexington street 
Davis Peter, sea captain, corner of Wilk and Woolfe 

streets— ^j3 
Daugherty Michael, Aisquith, near Pitt street— -o t 
Daugherty John, dry goods and grocery store, 67 Bridge 

street — o t 
Daugherty Barney, grocer, corner of Caroline and Gough 
Davy Henry, cabinet maker, 95 Fleet street—/ p 
Dawson John, boarding house keeper, 90 Bond street— /p 
Dawson James, porter, of the Merchants and Farmers 

bank, dwelling 76 Conway street 
Dawson Joseph, ship carpenter, 9 W. Fleet street— /j? 
Dawson Philenor, sea captain, Aisquith, near M'Elderry's 

street— o t 
Dawson Lambert, ship carpenter, Apple Alley, near Lan- 
caster street—/ p 
Dawson Eliza, widow. Strawberry Alley, near Howard 

Dawes Euward, dwelling Dulany street near Columbia 

Garden— t 

streets— /jp 
Deal Hannah, widow, 6 Market space 


JLIear Isaac, boot and shoemaker, 124 Bond street — -ff 
Debutts Elisha, physician, Green, near Lexington street— 

w p 
De Beet Cornelius, pliinter, HoUiday street, near Finn's 

Decker and Forney, merchants, 24 N. Howard street 
Deems Joshua, saddler, 33 Waggon Alley 
Deeton Jacob, waterman, 132 S. Charles street 
Deeher John, hair dresser, 17 Light street 
De Geoi Bartholomew, carpenter 29 Harrison street 
DehufF Elizabeth, widow, Green street, near Methodist 

church — o t 
Delacour James, dwelling Straight lane — o t 
Delacour, J. & D. merchants, Hookstown road — w p 
Delacroix J. A. 32 Baltimore street 
Delacroix Madame, confectioner, 32 Baltimore street 
Delany John, tailor, 9 Fells street—/;; 
Delany Samuel, hatter, 12 Waggon alley 
DellJames, cordwainer, 132 Green street — o t 
Deloste Francis, clock and watchmaker, 2i Baltimore st. 
Deloughcry John, 24 Pitt street — o t 
Del Vecchio Peter, carvier, gilder, picture frame maker, 

looking glass and print seller, 3 S. Calvert street 
De Mangin Charles, cabinet maker, 103 N. Howard street. 
Dempsey John, carpenter, 58 Lexington street 
Dempsey John, chair maker. North, near Bridge street — o t 
Dempsey Sarah, widow, 41 Happy alley — f p 
Demsey John, hackney coachman, 63 l^'leet street — -J p 
Denmead Adam, measurer of buildings, office 22 second 

street, dwelling 43 Green street — o t 
Denny William, ship joiner, 37 Pitt street — o t 
Denny John, cordwainer, corner of Hill and Goodman 

streets—/ h 
Denys Benjamin, merchant, 72 N. Howard street, dwel- 
ling North street 
Denson James, mariner, 53 Market street— -f p 
Denison Edward, -«il and paint store, Columbia stieet, 

near Pratt street bridge 
Dennys Jamee, dwelling Eutaw, near Lexington street 


Deppish John C. printer, dwelling 61 Front street — ut 
Derrick Susannah, widow, 33 Market street-—/ p 
Deshon Christopher, merchant, S. Gay, near Water at. 

dwelling King George street — o t 
Despaux Joseph, ship carpenter, 25 Philpot street — -f p 
Despaux Elie, ship builder. Queen street — -f p 
Descaves Mark L. merchant, dwelling N. Calvert street, 

next house below the city spring 
Detmar Frederick, grocer, coi-ner of N. Eutaw and Frank- 
lin streets — w p 
Devalcour Alexander, collector, French street' — o t 
Devereux Francis, Franklin, near Green street — w p 
Deviland Patrick, carpenter, Potter street^ — 'O t 
Deviter Jacob, shoemaker, Forrest lane 
Devous Frederick, Potter, liberty, near Pitt street — ot 
Dew and Grimes, feed store, corner of Bridge and Union 

streets — o t 
Dew James C. dwelling 87 Harford street — o t 
Dew William, carpenter, 19 High street — ot 
Dewe William, carpenter, 75 Harford street — o t 
Dew Ann, widow, 62 High street — o t 
Dew Edward, sea captain, Duke st. near Harford run — o t 
Dewy Silas, portrait painter, Vulcan alley 
Dewees Andrew, & Co. merchants, next to Dugan and 

O'Donnel's warehouse, Dugan's wharf 
Dewees Andrew, dwelling, Queen street, near the green 

tree pump— -o t 
De Young Michael, jeweller, 65 Bond street—/ p 
Dickerson Elisha, shoemaker, Whiskey alley, near Eutaw 

Dickeson Catherine, widow, 6 Philpot street—/ p 
Dickinson Edward, ship carpenter, 26 Ann street—/ p 
Dickinson William, merchant, dwelling Conway, near Li- 
berty street 
Dickson William, tallow chandler, Pitt street, near Har- 
ford run — t 
Dice Elizabeth, widow, 6 Fleet street—/ p 
Dickehut George, confectioner, 104 Baltimore street 
Dieter John, sea captain^ 26 Queen street—/ p 


Dietz Gotleib, cordv ainer, Harford street — o t 

Deitz George, painter, opposite A. & H. M'Kim's cotton 

manufactory, French street — o t 
Didier Henry, jun. merchant, dwelling corner of New 

Church street & St. Pauls lane 
Diffenderfter Daniel. 34 Great York street— o t 
niffenderffer John, merchant, corner of Pratt street and 

M*Elderry*s Avharf, dwelling 14 Great York st.— o f 
Diflenderfler Michael D. physician, 3 market space 
Diftendertter Peter, hardware store, 23 i Baltimore street, 

comer of Frederick street. 
Diffenderffer Charles, grocery and dry goods store, 5 Bal- 
timore street, dwelling 3 Market Space 
Diffenderffer Richard, shoe store, 12 Bridge street— o t 
Diffendoall Jol-.n, stone cutter, 26 N. Frederick street 
Dio-ges Ignatius, cordwainer, 66 Front street"-o t 
Diggins Ann, Union, near French street— o t 
Dijreaux Madame, 88 Bond street — f p 
Dignam Constantino, Front street, opposite Christs 

Dillaway Thomas C. carpenter, corner of VVilk & Market 

streets—;/^ p 
Dillehunt John, currier, 39 S. Calvert street, dwelling N. 

Calvert near Pleasant street 
Dimond William, sea captain, 15 Allisanna street— / p 
Diii!-more and Kyle, grocers, 82 Pratt street 
Dinsmore Patrick, merchant, 110 N. Howard street 
Dinsmore Thomas, bricklayer, 20 North street— o t 
Disney James, painter, 82 Sharp street 
Disney "William, painter, 70 Front street— o t 
Disney Benjamin, painter and glazier 37 S. Charles street. 
Disney "William, comb manufacturer, 80 Conway street 
Disney James, do do. 82 do.' do. 

Discarde Andrie, ship carpenter, 28 Qeen street—/ p 
Dixon Robert, mariner, 101 Bond street—/ p 
Dobler Jacob, tailor, George, near Ann street--/ p 
Dobbin Catherine, widow, 16 Albemarle street— w < 
Dobbin William, carpenter, S. Liberty, near Lombard 



Dobbin Archibald, 45 W. Pratt street 

Dobler John M. cordial distiller, corner of French and 

Forrest streets— o t 
Dodd John, tailor, 54 Bridge street — o t 
Doddj Henry, weaver, Pitt street, near Harford run — o t 
Dodrell James C. currier, 68 Cumberland row, dwelling 

38 Front street — o t 
Dode Julian, King George street— o t 
Doerbacher Adam, baker, Montgomery street—/ h 
Donaldson Joseph, merchant, dwelling 62 Lexington street 
Donaldson Samuel I. attorney & counsellor at law, office 

4 N. Calvert street 
Donaldson Priscilla, widow, Mulberry, near Eutaw 

street — w p 
Donaldson Stephen, Pearl, near Fayette street— wp 
Donaldson Priscilla, widow of William, Vulcan alley 
Donaldson Reynold, ship carpenter, 25 W. Fleet st.—fp 
Donovan Richard, inn-keeper, New Market— tcji 
Donovan Valentine, 30 North street— .o t 
Donnell John, merchant, corner of S. Gay and Water 

streets — dwelling Water, near South street 
Donnelly Hugh, watchman, 60 Apple alley—//; 
DonnoUy James, drayman, 58 Green street — o t 
DonnoUy Margaret, widow, 66 Lexington street 
Donnelly Daniel, teacher, Forrest, near North street — o t 
Donnelly Danl.dry goods store, Caroline, near Wilkst.—/p 
Donsee Leopold, boot and shoe maker, 219i Baltimore 

Donohy Handy, stone cutter. Pearl, near Baltimore street 
Donoho John, carter, Happy alley, near Lancaster si.—fp 
Doolen Rhody, grocer, 33 North street 
Dorman William, hatter, 11 Lancaster street — -f p 
Dorney Bartholomew, grocer, county wharf—//? 
Dornin Bernard, catholic library, ^ Saratoga street 
Dorry Henry, druggist, 5 Market street—//) 
Dorsey Edward, dwelling N. Charles, near Mulberry street 
Dorsey Owen, justice of the peace and one of the judges of 

the Orphans' court, office 17 N. Calvert, corner of 

East street — dwelling Green, near Franklin st.— if;// 


Doi'sey Joshua, dwelling 52 Green street — o t 

Dorsey Eli/.abeth, widow, Camden, near Sharp street 

Dorsey Jane, Strawberry alley, near Wilk street — fp 

Dorsey Mathias, hair dresser, 13 S. Howard street 

Dprsev John, carter, S. Howard, near Lombard street 

Dosh John M. grocer, 41 S. Charles street 

Dougherty John, justice of the peace, King Tammany, 

near Liberty street — dwelling New Church, near 

Charles ttreet 
Dougherty Patrick, labourer, 80 Harrison street 
Douglierty Theophilus F. dwelling corner of Sharp and 

Conway streets 
Douglass R. H. merchant, 73 Smiths' wharf 
Douglass George, merchant 75 do. — dwelling Granby 

street — o t 
Douglass George, drayman, 32 Light street 
Douglass George, printer, dwelling 76 N. Charles street 
Douglass Peter, cooper, Brid";e, near Harford street — o t 
Douglas Robert, cooper, North, near Forrest street — o t 
Dove Zachariah, carpenter, S. W. corner of Frederick & 

"Water streets 
Dowling William, grocer, 71 Wilk street — -fp 
Downey Edmund, inn keeper, corner of German and Paca 

streets — tv p 
Downey William, Hackney coachman, 78 Conway street 
Downs William D. turner and spinning wheel maker, Mar- 

^ ket, near Wilk street — -fp 
Downs Solomon, driver of a public stage, 21 S. Liberty 


Dowson Joseph, sea captain. King George street o t 

Downing George, sea captain, 19 Pitt street—/ j» 

Dowd George, 2 German lane 

Downs James, paver, Happy alley, near Gough streetr— /p 

Doxey Joseph, boarding house, 2 Philpot strett—fp 

Doyle Mary, widow, 73 Apple alley—//; 

Doyle Patrick, grocer, 97 Bond street— /p 

Doyle Patrick, mariner, Lancaster street— /p 

Drew Nehemiah, sea captain, Straight lane, near Great 

York street— t 

57 ' 

Drummond William, ship carpenter, 2 E. AUisanna 

street—/ p 
Draiiie John, fisherman, 50 Gough street— fp 
Dtyden Joshua, 3 Sharp street — dwelling Vulcan alley 
Dubernat John A. 3 Dutch alley 
Dubois Joseph, hair dresser, 11 George street — ^fp 
Dubois M. A. cabinet maker, 98 Bond street — -f ]} 
Ducatel Edme, chymist & druggist, 26 Baltimore street 
Duchemin Francis, 72 Gamden street 
Duer John, cashier of the merchants' & farmers' bank, 252 

Baltimore street 
Duer & Matthews, merchants 20 Cheapside 

Dubai , paver, King George street near the circus 

Duffy Henry, cloathing store, 24 S. Calvert street 

Duffy Charles, labourer, 34 Waggon alley 

Dugan Cumberland- dwelling Water street, between Gay 

and South streets 
Dugan's and O'Donnel's tobacco inspection warehouses, 

lower end of Dugan's and O'Donnell's wharves 
Dugan Peter, grocer, corner of Bond & Wilk streets— /p 
Dugas Lewis A. merchant, 219 Baltimore street — ^d welling 

Paca street 
Duhurst Greenbury, hackney coachman, 33 N. Gay street 
Dukehart John, carpenter, 39 East street 
Dukeliart Elizabeth, widow, 61 Pitt street — o t 
Dukehart Valerius, merchant, 101^ Baltimore street 
D doc Andrew, naval coffee house, 7 Second street 
Dulany William, cordwainer, Dulany street, near Colum- 
bia garden 
Dunan Lewis M. physician, 66 N. Liberty street 
Dunbar George T. cashier of the Commercial & Farmers'- 

Bank, dwelling S. Howard, near German street 
Duncan & Rogers, boot makers, 5 South street 
Duncan John, painter, 39 Fells street— fp 
Duncan John, painter, 67 Fleet street—//? 
Dunkin Perry, sea captain, 13 AUisanna street— fp 
Dungan William, cordwainer, 11 Jones street — ot 
Dungan Lydia, widow, 30 Pitt street — o t 
Dnnham Jacob, ship carpenter, Star alley—//? 


Dunkel George A. physician, corner of N. Liberty & Kino 

Tammany streets ° 

Dunn Darius, boarding house, 65 AUisanna street— /p 
Dunn John, tailor, N. Frederick, near Gay street 
Dunn \Villiam, tailor, S. Liberty, near German street 
DiiningSaiiuiel, butcher, Aisquith street — o t 
Dunsmore John, blacksmith, Stillhouse street — o t 
D'.unvoody Robert, cooper, 66 Pratt street 
Diiplante Bertrand D. teacher, Gough street~^j» 
Durand John, mariner, 26 Fleet street---/^ 
Durding John T. plough maker, 7 Comet street— o t 
D'lrgan James, mariner. Strawberry alley—//) 
D I rham Lloyd, grocer, corner of Eutaw and Camden sts. 
Durham John, 203 Baltimore street 
Dtirham Martha, milliner, 203 Baltimore street 
Durkee Pearl, sea captain, corner of Duke and Exeter 

streets — o t 
Durnburgh Francis, city watchman, Salisbury street, near 

Harford run — o t 
Durst and Felix, cotton wadding manufactory, Hanover, 

near Lee street 
Dushane John, carpenter, 84 \V. Pratt street 
Dutro Elizabeth, widow, 49 Lexington street 
Dye William, sea captain, 64 Market street—^ p 
Dyer William B. carpenter, corner of Washington and 

Fountain streets— /;> 
Dvkes William, clerk, 28 S. Charles street 
Dysard Ruth, widow, 9 N. Gay street 


Eagan Richard, ship carpenter. Fleet, near Washington 

Ealer Peter, druggist & apothecary, 9 Market street— /jj 
Earnest George, dwelling 19 German street 
Earnest Catherine, widow, 39 North street 
Earnest Charles, ship carpenter, Lee, near Goodman street 
Easterbrook David, 8 Bank street 


Easely Isaac, mariner, 15 W. Fleet street—//) 
Eaton & Cope, dry goods merchants, 242 Baltimore street 
Eaton William, dwelling 74 Sharp street 
Eaverson & Brooks, coach makers, corner of King Tam- 
many street and M'Clellan's alley 
Eaverson Joseph, dwelling 25 Conewago street 
Eberhart Conrad, tailor, N. Eutaw street— w p 
Eckel Philip G. one of the city gaugers, 1 14 Green 

street— t 
Edelin Richard, dry goods store, 109 Baltimore street 
Edes Benjamin, printer, corner of Baltimore and South 

streets — dwelling Holliday street, near the theatre 
Eddy Ebenezer, shoe store, 4 Market space 
Eddy Rufus, shoe store, 43 N. Howard street — dwelling 

Madison street 
Edgar David, merchant, 122 Howard, corner of Franklin 

Edmondson Joseph, carpenter, Ross street— w p 
Edmondson T. & I. merchants, 192 Baltimore street 
Edmondson Thomas, dwelling 192 Baltimore street 
Edwards William, carpenter, King George street — o t 
Edwards Abraham, cord wainer. Green street- -o t 
Edwards Cadwallader, accountant. North, near Union 

street— t 
Edwards Jonathan, dry goods store, 202 Baltimore street — 

dwelling Baltimore, near Eutaw street — iv p 
Egan Anthony, King George street, near the circus 
Egerton Charles C. merchant, 76 South street, Bowley's 

wharf — dwelling 76 Pitt street — o t 
Egleston Abraham, Waterman, Bond, near Smith 

Egleston Elizabeth, widow, Eden street — fp 
Egleston Walter, cordwainer, 44 Gough street—//? 
Eichelberger, George, tobacconist, 43 Water street — 

dwelling Camden, near Sharp street 
Eichelberger Martin, weigh master, dwelling 24 Hanover 

Eichelberger J. & W. 0. merchants, Baltimore, corner of 

N. Howard street 


EicKclberger Louis, attorney & counsellor at law, office St. 

Pauls lane, next the Ga/.ette office 
Eisembrey Peter, merchant, (hveUiiig 91 Sharp street 
Eisenhut John D. coppersmith, 41 South street 
Elbert Lodmaii, physician, 58 Market street— -fp 
Elder Bazil, merchant, dwelling Fayette, near Eutaw street 
Elder John, 41 Lexington street 

Elder and Taylor, wholesale grocery, 272 Baltimore street 
Elderkin William G. wholesale and retail dry goods store, 

48i Baltimore street, corner of N. Gay street— dwel- 
ling 23 N. Gay street 
Eldrcd Samuel, sea captain, corner of Goodman and York 

streets — -f h 
Ellery Eppes, spectacle manufacturer and lapidary, 3 

South street— dwelling Green street— o t 
Ellicott Elias, flour merchant, Ellicots' wharf — dwelling 

30 Sharp street 
Ellicott B. & J. flour merchants, Ellicott's wharf 
Ellicott Jonathan & sons, flour merchants, EUicot's wharf 
Ellicott Mary L widow, 57, W. Pratt street 
Elliot John, plaisterer, straight lane — o t 
Elliot John, carpenter, M'Ehlerry's street— o t 
Elliot Nicholas, butcher, King George, near Harford 

street— t 
Elliot Robert, paper hanging store, corner of Liberty and 

Lexington streets 
Elliott Thomas, teamster, 131 Green street-—© t 
Elliot & Hastings dry goods merchants, 205 i Baltimore 

Elliot Joseph B. & Co. dry goods merchants, 33 Baltimore 

Elliot Joseph B. dwelling 10 Granby street — o t 
Elliot Thomas, plaisterer, Harford street — o t 
Elliot Hartman, stage owner, 18 S. Howard street 
Elliot George, butcher, M'Elderry's lane, near Aisquith 

street— o t 
Elliott Joseph, merchant, dwelling German lane, between 

Hanover and Sharp streets 
Ellis Thomas, grocer, corner of Granby & Prince sts. — ot 


Ellis John, cordwainer, 54 S. Charles street 

Ellis Mary, milliner, 60 do do 

Ellis John, carpenter, Eutaw, near Franklin street 

Ellis Jane, widow, Potter street — o t 

Elvin William, watch and clock maker, 6 Fells st.—f p 

Ely George, blacksmith, 144 Green street — o t 

Emely William, mariner. Potter near Pitt street— o t 

Emerson Sarah, milliner. Front street — o t 

Emory T. L. jun. attorney and counsellor at law. New 

Church street near St. Paul's lane. 
England James, watch maker, 24 Bond street—/ p 
English Robert, painter, 101, N. Howard street 
English David, grocer, corner of S. Howard and Camdejj 

Ennis Philip, carter, 17 Granby street— o t 
Ennis Joshua, inspector of lumber, 85 Market st.—fp 
Ensor William, brickmaker, dwelling 80 Bridge st.—ot 
Ensor Martha, widow, 30 Queen street---/ p 
Erwin Jared, cooper, M'Clure's wharf 
Escavaille Joseph, Keeper of the Merchants Coffee house, 

36 South street 
Esender John, ^uperintender of Chimney sweeps, 29 Con- 

ewago street 
Esmenard John B. Great York street— o t 
Espey William, grocer, corner of French & High sts. — o t 
Essex Elizabeth, widow, Eutaw, near Lombard street 
Estman Henry, mariner, Bond, near Gough street— fp 
Etting Samuel, & Philip I Cohen, ironmongers 176 Balti- 
more street. 
Etting Samuel, merchant, dwelling Baltimore, near Eutaw 

Etschberger John, boat builder, SI Ann street—//? 
Etschberger William, sen. 14 Thames street—/ p 
Etschberger William, jun. boat builder, Queen street—^ li 
Euler Jacob, potter. Whiskey alley, near Eutaw street 
Evans Daniel, bricklayer, corner of Gough and Eden 

streets—/ p 
Evans Daniel, labourer, 92 Happy alley-/j» 
Evans EUz^betli, v/idow, Conway, near sharp street 


Evans Griffith, cooper, 62 Pratt street, dwelling Water 

street next Pcters's bridge 
Evans & Gwyiin, merchants, 13 Light street" wharf 
Evans Jeremiah, combmaker, Aisquith, near M'Elderry 

street— w t 
Evans Rachael, widovi^. South Eutaw, near Lombard street 
Evans Thomas, grocer, 56 Fleet street—/ p 
Evans William, deputy sheriff, 17 Fleet street— / p 
Evans, H. W. dry goo^s mercliant, 18, 8. Calvert street 
Evans G. boot & shoemaker, ITi S. Calvert street 
Evans Charles, umbrella manufactory l66i Jialtimoro, 

street— dwelling 27 German street 
Evans Ann, widow, 26 Albemarle street— o t 

E\ans •, widow, 61 W. Pratt street 

Evans Hugh D. attorney and counsellor at law, office, 2 

Chatham street 
Evans Thomas, carpenter,corner of Barreand Sharp streets 
Evans Elizabeth, widow, Eden, near Bank street— /jj 
Evans George, cabinet maker, Straight lane— o t 
Evatt Edward, white smith, 36 Light street 
Everenton Elizabeth, Strawberry alley, near Wilk 

street— /p 
Everett Thomas, umbrella maker, 224 Baltimore street 
Everett Ann, widow. Petticoat alley, near Wilk st.—fp 
Everson Nicholas, grocer, 18 M'Elderry's wharf 
EverwineWilliam,baker, Franklin, near Eutaw street-- wp 
Ewalt & Tegtmeyer, grocers, Franklin, near Green 

street— It; p 
Ewing Samuel, shoe store and manufactory, 2 Baltimore 


Faber Mrs. Sarah Larew's Alley 
Faherty Thomas, sea captain, 125 Woolf street--/ p 
Fahnestock Henry, dry goods store, 12 N. Howard street 
Fahnestock P. & B. dry goods store, 17 N. Howard street 
Fahnestock P. dwelling 19, N. Howard street 


Fahs Casper, baker and grocer, 34 Water street 
Faijard Pierre, upholsterer, 51 St. Patrick's row 
Faithful William, printer, dwelling 30 Liberty street — o t 
Fairbairn Thomas H. accountant, dwelling lloflid'ay street, 

near the theatre 
Fair Charles, mariner, 38 Happy alley — •//> 
Fairall Stephen, carpenter, Morrow, near Ross street — iv p 
Falconer Mary, widow, 31 S. Charles street 
¥alU TiiriipiLe Road Office, 39 South street 
Farrell James, 68 Bond street — -fp 
Farrell James W. dwelling 18 Granby street — -o i 
Farrell Elizabeth, Caroline, near Gough street-^^ 
Farrell Sarah, widow, 110 Wolfe street—//? 
Farmers'' S^' Merchants'' Bank, 252 Baltimore street 
Farier Autonie, tailor, 9 George street—//? 
Farquharson Charles, printers' joiner, Fish, near N. Gay 

Fasbender Peter, innkeeper, S. Eutaw, near Lee st.— zc jj 
Fasbender Daniel, blacksmith, 82, Lee street 
Faulac Anthony, accountant, Caroline, near Dulany 

street— t 
Faulkner P. merchant, dwelling Conway, between Sharp 

and Hanover streets 
Fausz, Theobald, boot maker, 53 S. Liberty street 
Fave Joseph, looking glass manufactory, 51 N. Gay street 
Favy Mary, widow, vSmith, near Caroline street — jp 
Fearron Elizabeth, inn keeper, Swan street, near Marsh 

Fearson Jesse, Green, near Low street— o t 
Federal Gazette Printing Office, St. Paul's lane 
Fenby Peter, cooper, Wolfe street— //:> 
Fenby Samuel trunk manufacturer, 7 N. Liberty street- 
dwelling 14 Wolfe street--//? 
Fendall doctor E. surgeon deatist, 25 N. Gay street 
Fennell Caleb, grocer, 47 Green street— o t 
Fen ning Thomas, labourer, 95 Saratoga street 
Fenton John, waterman, 72 Wilk street—//? 
Fenton Thomas, bell hanger, 45 Harrison street 
Fenwick Rev. Enoch, rector of St. Peters (^catholic) Church, 

Saratoga street 


Ferby Margaret, widow, 18 Market street-— /;> 
Ferguson James, merchant, dwelling 101 Hanover street 
Ferguson John, captain of Norfolk packet, dwelling 15 For- 
rest street 
Ferguson Robert & John, merchants, 7G Bowley's wharf 
Ferguson William, stevadore. 54 Philpot street— //> 
Ferguson Benjamin, commission merchant & Norfolk 

packet office, 101 Bowleys wharf 
Ferguson William, grocer. Light street wharf 
Ferguson John, copper warehouse, 2 S. Liberty street 
Ferguson Charles, balisbury street, near Harford run — ot 
Fields John, pilot, Star alley—//? 
Fields Elizabeth, widow, 53 Allisanna street— /p 
Fields Edward, block maker, 29 W. Fleet street— /p 
Fields James, grocer, Dulany street, near Columbia Garden 
Fifel Joseph, cordwainer, fiutaw, near Pratt street 
Fifer John, 107 Green street— o t 
Fimister Alexander, shoe store, 17 Baltimore street 
Finicum Benjamin, driver of a public stage, dwelling Sharp 

Finlay John, fancy furniture warehouse, 32 — dwelling 34 

N. Gay street 
Finley E. &, Son, merchants, corner of Paca and Fayette 

Finly & Van I^ear, merchants, 270 Baltimore street 
Fiiily Thomas, dwelling Lombard street 
Finn William, city baths, corner of Batli and HoUiday 

Fish & AVeedon, merchant tailors, 17 S. Calvert street 
Fisher Abraham, comb maker, Lee, near Sharp street 
Fisher Henry M. looking glass & print store, 34 South 

Fislier James, plaisterer, 112 Wolfe street--/ /? 
Fisher John, currier, 3 Cheapside — dwelling 8 N. Liber- 
ty street 
Fisher Joseph, 63 French street— o t 
Fisher Robert, lumber merchant. Spear's wharf— dwelling 

46 Jones street— o t 
Fissour John M. merchant, dwelling 48 N. Liberty street 
Fitch Gideon, grocer, 62 Bridge street— w t 


Fitch Daniel, sea captain, 71 Wolfe street— f p 

Fitch Jonathan, merchant, 46 Bridge street—o t 

Fite John, clock & watch maker, 22 Baltimore street- 
dwelling 8 German street 

Fitze John, cooper, 16 Philpot street—//? 

Fitzgerald, Edward, ship chandler & grocer, 15 George 
street—/ p 

Fitzhugh George, accountant, Aisquith, near M'Elderry's 
street—o t 

Fitzhugh John, do do 

Flanagan 8& Beecham, ship builders, lower end of M'EI- 
derrj's wharf 

Flanagan William, ship builder, dwellirag 55 St. Patrick's 

Flaherty John R. currier, dwelling 71 N. Liberty street 

Flaherty James, labourer, 67 Happy alley—//? 

Flax Margaret, widow, 8 Queen street—//? 

Fleming Frederick, locksmith, Sharp, near Lombard street 

Fleming Jane, widow, 32 Shakspeare street—//? 

Fleming Charles, ship carpenter, 55 Allisanna street—//? 

Fleetwood Benjamin, dwelling, Wolfe, near Allisanna 
street— u?/? 

Fletcher James, grocer, 69 Albemarle street—o t 

Fiey Christian, market man, Ross street— w p 

Floyd Hugh, labourer, Apple alley—//? 

Floyd Ellen, mantuamaker, 32 Chatham street 

Foard Frances, widow, Forrest lane 

Focke Frederick, brewer, Camden, near Hanover street 

Folack John, Aisquith, near Pitt street—o t 

Foley Timothy, cabinet maker, Thames, near Bond 

Foltz William & Jacob, sugar refiners, corner of Bottle al- 
ley and Eutaw streets 

Foltz William, dwelling W. Pi-att, near Eutaw street — wp 

Fonerden Adam, dry goods and fancy store, 54 Baltimore 

Fonerden Mrs. William H. milliner, 50 Baltimore street 

Fondell Peter, hatter, Forrest, near Brir'ge street — o t 

Forbes James, sea captain, 15 Ann street—//? 

Ford Joseph T. wheel wright, Qoeen street—o t 


Ford "Nicholas, carpenter, .51 wap;gon alley 

Ford Stephen H. niercliaut, Light street vhaii"— dwelling 

Mulberry street, near Baltimore College— zr p 
Ford Joseph T. \\heelwright, Albemarle street— dwelling 

Queen street 
Forman Da^id. carpenter, 61 N. Eutaw street 
Forman Francis, dwelling S. Eutaw street, between Lom- 
bard aitd German streets 
Forman Jane, M'idow, corner of Paca and Mulberry 

street?-— u' p 
Foreman Edwsid, brick layer, Caroline, near Dulany 

Forney John^ grocer. Barre, near Howard street 
Forney P'*fpr, £3 German stiecit 
Fornsriill John, gun smith, 39 Union street— ';^ 
Fornjstcr John, house joiner, Lee, between Sharp and Han- 
over streets 
Fonesfer R. E. cabinetmaker, 61 Sf. Patiick's row 
Forrester Miss Charlofte, teacher. 30 C«)newago street 
Forre>ter Johanna, widow, IT Green street— o t 
Forstei William, pilot. 26 Fleet street—-/';* 

Forster ]\lrs, , widow, Bond, near Fleet street—//? 

Foir.T*.! Francis, hat niafiiify( toiy, ]4 N, Gny street 
Forrest Geor&e. fisherman, re'licoal allf y--;f /> 
Fort Joshua, carpentor. Favettc, near Pearl street— M'j? 
Fosbenner Daniel, blacksodth, Goodman, near Charles 

str«?ot-"dwellin!i- 81 Lee street 
Foster Hobecca, widow, boarding house, IG Connnerce 

Foster Margaret, widow, Apple alley, near Allisanna 

Foster James, carpenter, Aisquith sti ect — ot 
Fosler George, tailor, 32 8. Cliarles street 
Foss George & Son, sugar retiners, Eutaw, near Saratoga 

Foss George, jr. dwelling 46 Sai atnga street 
Foss John, paver, Fiaiiklin, near Korth street 
Foulks John, carter, 56 North street 
Fouse Henry, grocer. Il6>i\ Howard street 
Fouae Henry, Franklin, near Green stieet— rt')> 


f owbte Daniel, grocer,, corner of Wilk and Caroline 

Fawble Peter, carpenter, Whiskey alley, near Paca, 

street— ?,r p 
Fowble William, dwelling, 35 German street 
Fowler Benjanun, Dulany street, near Columbia garden 
Fowler Elizabeth, widow, Kden street—/^ 
Fowler Williain, inn keeper, Lexington, near Paca street 
Fowler James, tailor, S. Eutaw, near Camden street — wp 
Fowler William, pilot, Wolfe, near Bank street—/^ 
Fox Elizabeth, widow, 60 N. Liberty street 
FoK Charles, nKiriaer.-Lancaster, near Ann street— fp 
F(»y Janjes, brush, oil & paint store, l'-2 Cheapside 
F)y & Chivkn. ship joiners, 18 George stveet—f p 
Fviy Petej, joiner, 5 J Fleet street— /p 
Frailer Leonard, guager & inspector of domestic spirits, 

27 N. Huwra-d street 
Francis Jane P. widow, 56 Bond street—/^ 
Francis Benjaniin, hardware store, 10 W. Pratt street 
Franciscus William, hatter, S. end of HuUiday street 
Fravaciscus George, jeweller & silversmith, SO Baltimore 

Francisciis John, sugar refiner, dwelling 31 Albemarle 

street— f 
Francis John A. hairdresser, 117 N. Howard street 
Frances Joseph, dry goods store, 175^ Baltimore street 
Frazier James? sea captain, 33 Fleet street— /p 
Frazicr Jeremiah, ship joiner, 6 Fleet street— f p 
Fra;'.ier Mar}'^, widow, 24 Happy aWey—fjj 
Frazicr Jame?, justice of the peace, office Shakspeai-e— 

dwelling Thames street— /p 
Frazier Ricnard, custom house officer, 89 Green street— o t 
Freburger George, hatter, Foirest near Hill street— fh 
Freburger Henry G. baker, Pitt, near Front street — o t 
i^rebnrger Baker, 39 Lexington street 
Frederick David, black smith, 65 S. Charles street 
Frederick Michael, cartei-, Siiarp, south of Lee street 
Freclorick Lawrence, cedar coopei-, 39 Fayette street 
Frelet Joseph, cordial distiller, 9 Second street 
Freeman Ezekiel, 2 Lexington street 


Freeman William H. engraver, Rogers's alley, near tlife 

Federal Ga/cttc oftice 
French Mary, vidow, Eden street- —f p 
French Matthew, silver plater, 42, N. Gay street 
French William, merchant, 1 Lovely lane— dwelling 24 

Saratoga street 
French Thomas, cord wainer, Ruxton lane, near Light street 
French Simon, sea captain, 70 Apple alley— /.p 
French Ebene/.er, ready made linen and fancy dry goods 

store, Baltimore street 
Frey Samuel, merchant, dwelling ]08,»Siiarp street 
Freyer Henry, accountant, 24 N. Frctlci ick street 
Frick Peter, dwelling 10 N. Gay street 
Frick & Smith, cliinamerchantSjiiSS Baltimore street 
Frick John, dwelling 9 N. Frederick street 
Frick William, attorney and counsellor at law, N. Calvert 

street, near Washington square 
Frick & Smith, china merchants, 9 S. Gay street 
Frieze Catharine, widow, Whiskey alley, near Eutaw 

Prieze Philip R. I. merchant & proprietor of the Baltimore 
glass works, 210 Baltimore street— dwelling corner of 
Hanover and Pratt streets 
Fridge and Morris, wholesale dry goods merchants, 10 N, 

Calvert street 
Fry Elizabeth, widow, 5 Allisanna street—/ p 
Fry James, accountant, 8 Wolfe street—//; 
Fulford Henry, merchant, dwelling St. Pauls lane, neat- 
New Church street 
Fulford Stephen, grocer, 83 B(>nd street— f p 
Fulton William, Union, next door to French street— o t 
Fulton James, merchant, 1 Sharp irtreet — dwelling Paca. 

near Lexington street— if p 
Fulweiler George, tailor, Morrow street— zc p 
Fulweiler John, King George street, nearly opposite the 

circus— o t 
Funston Robert, Lee, near Charles street 
Fuss John, baker, Ruxton lane 
Fyyea Ann grocer, 25 Light street 


Gable Elizabeth, widow, south end of Sharp street 

Gade Catherine, lace and fringe maker, 37 Harrison street 

Gadsby John, indian queen inn, corner of Baltimore and 

Hanover streets 
Gafford Joseph. s;un smith, 70 Cumberland row 
Galand John B. merchant tailor, 3 S. Gay street 
Galeo Francis, bricklayer, French, near Jones street^o t 
Gallaway William K. carpenter, 03 Sharp street 
Gallaway James, grocer, Liberty, near Pitt street — o t 
Gallaway Catharine, widow, Caroline street — -f p 
Gallaway Thomas, painter, Geoige, near Ann street — f p 
Gallaway John, tobacconist, 2.5 Market street — •/ p 
Gallaway Ezekiel, innkeeper, 29 Market street — -fp 
Gallaher William, grocery, 55 Apple alley — if p 
Gallagher Leslie, bacon & grocery store, 22 Market space, , 

dwelling corner of Water and Frederick streets 
Gallop Mrs, Sarah, boarding house, N. Charles, near Mul- 
berry street 
Gait Peter, watch and clockmaker, 19 Fells street — -f p 
Gamble John, carpenter, Salisbury street — o t 
Gambrall John, hairdresser, 44 N. Liberty street 
Ganteaume James, grocer, 41 George, corner of Ann 

street—;/^ p 
Gargan Ann, widow, French street — -o t 
Garing Elizabeth, widow, Barre, near Sharp street 
Garish Francis B. ebonist, 82 High street — o t 
Gardner Samuel, sea captain, 43 Pitt street — o t 
Gardner Martha W. young ladies' academy, 49 Allisanna 

street — / p 
Gardner Timothy, sea captain, 12 Queen street — -f p ' 
Gardiner Ephraim, cooper, 58 South street 
Gardner Mrs. private boarding house, 25 S- HowJ^rd street 
Gardner James, innkeeper, 20 Bond street — ■/ p 
Gardner Sophia, widow, 26 Queen street — -/ p 
Gardner Ephraim, cooper, dwelling 5 Granby street — o t 
Gardner George, ship carpenter. Fountain street — ■/ p 
Garrett John, carpenter, 14 Lombard street 


Garrett Johu, grocer. Baltimore, near Green street — iv p 

liaiielt JoImi, 11 Groat York sti eet — ut 

Garey ^^ illiain G, cordwainor, Straiglit lane, near the 

Quaker meeiiuj^h Kise — n t 
Garrothon Mary, gentlewoman, 36 N. Gay street 
Gar', in 'I'hotnas &. Co. Wov.r store, G George s^treet — -f p 
Garraii(l,confectiojier, 6 Bond street — -f p 

Gart/. confectioner, 1j1 Baltimore street 

Gates Billings, sea captain, 49 Pliilpot street—/ p 
Gatchell Samuel H. justice of the peace, 7 J^hakspeare 

street — -f p 
Gauline JohnR. music master, Dulany street near Colum- 
bia Garden 
Gault James, weaver, 53 Great York street — o t 
Gavet Joiui, sea captain, 8.3 Fleet street—//; 
Gei.;er John, grocer, 58 S. Charles stieet 
Geiier Catherine, widow,' High street — o t 
Geisendorfter Elizabeth, widow, Saratoga, near Howard 

Gelback Christl:in, grocer, corner of Biidge and East 

streets — u t 
Georjje Archibald, merchant, 109 N. Howard street, dwel- 
ling Mulljeriy, near Howard street 
George William E. merchant, dwelling 67 Sharp street 
(ieorge Stephen, carpenter, 15 Potter street — ot 
German Benjamin, wheelwright, corner of Bond and Wiik 

streets — -f p 
Gettier George, cordwainer, Chamberlain's alley, near Eu- 

taw si reet 
Getting Jacob, dwellino;, 44 Bridge street — o t 
GhecHiiere Charles, broker and commission merchant, 26 

Water st|-eet,dwelling 8, Conewaga street 
Ghiradine Vincent, fruit seller, coanty wharf—/ p 
Gibbins Mary, widow, 6 Commerce street 
Gil>bons Lawlence, dealer in rags, old copper, &c. 79 

Bridge street — o t 
Gibbs John, cooper, Dutch alley 
Gibbs Richard, mariner, 33 Bond street — -/ p 
Gibbs Thomas, fisherman, Apple, alley, n<far Lancaf^^tcr 
street — -f p 

Gibson James, sea captain, 48 Ann sti cot—/ /; 
liibsor John, merchant, dweliing t'G N. Charles street 
Gibson James, stevadore, 5-2 Philpot street—/ p 
Gibson Vv'illiani, physician & surgeon, N. Calvert street, 

near the citj spring- 
Gibson Joshua, bricklayer, Straight lane — o t 
Gibson William, clerk,'2S, Union street — o t 
Gilbert Ruth, widow, 62 Happy alley—/ p 
Gilberthorp William, constable, 25 Goiigli street— / |) 
Gillard John, 1 Lancaster street — / p 
Gill John, accountaat, Green st. above New Market — wp 
Gill John, notary public, office 48 Frederick street, dwel- 
ling 42 Water street 
Gilegan Michael, bricklayer, Bath street, near the falls 
Gilded Mic]iael, tailor, Lai-caster, near ^larket street— /p 
Gillet Martin, meichant, Q5 Smith's wharf, dwelling Bal» 

timore street evteuded— «it' p 
Gillespey Isaac, cooper, Argyle alley near Allisanna street 

Giilinghani James, blacksmith, Lombard, near S. Liberty 

GilUiigham George, d>veiUag II German street 
Giliiiigliam William, dweiliag Sharp, near Pratt street 
Gilliagham John, proprietor of a cast iron machine foun-!- 

dery, dv>ellir!g 51 S. Liberty street 
Gilnior Robert & Son, merchants, Seeuatl, near South st. 
Gilmor Robert, sen. dwelling So Water street 
Gllmoi* Robert, jun. dwelling Water, near Gay street 
Gindhart Francis, portrait and miniature painter, 42 Fre- 
derick street 
Giraud John L phj .sitian, oS South street 
Girvan &Fiaiiertv, carriers, 6 Cheapside 
Girvan John, currier, dwelling HoUiday, near Bath street 
Gitchell L dry goods' store, 83 rfaltiiiiore street 
G'an Robert W'. sea captaia, 25 W^ Fleet street— / jt? 
Glassgow William R. bootmaker, 124i Baltimore street — 

dwelling Barre, near Hanover street 
Glavarry Francis R. sea captain 82 Dugan's v.harf 
Glendy Rev. John, pastor of the second presbyteria.* 
church, 67, Great York street~o t 

Glenn EUas, attorney and counsellor at law, 39 N. Charles 

Glenn James &, William, saddlers, 48Haltimore street 
G't'nn James, saddler, dweliint l6 Granby street — o t 
GiPMM Samuel, blacksmitli. 14 Happy alley — ■/ jf 
Glenn John W. &, Co. oil and paint sto e 71 M'Elderry's 

wharf— dwelling Front street — o t 
Goddard Mi,-s Mary C. 18 Conewago street 
Godfroid William, ci^ar maler, 55 W'ater street 
Goforth Mary, widow, 00 Fleet street — ^f p 
Goinard John, tailor, 2.) Shakspcare street — -f p 
G.sId Joseph, sea captain. 40 S. (."harles street 
Gold Paul, dwelling 50 S. Charles street 
Gold Peter, dwelling 53 S. do do. 
Golden John, sailmaker, 11 Ann street — -f p 
Golder George & Co. dry goods store, 123 Baltimore st. 
G')l(ler Robert, dry goods store, 121 Baltimore street 
Golder & Thomas, wholesale dry goods merchants, 203 

Baltimore street 
Goldsmith Elizabeth, widow, North, near Liberty street 
Goldsmith Sarah, widow, 73 Pitt street — o t 
Goldthwait Ezekiel, sea captain, King George street near 

the circus — o t 
Gonet Maxcellin, segar & snuff maker, 42 Green st. — o t 
Gooding John, merchant, S. Gay, near Water street, dwel- 
ling 41 Harrison street 
Goodmanson Peter, boarding house, 74 Bond street—/ p 
Goodman Elizabeth, widow 67 AUisanna street — -f p 
Goodwin Lyde, merchant, 39 S. Gay street, dwelling New 

Church street, opposite the court house 
Goodwin Mary, widow, head of Vulcan alley 
Goodwin James, Pitt street near Harford run — o t 
Gordon John, merchant, 72 BoM-ley's wharf 
Goodrick Eli, grocer, Pratt street, next Hugh Boyle's iron 

Gorden Benjamin, custom house boatman. Star alley, near 

Wiik street—//? 
Gordon Richard, labourer, Petticoat alley—/;? 
Giirdon John, 111 N.Howard street 
Gordon Mrs. , boarding house, 171 Baltimore street 


Gore William, labourer, N. Eutaw street— «? V 

Goret Peter, carpenter, corner of S. Frederick and fce- 

cond streets, dwelling 92 High street— o t 
Gorman Michael, labourer, 66 Wolfe street—/ p 
Gornes John, sea captain, 13 Pliilpot street— /p 
Gorsuch John, tailor, 28 Potter street— o t 
Gorsuch John, ship carpenter, 24 Fleet street—/ p 
Gorsuch Joshua, merchant, 38 Bridge street— o t 
Gorsuch Mary, widow, 48 N. Frederick street 
Gorsuch Robert, president of the levy court, and justice 

of the peace, 8 N. Frederick street 
Gorsuch William & Son, hatters, 99 N. Howard street 
Gorsuch Nicholas, innkeeper, 75 High' street— o t 
Gorton W^anton, sea captain, 19 Comet street— o * 
Gorton Anthony, sea captain, 61 Great York street-'0« 
Gossen Henry & Co. whitesmiths, 62 N. Gay street 
Gotz John, M. D. & apothecary, 15 S. Howard street 
Gould Sc Geary, shoe store, 31 N. Howard street 
Gould James, dwelling do do 

Gould John & Son, cloathing store, 1 Cheapside 
Gouge Madame, fancy store, 31 N. Charles street 
Gouiran Isidore, dry goods store, 10 Baltimore street 
Gourdon Ferdinand, merchant, 3 Sharp street 
Gover Ephraim G. 23 High street— o t 
Gowan John, soap, candle, figblue & starch manufactory, 44 

Lexington street 
Grace Samuel, grocer. County wharf— / ^ 
Grace Francis, baker, 66 S. Charles street 
Gracs Redmond, commission merchant, Pratt, near Light 

street, dwelling Caroline, near Dulany street—/ p 
Grace John, ship carpenter, 35 Ann street--/ p 
Grace George, carter. Union, near French street — o t 
Gracey John, carpenter, Aisquith near M'Elderry's st-~o f 
Graf Frederick C. merchant S. Gay, near Water street, 

dwelling Camden, near Sharp street 
Graft' John, tailor, 55 Market street—/ p 
Graff' Sabina, widow, 4 High street— o t 
Graff" Jacob, tailor, 13 Fell's street—/^? 
Graft'ton Nathan, bootmaker, 2 Hanover street, dwelling 

25 N. Liberty street 


<Trahiit»i David, carter, J?haip, near Lee street 
Graham Elizabeth, widow, Li'jcrty, near Pitt street — o I 
Graham llamiltoi;, clerk in the liaiik of Maryland, dwel- 
ling 30 Albemarle street— -(^ t 
Graham R'^beit, carter, 32 High street— o^ 
Graham William, currier, Albemarle street---y i 
Graham William, grocer, 17 Market space---/ p 
(Jraham George, accountant, corner of Lombard and Han- 
over streets 
Grammer Benjamin, grocer, 102 N. Howard street 
Grandchamp Williauj, tailor and clothier, corner of Cum- 
berland row ."^nd Pratt street, dwelling. Green st.— o t 
Granger J. & J. dry goods stoie, 236 Baltimore street 
Granger Samuel, cordwaincr, Waggon alley, near Howard 

Grant John, dr}^ goods store, 3 Market street/ /;-- -dwel- 
ling Ann, near Allioanna street--/ jo 
Grant IJaniel, 18 Hanover street 
Grapevine Frederick, grocer, 76 N. Howard street 
Gravev Frederick, Pearl, near Bath street 
Gray Charles, carter. Sharp, near Lee street 
Gray John M. boot ticc and last maker, 13 Water street 
Gray William, Ross street near the seminary — w -p 
Gray John, marriner, Lancaster, near Ann street--/ p 
Gray John, captain of a Norfolk packet, Hanover, next 

door to Barre street 
Gray Mary, widov/, Mulberry, near Howaid street 
Gray Edward, Apple alley, near Lancaster street--/ p 
Gray Walter, merchant, dwelling corner of Granby and 

Little York streets— o t 
Crecn Charles R. auctioneer for horses &c. sales yard. 

Swan street near Marsh market 
Green John, carpenter, Green, near French street— o t 
Green Margaret, grocer, 27 N. Charles street 
Green , widow of Peter, grocer, 40 E. Allisanna, cor- 
ner of Ann street--/ p 
Green Samuel, surveyor, 74 Granby street — o t 
Green Thomas U. coachmakcr 42 Grontstreet"-oi 
Greeu William, cordwainer, 37 Bond street—/ p 
Green Robert, boarding house, Thames, between Queen &. 
Bond street 


Gregory Joseph, ship carpenter, 22 Philpot street—/ f 
Green Mary, widow, 25 Albemarle street — o t 
Green George W. chairmaker, 5^ Front street— o t 
Green Armistead, apholsterer, 56 Hanover street, dwel- 
ling Conway, near Sharp street 
Green John, cordwainer, 90 N. Liberty street 
Green Susannah, widow, 18, Pitt street-~oi 
Green Edward, constable, Tripolet's alley 
Greer George, merchant, dwelling Green street above New 

Market— It; jp 
Greaves David, grocer, county wharf—/ jt 
Greeves Mary, widow, al Happy alley — / it 
Greetham William, merchant,* dwelling N. Calvert street, 

near the city spring 
Greg» John & Co. grocers, 80 Pratt street, dwelling Holli- 

day street, near the theatre 
Gregary James, blacksmith, Lancaster street—/ jp 
Grieves James, ship chandler, corner of Thames and Bond 

streets — / jd 
Orieves Edward, nail manufactory, N. Howard st. dwel- 
ling Larew's alley 
Griffin Edward, labourer, Lancaster street — / p 
Griffin Henry, mariner. Strawberry alley — / p 
Griffin Hugh, pedlar, corner of Ross and Morrow sts. — ^vo p 
Griffin Thomas, carpenter, corner of Eutaw and Lombard 

Griffin Charles, grocer, 33 S. Howard street 
Griffin Abraham, blacksmith, 40 NV. Pratt street 
Griffin Walter, rigger, Apple alley, near Lancaster st.—fp 
Griffin Henry, cordwainer, 122 Wolfe street—/ p 
Griffith Edward, tailor, corner of King George and Albe- 
marle streets — o t 
Griffith Henry B. stone cutter, 40 N. Charles street 
Griffith Matthew, innkeeper, 36 Market space 
Griffith Samuel, merchant, 97 Hanover street 
Griffith Susanna, innkeeper, corner of St. Paul's lane and 

Chatham street 
G;iffith Thoma.-i W. collector of the county tax, dwelling 

St. Paul's lane 
Griffith H. B. & Co. dry goods store, 81 Baltimoie street 


Griffith & Thompson, merchants, head of BoAvIeys wharf 
Griffith Catharine, boarding house, St. Paul's lane, next the 

office of the Federal Gazette 
Griffith Francis, dwelling 72 N. Liberty street 
Griffith Sarah, widow, 41 Saratoga street 
Griffith Thomas, grocer, Happy alley, neai- Gough st. — -/ p 
Griffiths Rachel, giocer. 58 Noitl street 
Griffis David, rigger, 40 "SV. Allisanna street — -j p 
Griggs James, pilot, Exeter street — o t 
Grimes John, Pearl, near Fayette street—tr/) 
Grimes Levi, ship caipcnter, 25 W. Fleet sti tet — 'f p 
Grimes James, merchant, dwelling 24 Union street — o t 
Grimes Richard, mariner, Bank, near Bond street — f p 
Grinell William, plane maker, corner of Saratoga street 

and Larew's alley 
Giofl' Henry, printers' joiner, 16 N. Frederick street 
Groom William, sea captain, 14 Fleet street — -f p 
Grooms Nathaniel, rope maker, Bridge, near North st.— o t 
Grosh John, sea captain, 51 George street — f p 
Gross & White, grocers, corner of Plarrison and N. Gay 

Gross John, dwelling Jones street — o t 
Gross Joiin J. &. Co. grocers, 1 Bridge street — o t 
Gross Lew :>, dwelling 1 do do 

Grove & "VV#bb, grocery and flour store, 257 Baltimore st. 
Grove Stephen, dwelling Green street, near New Mar- 

et — ic p 
Grover William, grocer, Friendship street — o t 
Grub Michael, cedar cooper, 25 i N. Howard street 
Grub Michael, cooper, HoUiday street, opposite M'Caus- 

land's Brewery 
Grundy George &, Sons, dry goods merchants 188i Balti- 
more street 
Guest ]ia/,il, cordwainer, 92 Pitt street — o t 
Guestier P. A. merchant, S. Frederick, near Pratt street, 
dwelli?!!; corner of Duke and Albemarle streets — o t 
Guinand F, E. watch and clock maker, 45 Market space 
Guiton Joseph, miner, Stillhouse street — o t 
Gulheim and Grandchamp, clothiers &tai<ors» 7G Cumber- 
land rovr 


Gunbr Stephen, ship carpenter, 19 Philpot street—/ p 

Uunn James, dwelling N. Charles, near Pleasant street 

Gunnisson Susanna, widow, 67 Wolfe street — -/ p 

Guthrow Ann, widow, 54 S. Charles street 

Gutrow Rebecca, widow. Lovely lane 

Guttrv Elizabeth, widow, 99 Hanover street 

Guy Francis, landscape painter, Saratoga, near Liberty 

Gwynn Julia, widow, Potter street — o t 
Gwynn Acksa, 9 S. Eutaw street 
Gwynn Charles, lumber merchant, 5 Spears wharf, <lwel- 

" ling East, near Holiday street 
Gwinn XVilliam, merchant, dwelling 84 Sharp street 
Gwynn William, grocer, 8 Bridge street— o t 
Gwynn William, editor and proprietor of the Baltimore 
Federal Gazette, dwelling Chatham street. 


Haaf John W. tailor, Ross street, near the seminary— 1(?^ ^p 
Hack John, tobacconist, 46 N. Howard street 
Hadley Samuel, dwelling Liberty, near Pitt street---p t 
Hadskiss Samuel H. rope store, 4 Wolfe street—^* p 
Hack Nicholas, dwelling Larew'salley 
Haftcy Mary, innkeeper, 44 Market space 
Hagerman Martha, widow, 34 Granby street— o t 
Hagerty John, dry goods store, corner of Light and Bank 

Hagthrop Edward, cordwainer, 37 Bond street—/ 2> 
Hague John, tailor, Happy alley--/ /' 
Hague John, labourer, 55 JFiencn stre;-— o t 
Haiolett Joseph, sailmaker, 46 Happy alley— f p 
Hake A;idrew, carpenter, 74 N. Liberty street 
Halfpenny William, pilot, 45 AUisanna street— f p 
iFalc William, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 19 Market 

space, dwelling Front street— o^ 
Haley James, 27 J^e^cington street 
Haley Elizabeth, widow, Strawberry alley, near Wilk 

street"/ p 


Haley Henry, ciiainnaker, Aisqultli, near M'£ldeiTj-s 

street — o t ^ 

Hall Edward, cordwainer, 1* Bond street— / ;j 
Hall Ezekiel, sea captain, 93 Ailisanna street—/ p 
Hall George, measurer of lumber, 70 Market street—/ p 
Hall George, cordwainer, 59 S. Charles street 
Hall James, ship carpenter, 114 Ann street— /p 
Hall James, carpenter, 8hoit alley — w p 
Hall Sarah, widow, Wolfe, near Lancaster street— //j 
Hall Richard W. physician, IS Conewago street 
Hall W. & R. saddlers, 127 Baltimore street 
Hall Edward, merchant, 108 Smiths wharf, dwelling Plea- 
sant street 
Hall J^amuel, cordwainer, 3 George street— / p 
Viall H. W, grocer, 40 N. Liberty street 
I Tall Thomaii'P. piiysician, 1 Chatliam street 
Hall Joseph, sea captain, 49 Pitt street—o t 
Hall Henry, physician, King George street, near the circus 

— u t 
Hall John, labourer, Duke street, near Harford run — o t 
Hall Solomon R. boarding house, 81 Bridge street — o t 
Halwaklt Cliarles, cordwainer, \Vhiskey alley, near How- 
ard street 
Hamell Charles, plai&tcrer. Union, near North street — o i 
Hamer Daniel, hai'uess maker, dwelling Vulcan alley 
Hammer Henry, paper hanger, 46 Chatham street 
Hammer Frederick, German goods store, 173 Baltimore st. 
Hammer Peter & Son, cloathing store, SO S. Calvert street 
Hammett Jesse, butcher. Petticoat alley — / p 
Hanmiick Jacob, boot and shoemaker, 24 S. Calvert street> 

dwelling Light street 
Hamman John, plumber and tinman, Market, near Wilk 

street—/ p 
Hamilton John, innkeeper, head of Baltimore street 
Hamiliuii John, cordwainer, 37 Bond street—/ p 
Hamilton Joim,brickiiiaker, Happj' alley— / /? 
Haiiiilton Margaret, widow, Camden, near Haooversticet 
Hamilton Hobcrt, merchant, dwelling 20 High street — o t 
Hamilton Francis P. dry goods store, 41 Baltimore street 
Hamilton & Bride, ship chandlers, 86 Dugau's wharf 


Hamilton /ames, dry goods store, 15 Baltimore street 
Hamilton Thomas, physician, Aisquith street, near the 

head of Pitt street — o t 
Hammond Miss Harriet, 135 Baltimore street 
Hammond Miss Sarah, 41 Conewago street 
Hammond John L. dry goods and grocery store, 20 Mar- 
ket space, dwelling Pitt street — o t 
Hanan John, carpenter, 70 Granby street— o t 
Hanawaldt JiJoob, carter, Hoiliday street, opposite Finnic 

Hancock Robert, sea captain, 76 Market street---/ p 
Hancock Thomas, hardware merchant, 2 Sharp street 
Hand Moses, painter, 128 N. Howard street 
Hand & Schaeffer, dry goods store, N. E. corner of Balti- 
more and Frederick streets 
Handlen Patrick, sea captain, 36 Strawberry alley—/ p 
Handy AVilliam W. physician, 58 VV. Pratt street 
Hands William G. secretary to the York turnpike road 
company, 16 Harrison street -r 

Hancy Charles, cordwainer, Eutaw, opposite Barre &t.--wp 
Haney Samuel, pilot, 53 Fleet street—/ p 
Hankey Joseph, 2 Pearl street, near the falls 
HannaJohn, merchant, corner of Queen and Thames sts. 

Hanna Alexander B. bootmaker, 1 S. Gay street, dwelling- 

25 Great York street~-o t 
Hanna Ann, widow, 62 Ann street—/ p 
Hanney Jacob, merchant tailor, dwelling 37 South street 
Hans Martin, innkeeper, W. Pratt, near Paca street — wp 
Hanson William, merchant tailor, 1 Lemmon street 
Hanson William H. Pitt street— o t 
Hanson Henry, bootmaker, Eutaw near Conway street 
Harbaugh Jacob, cordwainer, Tripolet's alley,'near Balti- 
more street 
Harbison Robert, merchant, 106 N. Howard street 
Harden Thomas, rigger, 50 Happy alley—/ p 
Harden &, Dunnington, dry goods merchants, 66 N. Howaid 

Harding William, carter, Ross street near .the seminar> 

"-W p 



Hardesty Henry, duelling 58 Greeu siieet---o t 

Hare Jesse, tobacconist, 64 Cumberland row 

Hargrove John, pastor of the New Jerusalem church and 

register of the city of Baltimore, dwelling corner of 

Great York and Exeter streets— o t 
Harker James, North, near Forrest street— o t 
Harkins Giles, cordwainer, Lee, near Goodman street 
Harlow Winslow, sea captain, 96 Bond street--^ p 
Harman John, cordwainer, 21 W. Pratt street 
Harman Philip, carpenter, S. Liberty near Howard street 
Harmon Daniel, tailor, 7 Potter street— o t 
Harncr Daniel, carpenter, Eutaw street, near Brandy alley 
Harper R. G. attorney & counselloratlaw, 29 S. Gay st. 
Harper Peter, waterman, 23 Thames street — -f p 
Harper Wm. musical instrument maker, 42 S. Charles stt 
Harrington Thomas, cordwainer, Straight lane— o t 
Harrington Daniel, baker, corner of Light and Bank 

Harris & Donaldson, merchants, S2 N. Howard street 
Harris David, merchant, dwelling Mulberry, near N. How- 
ard street 
Harris James, ship carpenter. Star alley— ^ p 
Harris John F. justice of the peace, Chatham street, near 

St. Paul's lane 
Harris Joseph, grocer, corner of Eutaw street and Waggon 

Harris Runyan, hatter and furrier, 188 Baltimore street 
Hariis John \V. tailor, dwelling near S. end of HoUiday 

Harris and Wells, house carpenters and joiners, 38 Pitt 

street— t 
Harrison Daniel, carpenter, 25 Bond street--^ p 
JIarifion Elizabeth, widow, 36 Lancaster street--/" p 
Harrison James, cordwainer, 92 Market street— /j> 
Harrison W^illiam, sliip carpenter, 36 Fleet street— / j: 
Harrison William, 82 Waggon alley 
Harrison Hall, merchant, ctwelling 50 Hanover street 
Harrison William, ship carpenter, 70 Albeinmle st.— o t 
Harrison Charles, sea captainj Fleet, noitr ^Washington 

street—/ p 


Harrison Samuel, ship carpenter, Washington, near Wilk 

street— fp 
Harrison & Sterrett, vendue and commission merchants, 

O'Donnel's wharf 
Harrison Joseph, gardener, 28 Green street — o t 
Harrod Henry, rigger, 38 Ann street—//? 
Harrod John J. blank book maker and stationer, 134 Balti- 
more street 
Harrow James, pilot, 51 Fleet street — ■/ p 
Hart Henry, comb factory and fancy store, 38 Baltimore 

Hart Joseph, inn keeper, adjoining the falls, at Baltimore 

street bridge 
Hart Nicholas, cooper, 60 South street 
Hart Robert, sea captain, 37 Gough street — -f p 
Hart & Smith, silversmith, 100 Baltimore street 
Hartshorue W. & P. S. commission merchants, 113 Smith's 

Hartshorne, Wm. jr. dwelling 103 Hanover street 
Hartshorne Peter S. dwelling 51 Sharp street 
Harvey Jonathan, merchant, 6 Light street wharf — dAvel- 

ling Pleasant, near Calvert street— it' p 
Harvey Jacob, drayman, 24 Fayette street 
Harvey John cordwainer, 23 Lancaster street — -fp 
Harwood T. & I. grocers and flour merchants, 113 N. 

Howard street 
Harwood Thomas, dwelling North, near Liberty street 
Harry man David, painter and glazier, 57 High st. — o t 
Hasham Josiah, painter, 2 Shakspeare street — f p 
Haskell & Taylor, tin ware manufactory, corner of Union 

and North streets — o t 
Haskins Govert, merchant, 89 Bowley's wharf — dwelling 

Second, near Gay street 
Haslam John, veterinary surgeon, 101 High street — o t 
Haslett James, gun smith, £8 Water street 
Haslett William, 80 Baltimore st. — dwelling 13 Calvert st- 
Hastings Jonas, dwelling 16 Conewago street 
Hasweil John W. cabinet maker, 36 Pitt street— o t 
Hatchinsoii Benjamin, Potter street — o t 
Hatton Joshua, lajjourer, 57 Green street— o t 


Hatton Kesiali, widow, North street— o t 
Haten Ann, tailoress, Eutaw, near Conway street— U' p 
Haubert EH/.abeth, widow, Paca, near Franklin nt.—w p 
Haubert &"NVood, tlour merchants, 6 S. Charles street 
Haubert F. dwelling Lombard street, near the medical 

Haupt Matthias, tobacconist, 5 North street 
Hauptman John, cordwainer, 26 Fayette street 
Haurner John, grocer, 55 Saratoga street 
Hawes & Marselas, shoe store, 166 Baltimore street 
Hay Martha, widow. 35 High street— o t 
Hay Jacob, carpenter, Green, near Mulberry street — wp 
Hayden Horace H. dentist, corner of N. Charles and 

Chatham streets 
Hayfer Emily, widow, 76 Waggon all--y 
Hayes Walter C. sea captain, Granby near King George 

street — o t 
Hayes John, 21 Union street — o t 
Hayes & Power, merchants, 121 N. Howard street 
Hayes William, grocer. Fish market 
Hay ward John, baker, corner of Pitt & High streets— o t 
Hazlehurst & Dorsey, auctioneers and commission mer- 
chants, 14 Spears wharf 
Hazlehurst Andrew, dwelling 130 Hanover street 
Heairn John, sea captain, 38 W. Allisanna street — f p 
Healy John, silk dyer, 30 Harrison street 
Healy Jlary, widow, S3 Albemarle street — o t 
Heath Upton S. attorney and counsellor at law, New 

Church street, opposite the court house 
Heathcote John, dry goods store, 18 S. Calvert street 
Hedrick Thomas, sail maker, dwelling Queen, near Gran- 
by street — o t 
Hegeman Henry B. inn keeper, 50 Bond street— fp 
Heide George, 163 Baltimojre street 
Heidclbach John H. merchant, 70 South street — dwelling 

Barre, near Sharp street 
Heims Solomon, drayman, corner of Forrest street and 

Sugar alley — -/ k 
Helmling Mary, groccrj corner of Eutaw street and Whis- 
key alley 

HelinHttg Anthony, block and pump maker, Camdea st. 

near Light street wharf 
Henderson John, grocer, 25 Commerce street 
Henderson John, merchant, S3 N. Howard street 
Henderson Jane, widow, corner of Granbj and King 

George street — o t 
Henderson Robert, weaver, Pitt st. near Harford run — o t 
Henderson Peter H. cordwainer, Franklin near Green 

street — w j) 
Henley Eleanor, widow, S8 Fleet street — fp 
Henn Julianna, widow, N. Eutaw, near Saratoga street 
Hennick George, saddler, N. Eutaw, near Fayette street. 
Henning Benjamin, bricklayer, 9 Lexington street 
Henning Thomas, bricklayer, 38 Saratoga street 
Hendrickson William, carter, Harford street — -o t 
Hendrickson Daniel, stage driver, 31 S. Liberty street 
Hensley Parish, stage owner, 37 N. Liberty street 
Henry David, rope maker, Happy alley, near Gough st.—fp 
Hentz John, fisherman, Argyle alley, near Lancaster st.—fp 
Herring Ludwig, lumber merchant, 17 M'Elderry's wharf, 

dwelling 72 Albemarle street — o t 
Herrins Henry, lumber merchant, 68 Albemarle st. — o t 
Herrin John, sea captain, 38 AUisanna street — -f p 
Herron Jane, grocer, 28 Pratt street, head of Frederick 

street dock 
Herron James and A. dry goods store S. W. corner of 

Market space and Baltimore street 
Berwick Henrietta, widow, 45 N. Liberty street 
Heslip and Jefferson, bootmakers, 44 Baltimore street 
Heslip Jesse, blacksmith, dwelling Aisquith, near M'EI- 

derry's street — o t 
Hess Joseph, carpenter. Waggon alley, near Howard st. 
Hewes and Tomkins, hardware store, 150 Baltimore st. 
Hewes John, dwelling 52 Fayette street 
Hewes John, tailor, 62 Bond street — -f p 
Hewitt Eli, tobacconist, 232 Baltimore street 
Hewitt William, rope store, Pratt street, near Cheapside 
Hewitt Mary, widow, 32 German street 
Hewitt William, dwelling Duke street — o t 
Hickiey Sabastiaa, steae CMttef, 84 Harrison street 

♦ 8i 

IUckley Robert, merchant, 8 N. Howard strccf 

Hicks \. &E. innkeepers, 10'2 High street — ot 

Hicks John, carter, south end of Hanover street 

Hicks John, boarding house, 96 Dugan's m harf 

Higdon Richard, tailor, 29 Hanover street 

Higginbothom AVilliam, marinep, 31 AUi?anna street — j p 

Higginbothoni Ralph, cashier- of the Union bank, UN. 

Charles street 
Higgius Susanna, grocer, 64 South street 
High James, cordwaincr, 85 Waggon alley 
High William, painter, Forrest lane 

Highland John, sea captain, Salisbury, near Granby si.'-ot 
Hildebrandt Christian, N. Eutaw street — w p 
Hildt John, leather dresser, Holliday street, near the falls 
Hill Alexander, grocer, Pratt street, near the bridge 
Hill John, sea captain, corner of Wolfe and Fleet sts.—fp 
Hill Richard, carpenter, Ross st. near the seminary — xv p 
Hill Arthur, dry goods store, 125 Baltimore street 
Hill George, clerk, dwelling 82 N. Liberty street 
Hill William, cordwainer, 44 Apple alley — fp 
Hillart John, sea captain, 4 Philpot street — -fp 
Hillen John, 54 Pitt street — o t 
Hilton Lydia, widow. Potter street — o t 
Hindes Moses, currier, 10 Water street 
Hinds D. & P. dry goods merchants, 29 N. Howard street 
Hinds John, bricklayer, 78 Sharp street 
Hindman James, S. Gay, near Baltimore street 
Hinks Thomas, cabinet maker, 31 Conewa-go street 
Hinton Robert, tailor, Duke, near Exeter street— o t 
Hint/.e Charles, physician, 15 S. G^ street 
Hipwell Humphrey, grocer, 81 N. Howard street 
Hiss Jesse L. chair maker, 37 S. Gay street 
Hissey Caleb, mill stone maker, Barre, near Howard 

Hitchcock Jesse, carter. Green, near French street— o t 
Hitxclbcrger Peter & Baltzer, tanners. Fish, near Holliday 

Hitzelbergcr Peter, tanner, dwelling 59 N. Gay street, tanjier, dwelling 57 N. Gay street 
Hitz-elbcrger John, grocer 55 N. Gay street 


Hobbs Ann, widow, 12 Green street — o t 
Hobson George, sea captain, 30 Great York street— o t 
Hoburgh Henry, letter carrier, 13 Green street — o t 
Hoburgh John, upholsterer, 13 South street 
Hoburgh Sophia, widow, 13 Green street— o t 
Hodges & Lansdale, merchants, 106 Smith's wharf 
Hodges Benjamin, merchant, dwelling 16 Chatham street 
Hodgkin Susanna, widow, Granby street—'O t 
Hodson & Hyatt, dry goods store, 57 St. Patrick's row 
Hoffman Andrew, hatter, 17 Union street— o t 
Hoffman David, attorney & counsellor at law, office Wash- 
ington square 
Hoffman Frederick, 45 Saratoga street 
Hoffman Jacob & Son, curriers, 7 Cheapside 
Hoffman Jacob, currier, dwelling 46 Hanover street 
Hoffman Michael, currier, dwelling 50 Camden street 
Hoffman Peter, mercliant, 153 Baltimore street— dwelling 

corner of New Church street and St. Paul's lane 
Hoffman George & John, merchants, 5 N. Charles street 
Hoffman George, dwelling 5 Hanover street 
Hoffman Daniel, wholesale grocer, 1 S. Howard street 
Hoffman Joseph, pastoi of the German church (formerly 

Otterbine's) Cnnv. ay, near Hanover street 
Hogan John, mariner, 25 Lancaster street— /p 
Hogg John, grocer, 13 Saratoga street 
Hogg James, carpenter, 20 Conewago street 
Hogg Charles, carpenter, 91 N. Liberty street 
Hof^ner Geo. tobacc jnist, Cowpen alley, near Howard st. 
Holbrook Joseph, sea captain, 59 Great York street— o t 
Holiday vViJllam, stone cutter, Eutaw street— u' p 
Holland William, cooper, Saratoga, near Eutaw street- 
dwelling Sarat Ji^a street 
Holland Dennis, tailor, Caroline, near Dulany street 
Holland Littleton, goldsmith & jeweller, 217 Baltimore st. 
HoUingsworth Levi, merchant, 65 Bowley's wharf— dwel- 
ling 27 East street 
Rollingsworth & Worthington, merchants, County wharf 

S. Calvert street 
HoUingsworth Thomas, merchant, 47 County wharf, S. 
Calvert street 


Hollingsworth Samuel, merchant, 59 County wliaif, S. Cal- 
vert stiKjet— dwelling corner of N. Charles & Chat- 
ham streets 

Hollingsworth Thomas H. house joiner, corner of Good- 
man street & Honey alley—;/' h 

HoUins ^' M' Blair, merchants, 49 S. Gay street 

Hollins John, dwelling Washington square 

Holiins John S. dwelling AVater, between South Sf Gay sts. 

Hollins William, merchant, 44 S. Gay street — dwelling 
Franklin, west of Pearl street — iv p 

Holmes Vincent, waterman, 61 Ann street--^ ^j 

Holmes James, porter cellar, 127 Baltimore street— dwel- 
ling Bath street, near Finn's baths 

Holmes Lemuel, innkeeper, corner of Market space and 
Fish Market 

Holstcin Michael, tin ware manufacturer, Forrest street 

Holt John, mariner, Argylc alley, liear AUisanna 
street— f p 

Holtz Peter, grocer, corner of Harford and Forrest 
streets—o t 

Holtz Peter, weaver, Aisquith, near M'Eldeny's 
street— t 

Honey Amos, carpenter, 89 North street 

Honeywell Stephen, clerk, Vulcan alley 

Hook Joseph, captain of the city watch, Green, near Lex- 
ington street— w p 

Hook Michael boot and shoe maker, 42 N. Howard street 

Hook Henry, painter and glazier, 47 Lexington street 

Hooker James, constable, 13 Green street — o t 

Hooper Sarah, widow, 12 Conewago street 

Hooper Nicholas, dry goods store, 225 Baltimore street- 
dwelling Eutaw street 

Hooper James, innkeeper, 75 Bond street—//? 

Hooper Isaac, ship carpenter, 60 Happy alley--//) 

Hooper William, sailmaker, dwelling Duke, near Albe- 
marle street — o t 

Hope Daniel, brushmaker, King Tammany street 

Hopkins Joel, physician, 4 Great York street— o t 

Hopkins Gerard T. merchant, 1 Count}' wharf— dwelling 
78 W. Pratt street 


Hopkins Sarali, widow, 25 High street— o t 

Hopkinson Francis, 40 Chatham street 

Hoppe Justus, merchant, 52 S. Frederick street — dwelling 

N. Charles, opposite Pleasant street 
Horn David, porter, Whiskey alley, near Eutaw street 
Horn John, wheelwright. Liberty street— o t 
Horn Thomas, bricklayer, 1 Comet street— o t 
Horn Miss Priscilla, young ladies' academy, 25 S. Howard 

Horner Margaret, widow, 8 Lancaster street— /p 
Horner Francis, bricklayer, 100 Sharp stretfc 
Horner Thomas, carpenter, Cliamberlain's alley 
Horstman John, grocer. Argyle alley, n^ar Fleet st.---fp 
Horsey Sarah, widow, 75 Granby street— o t 
Horton James, merchant, Baltimore, near Green street— wj? 
Hosebock John, wheelwright, 20 N. Liberty street 
Hoskyns Mrs. Ann, fancy store, 24 Great York street— o i 
Hossefross Jolin, grocer, Pratt street next the bridge 
Hough Rachel, boarding house, 80 W. Pratt street 
Hourston Elizabeth, 51 Apple alley—//? 
House Sf Gillingham, lumber merchants, Camden street 

near Light street wharf 
House Samuel, lumber merchant, dwelling 81 Highst.— o t 
Hovey Ann, grocer, 12 Allisanna street—/// 
Howard Henry, grocer, 44 Light street 
Howard Henry, merchant tailor 72 Baltimore street 
Howard Sf Bcatty, dry goods merchants, 209 Baltimore 

Howard William, boot c^ shoe maker, 31 S. Calvert street 
Howard <§* Sharp, boot and shoe makers, 46 Light street 
Howa'd Benjamin C. attoiney and counsellor at law, of- 
fice Washington square, opposite the court house 
Howard John, majiner, 39 Fleet street— f p 
Howard Henry, physician, Lombard, near Hanover street 
Howard Beujamui, carter, Barrc, near Howard street 
Howard Heary, mariner, 36 ^V. Allisanna street— /p 
Howard Matilda, widow, Eden, near Dulany street 
Howe Thomas, sea captain, 34 Queen street— o t 
Howell William Sf Son, merchants, 110 Smith's wharf 
Howell William, dwelling 64 Granby street — o t 


Howell c^ Carpenter, merchants 59 .Smith's M^harf 
Howell William jr. dwellin;^ 135 S. Charles street 
Howland Daniel cV- Son, mercliants, 71 Bowley's wharf— - 

«lwelliii<r '■Z'-Z S. Frederick street 
Ilowlet John, cabinet maker, Potter street— o t 
Howser John, wheehvri;;ht, lOPitt street— o A 
Hubball Ebenc/.er, brass founder, S N. Ciay street 
Hubbard AVilliam, blockmaker, Philpot — dwelling 53 Fleet 

street — -/ p 
Hubbard Sarah, widow, Duke street, near Harford run— o t 
Hubbard John, niariner, Welcome alley, near Sharp st. 
Hubbel & "Waters, merchants, 10 County wharf 
Hubbel Josiah, dwelling 68 Lombard street 
Huber Henry, bootmaker, 51 South street 
Huber Henry, painter and dazier, 40 N. Ho^. ard street 
Hubaii Ulysses, baker, Holliday street, opposite the theatre 
Hugg Cassandra, widow. 83 Harford street — o t 
Hugg Richard, cordwaincr, 12 Green street — u t 
Hughes Belinda, widow, 10 Union street — o t 
Hughes Christopher, 17 Forrest street 
Hughes Christopher, jun. 129 S. Charles street 
Hughes Daniel, carter. Sharp, near Lee street 
Hughes George L. shoe store, 89 Baltimore street 
Hughes Hannah, Green, near Mulberry street— »f'^; 
Hughes & Hayward, flour merchants, 241 JJaltimore street 
Hughes Aquilla, grocer, corner of Eutaw and Saratogo 

streets— u-ju 
Hughes John, sailmaker, dwelling 49 Gough street—//? 
Hughes James, carter, Petticoat alley— f/> 
Hull Elizabeth, widow, Lancaster street—/;^ 
Humes & Howard, grocers, G5 Bridge street — ut 
Humes Thomas, distiller, 145 High street— o/ 
Humphreys C. &. M. merchants, 82 Bowley's wharf 
Humpln-ey^; Kerr, grocer, 18 Lancaster street--//-? 
Humphreys Saraii, widow, Raxton lane, near Light street 
Humsher Mary, 9 S. Howard street 

Huuneker Peter, cordwaincr, Pearlc, near Bath st. meadow 
Hunt John, brassfounder, 4(1 Allisanna street— //; 
Hunt Jesse, i-addler and harness maker. 4 N. Charlesstreet 

dwelling 70 Lombard street 


Hunter Rebecca, widow. Goodman, near HiU street— //t 
Hunter Adam, wholesale dry goods merchant, 3 N. Li- 
berty street 
Hurst Elizabeth, milliner, 52 Baltimore street 
Hurst Lydia, widow, 14 Ann street — -f p 
Hurst Shadrack, butcher, Bridge, near Forrest street— o t 
Hurst Thomas, sea captain, Hanover, near Barre street 
Hurxthal Ferdinand, mcrcliant, HT Smith's wharf 
Hurxthal Lew is, merchant, 8. Liberty, near German st. 
Husband William, dwelling TG Hi^h street— o f 
Hussey George, tanner, corner of \V. Wilk and Exeter 

streets— t 
Hussey Hannah, widow of Nathan, 25 German street 
Hussey Ashael, dry goods store, 5 N. Howard street — 

dwelling Fayette street 
Hussey John, tailor, 98 Pitt ?,iY(i&i—o t 
Hutchings Samuel, sea captain, 37 Allisanna st.—fp 
Hutchins Sarah, widow, Larew's alley 
Hutson John, grocer, corner of Bond and Fleet sts.—fp 
Hutson John, rigger, Argyle a.\ley—fp 
Hutton James & Co. grocers, 24 BaUimore street 
Hutton Elijah, bricklayer, 45 Green st.— of 
Hutton John, ship carpenter, 85 Allisanna st.—fp 
Hyatt Wesley, dry goods store, 7h S. Calvert st. 
Hynson Nathaniel, Dulany st. opposite Columbia garden 
Hynson John, carpenter, Jones st. near the brid^-e— o t 


Ickis Elizabeth, widow, 52 S. Howard street 

Ilker Mary, Avidow, T4 8. Charles street 

Imes John, carpenter, 13 Comet street — o t 

Inglis James, sen. agent fgr estates, collector, &c. 10 

V hatham street 
Inglis Dr. James, jr. pastor of the lirsi presbyterian church, 

East street, next the cimrch 
Inglesby Aly, widow, Granby, near I^ittle York st.— o t 
Inloes Abraham, cooper, Chamberlain's alley 
Inloes James, dwelling North street, opposite the cathedral 


liiloes John, toidwaincr, 81 i Hond street---/'^ 

fnloes "NViIlian». ship joiner, corner of Wolfe and George 

streets — dwelling '■25 Allisanna r-treet—fp 
luloe^ David, cooper, corner of North street and Dutch 

Inlocs Thomas, cooper, Dutch alley, near Howard street 
Inncsiohii, accountant, Strai^iht laiie---ot 
Insor Luke, brickinaker, W. Wilk street, near the bridge 
lr\ine John, dry ;|,oods store, '21 N. Howard street 
Ir\in'j Alexander, Fayette, next door to N. Howard street 
Jrvine Heiuj, blacksmith. Pearl, near Bath st.— meadow 
Irvine Alexandei-, Uank, two doors frotn Calvert street 
Isctt Adam, hatter, Gu Cumberland row — dwelling 39 Sa- 
ratoga sti eet 
Tsef t John, butter, 10 N. Howard strett 
Jsgrig NVilliarii, Taihjr, Argyle alley, near Lancaster st.--//» 
Isler John, drayman, 43 Titt street — o t 
Ives James, boot and shoe maker, 19 Water et, 


Jabo Mrs. , Potter, near M'Eldcny's street—o I 

Jackson Ellen> widow, 19 Fleet street— //> 

Jackson Henry, 10 Lombard street 

Jackson John, cordwainer, Aisquith, near M'Eldcrry's 
street — o t 

Jackson Samuel, corner of Baltimore and S. Pacasts.-u' /j 

Jackson William, block and pump maker, 15 Thames 

Jackson Thomas, carpenter, 30 Granby street— o t 

Jackson James, trunk manufactory, 44 8. Calvert street — 
■dwelling Conway, near Howard street 

Jacksou J. K. china s'tiiie, iI44^> Baltimore street — dwelling 
Pratt, near Hanover street 

Jacobs George, watchma!:er and silversmith, 58 N. How- 
ard street 

Jacquett Rebecca, widow, Thames street—/^ 

Jacquin and Gamier, brokers and commission merchants, 
9 Second street 


Jacobs Susanna M. widow, 33 Green street— o t 

Jadwin Robert, scowman, corner of Happy alley &Gough 

street—/ p 
JaflTray James, merchant, 9"2 Hanover street 
Jalliffie Henry, clothier and tailor, corner of Pratt street 

and ODonncl's wharf 
James Amos, merchant, 48 Liglvt street, dwelling f6 W. 

Pratt street 
James Daniel, innkeeper. "2-2 Fells street — ^ p 
James Tudor, collector, 13 Saratoga street 
James Samuel, Duke, near Granby street — © t 
Jlimes Henry, merchant, Public alley, dwelling 59, Sharp 

Jf^.mes Levi, boat builder, Fountain street — -f p 
James & Gillingham, flour merchants, 10 Light street 

James Joseph, 43 W.. Pratt street 
James M. E. wafer manufacturer, N. Eutaw, one door from 

Franklin street 
James Jesse, coach trimmer, dwelling Vulcan alley 
James Mary, dry goods store, 5 W. Fleet street — -f p 
James Henry, baker, Wolfe street, near Harford run — o t 
James Charity, widow, Great York street, near ^Harford 

run — t 
7ames Jane, 25 Union street — o t 
Jameson H. G. appothecary and chemicrJ manufacturer, 

N. Liberty, near Saratoga street 
Jamison Jopeph, dwelling 42 N, Frederick street 
Janney George F. bookseller and stationer, 18 Baltimore 
street, dwelling Great York st. next Harford run— of 
Janney M. P. & E. teachers. Great York street, next Har-' 

ford run — o t 
Janney Dr. L P. 36 N. Gay street 
Janvier Joseph, chair maker, 76 Green street'<-»3 i 
Janit Hannah, widow, 30 Green sti-eet — o t 
Jarrett John, grocer, 6 W. Pratt street 
Jarrett Samuel, grocer, 78^ N. Howard street 
Jarvis & Hobby, commission merchants, 12 S. Calvert st. 
Jarvis Orman, carter, corner of Lee and Iroodman t?treets 
Jarvo Joseph, mariner. 25 Wilk street — ■/ p 


.hison John, mariner, 3G Market street— ;/" p 

Jauffret Jolm H. 5 Union stiei't — o t 

•FefFers Joseph, carpenter, Little York street — ut 

Jefteris Samuel, bookseller and stationer, 212 Baltimore 

street, dwelling 53 Sharp street 
Jeffrey Henry, grocer, corner of Wolfe and Allisanna 

streets — -f p 
Jembred John, whitesmith, Franklin, near Howard street 
Jenkins Kdward, saddlery store, 50 South street 
Jenkins James, rigger, Petticoat alley — -f p 
Jenkins Mary, widow, 4 Apple alley — •/ p 
Jenkins* Michael, cabinet maker, 18 Light street, dw elling 

18 Bank street 
Jenkins Thomas C. 47 S. Charles street 
Jenkins AVilliam, currier, 4 Water street 
Jenkins & Dinsmore, cabinet makers, N. Frederick, be- 
tween Baltimore and Second streets 
J-enkins And Pendleton, grocers, 23 Water street 
Jenkins Heury^ hatter, 28 Green street — o t 
Jennet John, confectioner and distiller, 25 Market space 
Jennings Thomas, attorney and counsellor at law, office 
5 Chatham street — dwelling Conway near Sharp street 
Jennings Eleanor, widow, King George street — o t 
Jessop Charles, jun. merchant, 17 Bridge street — ot 
Jessop William, merchant, dwelling 13 Kayette street 
Jin-kfivJane, widow, Dulany street near Columbia garden 
Johns Aquilla, 27 Shakspeare street — -f p 
Johns Abraham, tailor, 50 S. Howard slicet 
Johns Robert, dwelling 11 Tnion street — oi 
Johnson Edward, mayor of the city, dwelling King George 

street — o t 
Johoson Christopher, merchant, corner of Eutaw and Fay- 
ette streets 
Johnson James L clerk, dS Pitt street — o t 
JohnsonJospph,cordwainer,Paca, near Fayette street — wp 
Johnson Matthias, rigger, Argyle alley—/ p 
Johnson Peter, cordwainer, 25 Water street 
Johnson Samuel, carpenter, Pearl strec^U' p 
Johnsoa "William, teacher. Great York street — o i 
Johnson Stephen W. phyaician, 45 Jligh street — u ' 


Jolm?RTi James, hairdresser, 9 Market space 

Johnson Henrv, rigger, 22 Market street— / j) 

Johason John,' gracer, corner of Great York and Front 

streets— -0 t 
Johnson Archibald C. tailor, corner of St. Paufs lane and 

Chatham street 
Johnson Susanna, widow, 98 Happy alley---/ p 
Johnson Julia, widow, a6 Apple alley—/ p 
Johnson John, carpenter, Salisbury street, near Harford 

run— t 
Jolmson Perry, blacksirrith, S-traiglvt lane— o t 
Johnson Abijah, tin plate worker, corner of M-Elderry and 

Potter streets— « t 
Johnson Absalom, cordwainer, 57 Ann street—/ p 
Johnson Thomas, sea captain, 13+ Ann street-/ _;;; 
Johnson Solomon, cerdwainer, 31 Union street— o t 
Jolly Claude, merchant, 70 S. Charles street 
-Johnkhere Francis, watch and clock maker, 100 Bond 

Jones Aubrey, cordwainer, 66 Cumberland row 
Jones David, labourer, Caroline, near Smith street— /» 
Jones Evan, labourer, 49 Great York street — o t 
Jones Jacob, coachmaker, 39 German street 
Jones James D. carpenter, Eden street — -f p 
Jones John, rigger^ 51 Fleet street — / p 
Jones Jolin, rigger, 44 Allisanna street—//; 
Tones John, bricklayer, 20 Potter street — o t 
Jones John N. sea captain, Bank street — -f p 
Jones Jo^shua, merchant tailor, 56 Baltimore street 
Jones Levin, sea captain, 30 E. Allisanna street— fp 
Jones Nicholas S. potter, 22 Bridge street — o t 
Jones Richard H. ourrier, 8 Cheapside — dwelling 78 Pratt 

Jones Sarahs widov.-, Bond, near Dulany >itreet—fp 
Jones Talbot, merchant, 48 N. Howard street 
Jones ^yilUam, bricklayer, Green, near Lexingtos st.—Kr p 
Jonfeb William, labourer, 55 Great York street — o t 
Jones William, justice of the peace, corner of York and 

High streets — dwelling Pitt, near Green street — o t 
.Jones William, constable, 67 Harrison street 


Joflcs Saimjci G. watch and clock maker, o9 Baltimore 

Jouea & Davenport, curriers, 90 Dugan's wliarf 
Jones Sarah. 118 Bond street — -f p 
Jones Joseph, cheese dealer, 65 Strawberry alley — -f p 
Jones William, carver, gilder, looking-glass and picture 

frame irtaniifacturer, 42 N. Gay street 
Jones John, tailor, Forrest lane, near Conewago street 
Jordan Henry, toy shop, S4 N. Frederick street 
Jordan \^'illiam, tailor. Fish, near Gay street 
Jordan Jolsn, Potter, 7 Granby street — o t 
Joi-dan William, ship .carpenter, Allisanna, near Ann 

street — f p 
Jordan Frederick, butcher, Holliday street, near Finn's 

Jordan James, grocer, corner of North street and Waggon 

Joss Anthony, Tripolet's alley 
Joyce William, carpenter, Aisquith street — ot 
Jubb Richard, fisherman, Apple alley, near Lancaster 

street — -f p 
Juden John, grocer, 93 W. Pratt street 
Judlin Andrew F. carpenter, Holliday street, near Finn's 

Juedefind John, cordwainer, 38^ W. Pratt street 
Junge H. W. dry goods store, 182 Baltimore street, cornier 

of Charles street — Klwelling 7 Conewago sti^ect 

"Kaemrly Michael, carpenter, Pearle streeti — w p 
Kalbfus Lewis, Morocco dresser, 148 Baltimore street 
Kalkman Charles F. merchant, S. Gay, iiear Pratt street- 
dwelling 126 Hanover street 
KalL Anna, widow, S. Howard, near Conv»fay street 
Kaminsky John Christopher, innkeeper, 14 Bank street 
Ivane Jane, widow, -8 Fleet street — -f p 
Kane John M. grocer, coraer of Light and Pratt streets— 
■d'velling 10 Pratt street 


Karrick Joseph, mercliant. Commerce street, next tloor to 
the old exchange — dwelling conicr of Sharii and Cam- 
den streets 
Karthaus Charles William & Co. mercha;'ts, 83 Smith's 

Karthaus Charles W. dwelling 28 Great York st. — o t 
Karthaus P. A. dwelling Great York street — o t 
Kauderer George, baker, S. Eutaw, near Camden sL—w p 
Kauftman John, carpenter, Camden, near S, Howard st. 
Kavin Sc Owen Byrne, grocers, corner of Bond and "NVilk 

streets — -f p 
Kaylor Georg'B, baker, 72 Cumberland row 
Keatinge Henry S. printing office, Green, near North 

street — o t 
Keeue William, grocer, 59 N. Howard street 
Keenau Charles, grocer, North street-— w p 
Keener Jacob, tailor, 52 N. Gay street 
Keener John, gun-smith, 8 Water street 
Keener David, druggist, 136 Baltimore street 
Keerl S. & I. Pague, merchants, 221 Baltimore street 
Keerl Henry & Son, druggists, 233 Baltimore street 
Keerl Henry, dwelling 17 German street 
Keirle Matthew, boot and shoe factory, 40 Bond st.— /j* 

and 63 Bridge street— o t 
Keirle John W. shoe store, 87 Baltimore street, corner of 

South — tlwell'wg Lovely lane 
Keilholtz Henry, hair dresser, 27 S. Howard street 
KeilholtzMagdalena, grocer, 70 Lexington street 
Keith Mary, widow, 42 W. All-janna street— /p 
Keithley Richard, ship carpenter, 4 E. Aliisanna st.-—//? 
Keirnan Michael, ^grocery, corner of North street an<t 

Wagfjon alley 
KeighUr Mary, widow, 21 Comet street — o t 
Keller and Forman, meixhauts, 259 Baltimore street 
Keller George, confectioner, 198 Baltimore street 
Keller John, brickmaker. Washington, near Pacast.— 7^ p 
Keller Conrud, turner, Roger's alley, near the post office- 
Kellin^er Henry, tailor, Washington, near Paca .it. — aa p 
Kelly Robert, cooper, Public alley 
Kelly Matthew, sea captaia, 57 Market space— /;»- 


Kelly Patrick, stone mason, corner of Ross and Morrow 

streets — ir p 
Kelly AVilliain, cordwainer, Liberty, near M'Eldcrry's 

street — o t 
Kelso Thomas, butclier, 101 French street — o t 
Kelser William, painter, Green, near North street — ■© i 
Kelser Ann, widow, 115 Green street — o t 
Kemp Rev. James, Saratoga, near Charles street 
Kemp Thomas, ship carpenter, Fleet, near Washington 

street— /p 
Kenipes Abraham, ship carpenter, 11 Happy alley— /p 
Kemptan Samuel A. Queen street, near Harford run— -o t 
Kenley Edward, merchant, 57 County wharf, S. Calvert 

street.— dwelling 43 S. Charles st. 
Kennard Samuel, ship carpenter, 41 Philpot st.— /jy 
Kennard Thomas, waterman, Barre, near Hanover street 
Kennedy Mary, widow, Pitt street, near Harford run— o t 
K-ennedy John, bricklayer, corner of N.. Calvert and Bath 

Kennedy Mordecai, blacksmith, Bath street, near Finn's 

Kennedy Williain, hay weigher, dwelling Holliday street* 
Kennedy Samuel, sea captain, 38 Water street 
Kennedy Ebenezer, ship joiner, 109 Bond street — fp 
Kenned}- John, merchant (copper.) 10 Light street — hJwcI- 

ling Cove street — ir p 
Kennedy John F. dwelling 89 Pratt street 
Kennedy James, printer, office East street, ncarty opposite 

the first prosbyterian church 
Kenny Eleanor, widow, 60 Hanover street 
Kenny Thomas, carpenter, corner of Franklin and North 

Kenny Peter, corner of Bridge and East streets— o t 
Kent &. Brow lie, merchants, corner of Paca and Franklin 

streets— ?r p 
Kent Emamicl, dwelling Paca, near Franklin street— if ^ 
Keppler John T. bacon store, corner of Lexington and 

Paca streets— «'/) 
Ke))linger Samuel, watch and clock maker, IC N. Howard 



Kerr William, superintendant of chimney sweeps, corner 

of Goodman and Montgomery streets,— /^ 
Kerby Cornelius, accountant, Pitt, near Liberty st.-o t 
Kerby and Ready, sailmakers, corner of Light st. wharf 

and Camden street 
Kesley William, teacher, Sharp, near Baltimore street 
Kesslcr Christian, painter, 12 German street 
Ketler, Frederick, mariner, 47 Wilk street— /|7 • 
Key Abner, tailor, 69 Pratt street 
Keys John, grocer, 104 Dugan's wharf 
Keys Baley, grocer, 35 N. Howard street 
Keyser Derrick, china store, 12^ N. Howard street 
Keyser & Schaefer, china store, 199 Baltimore street 
Keyser Samuel, dwelling corner of Eutaw and Fayette 

Kiefel Nicholas, carpenter, 35 German street 
Kierstad Luke, sailmaker, 13 Ann street— ;/*jP 
Kilbreth Thomas, livery stable keeper, dwelling Short 

Kilbournand Porter, pewterer and tin plate workers, Sara- 
toga, near Howard street 
Kilburn Rupel, Ann, near Fleet street—/ p 
Kilty Catharine, widow, 95 Sharp street 
Kimberly Nathaniel, merchant tailor, 2 Lemmon street 
Kimberly Michael, carpenter. Pearl, near Fayette st.— 7^ f 
Kimberly AVilliam H. jeweller, 70 Bond street—/ j? 
Kimmel Anthony, 64 Lexington street 
Kimmel & Albert, hardware merchants, 19 N. Howard st. 
Kimmel Michael, dwelling 4 N. Howard street 
Kincaid James & W. merchants, 21 Bridge street — o t 
Kindrick George, mariner, 60 Fleet street—/ p 
King Fitz, mariner, 46 Allisanna street—/ p 
King George, painter, Lee, near Sharp street 
King Henry, innkeeper, 41 N. Howard street 
King James C. Jones street— o t 
King John, chair maker, 24 N. Gay street, dwelling 101 

Saratoga street 
King Richard, shoe store, 213 Baltimore street 
King Mary, 82 Smith's wharf 
King William, boarding house keeper, 63 S. Frederick st. 


Kin}5 Samuel, innkeeper, 116 High street — o t- 

Kiiij; Ann, v. idow, 95 Hanover street 

King, Brandy alley* near Sharp st. 

Kingstjon John, drv goods store, i202 Baltimore street 

Kipp John, oil anJ paint store, IG Cheapside, dwelling 7S 
Camden street 

Kirby AVilliam, ship carpenter. Fountain street — -f p 

Kirby Samuel, ship carpenter, S9 Happy alley—/ p 

Kirk Mary, widow, Straight lane— o t 

Kirk Jnlia Ann, innkeeper, corner of Pratt and Paca 
streets— M? p 

Kirkland A. & 1). grocers, 60 Pratt street 

Kirkpatrick, James, carter, S. Charles street between Con- 
way and E. Barre streets 

Kithcart John, ship joiner, Duke street, near Harford 
street— t 

Kits Bernard, plaisterer, 61 (>-een street— o t 

Kitts John, stage driver, 5S Waggon alley 

Kitten Rachael, widow. King George street— o t 

Klassen Charles, saddler, 47 N. Howard street 

Klee, John, bottler, dwelling Pearl, near Bath st.-— meadow' 

Kleinditz John, currier, corner of Goodman street and 
Honey alley—/ h 

Klinefelter Michael, grocer, corner of North and Forrest 
streets— o t 

Klock Conrad D. snuff manufacturer, 81 Bond street— /p 

Klopfer Christian G. printer, oftice 14 S. Liberty street 

Klunk Peter, carpenter. New lane— -«' /) 

Knap Thomas, sea captain. Queen, nearPhilpot street-/p 

Kneass Michael, grocer, 5 S. Howard street 

Knight Comfort, widow, 2 Dutch alley 

Knight Nathaniel, bookseller, 23 Fells st-ect--/ p 

Knight Si, Woods, cjirpenters, 35 N. Gay street 

Knight Godfrey, cutler, 60 Harrison street 

Knowles Ann, widow, 23 Ann street—/ p 

Knox Rev. Samuel, president of the Baltimore college, 
dwelling N. Charles, near Mulberry street 

Knox Reyaolds, carpenter, S. Eutaw, near Lombard st. 

Knap Abi-aham, baker, corner of Howard street and Bran- 
dy alley 


Koch Andreas, baker, Green st. above New Market— .tt?^' 
Koenigsbauer Joseph, cigar maker, 4 Bond street—/ p 
Kone Daniel, Eutaw, near Franklin street 
Konig C. S. mercliant, dwelling 22 Light street 
Kohlstadt Benjamin, baker, 97 N. Howard street 
Konccke & Baker, dry goods merchants, 61 N. Howard 

Kraber Martin & Son, grocers, Hookstown road, near the 

seminary-— w p 
Kracht Frederick, teacher, N. Eutaw street — w p 
Krebs Jacob, brickmaker, corner of Gough and Eden 

streets — -f p 
Krebs John, brickmaker, corner of Eutaw and Conway 

Krebs Samuel, combmaker, Washington street— wp 
Krebs William, brickmaker, Washington street — w p 
Krems Joseph, merchant, corner of Green and Franklin 

streets — w p 
Krieg Frederick, blacksmith, Short alley, near Saratoga 

street — w p 
Kughn Augustine C. turner, 17 North street— ^< 
Kummer Frederick, cordwainer, 1 1 N. Liberty street 
Kurby John, carpenter, Jones street — o t 
Kurtz John, grocer, N. Eutaw, near Franklin street 
Kurtz Rev. Daniel, pastor of the German Lutheran 

Church, dwelling Holliday street, nearly opposite the 

Kusick John, carpenter, 57 Fleet street—/ p 
Kyle Elizabetli, widow, North, near Saratoga streetr 


Labes James & Co. merchants, 5 S. Charles street 

Labome Lewis, plumber, 22 N. Gay street 

Lacombe Fanny, widow, S3 Market street—/ p 

Lacky Hugh, 10 Shakspeare street— / ^^ 

Lacey Cephas S. grocer, corner of Hookstown road and 

Seminary lane — w p 
Lafetra Jacob, shoe store, 28 Bridge street— <o t 



Lafferty William, meal store, 91 Harford street — o i 

Lafferty Susanna, widow, 47 Happy alley—/ p 

Lalitte Barthe & Co. merchants, 171 A Baltimore street 

Lafond John P. grocer, 48 Market space 

Lahy Morris, cooper, 3 Philpot street — / p 

Lainhart Henry, 9 German street 

Lainhart Henry, hat store, corner of Thames and Philpot 

streets—/ p 
Lamater Raney, rigger, 7 Argyle alley — / p 
Lamb David, mariner, Wilk, near Bond street— f p 
Lambert Lewis, labourer, 44 Saratoga street 
Lambie & Wallace, bootmakers, 6 Light street 
Lambeth Samuel, cordwainer, corner of S. Charles and E. 

barre streets 
Lamson Henry, hatter, 5 S. Calvert street 
Lampley John M. cordwainer, 1 N. Calvert street 
Landon George, grocer, corner of Frederick and Second 

Landsdale William M. merchant, dwelling, 56 N. Charles 

Landstreet John, dwelling 71 Saratoga street 
Lane Matthew, labourer. Welcome alley, near Sharp 

Lane Patrick, mahogany sawyer, 2 Ruxton lane 
Lane Thomas A. sea captain, 5 Comet street — ot 
Lang John S. B. boarding house, 41 Pitt street — / p 
Langford William, w aterman, corner of Argyle alley and 

Wilk street — f p 
Langley Hez-ekiah, grocery, 15 Market space 
Lannay Louis I. dwelling Barre, near Hanover street 
Lapalanche Guilliaume, hair dresser, 99 bo id street — -fp 
Larew James, carter, Union, near Freucii street — o t 
Larew John, carpenter, Lombard, near Eutaw street — w p 
Larrabee Daniel, boot tree and last manufacturer, 22 S. 

Calvert street — dwelling North street — wp 
Larsh Abraham, dry gooil-^ store, 237 Baltimore street 
Larsh Maria, widow, G>odinan, near Montgomery st. — -f h 
Larsh Margaret, widow, 1 S. Gay street 
Latour John, merchant, 1 Commerce street, dwelling cor- 
ner of Green and Mulberry streets — w p 


Latievite Mary M. widow, 32, S. Charles street 
Laty Joseph, boat builder, George, near Ann street, dwel- 
ling 15 Pitt street—/ p 
Laudeman Frederick, tobacconist, 21 Bond street—/ f 
Lauderman John, ship joiner, 57 Market street—/ p 
Laurenson and Whelan, grocers, 132 Baltimore street 
Laurenson Philip, merchant, dwelling 82 N. Liberty st. 
Laurenson James, sea captain, 32 Ann street — / p 
Lavely William, cabinet maker, dwelling Vulcan alley 
Lavignae Matthew, 134 Bond street — / p 
Law James, custom house officer, Mulberry, near North st. 
Law Anthony, cabinetmaker, 21, dwelling 11 Fayette st. 
Lawless Matthew, grocer, 74 Bridge street — o t 
Lawrence John M. physician, 4 George street — / p 
Lawrence Richard, blacksmith, 78 AUisanna street — / p 
Lawrence Richard, china store, corner of S. Calvert and 

Water streets — dwelling Granby street — o t 
Lawrence James, tobacconist, 7 High street — o t 
Lawreuce Thomas, teller of the Marine Bank, 121 Wolfe 

street — / p 
Laws Thomas, ship carpenter, 101 AUisanna street—/ ^j 
Lawson Robert, clerk of the marsh market, dwelling 12 

Pitt street — o t 
Lawson Diana, widow, 20 Albemarle street — o t 
Lawson Anthony, carreuter and keeper of Columbia gar 

den, Dulaiiy street 
Leag Ann, milliner, 9 Bank street 

Leag Lake, cordwainer, ILirford, near Forrest street — o 
League Nat'ianiel, coidwainer, 7 Lexington street 
League Sarah, widow, Bank street near Strawberry al- 
ley—/ p^ 
Leakin E. widow, 1 West Fleet street — / p 
Leakin Sheppard C. printer, bookseller and lottery office, 

28 Fells street—/ p 
League Ann, milliner, 127 Baltimore street 
Leaman Thomas, grocer, corner of Eden and Dulany sts. 
Leaman Jane, milliner, Eden, near J3ulany street 
Leary Peter, hatter, 21 Fells street—/' p 
Leatherbury Thomas, chair maker, Liberty, near Piti 
street — o t 


Leathenvood John, comb maker, corner of Sharp and Lee 

Lebon Charles, grocer, 47^ N. Howard street 
Leclaire Lew is S. physician, corner of Paca and Saratoga 

streets — w p 
Lee George, sea captain, Gough, near Caroline street— ;fjp 
Lee Joseph, 76 Bond street — -f p 
Lee Susanna, widow, Aisqulth street — o t 
Lee James A. western tavern and Hotel, corner of Sara- 
toga aud Howard streets 
Lee George, saddler and harness maker, 19 Market space 
Lee Philip, innkeeper, 7 Fish market 
Lee Isaac, merchant, dwelling S. Howard, between Cam- 
den and Conway streets 
Lee Robert, Lexington street near New Market — w p 
Leeke Nicholas, 6l Ann street — ■/ p 
Lefavre Abraham, printer, dwelling 60 High street — o t 
Legard Joseph, cordwainer, Aisquith, near M'Elderry's 

street — o t 
Leget Elizabeth, widow, 46 Front street — o t 
Leggett John, milk man. Smith st. near Apple alley — -f p 
Legrand Samuel D. bacon store, corner of Market space 

and second street 
Leigh Nicholas, innkeeper, S8 Market space 
Leinhart Mary, widow, W. Pratt, near Eutaw st. — w p 
Leith Samuel, carpenter, Dutch alley 
Leland Richard, hatter, dwelling Pitt, near Front strect-o t 
Leloup Louis F. vice consul pro. tem. from France, office 

corner of Granby and King George streets— o t 
Lcmmon Robert & Co. auctioneei-s, head of Gay street 

Lemmon Robert, auctioneer, dwelling Goodman, near 

Lee street 
Lenox William, ship carpenter, 27 Ann street— jf p 
Lenox James, jun. accountant, Fleet, near Washington 

street—/ p 
Leonard Joseph, brewer, 100 Hanover street 
Leone Gasper, ship carpenter, 9 Fleet street—/ p 
I/e Peltier Francis, carpenter, S. Howard, near Camden 


Lepeirtre Francisco, cigar maker, 18 Bond street—/ p 
Lerew James, innkeeper. Fish market 
Lerew Abraham, carpenter, Eutaw, near Pratt street 
Leroy Thomas, carpenter jcorner of Potter and M'Elderry 

streets— t 
Le Roy & Co. merchants, 41 Market space 
Lescaniere Peter, baker, 29 S. Cliarles street 
iietter Thomas, dwelling 38 High street — ot 
^vering Aaron, dwelling 56 Sharp street 
Levering Enoch & Jesse, grocers, 23 Cheapside 
Levering Enoch, dwelling 4 Lombard street 
Levering Jesse, dwelling 6 do do 

Levering John & Aaron, grocers, 25 Cheapside 
Levering John, dwelling 58 Sharp street 
Levering Nathan, Baltimore Manufacturing Company's 
warehouse, 197 Baltimore street — dwelling 20 Hano- 
ver street 
Levering Aaron R. Franklin Manufacturing Company's 
warehouse, 230 Baltimore street- —dwelling 68 Sharp 
Leverino- Peter, merchant, 28 Cheapside 
Levely John, accountant, Green, near Mulberry si.—wp 
Levi Heart, fancy cutlery store, 121 Bond street— / jp 
Levi Andrew, pedlar, 120 Bond street— / p 
Leyi Mary, dry goods store, corner of Liberty and King 

Tammany streets 
Lewis A. L & E. wholesale dry goodsmerchants, 157 Balti- 
more street 
Lewis Philip, druggist 14 Bridge street — o t 
Lewis John, hair dresser, 10 Thames street—-/" p 
Lewis Lewis D. wheelwright, d veiling 79 G;anby st. — ot 
Lewis Richard, dwelling 14, N. Liberty street 
Lewis Ann, widow, Pitt street near Harford run— o t 
Lewis Richard, Pearl, near Fayette street— ?«> p 
Leypold Frederick, merchant, 61 N. Gay street 
Library Company of Baltimore, corner of East and Hol- 

liday streets 
Light Cornelius, cordwainer, 77 Waggon alley 
Li^ht John, labourer, 74 Wagi^on alley 
Ligget Jane, widow, Duke street— o t 


Lightbody John, carpenter, Aisquith, near M'Elderry 

street~-o t 
Lightner John, tinner and pewterer, 144 High street— of 
Lilly Eli, innkeeper, corner of Howard and Lombard sts. 
Linden Daniel, labourer, 130 Green street— o t 
Lindenberger &. Arthur, hardware merchants, 167 Balti- 
more street 
Lindenberger & Hebb, wholesale hardware merchan «, 

200 i Baltimore street 
Lindenberger George & Jacob, wholesale hardware mer- 
chants, 20 Baltimore street 
Lindenberger Frederick, dwelling 26 Hr.nover street 
Lindenberger Jacob, dwelling 40 Hanover street 
Lindsey Elizabeth, widow. High street — o t 
Lindsey William, cordwainer, 50 Green street— o t 
Lindsey Andrew, bricklayer, 64 Sharp street 
Ling Robert, grocer, 59 Bond street—/;; 
Lingfelter Elizabeth, grocer, corner of Franklin street and 

Larew's alley 
Link Nicholas, shingle maker, Conway, near Sharp street 
Lislie John, mariner, 10 Fleet street— fp 
Littig Philip, comb and brush store and manufactory, 142 

Baltimore street 
Littig George, custom house officer, 36 Gough street — /jp 
Little Francis, teacher, dwelling Mulberry street, near 

Baltimore college 
Little Jacob, merchant tailor, 26 South street 
Little James, ship carpenter, 39 Wolfe street — -fp 
Little John, carter. Petticoat alley—/;? 
Little Thomas, dravman. Union, near North street — o t 
Littlejohn Miles, physician, 39 Hanover street 
iiitton Thomas, sailmaker, dwelling 135 Bond street—//) 
Livers Anthony, grocer, corner of Eutaw and Franklin sts- 
Livingston John, teacher, German lane, near Sharp street 
Lloyd William, cooper, Dutch alley 
LotJbey Lewis, ship carpenter, 19 Ann street — -f p 
Lock Sarah, matron of the female orphaline charity school 

N. Calvert street, near the city spring 
Ijock Nathaniel, mechanical hall, 38 IJght street 
Logan John, carpenter, Tripolefs alley, near Market st> 


Logan Phcebe, widow, "VVilk, near Bond street— /j» 

Loney Moses, accountant, 71 Harrison street 

Long Henry, soap manufactory and distillery, Jones 

street — o t 
Long Cornelius B. cordwainer, 4 Fells street—/^ 
Long John, rigger, Argyle alley—^p 
Long John S. B. boarding house, 41 Pitt street—//? 
Long Reuben, merchant, Camden, near Howard street 
Long Robert C. carpenter, 10 Conewago street 
Long Samuel, grocer, 71 Harford street-"0 t 
Long William C. grocer, Franklin, near Howard street 
Long Margaret, widow, Franklin lane, near Cheapside 
Long Thomas, tailor, 16 Bond street— fp 
Long Jacob, baker, 80 Bond street, corner of Allisanna 

Long Samuel, mariner, Strawberry alley, near Allisanna 

Longfellow Samuel, waterman, corner of Granby and 

Prince streets— o t 
Lorman William, merchant, corner of New Church and 

Charles streets 
Lormer William, drayman, 118 Green street — o t 
Lotz Henry, cordwainer, Argyle alley, near Fleet st.'-'fp 
Lough Barbara, widow, Homespun' alley, near Eutaw 

Lourens Robert, grocer, 26 Wilk street--//; 
Love George, mariner, 64 Fleet street— /p 
Love John, druggist, 16 Market space 
Loveday John, mariner, Conway, near Hanover street 
Lovegrove James, book binder, 212 Baltimore street- 
dwelling Sharp street 
Lovell Sf Sultzer, bakers. Water street, near Griffiths' 

Lovell William, baker, 54 N. Howard street 
Lovring Francis, coachmaker, 28 N. Gay street — dwelling 

Pitt street— t 
Low H. P. carpenter, N. Eutaw, near Saratoga street 
Low Cornelius, sea captain, 91 Hanover street 
Lowry Francis, grocer, corner of Hanover & Barre streets 
Ivowry Robert, tailor, 1 Water street 


Lowry Salvailoic, pedlar, Pratt street, near the bridge 
Ixjwry William, surveyorof the port, dwelling King George 

street, near the circus— o t 
Lowry Samuel, Pratt street, near Market space 
Lowry Jolin, 32 Albemarle street— o t 
Lowry Jean, widow, Forrest, near Montgomery street— ^^ 
Lubcrg John, ship carpenter, 99 Ann street— jp 
Lucas Fielding jr. bookseller & stationer, 138 Baltimore 

liucas Peter, boarding house, 54i Bond street— f p 
Lucas Joshua, carpenter, Ross, near Morris street — wp 
Lucas Sarah, widow, 63 Green street— o t 
Ludden L. hardware store, 244 Baltimore street, corner of 

Liberty— dwelling HoUiday street 
Luley Charles, whitesmith, Saratoga street, corner of La- 

rew's alley 
Lulcy Margaret, midwife, Larew's alley, near Saratoga st. 
Lusby Jolin, teacher, Union, near French street— o t 
Lusby Hannah, widow. Liberty, near Pitt street — o t 
Lusby William, merchant tailor, 9 South street— dwel- 
ling N. Calvert street, near the mechanics' bank 
Lynch and Craft, paint store, 15 Cheapside 
Lvnch Bernard, ship joiner, 64 Ann street— /p 
Lynch John, silversmith, corner of Franklin street and 

Strawberry alley 
Lynch Patrick,' labourer, Happy alley, near Fleet st.— / p 
Lynch Anthony, carpenter. Mulberry, near Howard street 
Lvon Andrew, carpenter. Sharp, near Hill street 
Lyon William, blacksmith, 24 Pratt street— dwelling 57 

Sharp street 
Lyon James, Forrest, near Montgomery street— /A 
Lyons Bartholomew, cordwainer, Goodman street— fh 
LytoB Thomas, over 7 Calvert street 
Lyttle &. Hutchins, vendue and commission merchants, cor-' 

ner of Second and Frederick streets 


Mactier Mrs. Frances, 15 St. Pauls lane 


Mackinheimer John, 42 Bridge street — o t 
Mackinheimer Nicholas, butcher, 16 Waggon alley 
Mackall Richard, Paca, near Franklin street— rt; p 
Mackreery Letitia, Eutaw near Fayette street 
Mackenzie Colin, physician, 12 N. Gay street 
Mackenzie George, saddler, 21 Water street 
Mackenzie Elizabeth, widow, 64 W. Pratt street 
Mackey Michael, grocer, 76 South street 
Mackey Robert, mariner, 59 Ann street—/ p 
Mackey John,jun. &Co. lumber merchants. Light street 

Mackey James, silver plater, 23 Comet street — o t 
Mackubbin AVilliam, tailor, 80 Argyle alley—/ p 
Macdonald & Ridgely, merchants, corner of S. Howard 

and Baltimore streets—dwelling Hanover street 
Mace Thomas, pump maker, Aigyle alley—/ p 
Madschaesky John, baker, 3/6 Market street—/ p 
Magee Patrick, pedlar, Ross, near Morris street— tc p 
Madeara William, baker, 105 Bond street—/ p 
Magry Vincent, cigar maker, 111 Bond street—/ p 
Maguire John, grocer, 55 S. Frederick street 
Maguire Thomas, clerk, Morris street, near the Semina- 
ry — w p 
Maguire Hugh, teacher, St. Paul's lane, dwelling 50 Caro- 
line street—/ p 
Maggs Jane, widow, 23 N. Gay street 
Maglenen Jamet«, soap and candle manufactory, 86 S. 

Charles street 
Magruder Richard B. attorney and counsellor at law, of- 
fice next door to the post office— dwelling Good- 
man near Lee street 
Maher Martin F. merchant, 4 Spear's wharf 
Maher Samuel, cooper, 50 N. Liberty street 
Mahaney John, bricklayer, Petticoat al ley —/p 
Major Arthur, grocer, King George street, next Harford 

run—* t 
Male Free School, Lancastrian plan, N. Calvert street 

near the pantheon 
Mallet Francis, dancing master, 24 S, Charles street 
Malloy Patrick, keeper of a livery stable, Lancaster st."/p 


Malloy William, grocer, 54\Vilk street—/ p 

Malloj Catherine, widow, Welcome alley, near Conway 

Malonee John, dry goods store, 4 N. Howard street 

Walony James, carpenter, 54 Market street---/ p 

Mangee Samuel, 46 S. Charles street 

Mankin Isaiah, merchant, 67 Smith's wharf— dwelling 48, 
N. Charles street 

Mankin Jane, widow, M'Elderry street— o t 

Manly John, labourer, 25 North street 

Mann Antliony, apothecary, 120 Baltimore street 

Mann Frederick, cordwainer, 43 Bridge street— o t 

Mann Mrs. Patsey, 27 Union street — o t 

Mansen Gabriel, rigger, Happy alley—/ n 

Manson Henry, boarding house, 62 Bond street—/ p 

Mansfield Mary, widow, Ross, near Morris strfet-"«7p 

Manuel Vandura, dealer iii#second hand cloathes, 100 
Bond street—/ p 

Manno Jonathan, 18 N. Liberty street 

Manning Sarah, widow, corner of Ann and AUisanna 
streets—/ p 

Marfalt John, grocer, 109 Sharp street 

Marche John, merchant, corner of S. Frederick and Se- 
cond streets 

March Peregrine, 70 Pitt street"-o t 

Miiich Gale, fancy chair maker, 56 Hanover street 

Marchand Peter, grocer, 3 Rogers alley 

Mai can Thotnas, merchant, 9 Bowley's wharf dwelling 
50 N. Charles street 

Marcho Mrs. cigar manufactory, Eutaw, near Franklin 

Marine Insurance Office, corner of S. Gay and Second 

Moris George, dwelling, 14 N. Charles street 

Marks W illiam, plaisterer and innkeeper, Shakspeare ta- 
vern, corner of East and Lommon streets 

Marr Isabella, boarding house, 20 Chatham street 

Marr Mary, widow, 41 Wolfe street--/" p 

Marstou David, farrier, 82 Harrison street 


Marye Augustus; teacher of music, N. Liberty, near Sara- 
toga street 

Martin John, ornamental sash maker, Morris street near 
the seminary— u; p 

Martin John, coidwainer, 118 N. Ho^vard street 

Martin Luther, attorney and counsellor at law, chief 
judge of the court of oyer and terminer, &c. — dwel- 
ling 9 S. Charles street 

Martin James, merchant, dwelling 80 Pratt street 

Martin James, cabinet maker, lovely lane 

Miutin Jauies & William, grocers, 13 County wharf 

Mciitin William, grocer, dwelling Sharp, near Pratt street 

Martin John, grocer, Lombard street— it? p 

Martin James, sea captain, 9 Wolfe street— /p 

Martin Samuel B. physician, 29 E. AlUsanna streetr--/ p 

Martin George, painter, Pitt street, near Harford run— o t 

Martin John, tailor 27 Harrison street 

Martin Joseph, cordwainer, dwelling St. Paul's lane, near 
Chatham street 

Martin William, carter, Barre, near Charles street 

Martin Ja-Des, book binder, Vulcan alley 

Martin Wiiliam, rigger, 126 Wilk street--//? 

Martindale Ann, widow, King George street opposite the 
circus — t 

Martiacq John, merchant tailor, 3 Hanover street — dwel- 
ling 58 Charles street 

MiVsi- Stephen, d;y goods store, 59 Baltimore street 

Marsh i)enais <k. Co. dry goods store, 3o Baltimore street 

M;i;-sii John, dwelling 20 Fayette street 

Mifshal Eliza, 33 Wilk street— /* p 

Marshall Matthias, boat builder, Duke street, near Harford 
ruii— t 

Marshall Elizabeth, widow, Duke street, near Harford 
run — t 

Mason Richard, coach harness and stirrup plater, 93 N. 
Howard street 

Mason William, grocer, head of EUicott's wharf, near 
Light street 

Mason William, sea captain, 43 Allisanna street— /p 

Mass John, cooper, Mulberry, near Eutasv street— le/ p 


Alatchett George, teacher of a select academy, corner of 

Ann and AlHsanna strtcU—fp 
Matchett Richard J. printer, office corner of S. Gay and 

Water streoAs — dwelling corner of N. Charles 6t Con- 

ewaso streets 
Mathiot George, carpenter, Harford, near Forrest st.— <rf 
Matlack Samuel T. tailor, Lombard, near Howard street 
Matlack John, cordwainer, Lombard street, opposite the 

Quaker meeting house 
Mattocks Edward, cooper, 59 Waggon alley 
Mattocks George, brass founder, 2 N. Liberty street 
Matthews Thomas, carpenter, 97 High street — o t 
Matthews John, morocco manufacturer, 2 Cheapside — 

dw ellinw Baltimore, near Pearl street — w p 
Matthews \\ illiam & Co. merchants, 50 S. Charles street 
Matthews Elizabeth, widow. Queen street— /j» 
Matthews \N illiam, merchant, dwelling Water street, near 

Matthews Joshua, grocer, 17 M'Elderry's wharf 
Matthews Thomas L. cordwainer, 13 Lnion street — o t 
Matthewson John, rope maker. Smith street, near Apple 

alley— /;> 
Mattison Sarah, boarding house, 16 S. Liberty street 
Maulden John, grocer, Camden, near Light street wharf 
Maurer Peter, cordwainer, 105 Camden street 
Maxwell William, distiller, 53 Granby street — o t 
Maxwell Elizabeth, widow. King George street — o t 
Maxwell John, plane maker, Waggon alley 
Maxwell Nathaniel G. bookseller, dwelling Hanover street, 

near the market 
May James, cooper, Cowpen alley, near Eutaw street 
May Jonas, clothier, 2 Pratt street 
Maynard Forster, carpenter, corner of Eutaw street and 

Brandy alley 
Maydwell John, constable, 68 Harrison street 
Maydwell Alexander, innkeeper, 7 Market space 
Mryfield Thomas, machine maker. Mulberry, near Howard 

Mayhew & Burt, wholesale dry goods merchants, 16 S. 

Calvert street 


Mayer & Brantz, merchants, 5 Commerce street 
Mead P. livery, stables horse market, Swan street 
Mechanics^ Bank, N. Calvert, corner of East street 
Medairy Jacob, dwelling Hanover, near Lee street 
Medcalf George, mariner, 27 Lancaster street— / p 
Meed Abraham, carter, 148 Sharp street 
Meek William, bricklayer, Dutch alley, near Eutaw street 
Meeteer Samuel & William, paper manufacturers, 3 Bal- 
timore street 
Meineke C. professor of music, 7& N. Liberty street 
Melter John, grocer, Baltimore, near Paca street — w p 
^Melcher Frederick, mariner, 31 Bond street— ^p 
Mentsell Henry, mariner, 12 E. Allisanna street— ^p 
Mercer Bartholomew, carpenter, King George street — o t 
Mercer W. N. physician, 1 Chatham street 
31ercier P. consul de France, N. Calvert street, next house 

below the city spring 
Merchants Coffee House, 36 South street 
Meredith Benjamin, whitesmith and bellhanger, corner of 

Light and Bank streets 
Meredith Jonathan, counsellor and attorney at law, N. 

Calvert street, next door to New Church street 
Meredith Thomas, merchant, 26 N. Howard street, dwel- 
ling Eutaw street 
Merkle Jacob, innkeeper, corner of Howard and Frank- 
lin streets 
Meritt Jolin, drover, Montgomery street--;/' /i 
Merrett James, dwelling back ol the German Roman ca- 
tholic chappel, North streat— le; n 
Merredue William, mariner, d9 Woite street-^-/ » 
Merryman John, 4 S. Culvert street 
Merrymau Sauiuel, collector, >kc. Stillhouse street — o t 
Metty Charles A. blacksmith, 32 Light street— dwelling 

24 Piimrose alley 
Metzger William, currier, 18 S. Liberty street 
Metzger Daniel, carpenter, Banii, near Bond street—/ p 
Metty Leonard, blacksmith, Caroline, near German st-fp 
Meyer Andrew, Columbia street, near Pratt street bridge 
Mezick Babtist, sea captain, Ann near George, street—/ » 
Mezick Joshua, sea captain, George near Ann"street— / » 


Michael John, Smith, near Bond stteet— / p 
^liddleton Gilbert, Jones street — o t 
Middleton James, physician, 1 .2 N. Gay street 
Middleton Henry, bricklayer, Fleet, near Washington 

street — ■/ p 
Middleton ^ioies, mariner, 19 Shakspeare street — ■/ p 
Middleton & Baker, dry goods merchants, 1 N. Howard 

Midkip William, clerk, dwelling 115 Sharp street 
Milbourn William, ship carpenter, 37 Ann street — •/ p 
Miles Jane, widow. King George street — o t 
Milhaw John, druggist, 3 Baltimore street 
Millard Joseph L. 77 Bond street—/ p 
Millar Horatio S. & Co. dry goods merchants, 129 Balti- 
more street 
Miller Alexander, grocer, 53 Light street 
Miller Andrew, cordwainer. Chamberlain's alley, near Eu- 

taw street 
Miller Charles, clerk. Little York street — o t 
Miller Charles, cooper, dwelling Paca, near Lexington 

street— rr p 
Miller George W. innkeeper, 13 Fish market 
Miller George, blacksmith, corner of Hawk and Warden 

streets near the falls 
Miller John, cordwainer. Sugar alley — -/ h 
Miller George, cordwainer, 72 Happy alley — -f p 
Miller Jacob, turner, 7 Jones street — o t 
Miller widow of John, dry goods store, 2 Market space 
Miller Lewis, blacksmith, 142 High street — dwelling 91 

French street — o t 
Miller Lewis, grocer, 31 Market space 
Millerman George, Aisquith street — o f 
Miller Mary, widow, Ross near M)rris street— u;;» 
Miller Robert, merchant, 186 Baltimore street — dwelling 

Sharp near German street 
Miller Susan, corner of Bridge and Front streets— o t 
Miller William, cordwainer, 70 Cumberland row 
Miller Christopher, lace and fringe manufacturer, 64 S. 

(^liarles street 
Miller John, waterman, corner of Fleet and Wolfe sts.—fp 


Miller Ami, widow, Apple alley, near Lancaster st.— / f 
Miller Mrs. band box maker, Baltimore, near Paca st— w p 
Million Stephen, house joiner, 82 S. Charles street 
Million Joseph, confectioner, 105 N. Howard street 
MillhoUand & Hubbard, block and pump makers, 39 Pitt 

stieet-— / p 
MUes John, merchant, dwelling Queen street, near the 

green tree pump 
Mills George, sea captain, 65 Fleet street—/ p 
Mills Archibald S. mariner, 52 Happy alley—/ p 
Mills Ezekiel, merchant tailor, U N. Gay street — dwel- 
ling 35 N. Frederick street 
Mills Richard, hatter, 54 Gough street--/ p 
Mills V»'illiam P. merchant tailor, 2 N. Gay street 
Milliron Jacob, Green, near Saratoga street— u' p 
Miltenberger Catherine, widow, Pratt st. near market space 
Milwater Thomas, tailor, corner of Fells street—/ p 
Mince Seth, painter and glay.ier, 55 Liberty street— o t 
Minich Baltzcr, cord'.yainer, 90 High sti'cet-'O t 
Minich 3Iichael,cordwainer, 14 Union street— of 
Miskelly Peter, shoe store, Pratt, near S. Frederick st. 
Mitchell Richard, carpenter, Duke street— o t 
Mitchell Arthur, cooper, 93 French street---^ t 
Mitchell John, merchant, dwelling corner of Pratt and 

Sharp strees 
Mitchell Margaret, boarding house, 16 S. Calvert street 
Mitchell James ^V. dry goods store, 49 Baltimore stieet 
Mitchell Alexander, meichant, fronting Smith's dock and 
adjoining R. Lemraon & Co's. auction store — dwel- 
ling N. Frederick, near Baltimore street 
Mitchell Charles, attorney and counsellor at law, office 21 

S. Frederick street 
Mitchell Francis T. dwelling 85 N. Liberty street 
Mitchell John, clerk in the county court office, King Tam- 
many, near Liberty street 
Mitkiff Sarah, 1 Bank street 

Mix Lewis, distiller of domestic spirits, 25 High street-o t 
Moale Samuel, attorney and counsellor at law, dwelling 

7 N. Gay street— office 7 Chatham street 
Moale Ellen, widow. 49 W, Pratt street 


Moat James, mariner, 12 Pliilpot street—/ p 

Mock Casper, watclnuan, 51 High street — ot 

Moflit John, grocer, 6 County vharf 

Mohler Peter, brass founder, 26 Harrison street 

Mohler ^ViIliam, currier. Pearl street— Wjj 

Mole Joseph A. grocer, 110 Dugan's wharf 

Morkur William, carpenter, 11 Allisanna street—/ p 

Monnianier Francis, ship joiner, 45, Argyle alley— /^ 

Monmanier Mary, widow, Ann, near Lancaster street-J' p 

Monsarrat David, sea captain, 26 Shakepeare street--/ p 

Montalibor Marten, widow, Eutaw street — w p 

Montaire John, 66a captain, Caroline near Dulany st.—fp 

Monteith I. &R. silversmiths, 222 Baltimore street 

Montgomery John, hackney coachman, N. Calvert street, 

near the pantheon 
Montgomery John, merchant, 45 Plnlpot street—//) 
Mood Philip, grocer, 47 Bridge strcet-"0 t 
Moody Christiana, widow, 38 E. Allisanna street—/ p 
Moody Isaac, cordwainer, Aisquith, near M'EideiTV 

Moore Henry, merchant, dwelling 65 Great York St.— o t 
Moore John, dwelling 65 Great York street"-o t 
Moore Henrv, painter, 16 North street 
Moore John fe. measurer of lumber, sharp near Hill st.—fh 
Moore John, carpenter, Ross, between Eutaw and Morris 

streets— it' p 
Moore Mary, widow, Eutaw street— it p 
Moore Philip, president of the Franklin Bank, and clerk 

of the United States district court — dwelling Market, 

near Smith street---/ p 
Moore Stephen H. collector of the revenue, office 22 

Washington square 
Moore Samuel, merchant, dwelling I3S S. Charles street 
Moore William S. merchant, To South street Rowley's 

wharf— dwelling W, Pratt, near Eutaw street 
More Nathaniel, tailor, 4.> Bond street---/ p 
Moore Athalatius, ship joiner, 14 Pitt street — / p 
Moore John, lumber merchant, dwelling 56 S. Charles 



Moore Thomas, plane maker, S North street 

Moore Theophilus, grocer do do 

Moore Aaron, cordwainer, 35 French street— o t 

Moore & Smith, flour merchants, Franklin street — w f 

Moore George W. inspector ©f flour, Eutaw, near L«i- 

ington street 
Moore Priscilla, widow, Conway, near Sharp street 
Moore James, Happy alley — -j p 

Moore Wm. blacksmith, Smith st. near Apple alley— jf^ 
Moon Richard, sea captain, 20 Philpot street — -J jt 
Mopps Frederick, carter, 8 Green street — -o t 
Mopps Adam, carpenter, Franklin, near Charles street 
Mopps and Downing, house carpenters, N. Calvert street, 

opposite the city spring 
Morgan Edward, clerk, 63 Pitt street—* t 
Morgan Thomas, potter, corner of Green and Pitt streets, 

dwelling 59 Pitt street— ^o t 
Morgan Ann, widow, 34 Wolfe street — -j f 
jNIorgan Joel, fountain stables, King Tammany street 
Morgan Jesse, seive maker, Whiskey alley, near Eutavr 

Morgan Wm. sea captain, 81 Fleet street — -f p 
Morgan John, cooper, GreatYork st. near Harford run — o t 
Morehead Turner, dry goods store, 163 Baitimore street, 

dwelling 3 Barnet street 
Moreheizer Philip, grocer, Franklin, near Howard street 
M')rrell Elisha, grocery, 20 Pratt street 
Moriarty John, conveyancer, office 15 Harrison street 
Mjidecai Isaac, vendue master, dwelling Low street— o t 
Morrin James, dwelling 22 High street— of 
Morris Thomas C. ship joiner, Wolfe, near Ailisanna 

street — -f p 
Morris Jesse, hatter, Tripolet's alley 
M )rriset Joseph, ship carpenter, Wolfe street — fp 
Morrison James, sliip carpenter, Forrest, near Montgo- 
mery street — 'f h 
Morrison John, rigger, 28 Lancaster street — f p 
Mv)rri3on John, mariner, 24 Phil pji street — -f p 
Morrison Peter P. d. veiling 65 'iraiiby atreet — ot 
Morrison Priscilla, widow, 74 Liberty 9,Utti-^o-^ 


Morrison & Smith, grocers, 49 liridge street — u t 
Morrison Joseph, mariner, 45 Market street — -f p 
Morrison James, ship carpenter. Queen street — -f p 
Morrow William, innkeeper, 1 Bond street — fp 
Morrow Jolin, soap and candle manufactory. Fish market 
Morrow William, mariner, Smith, near Bond street — -f j) 
Morsell Esther, widow, Saratoga near North street 
Mortimer John, mariner, M'Efderry street — o i 
Mortimer Robert, constable. Primrose alley 
Mortimer Thomas, carpenter, York, near Forrest street--* 

Mortimer Jas. grocer, corner of Harford & Bridge sts.— o I 
Morton John A. Montgomery sheet— f h 
Morton John, cabinet maker, 102 Bond street — f p 
Morton John A. merchant, dwelling Mulberry street, near 

St. Paul's lane extended 
Mosher James, president of the Mechanics' bank, dwel- 
ling New Cnurch, near Calvert street 
Moss Charles, tailor, 58 Cumberland row 
Mossgrove William, grocer, S6 Philpot street — -f p 
Moss David, innkeeper, 26 Fells street—fj) 
Moszer John, grocer, Forrest st. near the hay scales — o t 
Mott Joshua, merchant, 50 Bridge street — o t 
Mott John, grocer, dwelling Jones street — o t 
Yoti and Taylor, grocery and feed store, corner of North 

and Forrest streets — o't 
Mouat James, mariner, 29 Ann street — f p 
Mountgarrctt Thomas, cooper, 98 8. Calvert street 
Mousnier Laurent, 20 Great York street — u t 
Mull DorotJiy, widow, Eden, near Gough street — -f p 
MuUiall Patrick, cordwainer, Argyle alley—//; 
Mullanphy John N. Charles, near Saratoga street 
MuUer George C. 55 Front stii eet — ot 
Muller Lewis, grocei , 69 Caroline street — -fp 
Muliin Owen, labourer, 48 Gough street — -/ p 
Mullin Mrs. boarding-house, 109 Baltimore street 
MuUikin B. &, U. dry goods store, 179 Baltimore street 
.MuUikin B. D. and II. dry goods store, 154A Baltimore 

MuUikin B. 1). dwelling 44 Chatham street 
Mununcy Thomas, dry goods store, 27 N. Howard 


"Munroe Isaac, printer, and one of the |)roprietors of the 
" Baltimore Patriot" — dwelling Dulany street, near 
Columbia garden 
Munroe Nathan W. paint store, Cheapside 
Mundaj William, circulating library and bookstore, 6B 

N. Howard street, corner of Waggon alley 
Murray Daniel, spinning wheel maker, corner of Balti- 
more and Paca streets — w p 
Murray Matthew, grocery and boarding house, 1 Pitt 

street — 'f p 
Murray Moses, blacksmith, 55 Hight street — o t 
Murray John E. painter and glazier, Mulberry street, near 

the Baltimore college 
Murray Matthew, sheriff of Baltimore county, dwelling 

Bridge, near Forrest street— o t 
Murrier John, tailor, Duke, near Granby street — o t 
Murroe Richmond, cabinet maker, 70 Cumberland row 
Murphy, widow of John, sea captain, 6 AUisanna st. — -f p 
Murphy Isaac, sea captain^ Temple alley — o t 
Murphy Thomas, printer, and one of the proprietors of 

the " American," dwelling Pitt near Front st.— o t 
Mushett Walter, merchant, dwelling Pleasant, near N. 

Calvert street 
Muskett "John, mead, ale & porter hous€, corner of George 

and Market streets — f p 
Myles Zachary, crockery store, 118 N. Howard street 
Myer Jacob, brickmaker, Conway, near Charles street 
Myer Catherine, widow, 7 Union street — o t 
Myers George, china and glass store, 102 Baltimore street 
Myers Godfrey, brassfounder, 20 Second street— dwelling 
17 do * 

Myers Jacob, grocer, 54 Bond street— /p 
Myers Jacob, tobacconist, 55 South street — dwelling N. 

Calvert street, near the city spring 
Myers John, 63 Great York street — ot 
Myers Nicholas, sea captain, 109 Bond street— fp 
Myers Solomon, Mulberry, near North street 
Myers William, 71 Pitt street — o t 
Myers Samuel &, Co. china store, 60 Baltimore street 
Myers William, china store, corner of Howard and Fay- 
ette streets 


Myei s Joseph, tailor, 52 N. Howard street 

Myers Jacob, china store, 51 Baltimore street — dvrellin"; 

HoUidaj street 
Myers Bernard \V. printer, dwelling 50 Front street — o t 
flyers Samuel, grocer, corner of North and Fayette sts. 


M'AUister Charles, brewer, 61 Harrison street 
M'Alister John, Union, near North street — o t 
M'Aiister John, innkeeper, 11 Fish market 
M'Ardle Henry, iron founder, dwelling Whiskey al- 
ley — U' p 
M'Bride Elizabeth, widow, 54 French street — <> t 
M'Blair , merchant, dwellingFranklin, near Charles 

M'Cabe Hugh, cotton weaver, corner of Hanever and 

Camden streets 
M'Cabe John, saddler & harness maker, 181 Baltimore 

M'Caffer John, grocer & distiller, 37 French street— o t 
M'Cann Thomas, grocer, 46 Market space 
M'Carty Alexander, cordwainer, N. Eutaw street 
M'Carty \>'alter, cordwainer, 70 French street — o t 
M'Caughan Davis, plumber, 42 George street— dwelling 

8 Ann streert— /p 
M'Causland James, merchant, 1 M-Elderry's wharf 
M'CausIaod Thomas, innkeeper, 98 Granby street— o t 
M'Causland Marcus, brewery and dwelling, Holliday 

street, opposite the city spring 
M'Clarnin Matthew, carpenter. Great York, neai' Harford 

s-treet — o t 
M'Clasky Arthur, tailor, Fell's street—;/'/? 
M'Clasky William G. tin plate worker, Harford, near 

Forrrest street— o t 
M'Clasky Arthur, fancy store, 47, Bond street— f p 
M'Clean Charles, union tavern, Camden, between Ha* 

nover street and Lij^ht street wharf 
M'Clean John, blacksmith, Patterson street 


M'Clean Archibald, printer, Bank street 
M'Cleaji John, grocer, 35 Conewago street 
M'Clean Charles, plaisterer 9-2 Happy alley—/;? 
M'Clean Elias, block and pump maker, dwelling Duke 

street, near Harford run — o t 
M'Cleaster Patrick, Smith street, near Bond street— /p 
M'Cleaster Henry & John, scow owners and grocers, cor- 
ner of Pratt and Commerce streets 
M'Cleary William, bootmaker, 35 South street 
M'Clella'n Andrew, ladies' shoemaker, corner of Sugar 

alley and Goodman street—/ h 
M'Clellan Maria, teacher, 30 Chatham street 
M'Clellan Jane, widow, corner of Eutaw and Lexington 

streets — iv p 
M'Clenaghan Alexander, labourer, Pitt street, near Har- 
ford run — 1 
M'Clennan Robert, cordwainer, King George street— ot 
M'Cluer William G. corner of Green and Mulberry 

efi-po+a -•" "^ 

M'Clure & Foltz, grocers, 119 Baltimore street 
M'Colley Matthew, carter, 77 French street — o I 
M'Cohn Matthew, chair maker, 45 South street 
M'Comas Josiah, hatter, 15 Potter street — o t 
M'Comas Mary, widow, 36 High street — o t 
M'Comas Mary, widow, 22 Potter street — o t 
M'Comb Solomon, sea captain, 87 Alisanna street— /jo 
M'Conkey James, merchant, dwelling, 56 Camden street 
M'Conkey William, carpenter, Duke street — o t 
M'Conkey John, grocer, corner of Duke and Es^eter 

streets — o t 
M'Counell Elizabeth, boarding house, corner of Frederick 

and Water streets 
M'Conntll Priscilla, widow, 86 Caroline street — 'fp 
M*Cormick John & Son, merchants, Baltimore, near Paca 

street — w p 
M'Cormick James, merchant, dwelling, 43 S. Charles st. 
M'Cormick James, carpenter, M'Elderry's, lane, nearAis* 

quith street — o t 
M'Cormick John, dwelling. Pearl street — w p 
M'Cormick John, drayman, 53 Harrison streel 


WCoyA^*^- cotton and wool card inaiiutactaiers, 249 

Baltimore street 
M'Coy Cassandra, S4 German street 
M'Coy John, cooper, 23 Fayette street 
M-Cristan John, grocer, 59 Market space 
3V1' Crosson Henry, weaver, "Washington street— ?r ^* 
IVI|Cullough James, baker, Harford, near Forrest st.— o / 
M^'CulIough James, feed-store, Franklin street 
MTullough John, plaisterer, Forrest street— o ^ 
M'CuUou^h James, merchant, dwelling, corner of Clwirles 

andlsew Church streets 
M'Curdy John, superintendant of A. &R. M'Kim'g cot- 
ton factory ; dwelling, opposite the factory, French 

street— t 
M'Daniel Alexander, 12 Lancaster street—//) 
M'Dannell James, grocer, corner of Strawberry alley and 

Fleet street — fp 
M'Danield Ellen, widow, 2 Conewago street 
M'Dermott Jane, grocer, corner of Allisanna and Wolfe 

streets — f p 
M'Dermott Hetty, widow, Happy alley, near Bank 

street — -/ p 
M'Donnall Edward, groc»r. County wharf 
M'Donald William & Son, merchants, and office for the 

Philadelpliia land and water line of packets and stages, 

via Frenchtown, 103 Bowley's wharf 
M'Donald William, merchant, dwelling Queen street — o t 
M'Donald Alexander, corner of Ann and Allisanna 

streets — -/;; 
M'Donald James, blacksmith, Water street, near Peters's 

M'Donnel Samuel, cordwaincr, 11 Bond street— fp 
M'Donald Henry, grocer, 52 Bond, corner of l^'incaster 

street — -f p 
M'Donald Hugh, grocer, corner of Bond and Fleet 

streets — -f p 
M'Dowell George, stationer, 86 Baltimore street 
M'Dowell Hamilton, carpenter, Liberty, near Pitt 

street — u t 
M'Dowell Maxwell, physician, 12 Fayette street 


M'Dowell Mrs. Maria, milliner, 3 Baltimore street 
M'Elden Mary, grocer, corner of Bond and Gough streets 

M'Elderry Elizabeth, widow, Aisquith street— o t 

M'EWerrv, John, Aisquith street — o t 

M'Elroj William, grocer corner, of South and Pratt sts. 

M'Fadon & Harris, insurance office, 30 Water street 

M"Fadon John, corner of King George and Stillhouse 

streets — o t 
M'Faden Ann, widow. Green, near North street — ot 
M'Fadon Mary, widow, 42 Pratt street 
M'Fadon Neal, Lumbard street, near the water works 
M'Ferrin John, baker, 5 Second street 
M'Gaffick James, grocer, 45 Wilk street—;/'/? 
M'Gee, Mary, grocery, 32 Philpot street— /p 
M'Gibbon James, portrait& miniature painter. Lovely lane 
M'Gill miss Mary,.93 Hanover street 
M'Ginnis Jolui, innkeeper, Fish market space 
M'Galdrick John, carver and gilder, 40 N. Frederick st. 
M'Gonigal Alexander, weavers' reed maker, 169 High 

street — o t 
M'Gurk John, bricklayer, 90 N. Liberty street 
M'Henry F. D. grocer, 14 County wharf — dwelling Barnet 

near N. Charles street 
M'Henry Dennis, boot and shoe maker, Forrest lane, near 

Conewago street 
M'llvain Sarah, cloathing store, 32 S. Calvert street 
M'Jilton Diniel, shoe store, 225^ Baltimore street 
M'Kay John, grocer, 53 Pitt street — o t 
M'Kay Alice, widow. Bank street — -f p 
M'Kean Elizabeth, widow, 54 S. Charles street 
M'Keen and M'Clellan, china merchantsi 218 Baltimorcst. 
M'iveen John, MClellan's alley 

M "Keldin Joseph, grocer, W. Pratt, near Eutaw street 
M'Keldin Samuel, carter, Dulany street, near Harford run 
*M'K.enzie James, carpenter, 10 G-een street — ot 
M'lCey George, 23 N. Eutaw street 
M'Kerlie Isabella, widow, 13 W. Fleet street—/ jt 
M'Kim Alexander M. C. dwelling corner of South street 

and Lovely lane 


M'Kim Jolin, carpenter, corner of Aisquith and M'Elder 

ry strsets — o t 
M'Kifn John jr. merchant, 108 Baltimore street 
M"Kim Samuel, 29 Baltimore street 
M'Kim Robert & Alexander, cotton and yarn ^vare house.. 

2i22i Baltimore street 
M'Kim Robert, dwelling 90 N. Gay street 
M'Kinnel John, grocer, 22 Lexington street 
M'Kinley Betsey, widow, 1 Bank street 
M'Kinley Thomas, boarding house. Swan st. near Marsli 

M'Kubbin Moses, hairdresser, 1 Dutch alley 
M'Laughlin John, labourer, Gough street— f p 
M'Laughlin Mary, widow, 33 French street— o t 
M'Laughlan Peter, tailor and clothier, corner of Light and 

JShort streets, near Light street wharf 
M'Lellan Andrew, cordwainer, corner of Goodman street 

and Sugar alley 
M'Machin Samuel,' blacksmith, corner of Eutaw and Sa- 

ratogo streets 
M'Manus Owen, dry goods store, corjier of Pratt and 

Charles streets 
M'Masters Jane, milliner, 191 Baltimore street 
M'Mechen William, attorney and counsellor at law, office 

Washington square 
M'Millin Natlianiel, bricklayer, Caroline, near Gough 

street—/ p 
M'Mullin Timothy, grocer, Pratt, near Commerce street 
M'Neill James, grocer, County wharf—/ p 
M'Nier William, carpenter. Potter street—o t 
M'Nier John, tailor, 60 Light street 
]\rNulty John, dwelling N. Calvert, near Mulberry 

street — w p 
M'Pherson Isaac, millstone maker, dwelling 54 Fayette st. 
M-Pherson Eliza, innkeeper, county wharf 
M'Pherson Jonas, 7 Water street, dwelling «ireen »t.--wp 
M'Queen Daniel, carpenter, King George, near Granby 

street--.© t 
M'Quinn William, lumber merchant. Light street wharf- 
dwelling President, near Bridge stieet~-o t 
M'Quillan James, sea captain 119 Wolfe street—/ p 



Nailer George, carpenter, Pearl street — w p 

Nagle Heiirj, brick maker, Washington near Paea ii—wp 

Naghel Francis, sea captain, 11 Fleet street— / p 

NaSi Charles, constable, Lee between Sharp and Howard 

Nasli Ephraim, ship carpenter, Koney alley 
Nattalli Joseph, merchant, 19 Camden street 
A^avy Fard Office, 26 Queen street— f p; Robert T. Spence 

commandant on this station 
Najlor Louisa, fancy store, 89 Bond street—/ p 
Neale John, coach maker, East street, dwelling in the As- 
sembly rooms 
Neal John'G. stone cutter, 33 N. Liberty street 
Neal John, mariner, 38 Strawberry alley— /p 
Neai Rachael, widow, 63 Lexington street 
Neal James G. W. lace weaver, 5 A N. Gay street 
Neale, Wills and Cole, booksellers, stationers and boek- 

binders, 174 Baltimore street 
Neal John, European and India goods warehouse, 13 S. Cal- 
vert street 
Neill Thomas, block maker, 44 Happy alley— /p 
Needles John, cabinet maker, 54 Hanover street 
Needles Susanna, Sharp near Hanover street 
Needham John, inn keeper, 23 George street— /p 
Needhain Jane, widow, Market street near Alisanna St.— ;^p 
Neilson Hugh, dwelling, 127 Hanover street 
Neilson Rachael, widow, 131 S. Uharles street 
Neilson O. H. exchange auction rooms, 71 water street, cor- 
ner of commerce street, Tuesdays regular days of sale 
liTeilson James C. hardware store, 194 Baltimore street 
Neilson Joseph and Sons, grocers, 118 High street 
Nelson Josepli, merchant, dwelling Mechanics alley— o t 
Nelson Joseph, carter, M'Elderry's street — o t 
Nelson Joseph jr. North corner of Saratoga and H jwani 

Nelson & Bodui-tha, merchants, 87 Bowlej's wharf 

Nelson Elizabeth, Eutaw near Puca street 
Neighbours IIonrv,ship carjienter, Gl Allisanna street— -/p 
Neimver Hannan, carpenter, Howard near Conw.iy street 
Ncnnenger John, professor of music, Courllaiid street near 

the court house 
5^e\vhouse C. anil Ck). sugar refiners, 9 Water street head of 

jS"e\vman Lawson, carpenter, Exeter street— o t 
■Newton Miss Wary, Caroline street— /ja 
sVevvton Anthony, dry good merchant, 73 Baltimore street 
Newton John, carpenter. Potter steet— o t 
New hall P. and E. ladies shoemakers, Lexington street op- 
posite the New market— ?t; p 
iNicoIl David, paver, corner of Bank and Bond streets— fp 
Nichols David, cai-penter. Welcome alley 
Nichols Lewis, rigger, 42 Lancaster street— /p 
^Niclioli AVm. plaisterer, Caroline street-jf^j 
>Nicholl Thomas, bricklayer, Coroline street— ^p 
'Nicholas B, tobacco manufacturer, 20 Baltimore street 
"Nicholson John, broker, 22 Second street 
ijsicholson Christoplier, cordwyiner, corner of Mulberry and 

North Calvert streets 
Nicholson Charles, ship carpenter, 80 Albemarle street 
Nicholson Joseph H. President of the Commercial and Far- 
mers Bank, dwelling 276 Baltimore street 
Nicholson John, mariner, corner of Fleet and Wolfe sts— /p 
Niclmlson f"-Ilizabeth, miliner, 44 Saratoga street 
Nicholson Thomas, Union near Frencii street — o t 
Niies Me'Aekiah, printer and publisher of the Weekly Regis- 
ter, 29 6. Calvert street, dwelling 32 Great York street 
Ninde William, 19 W. Pratt street 

Ninde James, w ;Uch maker and fancy store, 68 Baltimore st, 
Jifoijle Rosvvell, manufacturing machiiiC maker, 88 lli^h 

street— ^0 t 
Noble Alexander, dyer and scourer, 66 South street 
Noble Jane, Kulberry near Eutaw street 
JMoblet Anthony, tailor, 3t S. Calvert stieet 
^oel John, hair dresser, 42 ♦« . H.)ward street 
^orrisN- Had jirooke, liardwaie mercliaut.'i, 229i BiUtimQ^ 
<?tf ect; N. Norria*5} dw elling t'haip stieet 

Not 1 is Tflebei-t N. and Co. dry good mercliants, 61 iBaltimdie. 

Norris Mary, widow, boarding house, 131 hames street—/^ 
Norris Benjamin, carpenter. 16 Union street — o t 
Norris Richard, merchant, 5 Hanover street, opposite GadS' 

by's hotel, dwelling >■. Ciiarles street 
Norris Luke, mariner, 39 George street— /;j 
Norris and Carman, hair dressers, 17 Water street 
Norris Thomas, inerchant, 91 Pratt street 
N )rris Nicholas, shoe store, S7 Baltimore street 
N )rns Harriet, 7 N. Frederick street 

Morris and Martin, tea dealers and OTocer9,66 Baltimore sti 
Norris Robert, dwelling 29 Great York street 
Norris William, jun. merchant, 256 Baltimore street 
Norris William and Co. dry good merchants, 190^ Balti- 
more street ^ 
N.^rth F.dward, carter, 4^ Happy d\\e"—£p 
Norbury George, bricklayer, Forest <rreet 
N )rther<naa George, cordwaiuer, 65 Green street — o t 
N)rtan Jesse, brass founder, 64 Harrison street 
Noi-vell John, printer, and one of the uroprietors of the Bal- 
tiiuore Patriot, dwelling N. Calvert sti-eet near the city 
Nolte Martin, ivory turner, 52 Han-ison street 
Nugent N'^^al, inn keener, S.- Water street 
Nusscur Sebastian, curd 'valuer, S9 Fayette street 
iS usseur Micliael R. carpenter, Mulberry near Eutaw st—^/j'p 


Oats John, boarding, house 58 B'ind street— ^f^ 
O'Brian Mic'iael, waterman, Will: one <Ioor{Vyja\VoIfest—/i» 
O'Connor Catharine, widow. Fells street—/ p 
O'Connor ligwis, brewer, 28 Pitt street — o t 
O'Connor John, physician, 21 Ailisanna street— -/ p 
O'Oonnell Barney, grocer, 39 Water street 
O'Donnell Sarah, Green street near the New Market — w n' 
Oilstone Frederick, stocking weaver, Dulany street ne^ 
Columbia Gardens — o t 


OK<len JonaiI>an, cabinct-m.iker, dwelliijg Vulcan all^y. 
OKeley Jolin, merchant, 55 Smith's wliarf, d\vellinj5 G^at 

York street — o t 
Oldlam Jacob, chairniaker, 94 Pratt street 
Oldham John, chair maker, 70 dwelliiiir 40 South street 
Oldham James, saddletree maker, 26 Calvert corner of Bank 

ffliphant Jane, grocer, corner of Pitt and high street — o t 
Oliphant D. W. dwelling corner of Pratt and Hanovci- 

Oliphant John, merchant, dwelling 50 Pratt corner of Hano- 

^er sticot 
Olden Thomas, mariner, 48 Wilk street—-/ p 
Oliver Robert, Gay near Baltimore street 
Onion Elizabeth, 22 North street — u t 
Onion Thomas, painter, 19 Potter street — o t 
Oram John, bricklayer ?-,5 I^exington atreet 
Ouram Leoma, widow, German lane near Hanover ak eet 
U'iveiily Jose jtiiC innkeeper, sign of the Buck, Fiont st— oi^ 
Osgood H. and \\. II. merchants, 8G Bowlej's wharf 
Osborne Alexander^ grocer, corner of Public alley and 

Short street 
Osborne Sarah, Conway near Sharp stieet 
Orr Isabella, widow, corner of Wilk stieet and Strawberry 

alley— ;f p 
Orpfialiiif t'liarity School for Fema/es, North Calvert street 

near tlie city spring ^ 

Otto Nicholas, rigger Fleet street, near Ann street—/ p 
Otto Frederick, 10 North street — o t 
Overfield Martin, distiller Dutch alley near Eutaw street 
Owens Eliza, Strav/heny alley near Wilk street— /ja 
Owen John, physician, 22 Chatham street 
Owens Wm. 100Du;;ans wb.arf 
Owens Kennedy, G8 North Charles street 
Owens James, carpenter, German street—/ p 
Owens John, mcrchant,corner of Paca and Franklin st — wp 
Owens Ncale, dry good merchant, 171 Baltimore street 

dwelling 121 Hanover street 
Gwejis Josepli, dry j^ood store. 63 Baltimore street 



Pampliilion James, ship carpenter Sugar alley—/ p 
Pamplulion Thomas, Marine Hotel, corner Bond and Fell 

streets — -f p 
Pa^e Daniel, ship joiner and grocer, M'EIderry's wharf 
Page James, physician, corner of King George street and 

Still) I on sc street — o t 
Parker Robert, inspector of salt fish, Eutaw near Lombard 

Parke Roger, register of wills, office court house, dwelling 

Liberty street 
Parker W/S. merchant, dwelling 46 Harrison street 
Parker Thomas, merchant, Franklin street, dwelling N.- 

Charles street 
Parker George & James, merchants, 42 Bridge street— o t 
Parker George, silversmith, Ross street — w p 
Parker Peter, innkeeper, 29 Market space 
Parker Thos. L. sea captain, 42 Fleet street— >|/2» 
Parker William, gi-ocer, 42 Bank street — -f p 
Parker & Gray, merchants, 99 Bowley's wharf 
Parker C. tailor, 7 Bridge street — o t 
Parker Samuel, innkeepei-, 104 High street — o f 
Parks Abraham, carter, Petticoat alley, near Wilk street 
Parks Archibald, carter, Eden street — -f p 
Parks Frederick, 59 Bank street—/ p 
Parks Miss Sidney, 33^ Conawago street 
Parks Nathan, grocer, Ann street—/ p 
Parks William, carter, Eden street— /p 
Parks Maubrey, inspector of fish, 37 Green street— ^ t 
Parr David & Co. potters, corner Queen and Granby strcfet 

dwelling 67 Albemarle street — o t 
Partell Benjamin, Harford street — o t 
Parish John, house carpenter, Bath street,^meadow 
Parrott Richard, sailmaker, Lancaster street — / f 
Paritvy John, blacksmith, 70 Happy alley— */ ^J 
Parsons John; ship carpenter, 43 Ahsanna street 
Parsons William, ship builder, corner of Ann & LaocastHj 

streets — / p 



Pastcrficld Caleb, cordwaincr 36 Green strecf — o 
Tassmore. Mrs. boardin**; liouse, 53 Market street 
Patridge James H. 18 Chatham street 
ratri(lj;:;e Job, carpenter, 3 Green street corner of Pifl 

street — o t 
ratapaco Cotton Varehoufie^'So. 140 ^Market street, propri- 
etors Edward Gray & Son. 
Tutapsco Insurance Co. 7 Commerce street 
Patriot Office, ^lunroe and Nor^ell proprietors, 42 South 

Patrick Samuel C. grocer, 22 Chcapside 
Patrick, Mrs. millinery store, 139 Market street 
Patton Mary, widow, Forrest near Bridge street— o t 
Patterson Andrew, merchant, Franklin near Ilowflird street^ 

dwelling 146 N. Howard street — w p 
Patterson John, merchant tailor, 22 South street 
Patterson Nancy, widow, N. Charles near Pleasant street 
Patterson Samuel, tin plate worker, corner of Union & Lovr 

streets— 1 
Patterson Thomas, tailor, 23 Pitt street — o f 
Patterson "Walter, plaistcrer, Aisquith street — o t 
Patterson William & Son, merchants, 20 South street 
Patterson William, dwelling 18 Do. 

Patterson Wra. cooper, Dutch Alley 
Patterson Wm. constable, S. Eutaw near Camden street 
Patterson John, cordwainer, 27 Light street 
Patterson Nathaniel, conlwiuner, corner of Forest & lork 

Patterson William, cabinet-maker, 22 Albemarle st — o 
Patterion Gerrard, mariner, 28, Lancaster street— //; 
Patterson William P. calico printer, Sugar alley — -f k 
Patterson Jane, widow, Green street — o t 
Palmatory John H. tailor, south end of Holliday atreet 
Palmatory i\Jlen, tailor, 4 G. York street — o t 
Palmer iid ward, merchant, dwelling corner of Hanover and 

Barre street 
Pawson John, sea capt. corner G. York and Granby st — o t 
Pawley James, Franklin near Charles street — w p 
Faul Catharine, umbrella xod hM (;«Yer manufeictojy, 4 
"N Ubfrtj §Vi4 


Paul Pet«-,innkecper, County wharf— / p 

Payson Henry, merchant,dweUing Hanover near Baltimore 

Payson Henry and Co. merchants, 15 Bov/ley's \vharf. 
Peacock William, ship carpeutc", 105 Wolf street—/ p 
Peacock Mary,widow, S. Howard street next to the corner 

of Conway street 
Pease Cliristopher, cooper, Cowpen alley, near Howard 

PzaWs Musennu Holliday street 
Pea'.e John, 29 Gougli street—/ p 
Peale Samuel, pilot, 51 Fleet street— / ;j 
Pvian and Co. sugar reiiuers, Paca near Franklin st — w p 
Pearson Roulen, blacksmith, 30 Light street dwelling 82 

Primrose alley. 
Pechin William, one of tlie proT)rietors of the Americfiiv, 

dwelling great York street next door W. of secoiid 

Presbyterian church 
Peck Henry, shoe store, ION. Howard street, dwelling 

27,'-2 Baltimore street 
Peck John S. cuiTier, 63 St. Patrick's Row, dw. Front st. 
Pew, widow 44 N. Charles street 
Peduzi Peter, grocer, 19 Market street — ■/ p 
Peirson Thomas, skindresser. Fish street 
Penfield, widow, S. Eutaw near Lombard street 
Pendergast Patrick, porter cellar, under 92 Market street 
Penniman William, merchant, 9 Spears wharf 
Pennington Edmond, 23 Lombard street 
Pennington Henry, inspector of lime, 74 Green.'st — o t 
Penrice Thomas, sea captain, ll4< Wolf street — f p 
Pentz Henry, butcher, Pitt street extended — o t near Hamp- 

stead street 
Pentz Catharine, widow. Green street — o t 
Perigo Charles, cooper, Paca near Mulberry street — w p 
Peri^o Daniel, ship joiner, 108 Ann street — f p 
Perrigo Joseph, grocer, corner of Bank street and Happy 

alley—/ p 
Perrine Peter, potter, Eden street near Dulany — o t 
Perry Harman, sea captain, W. Wilk street near thebi'idg» 
Perkins Sarah, teacher of a female school, 8 Pitt street — o t 


Perkins Thomas, blacksmith, W. Wilk street near the 

Perkins Thomas, blacksmith. Queen street next to Pratt 

street bridge— o t 
Perkins John, drv-good merchant, 47 Market street 
Perriue Peter, cooper, Bottle alley, near Eutaw street 
Perry Jeremiah, tailor, 28 S. Calvert street 
Perrv Richard, bridle bit maker, Holliday street 
Pell \Villiam. labourer, south end of Hanover street 
Peterkin "William, sea captain. 83 Market street — -f p 
Peters Christian G. tailor. N. Howard street 
Peter? George, dwellin;; 114 N. Howard street 
Peters Mary, widow. George street — ot 
Peter* John, mariner, Shakspearc street — -fp 
Peters William, baker, 46 W. Pratt street 
Peters Daniel, tin plate worker, dwelling 97 Saratoga street 
Peters C. G. merchant tailor, 21 Fayette street 
Peterstn John, manlier, l^ee near Gootl man street 
Petherbridge John C. dentist, 8 Great York street — o t 
Petitt Augustus, millwright, 94 liond street—//? 
Phillips Richard, sign painter and ornamental gilder, 9 Cal- 
vert street 
Phillips Nathaniel, blacksmith, 6 Fleet street— fp 
Phillips Margaret, Eden near Bank niraetr—f p 
Phillips Isaac and Co. merchants, corner of Paca and Fay- 
ette streets, dwelling N. Howard street — iv p 
Piiillips Charles, cordwainer, 26 Lexington street 
Phillips George, cordv.ainer, 31 Market street — f p 
Philli]>s William, merchant, 58 N. Howaid street, dwelling 

Dutch alley 
Phillips James, sea captain, 45 Albemarle street — o t 
Phillips Reuben, waterman, 147 Sharp street 
Phillips AVilliam and Co. merchants, 38 N. Howard street 
Phenix Thomas, 104 Green street — o t 
Pheuix and M-Elderry, grocers, corner of Green and North 

street — o t 
Phelps Gardner, cordwainer, Dulany street, near ColiunU^ 

an Garden 
Pkelps G. turner, 86 N. Gay street 


J^hiladelphia Packets, Mercantile line, agents Howell atx'd. 

Carpenter, 59 Smith's wharf 
Phro^v and Ready, tin jjlate Avorkers, 69 Harrison street 
Pickett George, carpenter, N. Eutftw street 
Pickett John, merchant tailor, 242 Baltimore street 
Pickering Jacob, cordwainer, Whiskey alley near Eutaw 

Pickersgill Mary, maker of ships colours, signals, &c. 60 

Albemarle street — o t 
P; Igeon John, grocer, corner of Liberty and M'Elderry- 

streets — o t 
Pierce Elizabeth, widow, 34 Fell street—/;* 
Pierce John, innkeeper, 4 Market street — f p 
Piet John and Co. hardware store, 2-i6 Baltimore street 
Pike Abraham, tobacconist, dwelling 26 N. Liberty street 
Pike Henry and Co. hardware merchants,^ 21 S. Calvert 

Pilch James, grocer. County wharf— jTj? 
Pilkington Thomas, tailor, 13 Fell street — fp 
Pilgrim Nathaniel, plane maker, Franklin near Howar«l 

street — w p 
Pindell John, coach maker, 29 Green street — o t 
Pindell Richard, constable, 179 Bond street — -f p 
Pindle Charles R. 3 Liberty street — o t 
Pinkney William, attorney and couHsellor at law, 27 N, 

Gay street 
Piper James, counting room head of Frederick street dock 
Pise Louis, portrait painter and teacher of drawing, Vulcan 

Pitts Thomas, cordwainer, Petticoat alley 
Pitt William, dry good store, 16 W. Aliisanna street— /p 
Pitt Richard, sea captain, AVilk between Ann and Wolfe 

Plane George, cabinet maker, 14 Green street — o t 
Placide Paul, cooper, Buchanan's wharf 
Plasted jNIai-y, widow, 3 V>'aggon alley 
Pletenberg Cliristian, grocer, 70 High street — o t 
Pleasants .Tohn P. commission mei-chant, 8 Light street 

wharf, dwelling Pleasant street — w p 
Piiintoa Jamc^s^ sea captaiuj Wolfe near Aliisanna st.— /j» 

Pluck MictiAfcl. distiller, To Front street— o t 
Plumber Joseph W ami Read, Hour Tuerciiants, 21 S, Cal- 
vert street wliarf, dv.cllina; High street — o t 
Poe Thomas, cabinet maker, Aisquith street — u t 
Poo;e James, merchant, d\velliri<j;2G German street 
Pollard Seth, ornamental painter, 13 Potter street — o t 
Pollard Kli/.abeth, 17 High street — o t 
Polk Da\id, weaver, Pitt street near Harford Run — o t 
Pollock Klias, black ball manufacturer, 72 Front street — o t- 
Polland William, mariner, Whiskey alley, near S. Howari 

Pomerov R. W. printing office 12 Light street 
Poncet tjcwis, gold and silversmith, 44 Baltimore street 
Pontier Anthony, perfumer and fancy store, 78 Baltimore" 

Pope Fol';rer, house and sign painter, 47 South street 
Popp Charles, cordv^ainer, 68 ^\'aggon alley 
Popplein and Brothers, merchants, IS N. Hmvard street 
Porter Hichae!, bricklayer, Pratt near S. Howard stieet 
Porter i'lioniAS, rigger, Argyle alloy — j p 
Porter William, dry good merchant, 71 Baltimore street 
Porter Benjamin, waterman, Smith st. near Apple alley — -ff 
Porter John, coo))er, S. Eutaw near Pratt street — iv p 
Potett Jesse, grocer, 64 Baltimore street, dwelling 106 

Green street — o t 
Potee Sutton, Eutaw near Lee st'-eet — vp 
Potter Mai tin, livery stable N. Frederick near Baltimore 

Potter Nathaniel, physician, Gentian lane near Sharp street 
Potts John L. merchant. 1 S. Liberty street 
Poultney Thos. & Sr)ii, hardware store, 162 Market street 

. dwelling St. Pauls lane near Baltimore street 
Powell Margaret, widow. Mulberry street near the College 
Powell George, pilot, last house in Fleet street next to tho 

Power William, plaisterer, 36 Harrison street 
Pdw or James, bncklayer. Pratt near Eutaw street — w p 
Power John, merchant, dwelling corner Green and Saratoga- 
street — w p 

Pauley John, carpenter, 46 S. Howard street 

Paupan Chappare, widow, 42 Gough street — f p 

Pool and Hance, boot makers, 5 Water street head cf 

Poor John H. dwelling N. Charles corner of Pleasant street 
Poor John F. 17:2 IMarket street 
Poor Dudley, merchant, dwelling TO N. Charles street 
Poor and Hastings, auction and coiundssion merchants, cor- 
ner of Charles and Market streets 
Pratt John H. Commercial Press printing office, corner Wa-- 

ter and Commerce streets, uv.eliing South street 
Pratt \Yalter, sea captain, 68 Market street — -f p 
Pre-.itiss and Carter, merchants, 13 Bowley's wliarf 
Presbury George G. 3d, dry good store, 135^ Market street, 

dwelling Chatham street 
Presbury George G. justice of the peace and associate judge 

of the criminal court, 38 N. Gay street 
Presbury Joseph, justice of tlie peace, &c. office 63 Bond 

street, dwelling 19 Wilk street — -f p 
Pressmaii W. dwelling Goodman near Lee street 
Preston Wiiiiam, cooper, 75 N. Howard street 
Prentice Alexander, tailor, Tripolet's alley 
Price Andrew, clerk, Lexington near Pearl street — w p 
Price John H. clerk, 12 Lombard street John, ship carpenter, 17 Pitt street— / p 
Price Israel, merchant, dwelling 18 Bridge street — ot 
P' ice Margaret, widow, Duke street — o t 
P ice Thomas, ship carpenter, 99 fr'leet strtet—f p 
P ce and Watson, lumbf'r merc"rf.»i^#. Buchanan's wharf 
Pi ice William, ship carpenter, iS Pitt street— -f^y ' 
Pr.ce Nathan, blacksmith, f9 Harford street — o t 
Price Hezekiah, lumber merchant, dwellin^^' 83 Front st — ol 
Price Joseph, cooper, 104 K. fioward street 
Piice Nehemiah, mercliant tailor, 3'J8 jfrarket street 

Prince Elizabeth, widow, corner of trreen and Low tts o t 

Priestley fcMward, cabinet maker, feiarket street near the 

Pringle Mark U. merchant, dwelling Eutaw near Fayette 

Prior Joiui, sea captain, U8 ,\ oife &ireet--fp 


Prince Caspar, hatter, 5 Grcro;e street—/;; 

Proctor Marj^aret, widow, l.ibtMty street — o t 

Proctor Willia-.u ami Co. merchfvnts, 10 Fell street— /j9 

Proebsting 'i heodorc C dr}' gooo merchaul, 21 Market 

Prosser !Mary, Avidow, 32 Tiexington street 
Prynr Edward, dyer, 64, N. Gay street 
PiigK Davi<l, dry good store, 20 Lexingion street 
Purviaiice Julin, attorney and coiniseilor at law, S. Gay 

near Second street, dwelling 11 Gay street 
Purviance William Y. stock and exchange broker, ofilce 

35 S.Gay street, dwelling (ieorge street near Circus 
Purviance James, merchant, dwelling Fayette near Eutaw 

Purper Charles, butcher, Bottle rlley near Howard street 
Pus tar Martin, carpeiUcr, 78 N. Liberty street 

Quail IJobei-t, cooper, 10 Public alley 

Quay Thomas, carpenter, Pitt street extended— o t 

Quay "VVilliani, caij;cnter. 56 Ann street--/;; 

Quin Kd ward, auctioneer, 92 I»ond street cor. of AUisanna 

street—;/" p 
Qiiincy Abraham, trimmer and harness maker, 56 N. Gav 

Quigly John, millstone m.aker. dwelling Morris near Ros«< 

street — Zv' p 

■ R 

Raborg Christopher & Son, brass founders, 1 1 Water street 
llaboig Cnristoplier jr. brass founder, dwelling 24 South 

Raborg Lewis, cord wainer, 59 N Liberty street 
Kack Margaret, Madame, 69 Albemarle street — o t 
Jlaeny W illiain, grocer, corner of High and Oreat York 

streets — o t 

Fagoe Clement, 40 A'lisanna street--/ ji 
R;iinsav EUzabeth, widow, Graiiby street — o t 
Ramsay Thomas, hack-coachman, 28 Fleet street—/ p 
Ramsay James, ship chandler, 21 Thames street—/ p 
Ramsay John, tallow chandler, 27 Bond street— ;f p 
Ramsay Joseph, blacksmith, 11 Market stieet—;f p 
Randall John, merchant, 79 Bowley's wharf, dwelling 14 

Cnnewago street 
Randall Sarah, widow, Cyder alley 
Randall Mary, widow, Welcome alley near Sharp street 
Ranicker John, dry good merc'iant, f 15 h Baltimore street 
Rapp Diederick, baker, 26 Market street—/ p 
R>5ea.-it-;al and Boyd, hatters, No. (J4 N. Hosvard street 
Ratien ilichard, German goods store, 50 N.Howard street 
Ratclilfe and ilichards, dry good merchants, 3 N. Howard 

Rausseau Mrs. grocery and liquor store, 79 M'Elderry's 

Rawlings \Vm. tailor, Shakespeare street—/ p ^ 

Ray and Webb, sailmakers, 6 Spears wharf 
Ray Miles, dw. Duke street — o t 
Ray Sanuel, tinplateworker, 100 Green street — o t 
Ray John, hardware merchant 84 Baltimore street 
Raymond Daniel, attorney at law, corner St Pauls lane and 

Chatham street 
Rayburn Thos. merchant, dwelling Mulberry street 
Readel John, porter botler, 23 N. iiay street 
Ream George, sea capt Dulany street near Columbia gardea 
Ream Josiah, carpenter, 30 Fayette street 
Read John, sea capt 74 Cumberland Row 
Reddish Thomas, ship carpenter, 3 W^ills street 
Redding VV m. boarding house, corner of George street and 

county wharf -/ p 
Redding John, carpenter, 48 Jones street — o t 
Redding George, dyer, 8 Bridge street — o t 
]leddingand Davis, carpenters, 82 Harrison street 
ReJ^ave Isaac, grocer, 60 N. Gay street 
Re IdyJohn, carpenter, 42 N. Charles street 
Reed Honer, widow, Ruxton Lane 
Reed Joseoh, carpenter. Rj. end of HoUiday street 


Reed Larkiii, merchaut, 65 S, Calvert street, ilwdling Hig'u 

street — o t 
Reed William F. copperplate printer, 44 North street 
UeedJohn, cabinet maker, 15 Baltimore vt. extended — w p 
Reese Thomas L. grocer, 48 S. Calvert street, dwelling 55 

S. Charles street 
Reese Daniel E- teacher, corner Front and Pitt streets — o t 
Reese John, flour and grocery store, G2 N, Howard street 
Reese Jacob, pil.)t, 67 Ann street— jf"/; 
Reese Henry, inn keeper, Jones street — o t 
Reese Elizabeth, widow. Bond near German street — -f p 
Reese David, grocer, 40 Bridge street — « t 
Reese John, iron and commission merchant, 56 County 

Reese George C. confectioner, 63 Bond street — -f p 
Reeves William, sea captain, 17 Fleet street— ^jfp 
Reeves John, sea captain, Fountain near Fleet street—//? 
Regnier Ciiarles L. hair dre-ser, 18 N. Gay street 
Reinhart Daniel, carpenter, Aisquith street— o t 
Reigart Puilip, dry good store, 23 Baltimore street 
Reip Henry, tin and japaned ware manufacturer, 188 Bal- 
timore st. c^it 
Reiner John, grocer, corner Howard and Conway streets 
Reiten William L. baker, 23 Market street—/^ 
Reigart P.iillip, merchant, dwelling 30 N. Frederick street 
Reis Edmund J. clergyman, dwelling Aisquith neai- M'EK 

derry street— o t 
Renauil Margaret, widow, 52 S. Charles street 
Renous John, uoat builder, 22 Philpot street—/ p 
Repold Mrs. Martha, widow, 68 W. Pratt street 
Reticker Adam, grocer, 7 Alisanna street---/^ 
Reticker Jacob, grocery and dry good store, l-orest street 
Rey t!^mily, widow. 34 Saratoga street 
Reynell Richard, gunsmith, 35 Water street 
Reynolds Samuel, grocery, Franklin near Howard street 
Reynolds Cdlin, cordwainer, 56 Fleet street— / p 
Reynolds William, grocer, 2-2 Green street— o t 
Reynolds Isaac, merchant, 2d6 Baltimore street, dwelling 

corner Green and German streets — w p 
Jlhoads ^agliariah, sea capt. i^4 (iueen street--/ p 


Ric A Miithia.?, sea capt. 45 Albemarle street— o t 

Ricaud Thomas, P. fancy dry good store and millenery lOu 

Baltimore street 
Riciiards Reverend Lewis, pastor 1st baptist church, 10 

Pitt street— t 
Richards John C. dry g;ood merchant, 205 Baltimore street 
Richards Dutton, blacksmith, 50 Grauby street— o t 
Richards Timothy, curl hair manufactory and matras maker, 

150 High street — o t 
Richards Paul, confectioner. Bond street—/ p 
Richardson Robert R. justice peace, corner Lexington and 

Eutaw streets 
Richardson Nathan, painter, 41 Water dwelling 70 Ham- 
son street 
Richardson Jabez, plumber, 81 .M'Eldery's wharf 
Richardson Daniel, carpenter HoUiday st. near foot bridge 
Richardson John, currier, dwelling, 23 North street 
Richardson Wm. H. millright, 71 Granby street— o t 
Richardson James, mariner Queen street—/ p , 

Richardson Mary, v/idow, 15 Bridge street— of 
Ric'iardson Edward, Conwaj^ street — 'v p 
Richardson James, measurer of salt, German near Boiul 

street— /p 
Richstein John, carpenter, back of 47 S. Liberty street 
Rice Edward, inn keeper. Bond street--//; 
Richter Joseph, Brandv alley, near Howard street 
Ricketts Lovering, cabinet maker, 68 French street — o t 
Ricke;/ William, bricklayer, M*Elderry-s lane 
Rider Charlotte, widow, 30 Wilke street—/ p 
Ridge way William, tailor and clothier, corner of Market 

Space and Water street 
Ridgely Greeabury, merchant, dwelling 58 Pitt st. — o t 
Ridgely Lott, merchant, 143 Baltimore corner Light street, 

dwelling 15 Baltimore street 
Ridgely Nicholas, tobacco inspectpr^ 30 Philpot street— /p 
Ridgely Njah, 55 Hanover street 

Ridgely Gv and T. dry good store, 9 Baltimore street, dwel- 
ling Pitt street — o t 
Ridgely Greenbary, jun. merchant, dwelling 58 Pitt st— o f 
Ridgely Eliza,^ widow, seamstres-i, 14 North street 


Riv,by James I. tailor, 41 Bond street-^'/? 
iiighy Robert, carpenter, King Gcoi tre street— & t 
Ri';t)en J()}in K. Iiaiilw ire store, 226 Baltimore htreet 
Ki'jden H'iliiam, randle manvtfactory. ColiiniLia street— ot 
Ui.i(i;,en R:;chael, fancy dry good store. 77 Hanover f-trcet 
I'iggs Eliylia, waterman, Haj)pey allev near Gough ^i.—fp 
Ui;^<^s G. W. jewellery, hard V. are an<I fancy store, 74 Bal- 
timore street 
Rigop and lieedin?;, dry good merchants, 1 13 Baltimore sf. 
Rigging David, sliij) carpenters Pitt street — f ■) 
Rig^,ing James, sliip carpenter, 99 Alli?anna street — fp 
Riley Adam, laborer, 71 French street — o t 
Riley Fanny, widow, 9 Bond street — f p 
Riley V.'jn. liootnaker, 37 East street 
Rielly Wni. inkeeper, corner Forest & Montgomer}' street 

Rimmer Pefer, rigger, T.ancaster street — f p 

JMngrose James, ship carpenter, S Allisanna street— /p 

liinr^^old Jacob, phj-sician, Camden near Charles street 

Ringgold Catliarine, fancy store, 51 Baltimore street 

Ring Thoma?, sea capt. 2 Queen street—/ p 

ilingtieldJoiin, bricklayer. 77 Wagon alley 

Ripiey & Doming, n^erclaiits, G5 N Gay street 

Riston&. Gi(.tin;;;s, 145 Baltimore street 

Roberts Owen, cordwainer, Apple Alley— /p 

Roberts Win. 3C German street 

Roberts Join , hair Bond street—/^) 

Roljert George, ph'siciau, 61 Camden street 

Roberts Zeb, mercliuut, isSmitli's wharf dwelling Front 

stJ'eet— t 
Rnb Jolin, printer, 102 Cl-arles st. corner of Camden street 
Robinson laiiel, custom house officer, 74 Bond street—/;/ 
Robinson Thomas, sea ca])t. 28 Ann street— /» 
Robinson Wm. grocer, Dugans wharf, dwelling Granby 

street— t 
R.')binson James, Sc Co. drv good mercliants, 79 Baltimore st. 
Robinson .'nseph, printer'^ bookseller. 96 Baltimore stree.t 
Uobinson Win. carpenter. Potfrr street— o t 
Kobins<»n .loseph, brickniaVer, I'anpy allcj:— /^ 
Robinson.Johu, carter 8 Wagon alley 


I^obinsmf Henry, St. Pauls lane neav Post-office 

Fobinson Robert, ship carpeaiter 75 Fleet street— / p 

Robinson Thomas, merchant 42 Chatham street 

Robinson & Taylor, grocers Dugan's wharf 

Robinson Ann, 'widow 140 High street — o t 

Robinson Elizabeth, widow boarding house, 12 Albemarle 

street — o t 
Robinson George, 66 Hanover street 
Robinson John, chairmaker 46 South street 
Robinson James, coaciimaker 44 Bond street---^ p 
Robinson John ship-carpenter, 52 Philpot street — fp 
Robinson Chas. custom house officer, 45 Albermarle st.— o t 
Rbinson Thomas, merchant 42 Cliatham street 
Robertson Peter, & George merchants, 16 & 17 Countywhf. 
Robertson Joseph, ship carpenter, Fountain street—//? 
Robertson Johft, ship carpenter, 21 Lancaster street.— /p 
Robertson John, ship carpenter 26 Lancaster street —;/"p 
Robertson Eve, widow, 36 N. Howafd street 
Robertson Samuel, cooper, 20 N. Howard street 
Robertson Elizabeth, corner of Lombard and Eutaw street 
Robertson George, ship joiner, Eden street near Gaughf 

street—/ p 
Roloson Richard, cordwainer, St Paul's lane 
Roche Alexander, grocery 66 Market sreet — -fp 
Roche John, grocer 17 Allisanna street — f p 
Rockhold Charles, Liberty street — o t 
Rockey Maria, Wolf street near Harford run — ot 
Rock Charles, cordwainer, Tripolets alley 
Roddy Eleanor, widow Moores alley — wp 
Rod olph iSIary, 44 North street 

Rodenma3'^er George, grocer, corner Bridge & Forest sts.-o t 
Roesner Johanna, grocer, 67 Bond street — fp 
Rogge Charles, upholsterer, Water near Gay street 
Rogers Richard, bricklayer, 47 High street — o t 
Rogers Richard, junr. carpenter, 48 High street — o t 
Rogers John, cordwainer, 30 High street— -o t 
Refers! homas, notary public and city collector, dwelling 

56 Pitt street — o f: Notary office"^ Water street comer 

South Gay street. City collector's office above the 

Mayor's office back of 15 South street 
01 2 


prt(v«»r« "^(^nrv. W. nfforn^'r at 1aw,-Paca near /Saratoga 9t» 
'Rti.fTH Jt>' n, .•>;u''e;, 5 * N How aid street 
P. > TsFlislia, grocer, 7 Fast street 
R »gers Thomas, corkcuttcr, 7 Market «Tace 
R'*;fers Patrick K.. pliysic'ian, 15 Market street— /p 
R ■ -ers Jacob, hatter, 29 South street 
Rogers Margaret, \vi low, 107 Camilen street 
Rogrrn Josepli, mariner, Goodman near Hill street— /A; 
Rogers Patrick, cooper, 00 Market space 
R igers James, sliip carpenter, 75 Wolf street — •/ p 
Ro^-er-< John, saJle.- and harness ina'i-*J-, M S >'Jt'i st. 
Il.jhr Andre \v, Uitc'ier, (Joodman street,. foot of—/ ft 
Roney Hannah, ^vidow La-eus al!ev 
Roney William, turner, dwcilin'.' 14 N. Frederick street 
Rouey Patrick, 32 Granhy ftlreet- — o t . 
Rtuej- James, millstone inaVer, 32 Granby street — o i 
llopt John, watchman, 06 Harrison street 
Rook Thomas, carpenter, 4f-- G 'ish sfieet — f p 
Rooker Thcnaas, merehaat. 5 W. Pratt street 
Rose John D. cord-.\'ainer, 1-8 Green street — o t 
• Kose Ke/.en, custom house officer, Qacen near Euta\r 
streets — -f p 
Rose John P. grocer, corner Sniitli street and Apple alley 

Rose Mrs. niillenery store, 164 Baltimore street 

Rose John, rigger, Duke ncarQi^cen street — -f p 

Rossan Dominick, sea captain, Caroline near Dulany street 

Ross John, sea captain, Bank near Bond street — -f p 

Ross Ja:Ties, mariner, 57 Fleet street— ^" p 

Ross William, and Benjamin C. merchant»,Baltiir.orc street 

corner Market space 
Ross David, grocer, 31 I .iberty street — ot 
B.08S, Reuben, grocer, S. W. corner Pratt and South street 
Ross Martha, teacher, sharp near Lee street 
Rothrock Jacob, junr. tinman, '^43 BaIti:nore street , 
Rothrock John, tinner, 7 >. H )ward street 
Rx>termand Wilhelmina, widow, S. end of ^lanover street 
Rourk Peter, grocer, Kolliday c(trner Bath street 
Rowe '"'.li/.aheth, widow, 4 5 ion Ji street--- T n 
Rowe iUcliard, bricklayer, ilarfurd, near forest street-— of 

t?o\ven. ^e'>'">'*'.rnrrier>+er. Potter, T)carT<OTv sf r*'(»t 

Rov, ^V'.n, iroiUiD-iger, dwelling, il ^Litiay street, near 

fhe T'^eatre 
Il"ckle, l*aul, grocer. 258 Baltimore stri?et 
Ruckle, To')a, jijrocer, 195 Baltimore street, dwelling 208- 

Ralti.iiore street 
71 Holpli Harman, warehouseman, 40 Lij^ht street 
liuinoe', Thomas A. tailor, Cowpen Alle.-. rif'ar Sharp st 
Kunney Ro^ert, painter and glazier. Potter near Low 

street — n t 
Rash, Elizabeth, widow, 207 Bond street—/ p 
Rnsseil Gilbrath. bricklayer, S. Eutaw near Pratt street 
K'jssell Ale- andcr .brick maker,ijee near Good wian st — f k 
Riiisell Samuel, sea c:i*"t. Lee nearG> >dmaii street -f h 
Hussell Joseph, tin plate workei-, 92 N. II ) ward street 
Russell ^l^rgarett, widow, Dulany street near Columbia 

Russell ilebecca, widow, 57 N. Liberty street 
Rust Samuel, cordwaiuer, corner ^orth and Bridge 

street — o t 
Rusk, David, jjrocer, Pratt st opposite medical college— ^t'^t 
Rutter Richard, ship carpenter, 69 Wolf street — -f p 
Rutter Mrs. Cassaader, innke-eper. Fish market 
Rval Elizabeth, widow, Dulany street — o t 
Ryan Thomas, cast iron founder, E side of the falls,, near 

the fish market, dwellinsrG. York street — o t 
Rynd Mary Ann, widow, 65 \^ ilk street — -f p 
R ad I'hriston'ier, <rrocer, 17 VV. Fleet street — -f p 
Ryne William, tailor, near 46 Fro»t street — o t 

s • 

Sables John, shin carpenter, east Alisiana street — -f p 

vSal Her Christiana, widow, 77 N(»rtli street 

Saddler Toseph, cordwainer, 21 Lexington street 

Sadtler P .illip B. jeweller, 166 Baitin.ore street 

Sa^arson Gorge, turner, 7 Water street 

Salenave Ttmes, 89 > la, -ford street — o t 

Sallej i'atrick^stone maaoujGreen near North street— *—o jf 


bialsburt Oeftr?e,nnaniier.6fi Fleet street— -Tp' 

Saltoiistall N. iiiercl'Utit, 81 Rowley's wharf 
Sau'lcrs Kac'sael . \\icl(iu'. Eutaw street — ic p 
S'anlcrs Josenh, ccjiib maker. !'.ran(iy alley 
Sanders Thomas, Cnrdwainer, North street — -o t 
Saii'le s Sophia, widow, B- id'^e, near Forest street — o i 
Sa.iders Samuel, c'e Ic, 93 Fleet street — -f p 
Sawders Jahez, nia'ijier, ^\'ashiIl<>;ton street — fp 
Saiidtord Joseph, sea captain, Genuan near Bond st---/" p 
Sanderson 'I homas, ])lumber, 41 yVlisana street — -f p 
Santlerson Margarett. widow, Welcome alley 
Sands Be'ijaiuin, bricklayer, 66 N. Liberty street 
Sands John, merchant tailor, 7 South street 
Sands Adriana, widow, Liberty near Pitt street— o t 
Sargent Allen, cordwainer. Liberty street— o t 
Sargeant Martha, widow, S KutaAv near Camden street' 
Sarvary Peter, tobacconist, Franklin near EiTtaw st- -ic p 
Sanerwion Peter, flour merchant, 6 N Howaidst 
Saven Thomas L; and Co. dry goods store, 29 ^ Balti- 
more street 
Savage E!i'/.abeth. widow of Peter, 27 N. Charles street 
Sawner John, carter, S. F'utaw near liombard street— ic'|j 
Ray Henry, dravman, Howard near Camden atreet 
SavreJulni B. 05 Lexington street 
Scanfan James, cooper, corner Pratt and Eutaw street 
Scl>Ucker Peter, sailmaker, 27 Fleet street---;/' p 
Scldeck J()!in G. baker. 5 i^ayette street 
Scharf William, cordwainer, Chamberlain's alley 
Schmidt William L. merchant. Smith's wharf 
Schmidt Jacob, corner Paca and Franklin streets 
Schmeckpejiper John R. 53 Wolf street— /p 
Schnauber George, baker and grocer, S. Charles, corner of 

Pratt street 
Scholtz Jolin', grocer. 39 Wilk street—//; 
Schroedcr Dorithia, confectioner, 151 lia'timnrf^ street 
Schroeder ^lenry and feon, mcrci!ant-,l67 B.ltimo e btreet 
Schroedcr Ucnryjun. dwelling o* >■• Cliarle- st eet 
Schroder Jnliii, bootmaker, 28 Albemarle street— o t 
Scluauder Hannah, 47 Arjryle alley---/" /) 
feJchradcr UcJirvj tailor. Liberty ne-ir Pttt street — ot 


Schroeter Charles, watchmaker, 7 North street 
Scbafer Cliristiaiijeovtlvvainer, S3 S. Liberty street 
Scl:aefter F. G. and Gharle3,bookseUer3, 214 Market street 
Scliaeffer Bt^ltzei-, dwelling 4 N. Frederick street 
Schaeffer Anthony, grocer, 16 Pitt street — -f p 
Schaefter Michael, cordwainer, Cowpe.-i alley i 

Sc'>aefFer Wm. & co. mercf;ants, 34 Baltimore street. 
Scharar George, carpenter, Sharp near Hill street 
Schelly Stephen, cordwainer, 26 Fleet street— ^'js' 
Schultze John, grocer and feed store, Franklin street 
Schultze, John E. C. merchant, 45 S. Gay street, dwelling 

124 Hanover street 
Schultz, Konig & < o. merchants, 248 market street 
Schultz Conrad, Sharp street 

Schwartze F. and A. merchants, 7H Bowley's wharf 
Schwartze Frederick:, merchant, dwelling 68 Hanover st- 
Schwartze Augustus, mercliant, dwelling 78 Hanover st 
Schwatke Augustus, blacksmith, 103 Saratoga street 
Sclnveitzer Jacob, porter, 43 Fayette street 
Schley & Schroeder,dry good merchants, 177 Baltimore st. 
Scobey John, iron furnace, near ^\ hiskey alley and Pratt st 
Scott Ann, boarding house, Ujiion street— o t 
Scott Thomas, Conway near S'arp street 
bcottRositer, grocer, 48 Bridge street — o t 
Scott Joseph, fiour inspector, N. Eutaw near Lexington st 
Scott John, hack owner, S J Saratoga street 
Scott Henry, merchant, dwelling, 64 N. Charles street 
Scott John, attorney at law, 11 Chatham street, dwelling 

St. Paul's lane 
Scott Margaret,- widow, 6 Lexington street 
Scott SisannaM. bonnet maker, Lombard street 
Scott John L. upholsterer, 9 N. Liberty street 
Scott John, rigger, 49 Argyle alley—//; 
Scroggs Ann, widow, 43 Iligh street—- o t 
Segar Stephen, Liberty near French street — o t 
Sedei'bergTruls, Cordwainer, ^? German street 
Seaman Joseph, mariner, 49 Fleet street — •/ p 
Sedon Wiiliam, carpenter, 50 Wagon alley ■, 

Seaver William, merchant, cor.ner Howard aiid Lexington 

streets, dvveiii;i^ Pearl street — tc p 


?i\aver William, rncrchant, D'.itcb allev near Howard street 

Sellers Abraliam, mercliaiit tijilor, 1 1 ». Calvert street 

Sehnan Peter. ric;<;er. 50 .S. Charles street 

Server Henry, sea captain. 30 W. Alisanna i,trcet—~fp 

Setton Robert, currier, 121 High street— o^ 

Sewall & Howard, merchants. 95 Baltimore street 

Sewell Reuben, cordwainer, Mulberry near North street 

Scwell Thomas, cordwainer, AVilk near Wolf street— /p 

Sewall Richard, cordwainer, dwelling 1 East street 

Shane Joseph, &, Co. cil and paint store, 19 Cheapside, 

dwelling corner of Howard and Pratt street 
Shamberg Henry, grocer, 31 South Liberty street 
Shanley .Tames, teacher, dwelling 87 bharp street 
Sliatfer Frederick, brushmakcr, 39 Gough street— //> 
Shaffer Jacob, shopkeeper, 17 Fells street — fp 
Shaffer James, boatbuilder, 4 Fleet street — -J'p 
Shark Louisa, Welcome alley, near Conewago street 
Share Joseph, brass founder, 47 George street, dwelling 

Anne near Fleet street— /p 
Sharp Andrew, cooper, Dutch alley 
Sharkey Anthony, gi-ocer, 42 Lexing-ton street 
Sliutt Augustine, sugar refiner, Noiih street — ot 
Shaw Catharine, grocer, 117 High street — o t 
Si;aw William, carpeater, Forest street 
Sl:aw John, bricklayer, 53 Petticoat alley — fp 
Shaw & 'liiTany merchants, 2S8 Bealtimore street 
Shaw Alexander, carpenter, IG Tripolets alley 
Shaw Anne, 28 Nortn street 

Sherlock Peter, Pearle near Bath street (meadow) 
Sliell Nicholas, tailor, Caroline near Gough street — -fp 
Slieet Samuel, shoemaker, S. Kutaw near (.'aiiulea street 
Shecler Christian, ceder cooper, 1 1 Bi idge street — o t 
Sheiton Moses, ship carpenter, 41 Allisanna street— /p 
Shroat John, butcher, German street — w p 
S'leppaid T dmas S. mere' a it d,ve!ling 63 Sharp street 
Sli»'p,ard Thiviiias, -43 Fell sticet---;/ p 
Siieijpard & M'Conkey, merchants, 2 Spears wharf 
S;iep|)ard i*hiliii,cordvvainer, sf' hanover street 
Sherwi>;>'| llu;;h, s;a captain, 'i'.l Am n street— ^"p 
Sherwood Piiilip, iliip carpenter, jL»auk near i>oud st— /f 


*hivlel Frances, widow, 47 Saratoga street 
Shields .Tatnes, carter. Welcome alley near Sharp street 
Shields Solomon, coidwainer, 18 Bond stieet— J p 
Shillingsburs; Christoi>her, butcher, Bank street— /p 
Shillingsburg Christopher, butcher, 70 Caroline street— /]» 
Shilling Sarah, widow, Pratt street near Market space 
Shipley Lester, carpenter, South Howard near Couewago 

Shippen ^larv, widow, Wag-i^on alle}', near Howard street 
Shipley Richard A- lumber merchant, dwelling S. Pearl 

stieet— jc' p 
Shii)ley H,ichard, innkeeper, Paca street near Newmarket 
S . ersJolm, laborer, Chainberlain alley 
S jauck William, butcher, l03 French street— o t 
b . )ck Hanah, widow, 8 liuxton lane 
Siioe naker George, brickmaker, Shgirp^South of Lee 

Shoemaker Stephen, White smith, dwelling Bath street 

Shophoif bUizabeth, widow, Happy alley — -fp 
Sh'trp Andrew, cooper, back of 11 N. Howard street 
Shreck Diederick, Bridge near Forest street — o t 
ShrimJohii, cooper, 12 N. Frederick street 
Shrim Wiiliam, stage driver, fhitaw near Lexington street 
Shryock Joliu, pumpmaker, Pitt near Harford street — ;> t 
Shryder Sarah, widow, S. Charles near Conway street 
Shuily Susaiiua, wid;»w, 18 Queen street — -fp 
Shuttleford Lewis, pilot, 91 Ann street — -fp 
Shutt August, sugar refiiiei-, corner Green and North sts. 
Sicklin VViUiain, shingle maker, corner Lee and Hanover 

Siden.itriker Elizabeth, widow, 44 Front street — o t 
»ieinsun John J. grocer, corner Bjnd and T'lames st. — -f jt 
Siege Peter, cooper, 115 N. Hort.ird street 
Si^i;.uond Peter, taiio'", 16 Baiik street 
Sigler Jacob, painter, 11 N. Calvert sb.-eet 
Silvia Francis, segar makei', 17 Lancaster .jtreet — -fp 
Siiukins and Usher, merciiants, 180 Baltiniore sti'eet 
Simkins Eli, dwoiling 26 Light street 

Simmering '*eter, grocery, 99 Camben corner S. Howarii 

Simmons Klearior, widow, Sharp near liCe street 
Sinmons Mat'iew \V. brickmaker. 64 ilanover street 
6 mon Duvid, teacher, dwcjlin;; German near Bond st.—f^ 
S iionsoii Ji»hn,chair)nake,-, .IS Jiight street 
Sunmons Peter, mariner, 67 Wolf street— /^ 
Sinpson John, mariner, 8 Fleet street— /;; 
S uipson Andrew, grocer, corner Gough street and Kappj 

Sinipson vViilter,jijnr. clerk 94 Gratiby street — o t 
.Si!npsi)n John, cari-enter. T7 Pitt -street — o I 
SiMclair Mat' ew, l>Iack.smit^,, North near ■ nion street — o t 
Si'iciair Francis, laborer. 6-2 llapr v aley — f p 
Sinclair Jo!m, grocer, corner ^. P'^reiiencI; and AVater st. 
Sinclair Williiim. <irocer, l^xeter street — u t 
Si ichiir Alexander, sl-ip carpenter, 76 Fleet street— /p 
Sill .lair Jolin.carpentei-. 9b W, Pratt street 
S.;iclair William, ship carpenter, 4'' Hapj*}' alley—'f ^^ 
Sinchiir James, ship car^.enter. 56 Happy alley— ^-y; 
bi'igicton Elizabeth, corner Kast and Nort'i Gay street 
bi iley Alexander, corduainer, Jones street— of 
S.aner, p:iijah R. 2 Water street (Cheapside Hotel) 
Sinner ?^largaret, young ladies academy, 18 Albemarle 

street— -o t 
SInott John, physician, Paca near Franklin street— ir/; 
Sipe Michael, blacksmith, N. Howard street 
feipley 'J'homas, mariner, 29 West Fleet street—//) 
iSitler Jacob, Bri(iu;e near Forest street — o t 
Sitler Mathias, laborer, 51 Jones street — o t 
Skelton John, inkceper, 5 Market Space 
Sxcrret Huth, widow, 42 market street— /p 
Shipper Thomas, carter, 68 Green street— o t 
Skile John, cordwainer, 39 Fayette street 
Skinner Robert, boot tree and last maker, 8 Water street 
.Skinner Jcjlin S. attorney at law, Paca street, near New 

Slade I'jli/.abeth, 5 5 Front street— a t 
Slayter Alexander, cooper, 1 Thames street—//) 
8lavter lieniaiuiiu tailor, rear of 2'o Albemarle street ---f? I 


SlaymakerClorinda, seamstress, 100 Pratt street 
Slemmer Chi-istian, dry goods store, Queen street, near 

Pratt street bridge — o t 
Sleinmentz Michael, watchman, 74 Waggon alley 
Slingluif & Fahnestock, merchants, 50 N. Howard street 
Sloan James, bootmaker, 2 S. Calvert street, dwelling 

Washington square 
Sloan William, Aveaver. French street — o t 
Slocum George, tailor, 66 Front street — o t 
Sly Catharine, widow. 111 French street — o t 
Small Jacob, carpenter, Conway, near Hanover street 
Small John, merchant, Honover street 
Small Richard, tailor, 71 Pratt street 
Small John D. baker, 16 S. Howard street 
Small & Cronmiller, sugar refiners, near Hanover market 
Small Michael, sugar refiner, dwelling 18 Fayette street 
Smallwood Mary, widov, corner ef S. Howard & Cam- 
den streets 
Smick Mary, widow, 49 S. Liberty street 
Smith Charles, grocei-, 24 Pratt street 
Smith Thomas, carter, Barre street 
Smith Alexandrina, dressmaker 34 Hanover street 
Smith Ralph, merchant, 52 N. Charles street 
Smith Samuel, merchant. Water, opposite Commerce street 
Sniith Joab, grocer, 39 Eden street—;/" p 
Smith Mary, widow. Bond street—/ p 
Smith Ephraim, superintendant of pumps, &c- Bond 

street — -f p 
Smith Matthew, sea captain, 32 Gough street--/ p 
Smith William, blacksmith, Argyle alley—/ p 
Smith Jennot, widow, 60 Fleet street—/ p 
Smith Adam, cooper, 14 Market street— ^ j^ 
Smith Basil, ship carpenter, 25 Pitt street—/ J 
Smith Job J. block and pump maker, George, near Ann 

street—/ p 
Smith John, blacksmith, 7 Fells street—/ p 
Smith James, cordwainer, 14 W. x^Uisanna street—/ p 
Smith Daniel, carpenter, 27 W. Fleet street—/ p 
Smith Mary, widow, 107 Salisbury street— o t 
Smith Tohu, baker 76 Eutaw street — w p 


Smith Nicholas,, 51 Bridge street — ot 

Sn.ith Robert, sea captain, 8'J i*itl bfi;;et— 0/ 

Smith John M. carpenter, G4 Green street— '•0 t 

Smith Elizabetli, widow, G9 Waggon alley 

Smith James, ciird\\ ainer, 43 Saratoga struct 

Sniith Dorinan, coojier, 4U Lexington street 

Smith & Buchanan, merchant, dl S. Gay street 

Smith William, ship carpenter, 21 S. Fretierick street 

israith James, physician and United States' agent for vac • 

cination, 6 Chatljaui street 
Bmith Jacob G. 78 N. Charles street 

Smith James P. painter and glazier, 52 Gough street— ;f^ 
Smith Robert, merchant, 80 Howard street 
Smith Mrs. S. boarding house, 81 Baltimore street 
Smith Mattliew, china store, 228 Baltimore street 
Smith George C. D. dwelling 9 S. Gay street 
Smith John, grocer, 14 Pratt street 
fcsmith John & Alexander, grocers, 15 county wharf 
Smith A\ illiam, blacksmith, shop 5 Thames street--;/"// 
Smith Benjamin B. dwelling 28 Shakspeare street—/ p 
Smith Ralph, merchant, 76 Bowley's wharf 
Siaith Thomas, cordwainer, 51 S. Frederick street 
Smith Andrew, painter, Whiskey alley— wjij 
Smith Joseph, tailor, Morris, near Ross street- -u- p 
Smith Henry, Lombard, near Howard street 
Smitli Samuel, do do 

Smitli George, carver and gilder, opposite Christ Church, 

Front street ™o t 
Smith Mary, w idow, 49 S. Liberty street 
Smith James, tailor, 30 S. Charles street 
Smith Robert, cordwainer, 57 S. Charles street 
Siaith George C. dwelling 9 S. Gay street 
Smith Job, dwelling 7 S. Gay street 

Smith Mrs. Mercer boarding house, 24 Washington square 
Smith John &. Alexander, iron merchants, 15 County wharf 
Smith Robert, president of the universal insurance com- 
pany, d. celling 56 \V. Pratt street 
Smith Henry &, Son, opposite the medical college, W. 

Pratt street 
Smith John? caulker, Goodman street, near the commons 


Smith I.arkin. 61 Green street — o t 

Siiiitl! George^ tobacconist, 71 Bridge street, dwelling 56 

Noith street— t 
Smileyl5aac,(lrayman, Aisquith, near M'Elderry st.— o t 
Silvde'r Andrew, 'tinplate worker, 17 S. Liberty street 
Snyder John C. -nliysician, 41 W. Pratt street 
Snyder Lewis, butcher, Happy alley---/ p 
Snyder John, ship chandler, 41 Fell's street—/ p 
Snyder George, tailor, corner of Charles and Saratoga. 

Snyder Charles, blacksmith, corner of Pratt and Eutaw 

streetS"-iD p 
Snyder Peter, N. Calvert street, near the city spring 
Snyder Valentine, brass founder, 148 Baltimore street 
Snyder Jolin, whitesmith, 84 S. Charles street 
Snow Zedekiah, merchant, 73 N. Liberty street 
Snow Elizabeth, widow, 39 Fleet street—/ p 
Snow Isaiah, sea captain, 17 Albemarle street — o t 
Snowden Joseph, clerk, Pearl street— w jj 
Sollars Basil, hatter, 22 Baltimore street 
Boilers John, cordwainer, 49 Bond street—/ p 
Solomon Levi, ironmonger, 112 Baltimore street 
Solomon Samuel, sailmaker, dwelling Duke street— of 
Spalding James, spar maker, 27 AUisanna street---/ p 
Spalding Richard B. merchant, 6N. Howard street 
Spangler Isaac, blacksmith, Fayette, corner of Liberty 

Sparks Absalom, drayman, 77 Harford street— o t 
Spedden Elizabeth, 'widow, corner of Bond and Smith 

street.—/ p 
Speck Ann, widow, Petticoat alley--/ p 
Speck Cornelius, 55 Pitt street— o t 
Spencer Jolia, tailor, 25 Lexington street 
Spencer Catharine, widow. Whiskey alley ' 

Spencer Robert, 96 Pitt street— o t 
Speese Christian, cotton ball factory, 7 Eu taw street 
Spears AViliiam, sea captain, 62 Market street — / p 
Specht Cornelias N. 6 Water street, near Peters's bridge 
tSpencer Elizabeth, widov/, 17 High street — ot 
Spies John P. comb maker. Brandy alley, near Howard st. 


Sprague Charles, carpet manufactory, 20 Granby street — 

dwelling 19 Albemarle street— -o t 
Sprague Henry, painter, Pratt street, near Smith's dock 
Sprigg Thomas, merchant, 88 Dugan's wharf — dwelling cor- 
ner of Pearl and Fayette stroo.ts 
Sprung George, clothier^ 40 S. Calvert street 
Sprole William, bacon store, 24 Market space 
»Spurrier Beale, conveyancer, ofFice S. Gay, near Second 

street — dwelling Green street — o t 
Spurrier W. T. painter and glaz.ier, 24i N. Gay street 
Squires Sophia, nuiliner, 9 Market j<pace 
Stamp and Jenkins, hardware mercliants, 170 Baltimore st. 
Stafford James, cortlwainer, 50 Light street 
Stallings Aquilla, bricklayer, Caroline near Gough st.—fp 
Stall Joseph, cooper, Lexington street near New market 
Standiford "William, grocer, 9G High street — o t 
Stanes John, mariner, 38 Market street—//; 
Stanes Susanna, widow, Happy alley — fp 
Stanley Ann, widow, 23 Allisanna street— f p 
Stanley James, baker, 3 George street — fp 
Stanley Joseph, carpente.-, liarew's alley 
Stansbury Tsicholas, grocer, 3 Bond street — -f p 
Stansbury Thomas, Albemarle street — o t 
Stansbury William, carpenter. Union near French st. — at 
Staii.;buiy William, merchant, 36 Brid};,e street — n t 
Stansbury James, physician, 11 Philpot street — -f p 
Stansbury P. & 1). grocers, 55 Bond street — f p 
Stapleton Joseph K. brush and bellows factory, 159 Bal- 
timore street 
Starr lle/.ekiah, tobacconist, 27 S. Calvert street 
Starr William, carpenter, 31 Green street — o t 
Starr Isaac, teamster, Brandy alley 
Starr Obediah, sawyer, 51 Happy alley — -f p 
St. Victor Aymond B. Dulany street — ■« t 
St. Martin Madame i^ouisa. Welcome alloy 
States Catharine, widow, Montgomery street— -/ /t 
Steel Anne, widow, 27 Hanover street 
Steel Miss Elizabeth, 27 Pitt street— ;/'/> 
Stcever Daniel, jun. coachmaker, corner of Union & North 
streets — o t 


Steever George, coachmaker, corner of Union and North 

streets — o t 
Stever Elizabeth, teacher, 33 Great York street — o t 
Steiger Jacob, Franklin near Green street — iv p 
Steinbeck John C. furrier, 6 N. Liberty street 
Stenson Carpenter, carpenter, 24 Shakespeare street — fp 
Steinforth Jolin, y;rocer, corner of York and Forrest st.— o t 
Sterett Samuel, notary public, office corner of Gay and 

Water streets 
Sterrett Catherine, widow, 33 Lancaster street — fp 
»Sterett James, casiliier of the City bank, corner of Second 

and Gav streets 
Sterrett and Barr, merchants, Paca near Fayette street 
Sterrett David, grocer, 56 Bridge street — o t 
Sterret Benjamin, merchant, dwelling Green near Lexing- 
ton street— K'jj 
Sterlings Eleanor, widow, Caroline street — -f p 
Sterling William, dry goods store, 11 Baltimore street 
Stevens Richard, sea captain, Dulany street near Columbia 

Stevens William, baker, corner of Gough and Eden sts. 
Stevens James L. sea captain, Pratt street, near Market 

Stevens Timotliy, meal seller, Aisquith, near M'Elderry's 

street — o t 
Stephenson Cosmo G. physician, 15 Bridge street — o t 
Stephenson Alexander, cooper, Pratt street near Smith's 

Stevenson George P. merchant, 79 Smith's wliarf 
Stevenson Josiah, tobacco inspector,* Dugan's wharf, dw«I- 

ling 45 Front street — o t 
Stevenson Isaiah, carpenter, Dutch alley 
Stevenson John, deputy sheriff, Mulberry near Green 

street — w p 
Stevenson Samuel, carpenter, S. Eutaw, near Camden 

Stewart Ann, widow. Petticoat alley--;/*/? 
Stewart David, S. Gay, corner of Second street 
Stewart G. H. ftttorney at law, 17 South Gay street— of- 
fice N. Calvert street 


Stewart William, stone catter, Pratt street near Market 

space — dwelling;; Granby street— o t 
Stewart Archibald, mariner, 35 Light street 
Stewart John, glover, 71 N. Liberty street 
Stewart Stejjhen C. blacksmith. Eden, near Bank st.—fp 
Stewart Joh.n M. gunsinith, 28 Liglit street 
Stewart Thomas, cordwainer, Straight lane — o t 
Stewart John, hatter. Public alley 
Stewart James, physician, King George street, next the 1st 

bridge — o t 
Stewart Alexander, lottery office, corner of Baltimore and 

Gay streets 
Stewart John, carpenter, Conway street 
Stewart James, pianoforte maker, St. Paul's lane 
Stewart Rachel, widow, lOConewago street 
Stewart Robert I. stone cutter, dwelling Duke street— o t 
Stewart Jolm, notary public, 44 S. Frederick street 
Stewart John, labourer, Green, near French street— o t 
Stewaii William, physician and health officer, 84 Front 

street— t 
Stuart Richardson, nail factory, corner of Conewago street 

and Vulcan alley 
Stewart Anne. \,i(low, ship chandlery, 5 Fell's street— /p 
Stewart John, grocer, 66 Pratt street 
Stuart Eleanor, widow, 63 Harrison street 
Stickney Heiny, ship chandler, Pratt street, near Market 

Stierly John, baker, N. Eutaw, near Saratoga street 
Sti.V Thomas, innkeer, 22 Fayette street 
Stiles George, dwelling Q-.u-cn, near Granby street — o t 
Sdver Catharine, widow, Jones street — u t 
Stiver John, Welcome alky, near Conway street 
Sii ckerZacheus, cooper, M'Ciure's wharf 
Si»cker Barbara, widow, 47 Bond street---/p 
Stocker Elijah, cooper, 124 N. Hovvard street 

Stokes , ship carpenter. Water street, near Peters 

bridge ' 

Stokes U. & M. Whitcman, milliners, 60 Balto. street 
Stockton ^ Clack, mail stage office, 185 Baltiraoie street 


stone Edward, drayman, 25 Green street— » t 

Stone James jun. &Co. merchants, IDl Baltimore street 

Story Margaret, widow. Still house street— o t 

Storm Peter, coppersmith, dwelling 3 Bank street 

Stoops Sarah, widow, corner of S. Charles & Conway 

Stow Tiiomas, carpenter, 131 Sharp street 
StoulFer Henry, city commissioner, 35 Fayette street 
Stouffer John '& Jocob, merchants, 25 N. Ho vard street 
Stout George. Vjlacksmith, Union, near North street— o t 
Strebock William, coachmaker, S. Liberty, near Lombard 

Stretch Samuel, tailor, 56 Green street — o i 
Strieker John, merchant, 4 Bowley's wharf, dwelling 15 S. 

Charles street 
Strike Nicholas, constable, 17 W.Pratt street 
Strikeland Henry, ship carpenter, Argyle alley 
Strobel John, porter cellar, under Pamphilions hotel, dwel- 
ling 43 Bond street—/ p 
IStruthotf Barney, baker, 39 Green street— o t 
Stubbing Thorn a«, bricklayer, 47 Green street— o t 
Stump Elizabeth, widow. Pleasant street, near N. Cal- 
vert street 
Stump John & Samuel, niercliants, 27 Cheapside 
Stamp Samuel, merchant, dwelling 117 Hanover street 
Stamp John, merchant, dwelling 110 Hanover street 
Suire Joseph, goldsmith, Milk lane— o t 
Suiter Henry, turner 76 Front street— o i 
Sulliva]! John, merchant, dwelling S. Eutaw near Cam- 
den street 
Sullivan Jeremiah & John, flour merchants, Baltimore, 

above Howard street 
Sullivan John, clothing store, 46 S. Calvert street, dwel- 
ling corn'^r of Pratt and Sharp streets 
Sullivan Jame-, carpenter, Duke, near Exeter street— o t 
Summering Mary, widow, 100 Camden street 
Suminerville William, Lee, near Sharp street 
Suninei-ville Ann, widow, 28 Hanover street 
bunaraerville Richard, grocer, 55 Bridge street— p t 


Sumwult Joseph & Philip, brickmakers, corner Dulany and 

Market streets—/ j) 
Sumwalt George, measurer of wood, "Welcome allej 
Summers James, shoe factory, 59 Baltimore street 
Summers Martin, 39 Harrison street 
v^underiantl John, brushmaker, 58 Front street— o t 
Sunderland Daniel, grocer, Holliday street 
.Supper John, baker, 27 AVatcr street 
Suter Jacob, gardner, Goodman street—/ h 
Sutton James, miller, bridge street— o t 
Sutherland J. Sc St. Clair, merchants, 8 S. Calvert street 
Swan Joshua, lumber mercliant, dwelling 14 Green st.—ot 
Swan Susanna, Audow, Forest lane 
Swan M. ^V. & I. merchants, 268 Baltimore street 
Swartz Peter, stage driver, Holliday street, near the foot 

Swarmstcdt James, stevadore, 91 Bond street—/ p 
Sweeny Paul, cabinet maker, 82 Camden street 
Sweeny Hugh, teacher, 37 Saratoga street 
Sweeting Benjamin, bricklayer, Pitt street— o t 
Svveatman Willis, shoemaker, straiglit lane— o t 
Sweetser Samuel, druggist, 144 Baltimore street 
Sweetser T. W. merchant, 67 Bowley's wharf 
Sweetser Seth, boot and shoe maker, corner of Second 

and South streets 
Swejger William, mariner, Shakspeare street—/ p 
Swift &. Dodge, machineists, 64 N. Frederick street 
Swift W. R. merchant, dwelling St. Paul's 'ane 
Sykes John, merchant, 112 High street— o t 
Symmingtou James & Sons, stone cutters, S. Charles st. 

Tacy Peter, waterman, 21 Market street — -f p 

Talbot Jesse, apothecary and druggist, 189 Baltimoi'e 

street, dwelling Sharp street 
Talbot \N illiam, carter, Montgomery street — / h 
Talbot Edward, grocer, 60 Bridge street— <lw«lling Green 

street — o t 


Tiilbot John, taiJor, dwelling 62 north Liberty street 
Talbot Jesse, mineral water establishment, 6 Hanover si. 
Talbot John, merchant tailor, 135 Baltimore street 
Tall Anthony, constable, 71 Bond street—/ p 
Tapiau Vital, French inn or pension franCaise, 4 south Gay 

Tate Thomas, rigger, head of Bond street — -f p 
Taylor Lemuel, merchant, 47 south Gay, dwelling East st. 
Taylor & M'Neal, scow owners, 53 south Gay street 
Taylor William 5c George, merchants, 266 Baltimore st. 

dwelling Eutaw, near Lombard street — iv p 
Taylor James, dwelling 14 High street — o t 
Taylor Levin, pilot, 63 Fleet street — •/ p 
Taylor Elisha, sea captain, 6 Lancaster street — -/ p 
Taylor Manoah, tailor. North near Mulberry street 
Taylor Mary, seamstress, 98 Bond street — -f p 
Taylor Gamaliel, grocer, dwelling Granby street — ot 
Taylor Matthew, baker, 117 High street — o t 
Taylor William, merchant, 8 Bank street, dwelling 20 

Calvert street 
Taylor Benjamin, merchant, dwelling King Tammany st. 
Taylor William, cordwainer, 76 French street — ot 
Taylor John, physician, Pitt street, near the corner of 

Front street — o t 
Taylor Margaret, widow, 7 Lancaster street — -/ p 
Taylor James T. sea captain, 22 Fleet street — ■/ p 
Taylor Samuel, labourer, Eden, near Dulany street-^o^t 
Taylor Ann, widow, Duke, near Granby street — <ot 
Taylor William, baker, 48 Green street — o t 
Taylor John, cordwainer, Union near French street — o t 
Taylor Samuel, sliipcompass and electrical machine maker, 

45 corner of north Howard and Lexingtoi\ streets 
Taylor George, dry goods store, 223 Baltimore street 
Taylor Joseph, merchant, dwelling Lombard street, oppo- 
site the Quaker meeting Imuse 
Taylor Benjamin, hardware store, 216 Baltimore street, 

dwelling German lane 
Taylor Mrs. F. boarding house. 14 south Calvert street 
Teas John, plaisterer, Cowpen alley near Sharp street 
Teat Archibald, blacksmith, 91 Fleet street— / p 


Tebo Peter, im^kceper. 20 Than-iep street — -f p 

Tv'.u) heter, bliip caipcntei. back >if 49 street — -f p 

Ti 'tiiTf'pli Bnltvnore, ofrlce 37 Water street 

Teiiai't 'I', merchant, corner of SDUtli Gay and S«?- 

C'tid >;t.eets opposite tlie cit\ baiik 
Ter.sfififl Zachariaiu grocer, C-t Li. ht >,treet 
Tessaiidier Jnl.n B. teacher of music. Huss street — w p 
Tevis Joshua 6. Co. dry good merchants, 223] i'altimore 
i-treet, dwelling Eiitaw street near the market house 
Tevife Daniel, carpenter. 16 Fayette frreet 
Tharp George, -iher plater, £9 north Gav street 
Thayer Cl.arles, 28 Wilk street^/ p 
Theatre Laltimore, Holliday nearKas^t street 
Theker Vt'alter, painter. Second, neai Gay street 
Thomas Jane Ann, boarding house, 2 Gi-anhy street — o t 
Tliomas John, lumber merchant, dwelling corner of Duke 

and Granby street — o t 
Thomas Bai ton. pilot, 110 Ann street—/ p 
Thomas Robert, pilot, 82 Happy alley--/ p 
Thomas Thomas, mariner, Allisanna street—/ p 
Thomas John, teller of the Bank of Baltimore, 21 Chat- 
ham street 
Thomas L^mbei-t, cabinet maker, 35 Bridge street — dwel- 
ling High street— of 
Thomas Luke, stationer, dwelling New Church street, 

near St. Paul's lane 
Thomas John "SV. merchant, dwelling south Eutaw near 

Lombard street 
T!;omas D. L. & Go's, sugar refinery. North, between High 
and Green streets — o t. — store corner of Pratt ^and 
Commerce streets 
Thomas]). L. dwelling North strect-«-o t 
'I'iioinas & Farrell, lumber merchants, M'Elderry's wharf 
Thomas George, cordwainer, 16 Queen street — f p 
Thomas & Partridge, merchants, 16 Light street wharf 
Thomas William, captain of a Richmontl packet, Goodman, 

near Montgomery street — -/ h 
Thomas Benjamin, merchant tailor, G north Gay street 
Thomas Joseph, turner, 48 north Frederick street, dwel= 
ling 12 Lexington street 


Thomas James, 4 Lexington street 

TKomas Isaac, cooper, Green, neai Baltimore street — wp 

Thomas John, paver, Cider ailev near Eutaw street — w p 

Thomas Martha, wiUow, Vulcan alley 

Thomas Daniel, paper hanger, Caroline, near Dulany 

street — o t 
Tliomas Sterling, chair maker, 17 Comet street — o t 
Thomas Sarah, widow, corner of Green and Low st. — o t 
Tliomas &. Caldcleugh, stationers, 144 Baltimore street 
Thomas Luke, dwelling New Church street 
Tliomas George & Tiiomasj hardware store, 196 Baltimore 

Thomas Philip E. dwelling 196 Baltimore street 
Thomas Gabriel, grocer, 9i Dugans wharf, dwelling 88 N. 

Howard street 
Thompson Nathaniel, ship chandler, 1 1 Thames st. — -f p 
Thompson John, sea captain, 116 Wolfe street—/ p 
Thompson Alexander, sea captain, 26 AUisanna St.— / p 
Thompson Hugh, south Frederick, near Baltimore street — 

dwelling 13 south Gay street 
Thompson William, clock and watch maker, 4 Pratt st. 

between Market space and Pratt street bridge 
Thompson Alexander, carpenter, Eutaw street-— trp 
Thompson John, grocer, corner of north Charles and Bar- 
net streets 
Thompson John, clerk, 61 Albemarle street— o t 
Thompson Alexander, cordwainer. Sharp south of Lee st. 
Tiiompson John, callico glazier, 32 North street 
Thompson Alexander, carpenter. Bottle alley, near Eutaw 

Thompson William, ship carpenter, 34 Lancaster st. — •/ p 
Tiiompson William, bricklayer, 15 Union street — o t 
Thompson Alexander, carpenter, Liberty, near Pitt st. — o t 
Thompson Bernard, cooper, dwelling 44 south Charles st. 
Thornton Seagood, waterman. Star alley, near Wilk 

street — -f p 
Thrift Richard, cooper, M'Clure's wharf 
Thurlow John, marriner, 11 Lancaster street—/ jj 
Tiernau Luke, merchant, 155 Baltimore street — dwellio'^ 

Sharp near German street 


Tiernan M.& Co. merchants, 4 Sharp street 
Til man Jabes, Lancaster near Ann street — -/ p 
Tiiden Marnietluke, boarding house, 39 8outli street 
Tilyard William & Jame-, painters, 6 north Charles st. 
'lilyard Mary, uidow, 8 Saratoga street 
-Tims Benjamin, ship carpenter, 81 Allisanna street — -f jj 
Timon James, dry goods store, 55 north Howard St.— dwcjl- 

ling corner of Madison and Howard streets 
Tinges Charles, clock and watch maker, 9 Great Yoik 

street — t 
Tinker Thomas, cooper, 13 Bridge street — o t 
Tittle Jeremiah, tailor, 40 Green street — o t 
Tittle Samuel do do do 

Todd Samuel, ship carpenter, Happy alley— ^Z" p 
Todd Eliza and Juliet, milliners, 88 N. Howard street 
Todhunter Joseph, dry goods merchant, 199 Baltimore 

Toepken Gerard, grocer, corner of Sharp and Pratt sts. 
Tolle J. F. C. physician, 28 N. Frederick street 
Tolme Colin, blacksmith, 62 South street — dwelling Tri- 

polet's alley 
Tomlins Ann, milliaer, 91 Baltimore street 
Toner Edward, drayman, Aisquith street — o t 
Tool John, sugar retiner, 51 Front street — o t 
'I'ouson Madame, King George st. near Harford run — o t 
Towers Eliza, widow, Tl Albemarle street — o t 
Townsend Jonathan, ship carpenter, Starr alley — fp 
Townsend Elizabeth, widow, 78 AVilk street— //j 
Townsend Joseph, dwelling 18 Baltimore straet 
Towson Obadiah AV. silversmith, East street — dwelling 17 

Pitt street' — o t 
Towson Thomas, stone cutter, New Church st. — dwelling 

Mulberry street, near the college 
Towson Joseph, merchant tailor, dwelling 92 Sharp street 
Towson Philemon, Washington hotel, 4 N. Gay street 
Toy Joseph, brush-maker, dwelling HoUiday street, near 

Finn's baths 
Toy Isaac N. clerk, 57 Front street — o t 
Toy Rev. Joseph, 24 Union street — u t 
Toy Joseph, jun. dwelling HoUiday. street, near M'Caus- 

land's brewery 


Tracj James, collector of city taxes, Bridge, near Forrest 

street — o t 
Travers Jane, widow, 3 Ann street— fp 
Travers Susanna, teacher, 46 High street — o t 
Travers William, mariner, 13 Market street—/^ 
Treaxler & Baker, coopers, 100 N. Howard street 
Trechet Madame, Aisquith street — o t 
Trillish George, painter, 148 Sharp street 
Trimble John, merchant, 7 Spear's wharf — dwelling 8 

Granbj street — o t 
Trimble William, 8 Granby street — o t 
Trimble John, merchant, dwelling 3 Granby street — o t 
Trippe Edward, captain of a steam boat, 81 Harrison st. 
Truclock Lydia, widow, dry goods store, 37 Baltimore st. 
Trump Henry, carpenter, Lombard, near Eutaw street 
Tucker William, corner of Bond & Shapkespeare sts.—fp 
Tucker William, sea captain, 72 AUisanna street.— f p 
Tuder Sulathiel, carter, Eutaw near Franklin street 
Tull Mary, widow, 40 Queen etreet— / p 
Tumbleley Elizabeth, widow, North near Union st. — o t 
Tunnell Isaiah, ship carpenter, 10 AUisanna street—//) 
Tupper Mrs. Mary, 78 Pitt street — o t 
Turner Caleb, ship joiner, Starr alley, between Fleet and 
Wilk streets—//; 

Turner Alexander, 21 Potter street— o t 

Turner Thomas, shop keeper, Gough street— /p 

Turner Joseph, carpenter 90 Sharp street 

Turner Joseph, jun. lumber merchant. Light st. wharf, head 
of the biisin — dwelling 90 Sharp "street 

Turner Tiomas, grocer, Pratt street, Bowley's wharf 

Turner Joshua, grocer, 53 Bridge street — o t 

Tustin Septiraus, coach-maker. East street 

Tustin Samuel, coach-maker, Liberty near Pitt st. — o t 

Tweedall James, steel reed maker (for weavers) 18 Cam- 
den stieet 

Twig Thomas cordwainer, Barre near Hanover street. 

Tyson Isaac & William, flour merchants, Ellicott's wharf- 
dwelling 34 Sharp street, between Lombard and Pratt 

Tyson and Clapp, merchants, 85 Bowley's wharf 



Tyson Isaac, dwelling 52 Sharp street 

Tyson Jesse, merchant, Eilicott's wharf 

Tyson Elisha, 45 Sharp street 

Tyson Nathan, merchant, 62 Hanover street 

Tyson George, Ellicott's wharf— dwelling Lombard, 

Sharp street 
Tyson Jacob, merchant, dwelling 80 Sharp street 
Tyler John, mariner, 65 Ann street— /p 


Uche Monsieur, 37 S. Charles street 

Uhler Erasmus, 47 Hanover street 

Uhler George, currier, 11 Cheapside — dwelling 53 Hanover 

Uhler Philip, saddler, 9 Cheapside — dwelling 27 Pratt 

street — w p 
Lliler Nicholas, potter, Whiskey alley near Eutaw st.—w p 
Uhler Andrew, butcher, corner of S. Howard street and 

Brandy alley 
Underwood John, hatter, 15 Bank street 
Union Bank of Maryland, corner of Charles and Chatham 

Union Manufacturing Company, warehouse 152 Baltimore 

Urie Jeremiah, blacksmith, Patterson street 
Urie James, block and pump maker, corner of Pratt and 

Patterson streets 
Upperman Louis, innkeeper, 11 Market space 
Usher Rachel, widow, Eutaw near Lombard street 


Valleau Henry, coach maker, 6l Saratoga street 
Vallette Charles, wine and liquor store, 64 Baltimore 

Valliant Thomas, cordwainer, Dulany street, near Colum- 
bia gardens — o t 


VaUiant John, cord walner, 104 Green street^-o t 
Valiant George, grocer, S. Howard, between Liberty and 

Pratt street 
Van Beuren James, piano forte maker, corner of Bath and 

Holliday streets 

Van Beuren , fancy store, 10 South Calvert street 

Vanbaum William, plane maker, King George street, near 

the new bridge— o t 
Vanderford Henry, grocer, County wharf—//) 
Vanhorn Fielding, carver 57 Albemarle street — o t 
Vanmeibeke Francis, dwelling King George street, oppo- 
site the circus — o t 
Vansant William, book binder, 93 Harford street — o t 
Vansant Cornelius, cordwainer, Harford street — o t 
Vansant John, grocer, Eutaw, opposite the head of Barre 

street — w p 
Vance John & Thomas, booksellers and stationers, 178 

Baltimore street 
Vance William, plane maker, 8 North Charles street — 

dwelling New Church, near Charles street 
Vance W^illiam &Co. merchants, corner of Frederick and 

Pratt streets 
Vance WilHam, auctioneer, dwelling Aisquith street— o t 
Vaughan Gerrge, Mulberry street, near the college — wp 
Vaughan Charles, merchant, 4 M'Elderry's wharf— dwel- 
ling 71 Granby street — o t 
Veazy James, measurer, 21 Pitt street — fp 
Vesey Edward, sea captain, 16 Thames street — fp 
Veyrier, tin manufacturer, 32 Bond st-eet— /p 
Victor Lvyuis De St. confectioner, 42 Green street — o t 
Victory Daniel, innkeeper, 16 Market street — -f p 
Vickers Joel, merchant, 26 Cheapside, dwelling 92 Granby 

street— t 
Villanet Joseph, tin plate worker, 71 N. Howard street 
Vincent Samuel, office back of 1 Light street — -dwelling 

Front street — o t 
A^inckler Jolin, tailor and clothier, corner of Pratt street 

and Dugan's wharf 
Virnham Edward, mariner, 83 Bond street— ;/*» 
Vize VVilliam, tobacconist, Barre between ""Hanover and 

Sharp streets 


Von Kapft'& Brune, merchants, 22 Commerce street 
Von Kapff B. I. merchant, dwelling S. Charles street 
Volunbrun Madame, cigar manufactory, 35 Harrison st. 


Wabler Nathaniel, blacksmith, Lancaster street — -fp 
Waddell George, manufacturer of cotton goods and giocer, 

corner of Bath and Holliday streets 
Wadlow John, saddler, 122 High street — o t 
Waesche Frederick, merchant, 170 Baltimore street, dwel- 
ling Chatham street 
Wagner Valentine, carter, Larevv's alley 
Wauiner George, blockmaker, 46 Philpot street — fp 
Wagner Cornelius, mariner, 37 Happj alley — J j) 
Waite G. & R. lottery and exchange office, corner of Bal- 
timore street and St. Paul's lane 
Waites Richard, cordwainer, Liberty street — o t 
Wait William \V\ inspector of beef and pork, dwelling 

Aisquith street near M'Elderry street— -o t 
Wait James P. cooper, dwelling do do 
Wall'ord John, mariner, 57 Ann street — -f p 
Walker Catherine, widow, 75 Frencli street — o t 
Walker Peter, labourer, 5 Pearl street (meadow) 
Walker Thomos B. piano forte maker, 3 East street 
Walker Benjamin, grocer, 56 Light street 
Walker Charles, tailor, corner of S. Calvert and Water sts. 
Walker William sailmaker, dwelling back of 46 Light st. 
Walker Thomas, 87 North Howard street 
Walker Alexander, Baltimore near Paca street — w p 
Walker Thomas, innkeeper, 61 Saratoga street 
Walker Matthew, plou^li tj^eagle tavern, 108 N. Howard st. 
Walker Sarah, umbrella ntaker, 193 Baltimore street. 
Walker Samuel P. wholesale dry goods store, 98 Balti- 
more street 
Walker William, turner in general, Little York near Gran- 

by street — o t 
Wall Michael, grocer, 29 Lexington street 
Wall Jacob, carpenter, 18 do. 

AVaJU George, 16 do. 


Wall Rebecca, grocer, corner «f Wilk street and Happy 

alley—/ p 
Wall John, commission merchant, dwelling Holliday street, 

opposite M'Causland's brewery 
Wallace Joseph, merchant, 78 Howard, corner of Sarato- 
ga street 
Wallace Miss Sarah, 55 Albemarle street— o t 

Wallace, Mrs , \\ido\\, Lee, neai- Charles street 

V/allace Ruth, widow, N. Eutaw near Lexington street 
Wallace Thomas, hair dresser, 9 Market street—/ p 
Wallace & Jarrett, dry goods and grocery store, 114 High 

street— t 
Wallace Marv, widow. 10 Fleet street— /i* 
Wallace William, car) enter, Uiiion street — ot 
Wallis John, Jr. merchant, 68 Boulev's wharf 
Wallis William, carpenter, Aisquith street— o t 
Walls William W. physician, Chatham"street 
Walls Samuel, mariner, 38 Lanca -ter street— /;» 
Walsh Robert, New Church street, between St. Paul's 

lane and Calvert street 
Walsh Jacob, Jr. 71 Smith'* wharf, dwelling 40 Albe- 
marle street— t 
Walsh John, lumber merchant, M'CIure's wharf, dwelling 

Mulberry street, i>ear the college 
Walston Peter, bootnalver, Eutaw, near Conway street 
Walter William, tobacoand sega- maaufact^jry, 16 Mar- 
ket space, dwelling S. Hu.vaid street 
Walter Jacob, watch maker, 60 N. lioward street 
Walter John, stone cutter, 53 .Sarata<ia street 
"Walter J. A. carpenter. Pearl, nea-' i3a!ti '^ore s\,-'-io f 
Waiter Philip, meicha-^ 71 -Vatt »t' ert--- 
Walters Benjamin, cordwai <e;', 19 iJ:idge street-— of 
W;iltha:n John, comb sii i^^er. 146 .>;iai-;f street 
Wultham Mary, widow, 89 F'ef-: .-treet--/ p 
Wampler J. L. s jrveyor, oflice nl ?n. Lib*' tv street, dwel- 

lin; Lexington st ee^, 5 dcsO'- from L;:>ert-. streer 
Wanaliig J.».ia,grocer,c rier of G-j^^duian ^' Hi' ,sts.-//t 
Wanderi^r, a Litera ;V M-i^a^in-^, priiited and . 'ibli .3d 
(v.e.iklv) by R. T. Alaxhett, at §4 per aanum— office 
coiner yf S. Gay aad Water streets 


Wane Ralph, butcher, Caroline, near Gough street--^';) 
Wane John Sf Co. printers, office Water, 1 door from South 

Wane John, dwelling King George street — o t 
Waner Susan, widow, 11 Comet street — ot 
Ward Patrick, 44 Green street— o t 

Ward S. attorney and counsellor at law, 27 S. Gay street 
Ward William, sail maker, 77 Apple alley— /p 
Ward Perry, sailmaker, 36 Ann street—/ p 
Ward Thomas, cordwainer, Forrest street, near the hay 

scales — o t 
Ward James, carpenter, Conway, near Sharp street 
Ward James, cabinet maker, Caroline, near Dulany street 
Ward James, teacher, S. Hovvaid, near Camden street 
Warden, Catharine, widow. Bank, near Light street 
Warfied, George F. merchant, 247 Baltimore street 
Warfield Bazil H. sugar refiner, corner of Pearl street & 

Park lane— w /J 
Wai-field ^ Pogue, dry goods merchants, 183 Baltimore 

street / 
Warfield Charles, dry goods merchant, 171 J Baltimore 

street, dwelling 70 N. Liberty street 
Wark Aaron, tailor, North, near Union street — o t 
Wark, Andrew, grocer, 37 Bridge street — o t 
Warner William, printer and bookseller, 37 Baltimore; 

corner of S. Gay street, dwelfiRg44 N. Gay street 
Warner Andrew E. silversmith, 5 N. Gay street 
Warner Thomas, silversmith and city assay er, East street, 

between N. Gay and HoUiday sts. 
Warner Alfred L. druggist, 14 Pratt street 
Warner Ann, 113 Green street — n t 
Warner Coosden, wheelwright, Korth, near Bridge st.ot 
Warner George, Washington street — w p 
Warner Michael, ^ do. do. 

Warmagin, Jeremiah, blacksmith, Stillhouse street — o t 
Warnkee Henry, grocer, corner of AUisanna and Wash- 
ington streets — w p 
Washing: ton Lawrence, porter in the custom house, dwel- 
ling 38 Granby street — n t 
Washington Museum of wax figures and paintings, 48 
Market space 


VVason Thomas, ship carpenter, Fountain street—/ f 

Waterhouse Ann, widow, 70 Hanover street 

Waters Edwin, merchant, 51 County wharf, S. Calvert 

Waters Hezekiah, 33 Pitt street—/ p 
Waters Michael, carpenter, 151 Lee street 
Waters Joseph, coi dwainer, Smith street near Apple al- 
ley — / p 
Waters Stephen, carpenter, Eutaw, near Saratoga street 
Waters Peter, grocer, dwelling, 14 Albemarle street — o t 
Waters Zebu Ion, Saratoga near North street 
Waters & Robertson, merchants, 12 County wharf 
Waters Joseph G. dwelling 65 Sharp street 
W^aters Peter, merchant, 14 Albemarle street — o t 
W^aterson Jane, widow, 60 Hanover street 
Waters R. merchant, 89 Smith's wharf 
Waters Walter, hatter, 41 Bridge street — o t 
Waters Joseph, cordwainer, 82 Green street — o t 
Waters Ann, widow. Bond street, near Columbia garden 
Watkins Tobias, physician, 17 Conewago street 
Watkins James, sea captain, Wolfe street — / p 
W^atkins Thomas, merchant tailor, corner of Baltimore 

and Liberty streets, dwelling S. Liberty street 
Watkins Archibald W. cordwainer, 57 S. Charles street 
Watson Henry, painter, 42 Light street 
W^atson Margaret, grocer. Light street wharf 
Watson Elijah, clerk. Waggon alley, near Howaid street 
Watson Robert, lumber merchant, dwelling New Church 

street, near the court house 
Watts Joseph, grocer, 85 M'Elderry's wharf 
Watts Joseph, sea captain, Wolfe street—/ p 
Watts Dickson, hatter, 95 High street — o t 
Watts Edward, Happy alley—/ p 
Weary William, boat builder, 69 George street — / p 
Weary John, boat builder, George street — / p 
Weary Peter, measurer of wood, 5 Pitt street — / p 
Weatherby Elisha, cooper, Thames, near Bond street — -f p 
Weafer James, grocer, 55 Wilk street—/ p 
Weaver Barnet, grocer, corner of Bank street and Happy 
alley-;/' p 


Wearer Lewis, blacksmith, High street— o t 

Weaver Daniel, grocer, corner of Green and FrankliD 

streets — w p 
Weaver John, cordwainer, Lombard, near S. Howard st. 
Weaver Casper, painter and glazier, Paca, near Franklin 

street — w p 
Weaver Mary, dry goods store, 59 Fells street—/ p 
Weaver John, painter and glazier, 75 Hanover street 
Webber George, carter, 80 Happy alley—/ p 
Webb James, goldsmith, 13 Chatham street 
Webb Mary, widow, 64 Front street — o t 
Webb Henry, labourer, 93 Saratoga street 
Webb Abner, merchant, 251 Baltimore street 
W'ebb W^illiam, hair dresser, 28 Fayette street 
Webster &. Bare, merchants, 15 Light street wharf 
Webster William W. merchant, dwelling York street 
Webster Dorothy, widow, 98 Sliarp street 
Webster Sarah, widow, 66 Lombard street 
W-ebster Elizabeth, Frederick, near Gay street 
Webster Joseph, saddler and harness maker, 52 Bridgr 

street— t 
Webster Hazle, carpenter, 48 S. Howard street 
Wedge Simon, goldsmith and jeweller, lf»0 Baltimore st. 
Weekly Register, office 29 S. Calvert street 
Weeks Benjamin, sea captain, King George street — o t 
Weeks Mary, Tripolet's alley 

Weems Charles, sea captain, Wilk, near Market st — -fp 
Weems George, sea captain, 47 Phil pot street— /j» 
Wcise Augustus, confectioner, 78^ Baltimore street 
Weise Felix, grocer, 66 N. Gay, corner of Harrison street 
Welch Jacob, boot and shoe maker, 103 B«nd street—//* 
Welch Elizabeth, widow, New Church st. near St. Paul's 

Weld(*n Ebenezer, pilot. 57 Alisanna street— /p 
Welftird R. y. hardware merchant, 137 Baltimore street 
Wellmore Robert, Cider alley, between S. Howard and S. 

F^utaw streets 
Weliiiore William, dry goods merchant, 240 Baltimore 

Wells Margaret, widow, 25 S. Charles street 


W^lls Tliomas, W. merchant, 8 W. Pratt street 

Wells Mary, widow, Dutch alley 

Wells Rev. Joshua, next door to the methodist church, 

Wilk street— /2> 
Wells Peter, ship carpenter, 24 E. Alisanua street—/ p 
Welshlager, Jacob, grocer, corner of Wilk and Eden 

streets — •fp 
Welsh Jacob, merchant, 71 Smith's wharf, dwelling 40 

Albemarle street — o t 
Welsh John, lumber merchant, dwelling Mulberry street 

near Baltimore College 
Welsh Peregrine, clerk, Jones street — o t 
Welsh Adam, dealer in leather and hides, corner of Paca 

and Lexington streets 
Welsh INIichael, labourer, 19 Saratoga street 
Welsh Henry, cordwainer 89 Waggon alley 
Welsh James, blacksmith, Lancaster street — -fp 
Welsh James, nailor and rivet maker, Lancaster near Ann 

street— ;f;; 
Welshoffer Henry, carpenter, Mulberry street — w p 
W^endel Michael, brush maker, 1 6 S. Iliberty street 
Wertz Jacob, tin manufacturer, dwelling 34 North street 


West Mary, widow, 208 Bond street— fp 

West William, ship carpenter, Wolfe, near Bank street 

West Thomas, cabinet maker, W. Wilk near Granby 

street — o t 
West Richard, copper refiner. Straight lane— o t 
West Maria Louisa, widow, 15 S. Gay street 
West Nicholas, inn keeper, 65 Albemarle street — o t 
West William, block and pump maker, 75 Pratt street, 

dwelling Little York street— o t 
West Benjamin, carter. Bridge, near East street — o t 
West Samuel, stage driver. Bank, near Light street 
West Job, sea captain, 32 Gough street — fp 
West John, tailor and clothier, 54 Cumberland row 
West Nicholas, 4 Bond street—/^ 
West William, grocer, 120 Hi^h street — o t 
West Sarah, widow 16 Green street o t 


Western Precincts Commissioners office. Mulberry, near 

Eutaw street— ?tJ p 
WestwoodJ. g;rocer, corner ofBiidne <§• Union sts. — ot 
Wetherall AVllliam, dwelling 1 16 Sharp street 
Wethered Levin, dry goods merchant,! j7 Baltimore street 
Weyer Michael, druggist, 40 Baltimore street 
"VVhalen Jonathan, carter, 63 Eutaw street 
Whalen Mary, widow, Duke street — o t 
Whalen George, constable, 65 Petticoat alley— /jj - 
Whane Jersey, widow, Argyle alley—/ p 
Wheeler Augustus, waterman, 62 Harrison street 
AVheeler George, East, near Calvert street 
Wheeler John, dwelling High street — o t 
Wheeler Thomas, carpenter, 108 French street — o t 
Wheeler George, grocer, corner of N. Calvert and Bath 

streets — (meadow) 
Wbeeler Leonard, carpenter, 27 Saratoga street 
Wheeler Isaac, carpenter, Duke street — o t 
Wheeler Ann, widow, Eden street — -fp 
Wheeler Mary, widow. Fleet, near Ann st — -fp 
Whelan Thomas, grocer, dwelling 33 N. Charles street 
Whelan Sarah, widow, 22 Chatham street 
Whitaker Thomas, carpenter, near French street — o i 
Whitaker Isaac, farmer, Chamberlain's alley 
White Benjamin, ship carppnter, 7 George street — f p 
White Joseph, boatbuilder. Coffee house wharf—/ p 
White William, 100 Bond street—/ p 
White George, cooper, 46 Fayette street 
White Julian, widow, 1 Allisanna street — / p 
White Thomas, sea captain, 85 Fleet street/ p 
White John M. sea captain, 51 Allisanna street—/ p 
White Jehu, Petticoat alley—/ p 
White Jane, widow, 62 W. Pratt street 
Wiiite Nicholas, cooper, 94 S. Charles street 
Wliite Stephen, sea captain, 115 Camden street 
White Jaines, cordwainer, Argyle Alley--/ p 
AVliite Peter L. cabinet maker,'62 W. Pratt street 
Wliite Abraham, grocer, dwelling French street— o t 
White A. & Son, grocers, 67 N. Gay street, near Grif- 
fiths bridge 


White & Brand, grocers, 69 N. Gay street 
Wliite Jacob, grocer, dwelling Holliday street 
White C. P. gin distillery, S. end of Holliday street 
White J. C. -& Sons, merchants, East, near Holliday 

White John C. physician, corner of East and Holliday 

White Hannah, widow, Pitt street extended, near Ham- 
stead Hill 
White Margaret, widow, Queen street—/ p 
Wliite William, wheelwright, Exeter street — o t 
White Jonah, ladies shoemaker, 2J N. Howard street 
White & Sewall, dry goods merchants, 234 Baltimore 

White Gideon, dwelling do. do. 

White George, grocer, corner of Wilk & Caroline streets 

White Benjamin, mariner, 92 Bond street—/ p 

Whiteford David, 31 German street 

Whiteford David, constable, 171 High street— o t 

White Margaret, widow. Queen street — o t 

White Thomas, blacksmith, Duke street, near the falls 

o t 
White Thomas, ship carpenter, 75 Fleet street-/ p 
White Joseph P. sea captain, 21 Lancaster street— / o 
Whitelock John, plaisterer &. stoker, Bath st. near the falls 
W'.iitelock Charles, plaisterer, 18 North street 
Whitney Simon, painter & glazier. Bank street 
Whitsou David, blacksmith, 8. Eutaw neas Lee street 
Whittemore, John, printer, dwelling Granb^-- street---o t 
Wichelhousen F, 0. mercha-it, 56 Frederick street 
Wickersha:p. W Uan^. ;.rocer, corner of Bank street and 

Petticoat alley— / 2? 
Wier Margaret, groce. , 78 Pratt street 

^•'^'1 B?'°^'' T '"''^ "•''' '''^^' 2" ^"^^ F'-ederick street 
Wight Wiiliarn J. luni.c- merc^-aut. Light street wharf, 

(hvelhng S. Cuarles, near P.att street 
Wi-htman William, grocer, 49 Bridge street-o t 
Wiley Wilhawi, tailo.-, 57 Market street— /p 
Wiley Ellen, widow, 69 Liberty street— of 


Wiley Ann, wldo^v, Caroline street—/;; 

Wiley Catharine, feed store, Baltimore, near Paca street 

— IV p 

Wiley Jonathan, mariner, Philpot street--/ p 

Wilhelm John, inn keeper, corner of Forrest and North 

streets, at the hay scales— o t 
Wilkerson, William, tailor, 82Wilk street— f p 
Wilkins John, dry goods store, 211 Baltimore street, 

dwelling Light street 
Wilkiiib William & Joseph, dry goods merchants, 165 

Baltimore street, dwelling 24 Light street 
Willard Julius, painter, Goodman, near Montgomery 

Willey Henry, baker, Dulany street — ot 
Willing Josiali, carpenter. Temple alley, near Great 

York street 
Williams Jonathan, carpenter, 22 Lexington street 
Williams Elizabeth, widow. Whiskey alley, near Howard 
street "- 

Williams Baruch, tea merchant and grocer, 85 Baltimore, 

cor»er of South street, dwelling 28 Chatham street 
Willianjs Nathaniel, attorney at law, 18 New Church 

Williams James, dyer, 19 south Charles street 
Williams Nathaniel F. merchant, 14 Bowley's wharf, 

dwelling 62 north Charles street 
Williams Amos A. merchant, 8 Bowley's wharf, dwelling 

north Calvert, near Washington square 
Williams George, 3 Bowley's wharf 
Williams Joseph, cordwainer, 77 Bridge street — o t 
Williams Thomas, shoe stji e, 67 Baltimore street 
Williams William M. ship master, 1 N. Ga^ street 
Williams James, merchant, 43 S. Gay street, dwelling 

Great York street— -o t 
Williams John, cabinet maker, 68 South street, dwelling 

.33 South street 
Williams Jacob, chair maker, Pratt st. near Market space 
Wiil;ain.s C.anberland, merchant, 10 Bonley's wharf 
Wiliiaias Mrs. boarding house, 1G8 Baltimore stieet 
Williams Charles, drayman, lloss street— «' p 


Williams Lewis, grocer, King Tammany, near Liber tj 

Williams John, mariner, 122 Bond street—/ p 
Williams Sally, widow, N. Charles, near Pleasant street 
Williams John, whitesmith, SI Light street 
Williams John, cordwaiiier, 28 High street— o t 
Williams Mrs. Sarah, fancy dry goods store, 1 N. Gay 

Williams George, 54 Green street— o t 
Williams Richard, sea captain, 37 Fleet street—/ p 
Williams Mrs. Green, near Bridge street-~o t 
Williams John, mariner, 7S Wolfe street—/ p 
Williams Samuel, merchant, 67 M^Elderry's wharf, dwel- 
ling 67 Granby street—-© t 
Williams Mrs. midwife, &c. 37 north Howard street 
Williams John, dry goods store, 37 north Howard street 
Williams Abraham R. paper hanyer, North, corner of 

Lexington street 
Williameay John G. carpenter, S. Chai-les, near Pratt st. 
Williamson John, carpenter, vSalisbury street — o t 
AVilliamson Perry, shot manufacturer, dwelling Short 

alley— 10 p 
Williamson George, druggist, 117 Baltimore street 
Wills Francis M. dwelling 17 south Charles street 
Willis I oshua, shipwright, Joseph Byas's wharf— / 2? dwel- 
ling 60 Market street-—/ p 
Willis Cornelius ship carpenter, Ann street/ p 
Willis George, ship carpenter, 60 Market street—/ p 
Willis William, grocery, 69 M'Elderry's wharf 
Willet John, 15 Union street — t 

Will'jughby Charles, currier, dwelling Potter street— «o t 
Wilmer George, plaisterer, Liberty street— t 
Wilmer Benjamin, teacher, 5 Fleet street—/ p 
Wihner Margaret, widow, 77 N. Liberty street . 
Wilmer & Palmer, merchants, 5 Bowley's wharf ' '," . 
Wilmer John W. merchant, dwelling 115 Hanov^i^ street 
Wilson Wilson, cordwainer, Aisquith street — t V 
Wilson William, jun. dwelling Hanover street 
Wilson Thomas, merchant, New Church street, near St. 
Paul's lane 


Wilson John, grocer, 6 Baltimore street 
Wilson Joseph, tailor, Green, near French street — o t 
Wilson James, merchant, dwelling Ilolliday street 
Wilson Gerard, merchant, 50 S. Frederick street 
Wilson Hosea & Co. silversmiths, 94 Baltimore street 
Wilson Thomas, merchant, dwelling New Church street, 

near St. Paul's lane 
Wilson John, merchant, dwelling? S. Eutaw street 
Wilson Miss Sarah, milliner, Pratt street, near Market 

Wilson John, plaisterer, 83 Hanover street 
Wilson Ann Maria, widow 55 Fleet street — -f p 
Wilson William, jun. merchant, dwelling 14 Hanover st. 
Wilson Samuel, cordwainer, French, near Green sts.— o t 
Wilson Nixon, currier, 34 S. Calvert street, dwelling 19 

Pratt street 
Wilson George C. grocer, 47 Pitt street — o t 
Wilson William, carpenter, Goodman, near Charles street 
Wilson Robert, grocer, 45 Bridge street — o t 
Wilson William & Sons, merchants, 105 Baltimore street 
Wilson Robert, millwright. Pearl, near Bath street (mea- 
Wilson Jolin H. grocer, 115 N. Howard street 
Wilson Elizabeth, weaver, 7 Pitt street— / j» 
Wilson James, justice of the peace, 23 Bridge street — o t 
Wilson John 8c Samuel, lumber merchants, office adjoining 

county whaif— / p 
Wilson David, sea captain. Straight lane — o t 
Wilson Hannah, widow, 22 Saratoga, near North &i.~-ic p 
Wilson Catharine, widow, 11 High street — o t 
Wilson John, lumber merchant, dwelling 47 Market st—fp 
Wilson John, ship carpenter, Happy alley—/ p 
Wilson Richard, accountant, 52 Gough street—/ p 
^Vilson George, mariner, Wilk street—/ p 
Wilson George, ship joiner, 221 Ann street—/;? 
Wils/^n Joseph, cabinet maker, 15 Albemarle street — o t 
Wilson Benjamin, merchant, 7 Market street — dwelling 11 

Shakspeare street — / p 
Wilson Robert, millwright, corner of Market and Allisan- 
na streets—/ p 


Wilson John, carpenter, 47 Market street—/ p 
Wilson Heiii-y, rigger, 25 Lancaster street—-/ p 
Wilson Rebecca, "widow, 86 Bond street—/ p 
Wilson David, iron merchant, 16 M-Elderrj's wharf, dwel- 
ling Front street — o t 
Wilson & MuUikin, dry goods merchants, 169 Baltimore 

Wilscjn William, jun. dwelling Hanover street 
Wihnot Joiin, merchant, M'Clure's w'harf 
Wihnot George, dry goods merchant, 245 Baltimore st. 
Wimell George, plaisterer, Liberty street — o t 
Wincliester James F. baker, 59 South street 
Wiacheil William, merchant, 121 N. Howard street 
Winchester & Robinson, Maryland lottery office, 39 South, 

corner of Water street 
Winchester Jacob, carpenter. 51 Albemarle street — o t 
Winchester George, attorney at law, New Church street, 

near St. Paul's lane 
Winchester Sarah, widow, 12 N. Charles street 
Winfield John, 68 S. Charles street 
Wingate George, watch and clock maker, 37 S. Calvert 

W^ingate Ann, widow. Fleet near Washington street— /"p 
Wiiiand Jacob, merchant tailor, 7 S. Calvert street 
Winslow John, blacksmith, 7 Fleet street — / p 
Wineman John, cordwainer. Forest, near Bridije st. — o t 
Winstanley ^X'illiam H. dry goods store, 21 Baltimore st. 
Wintkle Mrs. Elizabeth, union hotel, HoUiday street, next 

door north of the Baltimore theatre 
Winter Henry, blacks.nith, corner of Eutaw and Saratoga 

streetS"-tt' p 
Winwood Thomas, jun. grocer, 13 N. Liberty street 
Wirgman Peter, merchant, dwelling Washington square 
Wirgman Charles &, Peter, merciiants, 53 S. Gay street 
Wi-.e John, cordwaiiie.-, French street— o t 
Wisebach Martin, distiller. North, near Bridge street— o t 
Witts Catharine, widow, 67 Camden street 
Woelper George, batcher, 40 Goorge street—/ p 
Woolf Jacob, baker, corner of Biidge and East sts.— o t 
Wulli' John G. physician, 19 Fayette street 


WoW Jacob, bricklayer, S. Howard, near Conway street 
Woll" Diedrick, carpenter, corner of Conway and How- 
ard (streets 
Wolvcrton John, weaver, M'Elderry's lane, near Aisquith 

street-— w t 
Wolfers Abraham, cutler, Fish market 
Wood John, auctioneer, ciu'ner of Lenimon and East sts. 
Wood Rebecca, widow, 54 Fleet street---/ p 
Wood Henry Hour mercliant, dwellinji; 55 IS. Liberty st. 
"NN'oodrutf Ichabod, blacksmith, 31 High street-"0< 
Woodward Thoma,?, cotton d^'er, 67 S. Frederick street 
Woods Caufil, grocer, 7" Bridge street— o t 
Woods Jephtha, carpenter, dwellinj:; North street— o t 
Woods \Niliiam, Jun. grocer, 33 I3ridge street, dwelling 

High street— o t * 

W^oods Sarah, widow, Dulany street, near Columbia gar- 

dens-"0 t 
Woods John, grocer, 24 Conewago street 
Woods "NMIiiam <y Son, grocers, 31 Baltimore street 
Woods 'N\'iliiam, grocer, dwelling Pratt near 8. Charles st. 
Woodward Abraham, livery stable, 44 N. Liberty street, 

dwelling 12 North street 
Woodwortii Susannah, grocer, S. Eutavr, nfear Camden st. 
Woodyear Edward G. attorney at law, office 9 Cliatham 

street, dwelling 79 High street — o t 
■Woollen Robison, cooper, 56 South street, dwelling 19 

Green street--oii 
■VVoollen James, cooper, Mulberry, near North street — w p 
Woolfe Henry, rigger, Argyle alley—/ p 
Worken Mary, widow, 41 Fayette street 
Working Henry, drover, 71 Saratoga street 
Workinger Jacob, black smith, Lombard near S. Liberty st. 
Workinger Jacob, grocer, corner of S. Liberty and Lom- 
bard streets 
AVorley Joseph, innkeeper, 7 N. Howard street—/ p 
Worrell Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, 14 S. Howard street 
"Worrell Thomas, blacksmith, 4 E. Allisanna st.— /p 
"Worrell Edward Hanson, physician, office 19 Chatham st. 
"Worrell Margaret, widow, Holliday street opposite the 
union hotel 


Worthington Henry, harness maker, 25 Bridge street — o t 
Wortliington Charles, merchant, dwelling N. Charles near 

Franklin street— ic p 
Worthington Abraham, N. Charles, near Pleasant st.-tt'p 
Worthington John G. dry goods merchaiit, 197^ Baltimore 

Worthington Nicholas, merchant, 83 N. Howard street 
Woulds Alice, schoolmistress, 9-iN. Howard street 
Wray John, innkeeper, 28 Baltimore street 
Wright Sf Byrnes, merchants, 11 Spear's wharf 
Wright Thomas II. phyt^iician, 26 S. Charles street 
Wright Abraham, cordwaiuer, Franklin street — w p 
Wright Joseph, cordvvainer, Frar.klin stieet— ft- p 
Wriiiht John, teacher, corner of Fleet and Ann sts.—fp 
Wright Malcolm, tin plate worker, 1 N. Calvert street 
Wulft" John Henry, saddle and harness maker, 11 S. Hom^- 

ard street 
Wyant Peter, hack owner, 30 Hanover street 
Wyant Rev. W. K. parsonage, Great York street 
AVynn Margai'et, v.idow, 44 S. CJharles street 
Wyvill M. merchant tailor, 124 Baltimore street 

Yager Joseph, dwelling 20 North street 
Yandell Elizabeth, Washington mead house, Ann st.—.fp 
Yates & Harrison, merchants, 2, 3 & 4 O'Donnel's wharf 
Yates Thomas, merchant, dwelling corner of Albemarle 

and Duke streets — o t 
Yates John, bricklayer, corner of Wilk and Exeter sts.— o t 
Yates Mary, dry goods store, 5 Great York street — o t 
Yates Ann, milliner, High street — o t 
Yearley Alexander, clerk, Green, near Saratoga street 
Yeizer John, merchant, dv/elling HoUiday street, near 

Finn's baths 
Yeizer Catharine, widow, 23 N. Frederick street 
Yerkes David, measurer of v.'ood. Straight lane — o t 
Yermauo Boyal, dwelling 113 Hanover stxeet 


Younk ^^■ilIialn, carpenter, corner of Charles and Conway 

Younker Francis, chair maker, 4 Baltimore street — duel- 
ling 70 Pitt street — o t 
Young Joseph, Lombard st. near the Quaker meeting Ixouse 
Young Sophia Rosanna, midwife, 103 Camden street 
Voung Samuel, conveyancer, 53 W. Pratt street 
I'oung Miss Ann, 2 North Calvert street 
Young Samuel A. shipwright, Argyle alley—/ /j 
Young Peter, mariner, 40 Lancaster street—//? 
Young Nicholas, cordwainer, 15 Saratoga street 
Young John, carpenter, 10 High street— o t 
Young John S. wrought nail manufacturer, King Georg^e 

street— o t 
Young John, mariner, 62 Fleet street— / p 
Young Thomas, mariner, Apple alley— /p 
Young Thomas, dwelling Union street— o t 
Young William, merchant, 18 Second street— dwelling 76 

Sliarp street 
Young Jacob, tailor, 47 S. Liberty street 
Young Hugh, wholesale dry goods merchant, 5 Sharp st.— 

dwelling 4 Conewago street 
Young John C. Eutaw street, near the new market 
Young James, waterman, Eden, near Gough utrcet—f p 
Young AVilliam J. mariner, Caroline near Bank st.— / p 
Younger James, superintendant of chimney sweeps^ Good- 
man near Montgomery street—//* 


Zacharie Peter, dwelling 17 S. Charles street 
Zane Joseph, cooper, 38 Pitt street—//? 
Zane Daniel, cooper, 6 M'Elderry's \\liarf 
Zigler George, cordwainer, Smith street— /p 
Zigler John L. butcher, S. Howard near Conway street 
Zody John, grocer, corner of Howard and Barre street 
Zody Casper, white lead manufacturer, Conway street, be- 
tween Charles and Light streets 
Zollers ( hailes H. physician, 56 N. Frederick streets 
Zorns Christian plabtercr, 90 Green street-.-o t 


Members of Congress, 1 

Judiciary, ... ....... 5 

Department of the Federal Gmernment, ... 8 

Territorial Ciovemment, .10 

District Land Offices, 11 

I'atent office, 12 

Diplomatic Department, 13 

Ministcis, &c. of foreign powers, resident in the U. St*tes 15 
Coins of the United States, ...... 18 

Post Office Establishment, ib. 

Baltimore Mail Establishment, . . . . . 21 

Stages and Packets, 24 

Bank Discount Days, . 25 

Abstract of the Principal Duties, ib. 

NaN-y of the United States, 29 

Officersof the United States' Xavy, . . .32 

Marine Corps, ........ 35 

Army of the United States, 37 

Courts in Maryland, 49 

Pennsylvania, 50 

Virginia, ........ 53 

Calendar for 1816, 56 

' Table of the population of the United States, 58 • 

Advertisements, 59 



Jam£s Madison, President, salary 25,000 dollars. 
James Gaillard, Vice-President, salary 5,000 dollars. 



»/Ve IV -Hampshire . 
Jeremiah Mason, 
Thomas W. Thompson. 

Joseph B. Varnum, 
Christopher Gore. 

Rhode -Island. 
William Hunter, 
Jeremiah B. HoAvell. 

David Daggett, 
Samuel W. Dana. 

Dudley Chase, 
Isaac Tichenor. 

Rufus King, 
Nathan San ford. 

John Condit, 

Abner Lacock, 
Jonathan Roberts. 

Outerbridge Horsey, 
William H. Wells. 

Robert H. Goldsborough, 

( One vacant.) 

William B. Giles, 
James Barbour. 

James Turner, 

John Gail lard, 
John Tavlor. 

William W. Bibb, 
Charles Tait. 

William T. Barry, 
Isham Talbot. 

Jesse "Wharton, 
(One vacant. J 

Jeremiah Morrow, 

James Brown, 
Elejnus Fromentin. 

Charles Cutts, (late senator from New-Hampshire) Sec- 
Samuel Turner, chief Clerk in the office, 
John G. M'Donald and Lew is H. Machen, Clerks. 


Hew -Hampshire. 
Charles H, Atherton, 
Bradbury Cilley, 
AVilliani Hale, 
Roger Vose, 
Daniel Webster, 
Jeduthuu Wilcox. 

William Baylies, 
George Bradbury, 
Elijah Brigham, 


John W. Hulbert, 
Cyrus King, 
Elijah H. Mills, 
Albion K. Parris, 
Timothy Pickering, 
John Reed, 


Nathaniel Ruggles, 

Solonion Strong, 
Samuel Taj^art,. 
Artemas "\\ ard, 
Laban Wheaton. 


(Two unknown.) 

Rhode -Islan4. 
John L. Boss, 
j James B. Mason, 

I Connecticut. 

i Epapliroditus Champion. 
John Davenport, 
Lyman Law, 
Jonathan 0. Moseley, 
Timothy Pitkin, 
Lewes B. Sturges, 
Benjamin Tallmadge. 

Daniel Chapman, 

Luther Jevott, 
Chaney Langdon, 
Asa Lyon, 
Charles Marsh, 
John Noyes. 

John Adams, 
Samuel R. Betts, 
James Birdsall, 
Victory Birdseye, 
Micah Brooks, 
Daniel Cady, 
Oliver C. Comstock, 
Henry Crocheron, 
Thomas R. Gold, 
Thomas P. Grosvenor, 
Jabez D. Hammond, 
William Irv-ing, 
Moss Kent, 
John Lovett, 
Hosea Moffitt, 
Peter B. Porter, 
John Sage, 
Abraham H. Schenck, 
William S. Smith, 
John W. Taylor, 
Enos T. Throop, 
George Towsend, 
Jo'natnan Ward, 
Peter H. Wendover, 
Johh B. Yeats, 
{ Two unknown. J 

JSTew- Jersey. 
Ephraim Barker, 
Ezra Barber, (doubtful.) 
Benjamin Bennet, 
Lewis Condict, 
Henry Southar45 

Thomas Ward. 

William Crawford, 
William Darlington, 
Amos EUmaker, 
William Findley, 
Hugh Glasgow, 
Isaac Griffin, 
John Hann, 
Joseph Heister, 
Joseph Hopkinson, 
Samuel D. Ingham, 
Jared Irwin, 
Aaron Lyle, 
William Maclay, 
William Milnor, 
William Piper, 
John Ross, 
Isaac Smith, 
JoTin Whiteside, 
Thomas Wilson, 
William Wilson, 
John Woods, 
John Sargeant, 
fOne uiiknown.J 

Thomas Cooper, 
fOne unknown.) 

Stevenson Archer, 
George Baer, 
Charles Goldsborough, 
Alexander C. Hanson, 
John C. Herbert, 
Nicholas R. Moore, 
William Pinkney, 
Philip Stew art, 

Robert Wright. 

Burwell Bassett, 
William A. Burwell, 
Philip P. Baroour, 
John Clopton, 
James Breckenridge, 
Thomas Gholson, 
Peterson Goodwjn, 
Aylett Hawes, 
John G. Jackson, 
James Johnson, 
John P. Hungerford, 
Joseph Lewis, jr. 
William M'Coy, 
Hugh Nelson^ 
James Pleasanfs, 
William H. Roane, 
John Randolph, 
Ballard Smith, 
Daniel Scheffey, 
Thomas Newton, 
Henry St. George Tucker, 
Magnus Tate, 
(One vacant. J 

JSTorth - Carolina. 
William Gaston, 
William Love, 
William H. Murfree, 
Joseph H. Bryan, 
Louis Williams, 
Richard Stanford, 
William R. King, 
John Culpepper, 
Israel Pickens, 
Daniel M. Forney, 
Nathaniel Macon, 
Jameg W. Clarke, 

Bartlett Yancey. 

South- Car ulina. 
John C. Calhoun, 
John J. Chappell, 
Benjamin Huger, 
William Lowndes, 
William Mayrant, 
Henry Middleton, 
Thomas Moore, 
John Taylor, 
William Woodward. 

Alfred Cuthbert, 
John Forsythe, 
Bollinjr Hall, 



Thomas Telfair, 

James Clarke, 
llenry Clay, 
Joseph Desha, 
Benjamin Hardin, 
Richard M. Johnson, 
Samuel M'Kee, 
Alney M'Lean, 
Stephen Ormsby, 
Solomon P. Sharp, 
Micah Taul. 

Samuel Powell, 
John Sevier, 
Isaac Thomas, 
B. H. Henderson, 
Newton Cannon,, 
J. B. Reynolds, 

John Alexander, 
James Caldwell, 
David Clendinin, 
William Creigliton, jr. 

James Kilbourn, 
John M'Lean. 

Thomas BoUina; Robertson. 


From iMis$i.>sippi territory. 
William Lattimore. 

From Missouri territory. 
Rufus Easton. 

From Indiana territory. \ From Illinois territory. 
Jonathan Jennings. I Benjamin Stephenson. 

Thomas Dougliertv, clerk of the House, 
Samuel Burch, chief clerk in the office, 
Benjamin Sprig, John F. Frost, Brook M. Berrj and Tho- 
mas Patterson, clerks. 


John Marshall, of Virginia, chief justice of the United 
States, salary 4,000 dollars. 

Associate Judges. — Salary 3,500 dollars, each. 
Bushrod Washington, Vir. Thomas Todd, Kentucky, 

William Johnson, jur. S. C. 
B. Livingston, New- York, 

Joseph Story , Massachusetts, 
Gabriel Duvall, Maryland. 

Attorney General to the United States. 
Richard Rush, Pennsylvania, salary 3,000 dollars. 

District of Maine, 
New -Hampshire, 


District Judges. 

David Sewall, salary glOOO 
John S. Sherburne, 1000 
John Davis, 1600 

David Howell, 1000 

Elijah Paine, 800 

New-York, chief jud^p, 

additional judy;e, 







South -Carolina, 





Columbia, chief judge, 

assistant jndges, 


Pierpont Edwards, 1000 

M. B. Tallmadge, 1600 

William P. Van Ness, 1600 

Robert Morris, 1200 

Richard Peters, 1600 

John Fisher, 1200 

James Houston, 1600 

St. George Tucker, 1800 

Henry Potter, 1500 

John Drayton, 1800 

W^illiam Stevens, 1500 

Harry Innes, 1500 

John M'Nairv, 1500 

Charles W. Bird, 1000 

William Cranch, 2200 

5 James S. Morsell, 2000 

I Buckner Thruston, 2000 

D. A. Hall, 3000 

Clerks of the Supreme^ Circuit, and District Courts. 

Supreme court, 
District of New-Hampshire, 

North -Carolina, 
Soutli -Carolina, 

(iJolumbia, (Wash. Co.) 
Do. (Alex. Co.) 

Elias B. Caldwell. 
Jonathan Steel. 
Henry Sewall. 
AVilliam S. Shaw. 
Edmund T. Ellery. 
Cephas Smith. 
Henry Edwards. 
Theron Rudd. 
Robert Boggs. 
David Cal(fwell. 
A. Johns. 
Philip Moore. 
William Marshall. 
William Black ledge. 
James Jervay. 
Richard M. Stites. 
Thomas Tunstall. 
Robert M. Gavock. 
William Brent. 
George Dencalc. 

New -Hampshire , 






New -York, 







North -Carolina, 

South -Carolina, 














New -Jersey, 





North -Carolina, 




District Jittornies. 

Daniel Humphries. 
William P. Preble. 
George Blake. 
Asher Robbins. 
Hezekiah Huntington. 
Titus Huchinson. 
Jonathan Fisk. 
Joseph M'llvaine. 
C. J. Ingersoll. 
George Read, jun. 
Elias Glenn. 
George Hay. 
Robert Wickliffe. 
Robert H. Jone?. 
Thomas Parker. 
ys illiam Davies. 
John M'Campbell. 
John E. Beck. 
Samuel Herrick. 
Walter Jones, jun. 
John Deik. 


Michael M'-Clary. 
Thomas G. Thornton. 
James Prince, 
Ebenezer K. Dexter. 
Robert Fairchild. 
David Robinson. 
John Smith. 
Oliver Wayne Ogden. 
John Smith. 
James Brobson. 
Thomas Rutter. 
Andrew Moore. 
Beverly Daniel. 
Morton A. Waring; 
John Eppinger. 
Robert Crockett. 


<^"luinl)i:i. Washington Boyd. 

Kast-Tennessee, Charles T. Porter. 

West-Tennessee, John Childress, jun. 

^hio, John Hanun. 

Louisiana, Michael Reynolds. 

Commissioners of Loans. 

New-Hampshire, William Gardner. 

Massachusetts, Benjamin Austin, jua. 

Rhode-Island, Christopher EUery. 

Connecticut, Jonathan Bull. 

New-York, William Few. 

New-Jersey, James Ewing. 

Pennsylvania, William White. 

Delaware, John Stockton. 

Maryland, Edward Hall. 

V'irginia, Thomas Nelson. 

North-Carolina, Sherwood Haywood. 

South -Carolina, Thomas Leliae. 

Georgia, Robert Habersham. 


Department of State. 
James Munroe, (Vir.) secretary, salary g5000 

John Graham, chief clerk. 

Treasury Department. 
A. J. Dallas, (Penn.) Secretary, 500© 

Joseph Anderson, (Ten.) comptroller, 3500 

William G. D. Worthington, chief clerk. 

Richard Harrison, (Vir.) auditor, 3500 

Patrick Farrel, chief clerk. 

Thomas Tudor Tucker, ( Vir.) treasurer, 3000 

Samuel Brook, chief clerk. 

Joseph Nourse, (Vir.) register, salary S2400 

Joshua Dawson, chief clerk. 
Samuel H. Smith, commissioner of revenue, 

Robert P. Polk, principal clerk. 
Josiah Meigs, com. gen. land office, 

John Gardner, chief clerk. 

War Departments 
William H. Crawford, secretary, 4500 

G. Graham, chief clerk. 
Tobias Lear, (Vir.) accountant, 2000 

Peter Hagner, chief clerk. 

JVavy Department. 
B. W. Crowninshield, (Mass.) secretary, 4500 

Benjamin Homang. chief clerk. 
Thomas Turner, (Sid.) accountant- 2000 

Thomas H. Gilliss, chief clerk. 
Commodore Rodgers,") 
• Porter, L commissioners of the tfavy. 

James H. Paulding, esq. secretary. 

General Post-Office. 
Return J. Meigs, (0.) postmaster-general, 3000 

Assistant, Abraham Bradley, (Conn.) 1700 

Do. Seth Pease, (Conn.) 1600 

chief clerk. 


Robert Patterson, director, 2000 

James Rush, treasurer, 1200 

Adam Eckfeldt, coiner, loOO 

Joseph Richardson, assayer, 1500 

Joseph Cloud, refiner, 1500 

Robert Scott, engraver, 1200 

Assistant engraver, GOO 

Assistant coiner, and die forger, 1 000 

Oije clerk at ^§700. Two clerks, each at 50Q 



The j^ovcrtiors of territories have a local supcrintendency 
of Indian affairs, e.v officio^ within the limits of their 
respective territorial jurisdiction. 

Indiana Territory. 
Thomas Posey, (Vir.) governor, salary 2000 dollars. 
John Gibson, secretary, 1000 dollars. 

Judges, \ ^v^Xf Tlylor, \ I^"" ''»»»" -^<^^- 
Elisha Sparks, attorney. John Vawter, marshal. 

Mississippi Territory. 
Datid Holmes, (Vir.) governor, 2000 dollars. 
Secretary, 1000 dollars. 

(George Poindexter,"^ 
Josian Simpson, j 
Walter Leake, ^1200 dollars each. 

H. Toulmin, 
Oba. Jones, J 

Thomas D. Anderson, attorney. John Hanes, marshal. 

Missouri Territory. 
William Clark, (Ky.) governor, 2000 dollars. 
Frederick Bates, secretary, 1000 dollars. 
rSilas Brent, "] 

(_William Sprigg, J 
Additional judge, George BuUit. 
John Scot attorney. Alexander M'Nair, marshal- 

ILlinois Territory. 
NiNiAN Edwards, (Ky.) governor, 1200 dollars. 
Nathaniel Pope, secretary, 1000 dollars. 

Jud-es, S ^^f^^ ^\ '-^'l"'"^^' , I 2000 dollars each. 
''" o^ ' ^ Alexander Stewart, ^ 

William Mears, attorney. Pliilip Fouchcj marshal. 


Michigan Territory. 
Lewes Cass, governor, 2000 dollars. 

C Augustus B. Woodward,! 
Judges,^ John Griffin, S- 1200 dollars each. 

(^ James Wetherill, 



Office at 


Edward Tiffin, surveyor-general, 2000 dollars. 
Chillicothe, Ohio. 

Thomas Freeman, surveyor south of Tennessee, 2000 dol- 
lars. Office at Washing-ton, Mis. ter. 

Jit Steubenville. 
Receiver, Peter Wilson. 
Register, David Hoge. 

M Marietta. 
Receiver, Levi Barber. 
Register, Joseph Wood. 

M Chilicothe. 
Receiver, Samuel Findley. 
Register, Jesse Spencer. 

^t Vincennes. 
Receiver, Nathan Ewing. 
Register, John Baddolet. 

M Detroit. 
Receiver, James Abbot. 
Register, Peter Audrain. 

Jit Zanesville. 
Receiver, I. Vanhorne. 
Register, W. Silliman. 

Register for the western part, 

Levin Wailes. 
Receiver for the western part» 

William Garrard. 
James 0. Cosby, land com- 
missioner for west district. 
Register for the eastern part, 

Samuel H. Harper. 
Receiver for eastern part, 

Lloyd Posey. 
Wm. Crawford, land com. 

for east district. 

M ICaskaskias. 
Receiver, Shad. Bond. 
Register, MichaelJones. 

East of Pearle river. 
Receiver, Samuel Smith. 
Register, Lewis Sewall. 

In Missoiiri Territory. West of Pearl river. 

Frederick Bates, recorder of Receiver, Parke Walton. 
land titles. Register, Nehemiah Tilton. 


Cincinnati. Hunterville. J/. T. 

Fieceiver, Jaines P'imJlay. Rereiver. John Brahan. 

Register, Daniel Symnies. Register, John Read. 

Jrfffr.^onville. Shaw neet own. III. ter. 

Receiver, E. H. Taylor. Receiver, J. Caldwell. 

Register, S. Gvvathmey. Register, Thomas Slow. 

Canton C Ohio. J St. Lcuis. 

Receiver, John Sloan. Receiver, Samuel Hammo 

Register, Rezin Beall. Register, Alex. McXair. 


JFiLLiAM Thornton, clerk. 

Patents are obtained by application to the secretary of 
.state, for any new invention, discovery, or improvement. 
The applicant is the only judge by law, of the propriety' of 
the application, and a patent is not to be considered as any 
evidence of the efficacy or goodness of the invention, dis- 
covery, or improvement, nor any exclusion of the rights 
of others. It only secures rights from infringement. — A 
patent can only be granted for one invention, discovery, 
or improvement. It is granted for fourteen years. The 
applicant, if a citizen, takes legally, an oath or affirmation, 
" that he does verily believe that he is the true inventor or 
discoverer of the said improvement;'^ if not a citizen, bat 
having resided two years in the country, he adds, " and 
that to the best of his knowledge, the same hath not been 
used or known in this or any foreign country." He trans- 
mits a certificate signed by any respectable individual, of 
his citizenship, or residence for two years. He gives in 
writing a specification of the discovery, invention, or im- 
provement, as short but explicit as he can ; expLiining by 
words, not only the invention or improvement, but its use 
and advantage, withoutany reference toa drawing ormodel, 
for the spcciacatiou enters into and makes part of the let- 


ters patent. This miistbe signed before two witnesses. A 
drawing must also be sent, if the subject admit of one, 
with explanatory references ; and if the complexity of the 
invention or improvement should render the drawing and 
explanation insufhcient for the full comprehension of the 
subject a model will also be required. It is material that 
these be executed in a manner not unworthy public inspec- 
tion ; for at the expiration of the patent, they may, if thought 
worthy, be made public. If two persons apply at the same 
time, fpr patents, and the secretary of state thinks their 
discoveries, inventions or improvements interfere, an arbi- 
trator may be chosen by each of the applicants, and if they 
cannot agree, an umpire may be cliosen by the secretary of 
state, to determine who is the first inventor. 



Ministers Plenipotentiary. yjj 

Albert Gallatin, to France, salary 9000 dollars. 
John Quincy Adams, to London, 9000 dollai'S. 

(Vacant.) St. Petersburg. 
Thomas Sumter, to Rio Janeiro in Brazil, 9000 dollars. 
Jonathan Russell, to Sweden, 9000 dollars. 
George W. Erwing, to Spain, 9000 dollars. 

Secretaries of Legation. 
Henry Jackson, to France, 1,350 dollars. 
John L. Lawrence, to Sweden. 

to St. Petersburg. ^ 

Thomas L. L. Brent, to Spain. 

Consuls and Commercial Jlgents. 
Ful war Ship with, consul, Paris. 

William Lee, do. Bordeaux. 

vice coin, agent, Cayenue. 

B , 


Peter "N^ alsh, 
Ethienne Cathalan, 

commercial agent, Cctte. 


Thomas Lovell, 
Francis Cott'yn, 
Henry AVilson, 
James L. Cathcart, 
Robert Montgomery, 
V. illiam Kirkpatrick, 
IjCAvis O. Brien, 

John M. Baker, 

John J. Armstrong, 
Richard S. Hackley, 
John B. Dabney, 
Henry Hill, 
George Joy, 





La Rochelle. 






St. Andcro. 
5 Isles Majorca, Minor- 
l ca, anil Yvica. 

Isle of Tenerifte. 

St. Lucar. 

Faval and the Azores. 

St.' Salvador (Brazil.) 



Sylvanus Bourne, consul general, Amsterdam 

rians Ran. Saabaye, 

James M-Gregor, 

James R. Mallany, 

Frederick W. Lutze, 

"William Clarke, 

John M. Forbes, 

F. J. Wickelhausen, 

Philip Marck, 

Edward Carrington, 
ISathaniel "NV. Strong, 
Thomas Appleton, 
Alexander Hammet, 
John Broadbent, 
Abraham Gibbs, 
Levitt Harris, 
William Stuart, 
"William B. Jones, 
Mordecai M. Noah, 
iames 3impson, 

vice consul, 


St. Thomas. 

Santa Cruz. 













St. Petersburg. 






Thomas I. HaUev, consul. Buenos Ayres. 

Samuel Hazard, * do. Antwerp. 

William G. Miller, do. Monte Video. 

William B. Barney, do. Trieste. 

Jgentsfor Seamen and Cammerce. 
Philip Depevster, Guadaloupe. 
Archibald ^t. Cooke. Martinique. 
J. B. Clement, Porto Rico. 

The fees and emoluments of consuls, as established by 
law, (excepting those in the Barbary States,) are as follows, 

For authenticating under the consular seal every protest, 
declaration, deposition or other act, which any captain, 
master, mariner, or other citizen of the United States, may 
respectively choose to make, the sum of two dollars. 

For taking into possession, inventorying, selling, and 
finally settling and paying, or transmitting the balance due 
on personal estate, left by any citizen of the United States, 
who shall die within the limits of his consulate, five per 
cent, on the gross amount of such estate. 

For taking into possession, and otherwise proceeding on 
any such estate which shall be delivered over to the legal 
representative, before a final settlement of the same, two 
and a half per cent, on such part delivered over as shall 
not be in money, and five per cent, on the gross amount of 
the residue. 

For administering oaths or affirmations to the principal 
officers of a vessel, confirming the laiiding of merchandize 
where lie shall reside, twentv-five cents for each : and for 
certifving the delivery of such merchandize, from every 
such vessel, one dollar. 


From Great Britain. 
Hon. Mr. Bagot, Minister Plenipotentiary. 


From Russia. 
Andre Daschkoft*, envoy extraordinary and minister ple- 
M. Iwanoft', councellor of the legation. 
M. EUisen, secretary of the legation. 
Nicholas Kosloft", consul general, at Philadelphia 
A. Eustafieff, consul, at Boston. 
J. G. Bogert, vice consul, at New-York. 
Benjamin Chew, vice consul, at New-Orleans. 
Edward J. Coale, commercial agent, at Baltimore. 

■ Snow, commercial agent, at Portland (Maine.) 

J. Prince, commercial agent, at Salem. 

Mays, commercial agent, at Providence (R. I.) 

Fortescue Whittle, commercial agent, at Norfolk. 
Jon. Swift, commercial agent, Alexandria. 

From France. 

M. Serruier, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipo- 

M. Lescalier, commissary general of commercial relations. 

Citizen Oster, vice do. for Norfolk. 

Honore Felix de Douzy, vice consul, Philadelphia. 

M. Messier, consul, Baltimore. 

Alarc Antoinc Alexis Girault, commissary of commercial 
relations for Boston. 

M. Le Marvis, vice comn)issary for Georgia, at Savannah. 

Honore Felix de Douzy, provisional sub commissary for 
Rhode Island. 

M. Fourcroy, commissary of commercial relations, and 
French agent at CUarleston (S. C.) 

Terrieu de Riviera, sub com. of do. at Wilmington (N. C.) 

Louis Etienne Felix, commissary, &,c. at New-Vork. 

Louis Tousard, sub. commissary, &c. at New-Orleans. 

Jean B. Poree, commissary, &c. at New-Orleans. 

M. Gerard Cazeau, vice com. &c. Portsmouth (N. IL) 

Jean Vermont, commissary of do. Natches. 

From ftpain. 
Anthony Villalobus, consul, Virginia and Kentucky. 
Jean Baptiste Bernaiiue, do. Maiyland. 

Diego Morpliv, do. North and South Carolina. 

Felipi Fatio, vice consul, Savannah. 

Don Manuel Rengel, consul, Georgia. 

Pabio Chacon, vice consul for Alexandria. 

Iva Stoughton, consul, New-Hampshire, Massachusetti, 

Connecticut, Rhode-Island and Vermont. 
Joseph Wisseman, vice consul, Newport. 

From Portugal, 
Josepl\ Radeinaker, consul general. 
James F. Nornock, vice consul, South-Carolina. 
Richard Codman, vice-consul, Massacliusetts. 
Lewis Deblois, do. Washington City. 

From Sweden. 
M. Kanzow, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipo- 
M. Han. consul general, New York. 
Joseph Winthrop, vice consul, Charleston (S. C.) 
Jonathan Swift, Columbia and ports on Potomac. 
Rezin D. Shepherd, vice consul. New Orleans. 
Henry Ghan, do. New York and Connecticut. 
John Borritz, do. North Carolina. , 

Christ. S. Koning, do. Mai viand. 
George Miles, do. Rhode Island and Connecticut. 
John Myers, do. Norfolk and other ports in Virginia, ex- 
cept on the Potomac. 
S. Blagge, do. Massachusetts and Nevv^ Hampshire. 
John Hidreck, do. Wilmington (Del.) 
Bernard Dahlgreen, consul, Pliiladelphia. 

From Prussia. 
Johanna Earnest, Christian Shultz, consuls, Baltimore. 
Jacob Eberheard, August Steinmetz,do. Charleston (S.C.) 

From Denmark. 
P. Pedersen, charge des affairs and consul general, Phila- 
George Hammeken, consul, New-York. 
Charles VV. Green, vice consul, Boston. 


Frederick William Brune, do. Baltimore. 
Moses Myers, do. Norfolk. 
Jonathan Swift, do. Alexandria. 
Joseph Wiuthrop, do. Charleston (S. C.) 
William Scarborough, do. Savannah, 
ilichard Relf, do. ISew-Orleans. 



Eagle, value 10 dollars, weight 270 grains standard gold. 
Half Eagle, 5, 135 do. 

Quarter, 2^, 67i do. 

Standard gold is eleven parts pure and one alloy. 


Dollar, value 10 dimes, weight 416 grs. standard silver 
Half Dollar, 5, 208 do. 

Quarter, 2i, 104 do. 

Dime, 10 cents, 41 3-5 

Half Dime, 5, 20 4-5 

Standard silver is 1485 parts pure and 179 alloy. 


At this time, there is a main post road which extends 
1733 miles from RobbinstoMn, on the north eastern extie- 
mity of the sea coast of the United States, to St. Mary's, 
on the south eastern extremity; and another main post road, 
which leads from the seat of government to New-Orleans, 
Ijeiii" a distance of 1233 miles, and branches or cross roads, 
which, keep up a coiamunication between the capital of the 


United States and the capitals of the individual states. 
and also with every city or village of any note. The ag- 
gregate of the extentof the several post roads is SrOSomiles, 

The mail is carried by contracts made with the post- 
master-general, who has divided the whole into nearly 400 
routs or contracts, and has stipulated for its conveyance 
as often and with such expedition as he finds the public 
interest requires. It runs daily between the great and 
commercial towns ; twice a week to the capitals of each 
state not commercial, and once a week to other places. 
The usual rate of travelling on the cross roads is 40 miles 
a day ; and from 60 to 120 miles in 24 hours, between the 
great commercial towns. 

Post-offices are established by the post-master-general, at 
such places as he considers expedient. 

There are stages for the conveyance of the mail and pas- 
sengers, from Belfast in Maine, to St. Mary's in Georgia-, 
and on many of the cross-roads. 









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v: c: C^ CO O >0 'ri 


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J T* V: ?3 

- 00 t^ O 'C rf lo 


1 ^ =* s 

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f— 1 

. 5^ 

/ G-. O O O CO rH 

JtT" '^ '*' 

2 CJ -^ »^ O O? *fi 
^ C? O 00 rr >o >o 




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,; fN 00 O 00 O -^ 


2 y3 O 00 O? O »^ 
— ^ t-, CO O? C T-i 


1 >> ;i X ^ 


3 5.Si ^ 
1 u •.:: ,i<! -a 

•S 00 OS ''f »- '--> .rj 


S T-i c-J CO T <o 


lU rt — O 

i> r^ 3 ? 

" 5 :2 3 

£=..= J3 


c Ci - 

j: ^^ c--* o CI 00 o 

2i O C: O K O^ 00 


— in a> "^^ '- >o r-T 


OJ fc. C 

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•;r i-c Tf rr c '-' «3 


S ^ C-'! '-O T -T 


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1- ^ »5 

^ C? C£3 O OS «0 in 
2 -f O? TT « — CO 


of tl! 

— .yS G-) 00 Tf !£5 o 

1— 1 

•- »r> -r — < T ^- ^. 

S — 1 G? 01 CO CO 



1 '^ . «• 

>0 Oi t-^ CO 00 CO 

1 o J, S 

CTj CO 'O 00 -v o 





T-l IC 05 G-^ 00 -T" 
^ i-i CJ 


-s" ^" 

C?5 « 



»v .^ .^0 ^l— ( 

aj *■ 

•c . 

00 K 1-1 00 I. 00 
Oi Oi O »-< i^ ^ 

— cc 

a> o 


•_C ^ ^ t, fc. 9j 

y o o 2 2 3 

t, t. I- 3 3 i 

t- e4 


efl rt 8d S c: "5 


5 2 15 oj ^.^ 





•0 CTi 


u oc 




— CO 


t -H 


C? CO 



^ ^ 




3 en 







rt C 


^ cS 




— .^4 


C3 3 


= * 


1- .3 





























Eastern mail closes everyday, (.Sunday excepted,) at 2 
o'clock, P. M. and on Sunday such letters as are dropped 
into the box before 1 o'clock, P. M. will be forwarded. — 
Arrives every day, at 5 o'clock, A. M. 

Soutl>ern mails, for Washington city, Virginia, North- 
Carolina, South-Carolina, and Georgia, closes daily at 4 
o'clock, A. M. — Arrives every day at 2 o'clock P. M. 

Mails for Tennessee, Mississippi territory, and New-Or- 
leans, closes every Monday and Wednesday, at 4 o'clock, 
A. M. — Arrives Fridays and Saturdays, at 2 o'clock, P. M. 

Mails for Kentucky', Indiana, Illinois and Ohio, west of 
the river Muskingum, close Mondays and Fridays, at 4 
o'clock, A. M. — Arrival uncertain. 

Belle-Air mail closes every F- iday, at 2 o'clock, P. M. — 
Arrives every Sunday, at 5 o'clock, A. M. 

Mails for Brick Meeting House and Rising Sun close 
every Saturday at 2 o'clock, P. M. — Arrives every Thurs- 
day, at 5 o'clock, A. M. 

Mails for Warvv ick, Sassafras, George Town cross-roads, 
Head of Chester, Sudler's cross-roads. Nine Bridges, and 
Bridgetown (Md.) closes every Monday, Wednesday, and 
Friday, at, 2 o'clock, P. M.- — Arrives every Tuesday, 
Thursday, and Saturday, at 5 o'clock, A. M. 

Rock Ilall mail. — Mails for Rock Hall, ChestertowTiy 
Church Hill^ Queen's-t»wn, Centreville, Broad Creek, 
and Beaver Uam, closes every Monday and Thursday, at 
7 o'clock, A. M. — Arrives on Tuesday and Saturday. 

Annapolis mail closes on Monday, Wednesday and Fri- 
day, at 5 o'clock, A. M. — Arrives Tuesday, Thursday, and 
Saturday, at 2 o'clock, P. M. 

Mails for Queen Ann and Uppei- Marlborough close every 
Monday and Friday, at 5 o'clock, A. M. — Arrives evei-y 
Tuesday and Saturday, at 2 o'clock, P. M. 

St. Leonard's mail. — Math for Lower Marlboroughf 
Jluntington^ St. Leonardos, Tracy^s Landing, Pig Foint^ 


Priendship and West River close on Friday, at 5 oJclocK, 
A. M. — Arrives on Saturday, at 2 o'clock, P, M. 

Nottingham mail. Mails for JVottitif^ham, Aquasco, 
Benedict and Charlotte Hall close every Saturday, at half 
past 5 o'clock, r. m. — Arrives on Saturday at 2, v. m. 

Port Tobacco mail. — Mails for Piscataway, Fort Tobac- 
co, Allen's Fresh, JSTew-Port, Chaptico, Leonard-town, St. 
ClemenVs Bay, Great Mill, St. Inegoe^s Ridge, Hill Top, 
and JSTanjemoy close every Thursday, at half past 5 o'clock, 
P. M. — Arrives on Thursday, at 2 o'clock, P. M. 

Mails for Piscataway and Port-Tobacco will also be 
closed on Saturdays and Mondays, at half past 5 o'clock, 
P. M. 

Eastern Shore of Maryland (via Annapolis.) — Mails for 
St. Michaels, Easton, Cambridge, Vienna, (^uantico Mills, 
White Haven, Salisbury, Wicomico, Princess Ann, Kings- 
ton, Snow Hill, St. Martins, JVew-Town, JS'^eiv -Market , 
Trap, JV*. W, Fork-Bridge, Poplar-Town, Hillsborough, 
Denton, Greensborough (Md.) Horn-Town, Drummond- 
Town, Accomack Court-House, and J\'*orthampton Court- 
House C Va.J closes on Sunday and Thursday, at 5 o'clock, 
P. M. — 'Arrives on Saturday, at 2 o'clock, P. M. 

York M&\L— Mails for Love-Town (Md.) York (Pa.) 
Columbia, Lancaster, Harrisburg, York-Haven, Paradise, 
Peach-Bottom Ferry, and Manheim closes on Tuesday and 
Thursday, at 5 o'clock, P. M. and on Sunday, at 1 o'clock, 
p. M. — Arrives on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 
2 o'clock, P. M. 

Carlisle Mail. — Mails for Manchester (Md.) Hanover, 
Abbots-Town, Berlein, York-Springs and Carlisle, closes 
on Saturdays, at 5 o'clock, P. M. — Arrives on Fridays, at 
6 o'clock, P. M. 

Chambersburo; direct. — Mails for Reisters-Town, West- 
minster and Union Mills (Md.) and Gettisburg, Fair- 
field or Miller' s-Town, and Chambersburg (Pa.) closes 
on Tuesday, Tliursday and Saturday, at 5 o'clock, P. M.— * 
Arrives on Monday, Thursday and Saturday, at 6, p. m. \ 

Frederick Town mail. — Mails for Ellicot\s, Lisbon, 
JVew-Market, Frederick Town, Sliddle Town, Boonsbo- 
Tough, aud Hagerstown (Md.) closes daily, at lialf past 


5 o*cloc"k, p. M. (except Sunday, at S o'clock, r. m.)— 
Arrives daily, at 9 o'clock, p. m. 

Western 'mail, (via Hager's Town, Md.) — Jlctils fur 
Green Castk, Chambershirg, and for all offices in Penn- 
sylvania icest of Chambersburg ; Wheelings Brooks Ch. 
and Short Creek (Va.) for all offices in the state of Oliio 
east of the river JIuskingum and Michigan territory closes 
on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at half past 5, p. m. — 
Arrives on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 9 
o'clock, p. M. 

Mails for Williamsport, Big Springs, Hancock, Old 
Town, Cumberland, Tomlinsons, Jonasville and Cresaps- 
burg close vv^ith the Frederick Town mail, on Monday, at 
half past 5 o'clock, p. m. — Arrives Avith the same, on 
Monday, at 9 o'clock, p. m. 

Mails for Sharpshirg (Md.) Shepherds Town, Mar- 
tinsburg and Berkly Springs (Va.) closes with the Fre- 
derick Town mail, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 
at half past 5 o'clock, p. m. — Arrives with the same, on 
Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 9 o'clock, p. m. 

Mails for JS\ T. Trap and Fetersville (Md.) Harper^s 
Ferry, Chavlestown and Battle, Town (Va.) closes with 
the Frederick Town mail, on Mondays, Wednesdays and 
Fridays, at half past 5 o'clock, p. m. — Arrives with the 
same, on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 9 o'clock, 

p. M. 

Mails for HyatVs Town, PooVs Store, Clarksburg, 
Middlebvook Mills and Montgomery C. H. (Md.) closes 
with tlie Frederick Town mail, on Mondays, Wednesdays, 
and Fridays, at half past 5 o'clock, p. m. — Arrives with 
the same, on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 9 
o'clock, p. M. 

Mails for Triadelphia, Watkinsville, Brookville and 
Carrolsville closes on Wednesday with the Frederick 
Town mail, at half past 5 o'clock, p. m. — Arrives with 
the same, on Saturday, at 9 o'clock, p. m. 
, Mails for Woodsborongh and Taney Town (Md.) 
closes on Mondays, at halt past 5 o'clock, p. m. — Arrives 
on Mondays, at 9 o'clock, p. m. 

Mails for Creft^er^s Town, Graceham, and Emmitts- 


hiir^fMil.) closes on Mondays, at half past 5 o'clock, p. m. 
Arrives on Satui<lays, at 9 o'clock, p. m. 

Mail for J)arnes's Tavern closes on Monday, at hall 
past 5 o'clock, p. M. 

Mail for Liberty Town (Md.) closes on Wednesdays, 
at half past 5 o'clock, p. m. — Arrives on Mondays, at 9 
o'clock, p. M. 

Mails for Yox Glades and Western Port (Md.) closes 
on ^Vedncsdays and tSaturdays, at 4 o'clock, a. m. 

C. BURRALL, Vast-Master. 

On Suiulay no mails are closed for the intermediate 
offices from lialtiinore to Philadelpliia.— jCP Hours for 
the delivery of letters on 8undav are from 7 till 8 o'clock, 
A. M. and from half past Still half i)ast 3 o'clock, p. m. 

N. B. — Letters cannot be sent in the mails of the day 
unless delivered at the post office before the times above 
prescribed. Newspapers for the Eastern mail must be 
delivered at the post office by 1 o'clock, p. m. and for all 
other mails 30 minutes before the times of closing them. 


Tlie U. S. mail stage leaves Barney's Fountain Inn, No. 
5, Light-street, daily. — Eastern at 2 o'clock, p. m. southern 
at 4 o'clock A. M. 

New Line Despatch, for Washington City, leaves 'Bar- 
ney's at 4, and New Line Expedition at 6 o'clock, every 

The Coachee and Vigilance for Washington, leaves 
Gadsby's Inn, No. 135, Baltimore-street, every morning 
at 4 o'clock. The Pilot (carrying only seven passenj;ers) 
for Washington, starts from Gadsby's every murniiig at 7. 

Mail, for Washington, do. at 5 o'clock in the morning. 

Pilot, for Philadelphia, do. daily, at 3 o'clock. 

Stage for York and Lancaster, do. do. do. 

Freiicrick Towa Stage, do. do. at 4, a. m. 


Annapolis Stage, do. every Monday, Wednesday and 
Friday, at 6 o'clock, a. m. 

The Littletown, Gettysburg Cliambersburg and Carlisle 
stages leaves Worsley's tavern, No. T, N. Howard -street, 
every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday, at 3 o'clock, a.m. 


lieave Bowly's-wharf, for Philadelphia, at 4 o'clock, p. m. 
precisely: — Eagle (\m Elkton and Wilmington) Sunday, 
Tuesday and Thursday. — Chesapeake (via Frencii-town 
and New-Castle) Monday, Wednesday and Friday.- — 
Each' return on succeeding days. 

For Philadelphia (via French-town) leaves Bowly's-wharf 
Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning at 9 


Bank of Maryland, Wednesday. 

Bank of Baltimore, Tuesday and Friday. 

T^nioa Bank, Monday and Tlmrsday. 

Mechanics' Bank, Wednesday. 

Commercial and Farmers' Bank, Tuesday and Friday. 

Farmers* and Merchants' Bank, Thursday. 

Franklin Bank, Tuesday. 

Marine Bank, Friday. 

City Bank of Baltimore, Monday an l Thursday. 



On notes or bills not exceeding 100 dollars 5 cts. 

Above 100 and not exceedijig 200 10 

'200 500 25 



Above 500 and note: 

iceedin;i;1000 <i> 



50 ct3. 

















50 - 








t)Ove 8000 







If not exceeding 

50 dollars in 




Above 50 not abov 
























Above 1000 



Of IVines, Spirituous Liquors, and Foreign Merchandise. 

In cities, towns, or villages, containing within the limits 
of one mile square, more than 100 families. 

On retailers ufmerchandise, including wines &spiritsS37 50 
of wines alone SO 

of spirits alone 30 

of domestic spirits alone 22 50 

of merchandise other than wines & spirits 22 50 

In places other than cities, containing within the limits of 
one mile s(|uare, moie than JUO families. 

On retailers of merchandise, including wines & spirits 22 50 
of wines and spirits 22 50 

of spirits alone 22 50 

of domestic spirits alone 15 

of merchandize other than wines & spirit 15 

On refined sugar 4 cents per pound. 

On Sales at Auction. 
Of merchandize two per cent. 
Of ships and vessels 1-2 per cent. 

Licenses to Distillers of Spirituous Liquors. 
On stills employed in distilling from domestic materials. 
For one week, 5 cents for each gallon of the capacity of 
such still, including the head thereof, 
Two weeks 9 cents 

One month 18 

Two months 32 

Three months 42 

Four months 52 

Six months 67. 

One year 108 

On Boilers, double the amount payable as above. 
On stills emplo>'ed in distilling from roots, one half the 
rates ef dut}' payable on stills employed in distilling from 
domestic materials. 

On stills employed in distilling from foreign materials, 
For one month, 25 cents for each gallon of the capacity of 
every such still, including the head thereof 
Three months 60 cents 

Six months 105 

One year 135 

In addition to the above there is payable a duty of 20 
cents on each gallon distilled. Any person who is the 
owner of one still only, Avhose capacity does not exceed 
100 gallons, employed in distilling from domestic mate- 
rials, has the option of paying 25 cents on each gallon 
distilled, without paying the cajiacity duty. 

On Manufactures. 
Pig Iron, per ton SI 

Castings (.f iron, per ton 1 50 

liar iron, per ton 1 

Rolled or slit iron, per ton 1 

Nail;i, brads ond sprigs, other than those usually denomi- 
nated wrought, per pound, one cent. 

Candles of white wax, or in part of white and other wax, 
per pound, five cents. 


Mould candles of tallow, or of wax otlicr than wliite, or 
in part of each, ])cr pound, three cents. 

Hats and caps, in whole or in part of leather, wool or 
fur: Bonnets, in wliole or in part of wool or fur, if above 
two dollars value, ei^ht per centum advalorem. 

Hats of chip or wood, covered with silk or other mate- 
rials, or not covered, if above two dollars in value, eight 
per centum advalorem. 

Umbrellas and Parasols, if above the value of two dol- 
lars, eight per centum a(halorem. 

Paper, three per centum advalorem. 

Pla\ing and visiting cards, fifty per centum advaloreir. 
/ Saddles and bridles, six per centum advalorem. 

Boots and bootees, exceeding five dollars per pair in 
value, five per centum advalorem. 

Beer, ale and porter, six per centum advalorem. 

Tobacco, manufactured cigars, and snufl', twenty per 
centum advalorem. 

Leather, whether tanned, tawed, or otherwise dressed, 
fi\c per centum advalorem. 

Gold, silver and plated ware, jewelry and paste work, 
six per centum advalorem. 

On Jlmisp.hold Furniture and Gold and >^tlver Watches. 
On all household furniture kept for use, except beds, 
bedding, kitclien furniture, family pictures, and articles 
made in the family from domestic materials, the value of 
which shall exceetl 200 dollars in money. 
If not exceeding 400 dollars gl 

If above 400 and not exceeding 600 1 50 

■ 600 1000 3 

1000 1500 6 

1500 2000 10 

2000 3000 17 

3000 4000 28 

4000 ' 6000 45 

6000 9000 75 

If above 9000 100 

Two dollars on every gold watch kept for use. One 
dollar on eveiy silver watch. 



JV*ofes.— Those marked * were built before the war. Those 
marked in italic were captured from the British. All 
the rest have been purcliased or built since the declara- 
tion of war. 

Those marked § are building. Those below the Fire Flv 
to the President have no rate — as far as ascertained, 
their actual force is by the guns stated. Those that are 
blank have no armament at present, the Etna and one 
or two others with a few guns, excepted. • 

74 Ship Independence 

74 Washington 

74 Frankli n 

74 New-Orleans§ 

74 Chippewa§ 

44 Guerriere 

44 Java 

44 United States* 

44 Constitution* 

44 Plattsburg§ 

44 Superior 

36 Constellation* 

36 Congress* 

36 ^Macedonian 
32 - Mohawk 

32 Confiance 

28 Ci/ane 

24 Saratoga 

24 John Adams* 

24 General Pike 

20 Madison 

20 JJlert 

18 Hornet* 

18 Wasp 

18 Peacock 

18 Ontario 

18 Erie 

1 8 Louisiana* 
C 2 

At sea 

Portsmouth, N. H, 


Sacket's Harbor 

New York 

At sea 

Sacket's Harbor 

At sea 


Sacket's Harbor 
Wliite Hall, N. Y. 
New York 
White Hall, N. Y. 
New York 
Sacket's Harbor 

At sea 

New York 
At sea 

New Orleans ' 


18 Brig 


Sacket'g Harbor 






Erie, Penn. 









White Hall, N. Y. 



Sacket's Harbor 




^ueen Charlotte 

Erie, Penn. 





White Hall, N. Y. 








Sacket's Harbor 



At sea 








Fire Fly 





Etna (bomb) 

New Orleans 



Erie, Penn. 






14 Schr. 

. Nonsuch 

Charleston, S. C. 



White Hall, N. Y. 



At sea 





Lady Prevost 

Erie, Penn. 

Tom Bowline 

At sea. 



New York 



Wilminjrton, N. C 



Washington City 






New Orleans 












New Castle, Del. 



Erie, Penn. 


-2 Gov. Tompkins 

■i Conquest 

1 Ranger 

1 Lady of the Lake 

1 Amelia 

Fair American 
11 Sloop Chub 
J 1 Finch 

7 Preble 

6 Montgomery 

5 Buffalo 

5 Camel 

Ketch Spitfire 


2 Galley Allen 

2 Burrows 

2 Borer 

2 Nettle 

% Viper 

2 Centipede 

1 Ludlow 

1 Wilmer 

1 Alwyn 

\ Ballard 

Fifteen Bar<>^es 
The old gun-boats have 

Sacket's Harbor 

Sacket's Harbor 
Erie, Penn. 
Sacket's Harbor 




W^hite Hall, N. Y. 



Reedy Island 

New Orleans 
White Hall, N. Y. 
New York 

White Hall, N.Y. 









Sacket's Harbor^ 
been chiefly sold. 



CC/" Abbukviations: — Med. MedlteiTanean. — Wash. Washington. — 
L. Lake. — N. Y. Navy-Yard. — F. furloughcd. — rec. recruiting;. 

C. G. Ridgely No. 2, Erie 18 
Robert T. Spence No. 3, Bal- 
timore Navy Yard 

Daniel T. Patterson No. 4. 
New Orleans 


8. Angu?^, N.York, recruiting; 
M. T. Woolsey, L. Ontario 
J. O. Creighton, Newport 
K.Trenchard, John Adams24 
John Downes, Epervier 18 
J. D. Henly, Baltimore, rec. 
Jesse D. Elliott, Ontario 18 
Robert Henly, Washington 
Stephen Cassin, F. 
Daniel S. Dexter, Wash. 
J. Renshaw,New York N.Y. 

D. Deacon, Boston, rec. 
Lewis Alexis, New Orleans 
M. B. Carroll, do. 
John M. Gardner, Norfolk 
S. Smith, Plattsburg, N. Y. 
T. Brown, Philadelphia, rec. 
Wm. Lewis, Gueiriere 44 


Alex. Murray, N.Y.Phil. 

John Rodgers, Navy Board 

James Barron, absent from 
the U. S. — not on duty. 

William Bainbridge, Inde- 
pendence 74, Med. 

Hugh G. Campbell, Charles- 
ton, S. C. 

Stcplien Decatur, Guerriere 
44, Med. 

Thos. Tingey, N. Y. Wash. 

Charles vStewart, F. 

Isaac Hull, Charlestown, M. 

Isaac Chauncy, Wash. 74 

John Shaw, United States 44 

John H. Dent, Newport, R. I. 

David Porter, Navy Board. 

Jno. Cassin,N.Y.Gosport,Va. 

Samuel Evans, N.Y. N.York 

Chas. Gordon, Constellation 
36, Med. 

Jacob Jones, Macedonian 36 

Charles Morris, Congress 36 

Jos. Tarbell No. 1, Norfolk 

Arthur Sinclair No. 2, L. Eriei 

Oliver H. Perry, Java 44 lieutenants, 

Thomas Macdonough, Ports- Nath. Haraden, Wa. h, N.Y. 
mouth, N. H. Frances I. Mitchell, F. 

L. Warrington, Peacock 18 George Merrill, New Orleans 

J. Bainbridjie, Staten I. N.Y.Samuel Woodhouse, L. Krie 

Wm.Crane^Iudependence74C. C. B. Thompson, Philad. 

Johnston BlaUely, Wasp 18 J. Nicholson, Newport, R. I. 

J.T. Leonaul, L.Champlain Alex. S. WadsworthjPromo- 

J. BiUdle No. 1, Hornet 18 theus brig 

.1. Pettigrew, Washington 74 
G. W. Rodgevs, Firefly brig 
G. C. Read, Chippewa brig 
Henry E. Ballard, Baltimore 
T. Gamble, Spark brig 
W. Carter, jr. Macedonian36 
B. I. Neale, Constellation 3G 
J. I. Nicholson, Philadelphia 
Walter Stewart, Alert 20 
W. Chauncey, Torch 10 
J. H. Elton, Saranac 16 
E. P. Kennedy, Norfolk 
J. Wilkinson, Washington 
A.J.Dallas, Spitfire 11 
J. B. Nicholson, Flambeau 12 

B. V. Hoffman, Cyane 28 
George Budd, F. 
T. A. C. Jones, F. 
J. S. Macplierson, Java44 
John Porter, Boxer 16, Med 
J. T. Shubrick, Guerriere 44 
Wm. Finch, Independence 74 
W. B. Shubrick, Constituion 
Henry Wells. Boston. 
B.W. Booth, U. States 44 
Alexander Claxton, do. 

E. R. Davis N. York N. Y. 

C. W. Morgan, Franklin 74 
S. P. Macoinbre, Guerriere 44 
R. H. J. Perry, Newport 
L. Kearny, Enterprize 14 
Wm. H. Watson, Alexanctria 
T. Hendry, jr. Woodbury 

F. A. Parker, U. States 44 
Edw. R. M-Call, Java 44 
Daniel Turner, do. 
W. H. Allen, Fla-nbeau 12 
S. D. M'Kuight, not in the U 

States— on duty. 

David Conner, Hornet 18 

John Gallagher, Congress 36 

Thomas Holdup, Java 44 

]. A. Dudley, Independence 

lames P. Oellers, F. 

W. M. Hunter, Independence 

John D. Sloat, F. 

John Packet, F. 

\Villiam H. Cocke, Spark 12 

J. J. Yarnall, Guerriere 44 

M. C. Perry, Chippewa 16 

C. W. Skinner, Ontario 18 
oseph W>ag, Alert 20 

James Sanders, Franklin 74 
James Reilly, Wasp 18 
S. W. Adams, L. Ontario 
J. R. Madison, Congress 36 

D. Taylor, Java 44 
G. Pearce, Washington 74 

F. W. Smith, Ontario 18 
H. S. Newcomb, F. 
N. D. Nicholson, just return- 
ed from England. 

T. Tillinghaust, Wasp 18 
O. Norris, Washington 74 
J. T. Newton, Hornet 18 
P. A. J. P. Jones, Boston 
Samuel Henly, Peacock 18 
A. Conckllng, just returned 

from England 
J. Smith, Constellation 36 
Laurence Rousseau, Erie 18 

G. W. Storer, Independence 
Henry B. Rapp, Guerriere44 
Lewis German, just returned 

from England 
Joseph Cassin, Constellation 
Robert M. Rose, Little Ply- 
mouth. Va, 


J. M'Gowan, Knterprize 14 
William Low, Saranac 16 
E.A. F. Vallctfc. F. 
John H. Aulick, Saranac IG 
Charles T. Clarke, Boxer 16 
Silas Duncan. Guerrierc 44 
r, Cunningham, N. Orleans 
Isaatr M'K eever, do. 
R. F. Stockton, Spitfire 11 
N. L.Montgomery, ^^ed. 

B. KennoR, Constellation 36. 
Edward Shubrick, F. 

C. A. Jiudd. L. Chainplain 
F. H. (Jrejrorv, Congress 36 
K. Maters, Portland, Mass. 
William H. Odenlieimer, F. 
Frederick Baury, Wa»p 18 
B. Cooper, Franklin 74 
P. F. \oorhees, Peacock 18 
Henry Gilliam, Flambeau 12 

John H. Clack, Congress 36 Walter N. Monteath, F. 
W. D. Slater, Promotheus 16'A. C. Stout, L. Erie 
W. A. Spencer, Macedonians. H. Stringham. Spark 12 
William L. Cordon, just re-G. Vancleave, Macedonian 

turned from England. Paul Zantzinger, Firefly 12 

David Geisinger, Firefly John W. Gibbs, F. 
U'chard Winter.Constitution Charles E. Crowley, Boston 
Jolin T. Made, F. ,W. Laughton, Nonsuch 14 

John Percival, Peacock 18 Nelson Webster, Ontario 18 
James llamage, F. jWilliam A. C. Farragut, F. 

William V. Taylor, Java 44 Ricliard G. Edwards, F. 
Mervine Mix Firefly 12 iWm. Mervin, L. Ontario 
T. M. Newell, Sava"^nnah jWm. K. Latimer, Erie 18. 
E. Haddaway, St. Michaels ;G, W. Spooner, AVashing. 74 

C. F.M-Cawiev, Erie 18 
John H, Bell; ' do. 
Dulany Forrest, Java 44 
Bladen Dulanv, Spitfire 11 
T. W. Magruder, U. States 
F. B. Gamble, Macedonian 
Riciiard Dashicl, just return 

ed from En;:land 
J. Tavloe. Constitution 44 
Geo. B. M-CuUoch, U.States 
Robert Speddon, Baltimore 
T. T. Webb, Macedonian 30 
W. G. Anderson, Norfolk, 
S. Chami)iin, Chippewa 16 
0. T. Staliugs,Cyiibtcllatiou 

Isaac Mavo, Hornet 18 
Mm. H. Brailsford, Indepen- 
dence 74 
William Elliott, Torch 10 
T. Crabb, John Adams 24 
E. B. Babbit, Independence 
G. Hamersley, Saranac 16 


E. Cutbush, hospital. Mash. 
Peter >St. Medard, Boston 
George Davis, New-York 
S. R. Mai5aal,hos. N. York 
L. Heeniian, hos. N. Orleans 
J, G. P. HuRt, N. York 


Jonathan Cowderv, Norfolk 
S. D. Heap,lios. Phil ad. 
R. L. Thoru, Portsmouth 
Samuel R. Trevett, jr. Char- 

lestown, Mass. 
Wm. P. C. Barton, Philad. 
Joseph W. New, Savannah 
J. S. Schooli"ield,hos. Norfolk 
G. Loguu, hos. Charleston 
A. A. Fvans, Independence 
Robert Morrell. N. Orleaus 
R. S. Kearney, U. States 
J. Page, hos. Baltiiiiore 
J. D. M'Reynoldi, hos. Jled 
T. Harris, Macedonian 36 
William Turk, N. York 
Hyde Ray, Erie 18 
William Baldwin, Savannah 
W. W. Buchanan, L.Ontario 
Samuel Aver, Portland 
E. L. Lawton, Neptune 
C. Cotton, Newport 

Gerard Dayers, Congiess 36 
Wm. Caton, L. Champlain 
Robert A. Barton, Ontario 18 
B. P. Kissam, Hornet 18 
J- A. Kearney, Constitution 
Richard C Ed^ar, F. 

B. Washington, Washing. 74 
'•V^m. M. Clarke, Wasp 18 
T. Chidester, Enterprize 14 
G. T. Kennon, Constellation 

V- W New, J- Adams 24 
S. Horsely, Georgetown 
R. C Randolph, Saranac 16 

C. B. Hamilton, Peacock 18 
Usher Parsons, Java 44 
William hvvift, just returned 

from England 
J. M. S. O.Conway, N.Orleans 
R. K. Hoffman, Guerrier£ 44 
R. Johnson, Boxer 16 
Thonias R Salter, Elizabeth - 

town, N- J- 


Abbheviatiox. — h. q. hsad-quarters. 

Franklin M hartox, lieutenant colonel commandant— 
head-quarters, Washington- 


Daniel Carmick, N. Orleans 
John Hall, Mediterranean 


A. Gale, Philadelphia 
Robert Greenleaf, h. q 
A. Henderson, Boston 
Richard Smith, New York 

Robert Wainwright, Charles;- 

town, Mass. 
William Anderson, Boston 
T. R Swift, Norfolk 
Samuel Miller, h. q. 
John Crabb, do. 
Henry H. Ford, Philadelphia 
John M. Gamble, South Sea 
C. S. Hanna, Portsmouth 


Alexander Sevier, F. 
Alfred Grayson, li. (|. 
W. Stront^, Macedonian 3G 
James Heath, Ja\a 44 
Samuel Hacon, York, Pei:n- 
II- li Breckenridge, F- 
Wm. Hall, United States 44 
Francis \V- Sterne, N. York 


F. R. I). Bellevue, N. Orleans 

Joliu R. Montegul. do. 

P. li. 1). Grandpre, do. 

L. Kellojcj;, Sacketts Harbor 

Samuel E, Watson, F. 

W. L. Brownlow, Hornet 18 

I^eonard J. Boone 

T. VV. Le2;2,"e, Constellation 

W. H. Freeman, do. 

J. L- Kuline, Guerriere 44 

Henry Olcott U. States 44 

C M. Broome, N- York 

Beiij. Richai(Uon, Baltimore 

F- B. "NVhite, Independence j 

William Nicoll,li- q. I 

AVilliani L Boyd, do. 

Charles Lord. do. 
lievi T\\ i^jrs, F. 
Edmund Brookei Congress 
Jolin Hairis, Guerriere 
Samuel B. Johnston, Erie 


Henry Stephens, h- q. 
Thomas A- Linton, N- Orleans 
Richard Auchnuity, h. q- 
Joseph Bosque, N. Orleans 
James Edelen, Congress 36 
Christopher Ford h. (j- 
James J- Mills, Ontario 18 
Francis A. Bond, h. q 
Park G. Howie, Java 44 
Geo- B. English, h, q 
H. W Kennedy, Macedonian 
R. D. Green, h. q. 
Sin2;leton Duvall, Erie 18 
Charles Snowden, h. q. 
Jas. G- Singeltary, do. 
William F. Swift 
Gillies Thompson, F- 
Edward S. Now ell, h q. 

|C7* Just rts this shee^t^ums goin^ to presa. we receivpd 
information of the arrival, at A'eicport, of a division of the 
Mediterranean squadron, under commodore Jiainbrid_z-e, 
consisting; of the following; vessels, viz. Independence 74, 
frio-ates Congressand Macedonian, brigs Chiitpeiva,Bo.ver, 
'Saranac; Eiderprise, Firefly and Flambeau, schooners 
Torch, Spitfire and Lyn.v. The Guerriere, commodore. 
Decatur, has arrived at JS^ew Fork. Their future sfatio7is 
are not yet determined. — The frigates United States and 
Constellation, with sloops Erie and Ontario are left in the 
Mediterranean, to protect our trade in that sea- 



Jacob Brown, major-general, division of the north 
Andrew Jackson, major-general, division of the souti* 
Alexander Macomb, brigadier-general, maj. gen. bvt. 
Edmund P. Gaines, do. maj. gen bvt. 
Winfield Scott, do. maj. gen. bvt. 
Eleazer W. Ripley, do. maj. gen. bvt. 
Daniel Parker, adj. and insp. gen. brig. gen. bvt. 
Robert Butler, adj. gen. col. bvt. division of the south 
Arthur P. Hajne, adj. gen. col. bvt. div. of the north 
Robert Swartwout, qr. mas. gen. brig. gen. bvt. 
S. Cbamplain, dep. qr.mas.gen. maj. bvt. div. of thesouth 
Samuel Brown, do maj. bvt. division of the north 
"SVm. Linnard, deputy quarter-master 
Four brigade inspectors and four brigade quarter -mas- 
ters, to be taken from the line. 

Ordnance Department. iJames Baker, do do 

D. Wadsworth, col. col. bvt. J. Livingston, do do 

G. Bo:nford, It. col. It.|Jaines Wilson, 2d lieut. bvt. 

Ebenezer M-Donald, do 
R. C. Pomeroj, do 

Charles F. Morton, do 
Wni. F. Ri^ral, 3d lieut. bvt. 

J. Morton, captain, capt. do 
A. B. Woolley, do do 
John H. Margart, do do 
James Daliby, do do 

Thos. L. Campbell,do do 
Edwin Tyler, do d 

R. D. Richardson, do do 
Geo. Talcott, jr. do du 
J. H. Rees, - do d( 
Wm. Wade,lst It. 1st It. bvt, 
Rufus L. Baker, 
Wm. C. Lyman, 
George Larned, 
Nehemiah Baden, do 
Christopher Keiser,do 
Thos. L. Hawkins, do 




James Simonson, do 

John Hills, do 

Simon Willard, do 

John Symington, do 

Medical DBpartment, 
Le Baron, apoth. gen. 
Christ. Backus, assist, apoth* 
James Cutbush, do 

i). C. Kerr, hospital surgeon 
oenjamin Waterhouse, do 
Tobias Watkins, do 



James C. Bronaugli, do 
Joseph Lovell, do 

J- Stevenson, hos. sur. mate 
J. B- AVhiteridge, do 
Edward Purcell, do 
William W. Hazard, do 

Arnold Elrr, 
W- C. Lane, do 


"William Jones, do 

Joseph Wallace, do 
W'illiam William, do 
William Stewart, do 
William Marshall* do 
Joseph Eaton, do 

Robert Archer, do 

Hugh F.Rose, do 

James Trimble, do 

Thomas Russell, do 

Donaldson Yates, do 
Foster Swift, garrison su rgeon 
James H- M'Culloch, do 
J. F- Heileman, gar- sur- mate 

fort Mifflin 
George W. Maupin, do 
Joseph Goodhue, do 
Abraham Stewart, do 
James H- Sargent, do 
C. Slocum, do Natchitoches 
l.emuel B- Clark, do Norfolk 
AVm. T- Davidson, do fort 

Cornelius Cunningham, do 
Jonathan S. Cool, tlo f- Osage 
William Ballard, do 
Alex- Wolcott, do. N. York 
Wm, Turner, do N- London 
John H- Sackett, do 
Charles Taylor, do 
William M. Scott, do Detroit 
John Trevett, do 

P. Macduley, do 

S- Wolcott, do 

Fay Department. 
Robert Brent, paymaster of 

the army 
W- Lee, dep. do gen. ') north 
J.Bell,aidep.dogen. 3 div- 
A.Whitelock,dep.1 ^^^^,^ 

pay. gen. 
assist, dep. do 

II. 3 Ul 


Purchasing Department. 
Callender Irvine, com- gen- of 

Darby Noon, dep- com. of 


Judge Advocates. 
J. T- Dent, southern division 
H. Wheaton, north, division 

Robert Elliott 

Military Academy- 
Sen. officer of eng- super mil 
I academy 

IJared Mansfield, prof nat. & 
exper- phil. 
D. B. Douglass, assist, do do 
Andrew Ellicott, prof mathe- 
J. Wiigl»t, assistant do 
Allien Partridge, proi. art en- 

William Evelyth, assist, do 
Samuel \Valsfi,gurgeon 
Adam Empie, chap, and prof, 


Cladiu9Beraud,teachFrench,J??g-m«n« of Light Jrtitlery. 

C. E- Zoeller, teach, drawing 
Pere Thomas, sword master 

Corps of Engineers- 


J- G. Swift, brig, gen- bvt. 


Walker K Armistead 


G, Bomford, lieu. col. bvtord. 
Wm- M'Ree, col. bvt 


Charles Gratiot 

A, Patridge, prof. mil. acd. 

J. G. Totten, lieut col. bvt- 

Samuel Babcock 

S. Thajer, major bvt. 

William Cutbush 


E. De Russey, capt bvt 

Frederick Lewis 

James Gadsden 

T. W. Maurice 

Hipolite Dumas 

D. B. Douglass, capt bvt 


Geo. Trescott, 1st- lieu. bvt. 
Horace C Story do 
J. L. Smith, 
John Wright 
S. H. Long 
Henry Middleton 


Moses Porter, brig- gen. bvt. 


J. R. Fenwick, col- statF&bvt 


Abram. Eutis, ItVcol. bvt. 



N. Towson, lieut. col. bvt. 

S. D. Harrison, major bvt 

Arthur W. Thornton 

G. H. Manigault, maj. staff 

Arms. Irvine 

Francis Stribling 

John S. Peyton 

Henry K. Craig 

John R- Bell, colonel staff 


W. F. Hobart, major staff 
Geo- W- Hight, major staff- 
G. N. Morris 
J. H. Wilkinds 
John Gates, jr. 
Nelson Freelan 
William Lyman 
J. T. M' Kinney 
S. M. Mackay 
Frederick Kinloch 


G. E. Wells 
E. Lyon 

S. Washburn 

'H- Stanton, captain staff 


n. W. Field 
G. Diane 
W. Smith 
H. F. Evans 
R. F. Massie 
W. Wells 


Lewis Dunham 

surgeon's mate. 
William H. Livingston 

Corps of Artillery. 


George E. Mitchell, col. bvt. 
James House 
William Lindsay 
William Macrea 


Geo. Armistead, It. col. bvt, 
James B. Many 
J. Hindman, It. col. bvt. 
y> . H. Overton, It. col. bvt. 


C Wollstonecraft, maj. bvt- 
J. B. AValback, col. staft" 
William Wilson, maj. bvt. 
E. Humphreys 
James Reed 
J. B. Crane, majorbvt- 
Roger Jones, It. col. bvt. 
Jolin H. Boyle, maj. bvt. 
A. 8. Brooks, do 
Samuel B. Archer, do 
Thomas Biddle,jr. do 
A. C W. Fanning do 
A. W. Oldell d© 

John B. Ton 

'J T. B- Romavne, maj staft' 

William 0. Allen 

Thomas Murray 

William Gates 

G H. Richards 

L Roach, jr. 

J. F. Heileman 

Thomas Bennet 

R. G. Hite, major staff 

S. Churchill, do 

B. K. Pierce 
John Biddle 

G. P. Peters, major staff 
N. H. Hall, do 

M. P. L(miax, do 
H- H. Villard 
H. J. Blake 
R. L. Howell 


Milo Mason 

C. Van De Venter, maj. staff 
L. Tracy 

William M. Read 

Harold Smith, captain bvt 

\Vm. L Cowan, major staff 

John Fontaine 

L. Brown 

Luther Scott, captain bvt. 

R. R. Ruffin 

J H. Daring 

J. Erving, jr. major staff 

A. L. Sands 

\i. A- Zantzinger, capt. bvt 

T. Randall, do 

Chester Root, do 

J. Mountford, d» 

W. R. Duncan 

J- L Edwjirdis 


Gus. Xioomis, captain staff 
P. D. Spencer, major staff 

F. Whiting- 
Edward Sfiarpe 

G. Dearborn 
Felix Ansart 
Jacob Warley 
S. Spotts 
L. Whiting 
B. B. AVhite 
Lewis Morgan 
W. H. NichoU 
John Ruffin 


J. W. Kincaid 
Gobert Goode 

Fiancis O. Byrd, 1st It. bvt. 
J. J. Cromwell do 

J. W. Lent, jr. at. ord. 
Thomas Chrystie, maj. staff 
S. Rockwell 
C D. Cooper 

Richaid Bache, 1st It. bvt. 
P. L Neville 
M. S. Massey 
F. P. Woolsey 
Charles Anthony 
W. M V liutock 
L. 5i. Osgood 
P. Melendy 
E. Kirby 

R. M. Kirby, captain bvt. 
H. M. Campbell, do 
Robert Seal I 
W. L Sever 
I. C Bost-.vick 
Johri A. Dix 
R. L/ .lan 
W iliiam B. Howell 
D -2 

T. L. Gardner 
James C. Pickett 
r. L Harrison 

[. Watmaugh, 1st Ueut.bvt. 
f;. Newkirk 
G. W- Gardiner 
C. S. Merchant 

Nathaniel G. Dana j;; 

John Monroe 
J. S. Allanson 
L. G. De Russy 
Thomas Childs 
Samuel L. Dana 
Jacob Schmucke, 1st It. bvt. 
Thomas V. Earle 
Charles Mellon 
Geo. H. Britt, at. ord. 
James Hall, do 
John S. Pierce 
Allen Lowd 
G. S. Wilkens 
James Scallan 
P. A. Dennis 
J. Ripley 
John Grayson 
D- Turner 
Isaac E. Craig 

C. M. Thruston 
H. \V. Fitshugh 
Jacob Davis 

T. T. Stephenson, at. ordo 
E. Humphrey 
S. Whetmore 
T. B. Guy 

D. S. Aaarews 
N. G. Wilkinson 
Joseph Buckley, at. ord 
•Robert Call 



R. H. Lee, Istlieut. bvt 
Rice L. Stuart 
W. L. Booth 
T. J. Baird 
3. Parkhurst 
R. L. Armstrong 
James Badolet 
G.W. Gardner 
B. S. A. Lowe 
Thomas R- Broome 
Patrick Gait 
Upton S. Frazer 
N. G. Pendleton 
B. H. Rutledge 
John R. Sloo 
Henry Griswold 
James Monroe 
Robert C. Erent 
Abraham Wendell 
G. A. Washington 
Robert J. Scott 
Alonzo Brewer 
F. N. Berrier 
George Cooper 
Henry Smith 
A. F. Cochrane 
M. F. Van De Venter 
Milo Johnson 
Aaron G. Gano 
Robert M. Forsyth 
Thomas W. Lendrum 
Henry R. Dulanj 

First Infantry. 
Daniel Bissell^brig gen. bvt 


George Croghan, brevet 


Thomas S. Jesup, col. brevet 


Isaac L. Baker 
William O. Butler 
John Jones 
James Davis 

Henry Chotard, maj staff 
William Laval 
Anatole Peychaud 
Ferdinand L- Amelung 
William Christian 
John Read 


Samuel Farrow, jr. 
Thomas Doggett 
John C. Kouns 
John P. Thibalt 
William Gibbs 
John Tarrant 
Archimedes Donoho 
Tilman Turner 
Richard K Call 
Guy Smith 


George Watts, 1st It. brevet 

Robert H- Briggs 

Robert L. Coomb 

R. B. Hyde 

George W- Boyd 

W. Christie 

Charles Cooper 

True man Cross 

Samuel Houston 

•Thomas C Hiodmaa 


srHOEOir. . 
Edward Scull 

surgeon's mates. 
W. S. Madison 
Henry Field 

Second Infantry. 


Hugh Brady 


Ninian Pinkney, col. staff 

Henry Leavenworth, col- bvt. 


John Sproul, maj. bvt. 
Stephen W. Kearney 
Peter B. Van Beuren 
Abner P. Spencer 
Henry Shell 

Alexander R. Thompson 
G. D. Smith, major brevet 
Richard Goodel 
Wm, J- Worth, major bvt 
Henry Whiting 


C. J. Nourse, major staff 

W. Browning, captain bvt. 

Wm. Hoffman 

B- A. Boynton 

Owen Ranson 

John Kirby 

James Young 

William G Belknap 

S. B- Griswold 

Walter Bicker, jr. 


N. N- Robinson 

James Palmer, 1st lieut. bvt, 

John Wood 

Joseph Hopkins 

R. M- Harrison 

Thomas Chittenden 

Seth Johnson 

Joshua Brant 

John Clitz, 1st lieut. bvt. 

Stedman Van Wyck 


Franklin Bache 

surgeon's MATES. 

W. W. Southall 
C. Edmonds 

Third Infantry. 


John Miller 


Matthew Arbuckle 


Charles K.Gardner, col. staff 


Wm. J. Adair 

Robert Desha, major brevet 

John T. Chunn, do 

William Whistler 

George Stockton 

HezeKiah Bradley 

Lewis Bissel 

John Greene 

William Taylor 

W. M'Donald, maj. brevet 


Ptrst Lieutenants. 
James 1 lark ley. jr. 
Thomas Mountjyj 
John Garland 
Ilcasiii H.Gist 
Robert JSturgua 
Daniel Curtis 
Henry Conway 
Lawrence Talliaferro 
Yuiley F. Thomas 
Collin M'Cloud 

Second Laeutenante. 
Ashcr Philips 
AVilliam I'laylor 
John H. Clarke 
Edward E. Brooks 
Robert Davis 
Raimey G. Saunders 
Cyrus Saunders 
Jon. Saunders 
Gabriel J. Floyd 
Charles Cisna 

A. G. Goodlet 

Surgeoifs Mates. 
James B. Hiil 
Richard E. Hall 

Fourth Infantry. 

William King, col. staff 

Lieutenant Colonel. 
Duncan L. Clinch 

George M. Brooke, col. stall 

.] .Bankhead ,c ol .stafr,maj .bvt. 
Kiios Cutler, maj. staft 
lames Dickins, maj. brevet 
A. Cummings 
.'ohn A. Burd, maj. brevet 

ihomas Sangster 

'\. L. Madison 
iiernard Peyton 
Reuben Gilder 

First Lieutenants. 
K. F. Belton, major brevet 
iohn Beckett 

Villiam F. Pendleton 

V'illiam Neilson 
t)tho. W. Callis 
J. M'Gavock, jr. 
James H. Gale 
J. M. Glassel 
William Merrick 

E. B- Randolph, lieut. brevet 

Second Lieutenants. 
H. K. Mullen 

F. H. Lissenhoff 
C. Comegys, jr. • 
John Strother 

F. L. Dade 

Philip Wager 

J- Shommo 

C. ^Fright 

J. P. Dieterich, 1st lieut. bvt. 

Patrick O'Fling, do 


M. C. Buck 

Surgeon's JKatet. 

vV. J. Cocke 


James Bates 

Fifth Infantry. 

James Miller, biig. gen. bvt. 

Ijientenant Colonel. 
Joseph L. Smith 

J. M'Ncal, jr. colonel brevet 


Josiah II. Vose, maj. bvt. 

S. Burbank, do 

M. Marston, do 

George Bender 

W. L. Foster 

Peter Pelham 

J. Fowle, jr. 

E. Childs 

David Perrj 

James Pratt 

First Lieutenants. 
11. Vvhiting 
Eliphalet Ripley 
I. Plymton 
D. Chandler 
J- IngersoU 
Otis Fisher 

J. Cicely, captain brevet 
Joseph (jrleason do 
J. W. Holding, do 
B. F. Larned, do 

Second Lieutenants. 
Nathan Clark 
Samuel Keeler 
Samuel Robius«n 

J- Craig 
G. H. Balding 
I- K. Jacobs 
G. W. Jacobs 
Arnold B- Dukt^ 
P. R. Green 
C. Blake 

Sylvester Day 

Surgeon^ s Mates. 
Elisha L. Allen 
J. P. Russell 

Sixth hfantry. 

Henry Atkinson, col. staff 

Lieutenant ColoneL 
J. Snelling, col. staff 


John E. Wool, It col. bvt. 

Thomas Stockton, maj.bvL- 
Wm. S. Foster dp 
John B. Murdoch do 
Benjamin Watson do 
Daniel Ketchum d© 
John Bliss 
F^dward White 
Thomas S. Seymour 
S^avid Ciawford 
Newman S. Clarke, capt- bvt. 

First Lieutenants. 
William Hale 
Kphraim Shay lor 
tieorge lVI'Chai:ii 


Frederick A. Sawyer 
J. P. Livingston, capt. bvt. 
Samuel Tappan 
Alphonso "NVetmore 
Henry De Witt 
T. Staniford 
Delafayette Wilcox 

Second Lieutenants. 
Talcott Pachin 
Samuel Holcomb 
T. Thupper 
Caleb B. Campbell 
Hazen Bedel 
P. Andrews 
H. Webster 
Benjamin Fitch 
Jacob Brown 
Ezra Dean 

T. G. Mower 

Surgeon^ a Mates. 
Charles Loring 
William Sterne 

Seve7ith Infantry. 

James M'Donald 

Lieiitenajit Colonel. 

William H. Boote, col. staff 

Daniel Appling, It. col. bvt. 

John Machesney, maj. bvt. 
R. Whartenby do 

Zachariah Taylor do 

W. Chisholra 
Kdward B. Duvall 
Richard H. Bell 
George Vashon 
J . Robertson 
Elijah Montgomery 
J. S. Allison 

First Lieutenafits. 

George Birch 

J. H. Mallory 

William Bee, jr. 

William Irvine 

J. J. Clinch 

John Hays 

S. W. Prestman • 

T. Blackstone 

A. Ross 

J. B. Taylor 

Second LieutenOnts. 
G. R. Bridges 
F. S. Gray 
J. W. Allston 
H. L. Oneale 
R. H. Goodwyn 
George Brent 

F. E. Hedges 

G. Leftwich . 
R. W. Scott 
Lewis Lawshe 

Thomas Lawson 

Surgeon^s JMOiCs. 
R. C. Walmsey 
Asahel HaU 


Eight Infantry. 

R. C. Nicholas 

Lieutenant Calo7iel. 
W. A. Trimble, It. col. bvt. 


W. Lawrence, lieut. col. bvt 

J. Dorman, major brevet 
Daniel Baker do 
White Youngs do 

C. Larrabee, major staft" 
W. Davenport 
Thomas L. Butler 
Willis Foulk 
Mangle M. Quackenbos 
L. Austin, major brevet 

First Lieuteiimits 
David Riddle, major br«vet 
A. Goodwin, jr. 
J. Culbertson 
Charles B. Hopkins 
Charles Fisler 

D. Frazer captain brevet 

William Ligon 
John R. Guy 
Samuel Brady 

Second Lieutenants. 
J. B. Stewart, 1st It. brevet 
Jolin Brady do 

Henry Brown 
Luther Hand 
Thomas Hunt 
Hector Burns 

Floreat Meline 
Nathaniel Young 
G. R. Horter 
M. Thomas 

F. Woodbury 

Surgeon^s Mates. 
W. Beaumont 
Clagon Reily 

Rifle Regiment. 

T. A. Smith, br. gen. bvt. 

Lieutenant Colonel, 
W. S. Hamilton 

Talbot Chambers, It. col. bvt. 

Willoughby Morgan maj.bvt. 
Joseph Selden, maj. bvt. 21st 

Feb. 1814— It. col. bvt. 1st 

May, 1815. 
Wm. Bradford, major brevet 
Benjamin Birdsall do 
Jos. Kean 
John O'Fallan 
Henry V. Swearengea 
Edmund Shipp 
W. L. Dufphey 
C. A. Trimble 

First Lie^itenanls, 
Louis Lavel 
J. Calhoun, jr. 
J. H. Ballard 


E. I. Langham 
Lewellen Hickman 
Stoujvlitou Gantt 
J. M-Gunnojile 
David B. St i til 
Samuel V. Hamilton 
J. Heddlestone 

Second Lieutenant*. 
"NV. Anustrong 
W. J. Gordon 
T. Griffith 
John HoUinssworth 

Bennet Riley 
\\. N. Bryan 
\y Markie, jr 
James S. Gray 
Charles L- Harrison 
Overton VV- Crochett 

Lewis L- Near 

Surgeon^ a Matei. 
Wm- H- Hcnning 
Samuel P- Huko 

By order of the Secretary of War, 




Permanent Establishment of the Appellate and County 
Courts, of the state of Maryland, by virtue of a law pas- 
sed by the General Assembly, at their session in 1806. 


For the Western-Shore — At Annapolis, on the third 
monday in June and December. 

For the Eastern Shore — AtEaston, on the second mon- 
day in June and December. 

|0°"These Courts consist of the chief Judges of the six 
Judicial districts, to whom are delegated all tlie powers of 
tjje old Court of Appeals, and the appellate jurisdiction of 
the late General Court. 


Held at Annapolis, on the third Tuesday in February, 
the fourth Tuesday in June, the first Tuesday in October, 
and the third Tuesday in December. 


The Courts under the new judiciary system are held in the 

several counties at the times following, to wit : 
Saint-Mary^s — First Monday in March and August. 
Charles — Third Monday in March and August. 
Prince-George's — First Monday in April and September. 
Ccecil — First Monday in April and September. 
Kent — ^Third Monday in March and September. 
((iieen Anne^s — First Monday in March and fourth Mon- 

day in October. 
Talbot — Fourth Monday in May and Second Monday ia 

Calvert — Second Monday in May and October. 
Anne-Arundel — ^Tliird Monday in May and September. 
'Montgomery — First Monday in March and November. 



Caroline — First Monday in March and second Monday in 

Dorchester — Third Monday in March and fourth Monday 

in October. 
Somerset — Second Monday in April and September. 
Worchester—ToMith Monday in May and November. 
Frederick— Yivst Monday in February and August. 
Washington — Fourth Monday in March and October. 
Allegany— T\i\v A Monday in April and second Monday 

in October. 
Baltimore— VoyxYi\\ Monday in March and first Tuesday 

in October. 
Harford— Second Monday in March and August. 


Are held at the Court House in the city of Baltimore, 
on the second Monday in January, first Monday in March, 
second Monday in July, and third Monday in September, 


For the different counties, are generally held in the same 
places, where the county courts are held on the 2d Tues- 
day in January, April, June, August, October and De- 


For Annapolis, four times annually, viz. tho last Tues- 
day in April, January July and October. 



For the. Eastern I>istrict^\i^\d at Philadelphia, on the 
second Monday in December, and third Monday in March. 

For the TVekern Distric(—Ai Pittsbui gii, the first Mo«- 
day in September. 



Held at Philadelphia on the second Monday in July, an4 
can be adjourned from time to time. 



For Philadelphia county, the first Mondays in March. 
June, December, and the third Monday in September. 


For York county, the first Mondays in January, April, 
August and November. 

For Lancaster county, the third Mondays in January, 
April, August, and November. 

For Dauphin county, the first Mondays in February and 
May, and tne last Mondays in August and November. 


For Burks county, the first Mondays in January, April, 
August and November. 

For Northampton county, the second Mondays in Janu- 
ary, April, August and November. 

For Wayne county, the first Llondays in February and 
May, and the 1st Mondays in August and November. 


For Bedford county, the first Mondays in January, A- 
pril, August, and November. 

For Huntingdon county, the second Mondays in Janua- 
ry, April, August and November. 

For Mifflin county, the second Mondays in January, A- 
pril, August and November. 

Fur Center county, trie fourth Mondays in January, April, 
August and November. 



For Beaver county, the first Monday in January, tlic 
last Monday in March, and the fir^t Mondays in August 
and Nov<'niber, 

For Allegliany county, tho second Monday in January, 
first Monday in April, and the second Mondays in August 
and Novemlaer. 

For Fayette county, tlie third Monday in January, se- 
cond Monday in April, and third in August and Novem- 

For Green counhy. the fourth Monday in January, third 
Monday in April, and fourth Mondays in August and No- 

For Washington county, the first Monday in February, 
fourth Monday in April, and the last Mondays in Aug,ust 
and November. 


For Butler county, the first Mondays in March, June, 
.September and December 

For Mej cer county, the second Mondays in March, June, 
September and December. 

For Venango county, the third Mondays in March, June, 
September and December. 

For Crawford county, the fourth Mondays in March, 
June, September and December. 

For Erie county, the last Mondays in March and June, 
and the first Moiidays in October and January. 


For Delaware county, the third Mondays in January, 
Ap'il, Julv and October. 

For Chrker county, the first Mondays in February, May, 
Anai:"t and November. 

For Montgomery county, the third Mondays in February, 
May, August and November. 

.For Bucks county, t'.ie first Mondays in March and June, 
and the last Mondays in August and November. 



For Ltizerne county, the first Mondays in Januarj^, 
April, August and November. 

For Northumberland county, the second Mondays in Jan- 
uary, April, August and November. 

For Lycoming county, the first Mondays in February and 
May and the last Mondays in August and November. 


For Cumberland county, the first Mondays in January^ 
April, August and November. 

For Franklin county, the second Mondays in January, 
April, August and November. 

For Adams county, the third Mondays in January, April, 
August and November. 


For Somerset county, the last Mondays in February, 
May, August and November. 

For Cambria county, the first Mondays in March, June, 
September and December. 

For Indiana county, the second Mondays in Marcli^ 
June, September, and December. 

For Armstrong county, the third Mondays in March, 
June, September and December. 

For Westmoreland county, the fourth Mondays in March, 
June, September and December. 


Court of Jppeals-^ln Richmond the 10th April, and lOth 

eourt of Chancery— In Richmond, the 1st March, Igtk 
May, and 10th September. 

General Court^ln Richmond, the 9th June and 9th No- 




la Richmond, Northumberland, Staunton, and Prince Ed- 
ward, the 1st of April, and Ist of September. 

In Williamsburgh, Fredericksburg, and Brunswick, the 
29th April, and 29th September. 

In King and Queen, Charlotteville, Petersburg, and Nfiw- 
London, the 15th of April, and 15th of September. 

In Suffolk, the 12th of May, and 21st of October. 

In Dumfries and Boutetourt, the 18th of May and 18th 

in Winchester, the 15th April, and 29th September. 

In Morgantown the 15th May and 15th September. 

In Brunswick, the 2d May, and 8d October. 

In Montgomery, and "Washington alternately the 2d May 
and 2d October- 

In New-London, the 15th May, and 12th October. 

In Accomack, the 14th May, and 14th October. 


1st Monday.'— Ai Charlotte, Gloucester, Henrico, Islfc 
of "Wight, (jEhio, Prince William, Petersburg, Princess 
Ann, Richmond, Albemarle, Fred erica, Alexandria and 

2d Monday. — Buckingham, James City, King and Queen, 
Isouisa, Mathews, Mecklenburg, Monongah^la, Nanse- 
mond, Northumberland, Campbell, Northampton, Chester- 
field, Loudon, Stafford and Richmond. 

3d Monday. — Amherst, Culpepper, Dinwiddle, Essex, 
Fairfax, Gorchland, Harrison, Lancaster, Prince Edward, 
York, Pittsylvania, Southampton and Shenandoah. 

4th Monday. — Brunswick, Bedford, Cumberland, Fau- 
quier, Halifax, King William, Middlesex, Norfolk, West- 
moreland, Berkly and Orange. 

Last Monday. — In Henry and Accomack. 

1st. Tueedaj/. — Montgomery^ Rockbridge and Spottsyl- 

2d. Tuesday. —BiLih, Caroline, Prince George, W^the 
and Boutetourt. 


Sd. Tues^y.— Augusta and Washington. 

4th. Tuesday. — Russel, Brook and Surrey. 

Last Tuesday. — Greenbriar. 

Sd. Wednesday i — Hanover aad Powhatan. 

1st. Thursday. — Fluvannah, King George and Sussey. 

2d. Thursday. — Luneburg, New-Kent and Warwick. 

3d. Thursday. — Charles City. 

4th. Thursday. — Amelia and Elizabeth City. 

Last Thursday. — Patrick. 

Wednesday after the 2d Tuesday.-— Ha-rdy. 

Monday ajter the 2d. Tuesday.— Hampshire. 


In Montgomery, Washington and Wythe counties in 
April, June, September and November. 

In Wes^tmoreland, in February, July and October. 

In Cumberland, Patrick, Garyson, Hanover, Henry and 
Powhatan, in February, April, July and October. 

In Frederick, Fairfax, King George, Loudon, Northamp- 
ton, Nansemond, Norfolk, Stafford, Spottsylvania and 
Gloucester, in June. 

In Hampshire, in March, May, August and November. 

In Pendleton, in December. 

In Shenandoah, in February. 

In Berkley, in May. 

In the city of Williamsburg, in June. 

In Alexandria, in April, July, September and December- 















































































































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or THE 




Malts. J Femtle*. 

All othtr 1 1 lucTeaa 



Slaves, 1 Total. J l«Jt ten 
1 1 jcars. 


New Hampshire 



































Rhode Island 







New York 







New Jersey 



































North Carolina 




























1 J 7,854 












Mississippi tcr. 







Zndi^nna ler. 






Oriels tcr. 






Louisiana ter. 






Michigan ter. 






Illinois ter. 






District of Col. 







According to the census of 1810. 

Philadelphia City and Liberties, 93,640 — ^Increase in ten years 29,605 
New York City and County 96,373 35,884 

Baltimore City and Precincts 46,535 20,021 

Boston 33,250 8,313 

Chirle5t»B 24,711 5,1C3 





Open everif day (except Sunday) from 8 in the morning 

till sunset^ and elegantly illuminated^ except inuring 

the hot weather, everyTuesdny^ Thursday evening. 


This useful and pleasing institution, which is; always 
increasing bj valuable additions and frequent donations, 
comprises a grand saloon of historical paintings, portraits 
of distinguished persons, naval engagements, landscapes, 
views of celebrated places, and a variet}^ of other pictures; 
besides an interesting collection of natural curiosities, of 
various countries. The stupendous skeleton of the mam- 
moth, dug up by the proprietors in Orange county. New 
York ; quadrupeds, birds, fishes, snakes, lizards, and 
insects; shells and putrifications ; minerals and fossils; 
plants, &c. ^niscillaneous curiosities ; ingenious works of 
art; products of manufactures ^ dresses, instruments of 
war, and implements of art of various nations ; coins, 
medals and antiquities; optical amusements and philosophi- 
cal demonstrations. 


In roams contiguous to the museum, may be seen two 
much admired works of art. One, an entire statue of wax, 
coloured like life, representing a fceiitiful female, modestly 
reclining on a Grecian couch. The other, a paiating, called 
the Dream of Love, repre;.tiutin^ an elegant young female, 
reclining in a grotto, repeilmg the enchantment ot love. 






Having just received a complete assortment of new and 
execute in a superior style any orders with which he may 
be entrusted, at short notice and on reasonable terras. 







Store, .A'o. 18, Baltimore street — Blank Book JManufactonj 
J\r. IF. corner of Howard ^' Saratoga streets. 





A liberal allowance will be made to Country A^erchanta, 
and others, who purchase a quantity. 

^:::7='Being sole agents for S. Wood & Sons, booksellers, 
New-York, any (>f their publications maybe bad at the 
•riginal N«w-York prices. 

3 mao DEflS3D57 ^ I 

3 1 i^ 30028 53027gb ^ ^^ 

UNIV. Of MO. COLL£d€ PAlTk , H A